ISSTH – Book 4 – Chapter 608

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Chapter 608: You Hurt Me

Even as the bashful expression appeared on his face, his right palm flew up into the air. It moved with such incredible speed that the burly man from the Northern Reaches had no time to react before it slapped him across the face.

A boom could be heard, and the burly man felt as if an entire mountain had collided with the side of his head. His mind was reeling.

Originally, the blow should have sent him flying, but at the last moment, Meng Hao caused his hand to move back down. He grabbed the man’s head and directly slammed it into the ground.

The burly man first shot up into the air and then struck the ground, causing a rumbling sound to echo out. The bashful expression still on his face, Meng Hao lifted his right foot up into the air and then began to trample on the burly man.

Even as the sound of the beating echoed out, the burly man began to struggle furiously. His Cultivation base exploded with power as he attempted to fight back. However, in the blink of an eye, the fearsome power of Meng Hao’s fleshly body caused him to begin to scream miserably. He shrank back down, shrieking in shocking fashion.

Meng Hao grabbed the man’s head and bashed it into the ground, causing blood to spray from the man’s mouth.

“Ready to be reasonable!?” said Meng Hao angrily. He bashed the man’s head into the ground again.

“I was congratulating the lot of you. Congratulating you! And in return, you want to kill me!?” Meng Hao slammed his head into the ground again. The burly man’s shrieks were sad and shrill, and his body was trembling. An expression of shock covered his face, and his heart was in turmoil as he was beaten senseless.

“That’s wrong!” said Meng Hao. “That’s immoral!” He jumped up into the air and then began to stamp down onto the burly man, leaving footprints with each stamp of his foot.

The burly man covered his head with both hands, screaming beneath Meng Hao’s anger.

“You don’t even know what’s good for you! Is that the right way to act? I congratulate you and then you repay my kindness with enmity!?” The scene of Meng Hao viciously trampling the man caused Liu Zichuan’s eyes to gleam with excitement. His heart was trembling, but with excitement. After all, it felt a lot better to be unlucky with a group of people than to be unlucky alone.

Most afraid out of everyone was the other Northern Reaches Cultivator who had also stepped forward just now, as well as the Ji Clan member. Although they had both charged in attack, watching the scene playing out in front of them caused their scalps to go numb.

They were just about to back up when Meng hao looked up at them, an expression of pain on his face.

“Do people really hate me that much?” he said. “I was clearly wishing you all well! If this guy was the only one to be ungrateful, it wouldn’t matter. But it seems… you two also don’t appreciate my kindness!” He appeared to be more and more torn by grief. The two Cultivators’ scalps became even more numb as they backed up. However, it was in that moment that Meng Hao lifted up his right hand and made a grasping motion.

“You need to explain yourself clearly, otherwise, you’re not going anywhere.” The two were shocked to find that Meng Hao’s grasping motion immediately caused their bodies to go out of control. They were pulled up to Meng Hao, where upon he slapped them with full strength. After they slammed down into the ground, he continued to rain blows down onto them.

“WHY?!?!” howled Meng Hao, sounding grieved. He grabbed the Ji Clan member and slammed him seven or eight times down into the ground. The Ji Clan Cultivator was furious, but it didn’t matter how much Cultivation base power or how many magical items he tried to use, a few slaps from Meng Hao would cause everything to collapse. The Ji Clan member was now panting from astonishment.

Even in the midst of his astonishment, Meng Hao grabbed his head and slammed his face into the ground again.

The other Northern Reaches Cultivator shrieked. He watched wide-eyed as the Ji Clan member and the other Northern Reaches Cultivator were like nothing more than baby chickens in Meng Hao’s hands, completely powerless to strike back at all. The man was so scared that he began to beg for mercy.

However, he could not escape Meng Hao’s punishment. Every time Meng Hao leaped up, the three men would let out miserable screams, and blood would spatter about the area….

