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Chapter 523 (Click to show)

His Spiritual Sense increased several times over. 300 meters. 3,000 meters. 15,000 meters…. Soon, it was 27,000 meters! However, if he focused all of the Divine Sense into one line, instead of spreading it out in all directions, that distance would be multiplied by ten! 1

This was no longer Spiritual Sense. No Spiritual Sense could reach this point. The only thing that could was… Divine Sense!

This was a speciality of Nascent Soul Cultivators. Divine Sense!

An ordinary Cultivator of the late Nascent Soul stage possessed Divine Sense that had a limit of 21,000 meters. The line of demarcation with the Spirit Severing Stage was 30,000.

Only Spirit Severing Cultivators had Divine Sense with a range of 30,000!

Right now, though, Meng Hao’s Divine Sense already could reach 27,000 meters!

Meng Hao looked up at the five Nascent Souls hovering around his head. Right now, the primordial Qi vortex formed from his Perfect Gold Core was greatly reduced. However, from the look of it, it seemed sufficient to actually concoct a sixth Nascent Soul!

Meng Hao looked thoughtfully at the five elements Nascent Souls, and felt the boundlessness of his late Nascent Soul stage Cultivation base. He took a deep breath. He had practiced cultivation for less than two hundred years. He had started out as an insignificant Cultivator in the State of Zhao. The path which he had traveled led down to this very moment in which he was a late Nascent Soul stage expert. All of the memories along the way seemed almost like a fantasy.

His five elements Nascent Souls were assembled. The first step was complete. Now, the second step was about to be taken. That second step was combining the five elements!

Once combined, he would be a Five-Colored Paragon!

However, a flash of hesitation appeared in Meng Hao’s eyes, and he frowned.

“The thirteen level of Qi Condensation formed a great circle. My Perfect Foundation, my Perfect Gold Core, my entire path… consisted of reaching the pinnacle of each stage. All of that made it so that I could exceed anyone else in the same stage!

“Therefore, I now have my five elements Nascent Souls!

“Nascent Souls of the five elements and five colors can be broken down as follows. Three elements are Cracked. Four elements are Flawless. Five elements are Perfect…. Logically speaking, I should be in the realm of Perfection.

“Divine Sense with a range of 27,000 meters seems to exceed other Nascent Soul eccentrics by far. However, I wonder what the true range of the Divine Sense of a Perfect Nascent Soul really is?” This was what was causing Meng Hao to hesitate. He looked at the five elements Nascent Souls, lost in thought.

The fact that his five elements Nascent Souls were successfully concocted caused him to be both extremely happy, but at the same time, thoughtful. Divine sense with a range of 27,000 already proved that his choice of paths was correct. Correct, and yet… there seemed to be some difference between this path, and the Perfect Nascent Soul of legend.

Meng Hao didn’t know exactly how powerful the legendary Perfect Nascent Soul was, but considering he was familiar with the Perfect Foundation and Perfect Gold Core, it was possible to come up with a general, theoretical answer to the question.

“A Perfect Nascent Soul requires all of the five elements. The result is one Nascent Soul with five elements and five colors. I, however, chose to concoct five different Nascent Souls based off of the different totems. When I combine the five elements, I should be able to achieve a Perfect Nascent Soul!

“However… I still have the feeling….

“I can’t know for sure, but bet the true range of a Perfect Nascent Soul is 29,999 meters!” Meng Hao’s eyes shone with a strange light. The method he had created to concoct a Nascent Soul became the path of the five elements Nascent Soul. This method did not become a new technique for creating a Perfect Nascent Soul. Actually, it appeared to exceed that path.

“My Divine Sense has reached 27,000 meters after successfully producing the five elements Nascent Souls, which is still slightly less than a Perfect Nascent Soul. Well then… I’ll just have to add another Nascent Soul to close the gap!” Meng Hao’s eyes shone with determination as he sat there cross-legged on the seafloor. He lifted his right hand up, within which appeared, shockingly, a medicinal pill!

This medicinal pill was something he had acquired from the bag of holding of the member of the Ji Clan he had killed all those years ago…. It was one of the three great medicinal pills, a One Color Soul Procurement Pill!! 2

This pill was incredibly rare, something miraculous from ancient times. After consuming it, there was a high likelihood to increase the quality of a Nascent Soul. By adding an extra color, it was like adding an extra level of power to the five elements.

