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Chapter 426: Just This Once!

Moments later, a massive roaring sound filled this luxurious mansion in the Great Tang of the Eastern Lands. The entire mansion shook, and then began to crumble into pieces. Large groups of people quickly emerged, although they seemed quite calm. In fact, some were even having pleasant conversations in low tones. Some held books, and there was even one man who had an abacus, and was walking and making calculations at the same time.

Everyone seemed completely unperturbed. There was only one conclusion that could be reached…. This mansion often experienced such thunderous collapse….

As the mansion fell apart, the beautiful woman and Fang Yu transformed into beams of light that shot off in the direction of the Ji Clan Ancestral Mansion.

A sigh could be heard from within the collapsing mansion as a middle-aged man in scholar’s clothing emerged, shaking his head. He looked at his wife and daughter disappearing in the distance and then sighed again, but did nothing to hinder them.

As she flew through the air, the beautiful woman’s face was filled with killing intent. She moved with shocking speed. Next to her, Fang Yu looked nervous, but she was actually quite excited inwardly.

After a bit of time, the two of them neared a sprawling walled city, the entirety of which was pitch black. It was square in shape, like a giant seal that had been pressed down into the land.

Located within the city was an imperial palace, which from a distance, looked magnificent. Palatial structures sprawled around it, and in front was a large square in which could be seen eighteen dragon statues that emanated shocking auras.

This imperial palace had only one main gate, which was completely gold. Protruding from the surface of this gate were 3,927 golden nails. Each of these nails was completely out of the ordinary, and obviously could be considered a precious treasure.

The gate was also carved with soaring clouds and auspicious beasts. Everything was gold, making it look like some sort of Celestial gate.

This was the number one ancestral mansion of the Ji Clan in all of the Great Tang of the Eastern Lands. In total, they had nearly one hundred, each one of which looked like an imperial palace, although it wasn’t. After being erected, these palaces stood mightily for years, never weakening. They were like a figurative shield for the entire Clan.

In any case, surrounding this imperial palace, the Ji Clan members had also erected an enormous wall.

The approach of Fang Yu and her mother send out shocking ripples through the air, as well as a screaming wind. Immediately, the Cultivators within the Ji Clan noticed this.

“Halt immediately!”

“If you take a step further you will be executed without hesitation!”

Fang Yu looked over at her mother anxiously. “Mom, don’t do anything rash….”

Even as the words left her mouth, the beautiful woman lifted up her right foot and violently kicked the city gate. Immediately, a roaring sound echoed out in all directions as the entire city shook. The gate immediately collapsed into pieces, crumbling downward into dust. A gale force wind swept out, carrying the rubble with it.

“What gall! You dare to make a move against the Ji Clan!?!?”

As the gate collapsed, howls could be heard within the city and crowds of people appeared, shooting through the air toward the gate. “Are you looking to die!?!?”

“Mom, don’t be rash, you must not under any circumstances be impulsive….”

“Shut up!” cried the beautiful woman, glaring at Fang Yu. She clenched her right hand into a fist and then slammed it into the ground, which rippled like seawaters as a massive boom echoed out. Cracks spread out in all direction, ripping the ground apart in shocking fashion.

The woman, radiating killing intent, shot toward the incoming Cultivators. All it took was a single punch from her, and they went flying off one by one like kites with their strings cut. They tumbled through the air, crying out miserably.

The woman was like an explosively violent dragon. Everywhere she went, everything shook. It was like a whirlwind that none of the nearly thousand approaching Cultivators could do anything to stop.

Fang Yu stood off to the side. She continued to call out to her mother to not do anything rash but her face radiated a killing intent quite similar to her mother’s, along with excitement. It got to the point where she ran over and, anyone who her mom had already taken care of, she would take care of again.

After the space of a few breaths passed, the sky suddenly grew dim. The city wall seemed on the verge of being completely destroyed, and the land itself was covered with countless cracks. Finally, the city wall collapsed into dust. The beautiful woman transformed into a whirlwind that swept out toward the imperial palace.

In the blink of an eye, she reached the Celestial gate of the imperial palace, and the enormous plaque which glowed with golden light and was covered with the more than three thousand nails, as well as auspicious animals. Suddenly, a roar could be heard from within the city as dozens of figures shot out. Their Cultivation bases emanated shocking power as they emerged.

“Madam Fang, are you here as a representative of the Fang Clan to declare war on the Ji Clan!?” One of the approaching figures was a white-haired old man who spoke with a grim voice. Next to him was none other than Ji Eleven, whose face was written with astonishment. He stared in shock at the mother-daughter pair as they approached. 1

“I’m not here representing the Fang Clan. I’m here as a mother, representing myself!” The beautiful woman’s jaw was set, and her phoenix-like eyes radiated killing intent. She punctuated her words by once again slamming her fist down onto the ground.

Heaven and Earth filled with roaring, and it seemed like the air would collapse. A black wind spread out in all directions, slamming into the approaching group of dozens of Ji Clan members.

Their expressions immediately flickered. At the same time, Fang Yu urgently said, “Mom, don’t do…”

Before she could finish, the beautiful woman charged toward the Celestial gate of the imperial palace and punched it directly with her fist.

When the blow landed, a shocking boom rang out that shook nearly half of the entire Eastern Lands. This Celestial Gate of the Ji Clan had stood here in its majesty for who knew how many years. But now, cracking sounds rang out as, layer by layer, it began to completely disintegrate. As it transformed into crumbling fragments, the more than three thousand golden nails shot toward the imperial palace, to slam into the eighteen dragon statues which were actually in the process of coming to life.