“You hurt me and then just smiled it off!!” cried Meng Hao. “That’s unforgivable! I was being sincere!!” The sight of Meng Hao punching and kicking caused those looking on to be thoroughly shaken. The other Ji Clan members, as well as the other two Northern Reaches Cultivators, were all panting. Expressions of extreme shock could be seen on their faces.

They were also rejoicing at their luck in having not made a move earlier. That was especially true of the ones who had almost stepped forward just now. They felt as if they had just evaded a huge disaster.

Their eyes were filled with unprecedented levels of fear as they looked at Meng Hao. It was a fear that made them feel even more grievous than they had in the Second Plane. That was because they had suddenly discovered that… they could be bullied here in the Third Plane too!

Ji Xiaoxiao’s eyes were wide and she was panting with shock. As she stared at Meng Hao, she suddenly had the sensation that she was looking at a madman.

As the sensation appeared, it was coupled with fear. It was as if the Meng Hao that she remembered from the Second Plane had been perfectly extended down here into the Third Plane.

Liu Zichuan stood in the group, his expression one of excitement. Inwardly, he shouted, “Take him out! Drop him dead!”

His face filled with grief and indignation, Meng Hao continued to mop up the three. The two Ji Clan members other than Ji Xiaoxiao, hesitated. One of them was an older man who gritted his teeth and said, “Elder Brother Meng… they were definitely in the wrong, but… considering it was their first offense….”

“Yeah,” said one of the other Northern Reaches Cultivators. “Elder Brother Meng, if you keep beating them, they’re going to die….”

It was just as the man said. The three offenders lay next to Meng Hao, soaked in blood, gasping as more breath came out than went in. Despite being Cultivators, they had just been literally beaten to the verge of death.

“Do you also wish to repay kindness with enmity?” asked Meng Hao, looking up at the Ji Clan Cultivator who had spoken first.

That look caused the old Ji Clan member to begin to tremble. He quickly backed up a few steps, then angrily cried, “These people went way too far! What I hate most in life is people who repay kindness with enmity! Elder Brother Meng, feel free to continue, just ignore me.”

As for the other Northern Reaches Cultivator, the one who had spoken up second, he was now even more nervous. He began to fill with panic as he watched Meng Hao slowly look over toward him. Immediately, the man yelled, “Elder Brother Meng! Get rid of the rascals and protect the good folk! I couldn’t be more pleased. I truly wish I could be more like you, with such incredibly lofty sentiments!”

Off to the side, Liu Zichuan’s heart filled with disdain. He still felt himself to be far more powerful than these other people.

The bashful look appeared on Meng Hao’s face once more. His right foot was up in the air, just about to descend again. Down below, the Ji Clan member, who was covering his head with his hands, suddenly felt as if his moment of good fortune had arrived.

“Fellow Daoist Meng, listen, my… my acquisitions, you can have sixty percent!”

As soon as Meng Hao heard this, his foot stopped moving. Apparently convinced by the man’s words, he bent over at the waist and shyly patted the man’s shoulder.

“Brother, oh, good Brother,” he said. “I really hate to say this but, you know, I have my principles. How about eighty percent? No? Well never mind….”

“Huh?” The Ji Clan member’s face was covered with both blood and a look of shock. He was just about to say something when one of the Northern Reaches Cultivators shouted out.

“Eighty percent! Elder Brother Meng, eighty percent of my acquisitions are yours!”

Hearing this, Meng Hao instantly shoved the Ji Clan member back to the ground and then helped the Northern Reaches Cultivator to his feet. His now looked even more bashful, and somewhat apologetic.

“I feel a bit guilty for such kindness, Brother,” said Meng Hao. “Very well, since you trust me so much, then I truly wish you well. Please acquire many many things here in the Third Plane….”

The Northern Reaches cultivator wanted to cry, but had no tears to shed. He looked at Meng Hao and nodded vigorously.

The Ji Clan member who had just been shoved back down suddenly yelled out: “Eighty percent! I’ll give eighty percent, too!”

The other of the three also gritted his teeth and yelled out similarly.

Meng Hao looked visibly moved as he helped them all to their feet.