“I already have all of the five elements. Perhaps consuming this pill will do nothing. On the other hand, perhaps a sixth element will appear that I’m unaware of!” Meng Hao was silent for a moment before his expression filled with determination. He had to try at least once. Not trying wasn’t an alternative he could accept.

Without hesitation, he produced the copper mirror. He had a lot of Spirit Stones in his bag of holding, wealth he had accumulated over the years of leading the Crow Divinity Tribe.

With no trace of irresoluteness, he duplicated the medicinal pills. It took a vast amount of Spirit Stones to produce only a single copy. Now he had two One Color Soul Procurement Pills, one of which he immediately popped into his mouth.

The moment it entered his mouth, a roaring filled his body. The medicinal pill dissolved, instantly transforming into something that seemed like a unique type of Divine Sense. It swept through him as if it were searching for something.

Moments later, the power of the medicinal pill vanished along with that unique Divine Sense. Apparently it hadn’t found what it was looking for.

Meng Hao frowned and opened his eyes, lost in thought. The pill’s ineffectiveness showed that his five elements really were of the great circle. There was no base for the pill to be able to randomly create a new element.

“The three great ancient miraculous pills couldn’t possibly be so useless, could they?” he thought. Disregarding the loss of Spirit Stones, he produced another duplicate and then consumed it. He experienced the same feeling as before, but in the end, nothing happened. However, the power of the bizarre Divine Sense seemed to overlap with the power from before, making it even more powerful.

Meng Hao consumed another One Color Soul Procurement Pill, just to make sure that wasn’t passing up an opportunity that he would regret later. He had already decided that he would consume at least ten of the pills. If he didn’t succeed at that point, then he would give up and combine the five elements he already had.

It was merely a guess on his part that Divine Sense with a range of 27,000 meters was a different from the Divine Sense of a Perfect Nascent Soul. For all he knew, a Perfect Nascent Soul really did have Divine Sense with a range of only 27,000 meters.

Based on this line of reasoning, he continued to consume One Color Soul Procurement Pills. After consuming the ninth pill, the strange Divine Sense once again appeared. It was at this point that Meng Hao suddenly felt a stab of pain on his forehead.

The pain came suddenly, as if it had been hiding within his body all along, undetectable. After consuming the ninth One Color Soul Procurement Pill, the overlapping layers of fearsome Divine sense were finally able to detect it.

When the stab of pain appeared, Meng Hao’s mind trembled. As soon as he felt the pain, he immediately duplicated another One Color Soul Procurement Pill. Even in ancient times, few people would ever have been able to possess so many of these kind of medicinal pills.

In fact throughout history down until this day, no one ever had!

Only Meng Hao would be able to consume them in such a manner. Of course, it also indicated that his accumulation of Spirit Stones in his bag of holding was rapidly growing smaller and smaller.

It wouldn’t be long before Meng Hao was flat broke.

Although that pained Meng Hao, he didn’t care too much. The pain he felt in his forehead gave him hope that the One Color Soul Procurement Pill had found the traces of the sixth element it was looking for.

The instant in which he consumed the tenth One Color Soul Procurement Pill, the combined power all ten pills congealed into a terrifying Divine Sense. It swept throughout Meng Hao’s body until finally… it found the power of a sixth element that it needed, right there on his forehead.

Meng Hao’s own Divine Sense focused on the same spot where the power of the One Color Soul Procurement Pills was focused. A rumbling sound filled Meng Hao’s mind.

What he was looking at was none other than… a roc!!

Perhaps it was more correct to say that it was a strand of wind. A wind shaped like a roc, white in color, clearly visible within Meng Hao’s Divine Sense. Suddenly, he thought back to what happened that year outside of the Rebirth Cave in the Southern Domain. A woman in the Rebirth Cave had given Meng Hao the power of a roc. 3

After that, Meng Hao had never been able to find that bit of roc power, no matter how he checked. But now, under the overlapping power of ten One Color Soul Procurement Pills, the wind of the roc suddenly was revealed.