“Fellow Daoists, I am truly indebted to your kindness,” he said with an emotional sigh. “I feel a bit guilty. However, since all of you insist, then, fine, fine, I accept.” From the look in his eye, it seemed Meng Hao felt that good people truly did exist everywhere under Heaven.

The three Cultivators stood there unsteadily, looking at Meng Hao. Although inwardly they might be cursing him to the pinnacle, they did not dare to allow it to show on their faces. As of this moment, they were in complete dread of Meng Hao.

Everyone else had merely watched the proceedings, but these three had experienced it personally. Every blow from Meng Hao contained not the slightest ripple of a magical technique. All of it was completely from the power of his fleshly body.

He had used only the power of his fleshly body to put them in a position where they didn’t even have a single chance to fight back. Even stranger, his fists and feet were actually capable of completely scattering their magical techniques.

Such a fearsome fleshly body was enough to cause anyone to feel hopelessness. The bashful look that they saw on Meng Hao’s face right now would become the source of their most profound nightmares in the future.

The three had no choice but to clasp hands in respect to Meng Hao. Then, supported by the various members of their groups, hobbled their way back to their original position. Meng Hao glanced at Ji Xiaoxiao with a profound expression. A tremor ran through her, and she suddenly grew even more nervous. No one else would understand, but Ji Xiaoxiao was well aware that Meng Hao had just reminded her of her promise to take him to Ji Mingfeng’s corpse.

Everything was silent. Everyone stood there quietly, having completely lost interest in the restrictive spell off to the side. All of them looked nervously at Meng Hao.

As for Meng Hao, he looked at the restrictive spell for a while. Then he examined the house, and the well preserved corpse. All of a sudden, he realized that the corpse looked familiar.

He was silent for a moment as he looked at it. Then he recognized who it was, and his face grew a bit melancholy. This old man existed in Meng Hao’s memory as a youth. Back in the Second Plane, he was one of Meng Hao’s silkpants friends, a Demon Immortal Sect disciple with two wings on his back.

Meng Hao remembered that his name was Yi Xuanzi.

After a moment of silent thought, Meng Hao clasped hands and bowed deeply toward the corpse. “Fellow Daoist Yi Xuanxi,” he said, “perhaps you don’t recognize me, but in my memories, we are friends…. If your spirit is in the underworld, please open the restrictive spell. I would like to bury you so that you can rest in peace.”

As of this moment, he wasn’t thinking about any magical items. He spoke the truth. He wanted to bury his friend from the Second Plane, so that he could rest peacefully.

After a long moment, Meng Hao rose to his feet. He didn’t check to see if the restrictive spell had changed in any way. Without a word, he turned to leave. However, it was in this moment that behind him, the restrictive spell suddenly began to glitter and shine. A riot of colors could be seen as a rift appeared, which opened up soundlessly!

It opened for Meng Hao!

A tremor ran through his body as he looked back.

Everyone watched on, eyes wide and minds filled with unprecedented shock and disbelief.

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    1. “That’s wrong!” said Meng Hao. “That’s immoral!” He jumped up into the air and then began to stamp down onto the burly man, leaving footprints with each stamp of his foot.

      Yeah, I laughed way too much at all of this, especially when he said:
      “Fellow Daoist Meng, listen, my… my acquisitions, you can have sixty percent!”

      As soon as Meng Hao heard this, his foot stopped moving. Apparently convinced by the man’s words, he bent over at the waist and shyly patted the man’s shoulder.

      “Brother, oh, good Brother,” he said. “I really hate to say this but, you know, I have my principles. How about eighty percent? No? Well never mind….”

      That was so damn golden… “I have my principles you know, how about 20% more?” lol… Usually those principles would be in not taking more wealth or something, but he has principles in not taking too little…

  1. This, this is the true turning point.

    Gone are the days of philosophy and critical thinking. Since Meng Hao’s demon transformation, he has increasingly relied on violence first.

    I don’t know whether this is character development or character degeneration, but it’s interesting. I suppose Xu Qing is his only tether to a sanity at this stage.

    1. I think he was just acting. All the people here are already used to his silk-pants way of acting, so it didn’t matter much if Meng Hao continued to bully them in the same way. This most recent act of his was likely a warning to that Ji clan member that knows where the chosen (or was it Dao?) died, so Meng reminded her to keep her bargain.

      The true test of whether he has been warped, will be how he acts when leaves this plane. I highly doubt Meng Hao’s character has warped, but it would be interesting if it has.

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        1. Afaik, demons in ISSTH are just conscious spirits of animals, objects and so on (like japanese “kami”). So becoming a demon would not change much, except for his powers and future possibilities.

          If we want him to go badass, he should go devil way, perhaps?

        2. To be honest, it’s a bit confusing what a “demon” even means within this story.
          So far, we only know that a “Demon” is someone who nurtures themselves directly from a Mountain, rather than use what the Mountain’s “lord” allowed to cultivate.

          It’s not being good or bad. It’s questionable why it’s called a “Demon” to begin with.
          (That being said, it kind of reminds me the Japanese’s demon, the Oni / Yokai, who are not really “DEMONS” like “devils”, but more like “goblins” or “myriad manifestations of stuff”)

          1. Correct, in Chinese “Yao” “mo” “gui” “guai”, “Chi” “mei” “wang” “liang”, are different types of monsters. Demons in this novel back to Chinese origin should be called”Yao” many are human looking yet come from animals or plants. still are different with goblins

            Western type of demons should be called “mo”. “mo” are social organized “corrupted” Gods, have similar power with Gods yet they have not too many rules, their first law is just strength, usually they have their Dominions and proper dark energy called “mo qi”. Yet in Chinese culture Mo are not bound to be bad or evil, some are just Gods of chaos, some are believers of “survival for the fittest” or social Darwinism.

      1. I don’t think mercilessly beating a person counts as trolling.

        Sure, the guy attacked him first. but power tends to corrupt – great men are almost always bad men (I know; I read a book once). Meng Hao used to just kill people. He has deliberately kept his would-be attacker alive, why? Because he knows he’s stronger than everyone and they can’t do anything to him. After killing Patriarch Huyan, I think the seeds of arrogance were sowed.

        It might seem moronically minor right now, but these things tend to build up.

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        2. You’re correct, yet wrong.
          You’re wrong by thinking that “at this pace, he’ll turn into a villain”, as if his actions came out of nowhere —

          But you are correct, that these things DO build up, even if they seem minor — they do build up. Meng Hao was already this way since the very beginning of the story, only he was not as straight-forward about it as he is now. Think back on his “medicine-shop” at Reliance Sect. Would you say any ‘moral man’ would abuse people like that? He extorted a massive amount of funds out of people due to their moments of weakness and competition. It was blatant exploitation.

          So, it’s not like Meng Hao suddenly took a nose-dive into being a scum — he was always a ‘scum’, just not as boldly obvious. Meng Hao’s greed for wealth is the great corsair of his cultivation life, and his story.

  2. Lol…I find that this might be Meng Hao experiencing a sort of rebirth in his character. Now he’s getting to be himself more rather than the leader he has had to be for so long.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. Thanks for the chapter! I think that if you replaced “Meng Hao” with “Meat Jelly” it would make perfect sense. Its interesting how at times Meng Hao talks and acts like both Lord Fifth and Ultimate Vexation. They have really rubbed off on him.

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  5. ““I was congratulating the lot of you. Congratulating you! And in return, you want to kill me!?” Meng Hao slammed his head into the ground again. The burly man’s shrieks were sad and shrill, and his body was trembling. An expression of shock covered his face, and his heart was in turmoil as he was beaten senseless.

    “That’s wrong!” said Meng Hao. “That’s immoral!” He jumped up into the air and then began to stamp down onto the burly man, leaving footprints with each stamp of his foot.”

    Meng Hao’s influenced by the parrot and the meat jelly too much already xD the ending though.. left me feeling sad..

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