“This roc wind is my Wind-type totem! It will be my sixth Nascent Soul, the Wind Nascent Soul!” He instantly rotated his Cultivation base. The five Nascent Souls rotating around his head began to perform incantation gestures. Fueled by the power of the five elements, Meng Hao’s body became the pill furnace as he suddenly began to concoct a Nascent Soul!

The Qi vortex formed from his Perfect Gold Core swirled rapidly and began to emit a gravitational force. Along with the power of the Soul Procurement Pill and the conjuring power of the five elements Nascent Souls, the power of the roc in Meng Hao’s forehead, the power that had been concealed there for years and years, was finally forced out and sucked toward his dantian region.

The moment the roc wind entered his dantian, a rumbling roar filled Meng Hao’s body. The Qi vortex there roared as it spun faster and faster.

“Time to concoct my Wind Nascent Soul!” Meng Hao’s eyes snapped open. A pounding sound filled his body as the Qi vortex suddenly shrunk down on itself and transformed in a white, seven-inch-tall person!

It looked exactly like Meng Hao. This was Meng Hao’s sixth Nascent Soul… Wind Nascent Soul!

As soon as it appeared, Meng Hao’s Cultivation base suddenly rocketed up, pushing him from the late Nascent Soul stage higher and higher until he was now at the peak of the stage. His distance from the great circle was…

Only a single step!!

At the same time, Meng Hao’s Divine Sense expanded madly. 27,300 meters. 27,900 meters. 28,000 meters….

Finally, when it reached 29,700 meters, it began to slow down. Eventually, it stopped at… 29,999 meters!

Meng Hao lifted his head and stood. As he rose to his feet, the Wind Nascent Soul emerged from the top of his head to join the other Nascent Souls. Light shone out from them to form a star with six points!

Perfect Nascent Soul!

Meng Hao was bursting with excitement from having created his own path of the perfect Nascent Soul, of being the first person from ancient times until now who possessed six Nascent Souls. He was the first person… to create his own path of the Perfect Nascent Soul, to combine six Nascent Souls together. Even at this very moment, however, Meng Hao’s face suddenly flickered.

It was at this point that suddenly, the effects of Time within his body were multiplied by six. Time disappeared, causing his longevity to rapidly disappear. He suddenly realized that his longevity would run out in only one hundred years!

“This….” A bright glow began to shine in his eyes.

“Because I have six Nascent Souls, it’s like I have six lives, six animas…. Therefore, my longevity must be divided into six parts…. As such, one year for me is like six years!

“That is the price of the Perfect Nascent Soul!”

It was also at this same moment that the Resurrection Lily inside of Meng Hao seemed to think that now was the perfect opportunity to make a move. It suddenly rose up with unyielding explosiveness.


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  1. A relatively lengthy explanation is needed here. Er Gen uses ancient Chinese measurements that you have probably read about in other translations. He uses “zhang” which is about 3.3 meters and “li” which is half a kilometer. I convert these units to meters and kilometers and then round them to the nearest appropriate unit to make the distances easier to picture. I know that some of the “ancient Chinese flavor” is lost because of that, but honestly speaking, I think it leads to a better, smoother and faster reading experience. In this particular passage, Er Gen actually switches between the two, and ALSO switches between talking about distance and what is essentially the area of a circle. He actually describes the “area” of Meng Hao’s Divine sense, based on the range of 9,000 “zhang,” as being 70 “li,” assumably 70 square li. Honestly, the math is confusing, especially when you throw in the vagueness of Chinese and then the conversion between the two units. I know there may be some discrepancies with previous descriptions of the range of Spiritual Sense. That may have to do with the fact that the word Er Gen used for “area” is kind of vague and could be interpreted in different ways. Later, I will go back to check the raws and clarify those areas.
  2. He aquired the One Color Soul Procurement Pill in chapter 323
  3. Meng Hao was given the power of the roc in chapter 313


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      Meanwhile in book 4 ch 321 state that:
      He placed his hand onto the ground, and ghost images sprang up everywhere. It took only a moment to merge his Spiritual Sense into the local Demonic Qi, and then send it out in all directions. At the moment, it could cover everything within a full three hundred kilometer radius. That was equivalent to the Spiritual Sense of the late Core Formation stage.

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