Rumbling filled the air, and the eighteen dragons let out miserable shrieks. Their bodies were unable to withstand the attack, and they exploded. By this point, half of the palace was a wreck, and the entire city was in an uproar.

“… anything rash….” finished Fang Yu. She stared mutely at her mother, and the destroyed golden gate.

“Meng Li!! Are you crazy!?!?” 2

Howls of rage could be heard from the approaching group of a dozen or so old men. Their eyes radiated killing intent and fury, but also a bit of helplessness.

“You dare to harm my son?! I will dismantle this entire Ji Clan Ancestral Mansion and cut down your South Heaven Gate! Others fear you Ji Clan people, but not me!” The killing intent boiling in the woman’s eyes seemed to have no end. She had suppressed it for a long time, but could do so no longer. She strode directly in through the crumbling main gate.

Fang Yu hurried after her. The mother-daughter team passed through the Celestial gate, and suddenly they were in a different world.

In front of them, a mountain range spread out, completely white in color. From a distance, they looked like they were covered with snow, but if you looked more closely, you would see that they were in fact made from jade.

The entire mountain range was the same, and at its very highest point was a simple house. The house was encircled by palatial structures, and half way down from the house could be seen an enormous gate-like bridge. It was richly ornamented with jade and marble, and on its surface, three characters were carved in flowing script that made the words look like flying dragons and dancing phoenixes.

“South Heaven Gate!”

Steps were carved into the jade mountain that led under this bridge, all the way down to the bottom of the mountain where a lake existed. The reflection of the imperial palace above could be seen on the surface of the lake. No waves existed on its surface, making the reflection very realistic. If you didn’t look very closely, you might not even be able to tell the difference between the two. The mountain and the reflection of the mountain in the lake were almost identical.

“Mom….” said Fang Yu as soon as they entered. Normally, she was quite audacious, but as of this moment, she was a bit taken aback. Everything that had happened up to now was incredibly shocking. She looked at her mom, almost in a daze.

The beautiful woman gave a cold snort as she looked up at the white jade mountains. At this point, a bit of dread could be seen even in her eyes. However, the dread quickly vanished, wiped away by fury and killing intent. She took a deep breath, during which time, a terrifying, frenzied power suddenly rose up within her.

Her hair whipped about, and her eyes glowed brightly. Everything around her changed, and even the sky grew blurry as a massive pressure radiated out. Shockingly, she now had a sword in her hand!

And this sword… was a wooden sword!

It was not the same as the four wooden swords that Meng Hao had acquired. Instead, it was covered with characters written in an ancient style.


Gripping the sword tightly in hand, the beautiful woman swung it toward the South Heaven Gate up on the mountain. The sword strike caused the sky above to turn black, and the ground to turn into nothingness. It was as if all of the power in the world were being sucked into this one sword and transformed into cascading Sword Qi. This shocking Qi whistled through the air directly toward the South Heaven Gate.

It was at this exact moment that the dozen old men neared. They were filled with fury, but as soon as they saw the sword, their faces filled with shock.

“Dammit! Immortal Sundering Sword!!”

“You crazy Meng! You, you, you… you dare to wield that Immortal Sundering Sword here on Planet South Heaven!?!?”

The speed of the Sword Qi was such that it arrived at South Heaven Gate in the blink of an eye. However, at some unknown time, directly next to South Heaven Gate, a young man had appeared. Based on his appearance, he was not very old; however, his body radiated an intangible ancientness.

He looked at the incoming Sword Qi, and then at the beautiful woman. Shaking his head, he did nothing to block it. The Sword Qi slammed into South Heaven Gate, causing the entire structure to shake and then collapse into pieces.

The South Heaven Gate had stood from the moment the Ji Clan arrived on Planet South Heaven, and represented their position of rulership. This was the first time it had ever collapsed.

The young man looked at the collapsing gate and then coolly said, “For the sake of your father, Senior Meng, I won’t go too hard on you. Go ahead and vent your anger. But… it will only be just this once!”

The young man waved his sleeve, and everything in the world began to grow blurry, and everyone began to disappear.

Before she completely disappeared, the beautiful woman’s voice rang out throughout the entire world, filled with determination and staunchness.

“I will issue a warning too,” she said, “and it had BETTER be just this once!”


Meng Li

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  1. Ji Eleven was briefly mentioned in chapter 310
  2. Earlier she was called “Madam Fang” and here she is called Meng Li. In Chinese culture, women don’t change their name upon marriage. However, they can be addressed with their husband’s surname if used with the right title. In Chinese, her name is 孟丽 mèng lì – Meng is a surname, the same as Meng Hao’s. Li means “beautiful”


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          As for okaasan vs okasan… I see okaasan whenever googling, including for the hiragana (i.e. I find おかあさん not おかさん). Rather, Okasan seems to be a security company.

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        1. While the fact that she has the same last name as Meng Hao is a almost certain indictation that she is his mother(especially with the author showing that the husband seems to have a scholarly appearance when he watched them leave). She could be talking about the Lily still since it is connected to meng hao. Severing his Karma is the same as Severing the Lily’s. Their fates are tied together at this point.

      1. Well, I think the other possibility was that she was the mother of the Resurrection Lily that Meng Hao is poisoned with. I think she was said to be the one who gave the seed to the guy who made Meng Hao swallow it. If that’s the case then protecting Meng Hao is the same as protecting her son. I think it was noted by the Dao Protector of the Song clan that she seemed more interested on the Lily than Meng Hao.

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          2. Nothing that tells otherwise?! Did you even read Deathblade’s note at the end of the chapter? It was openly said that their Li do NOT share either character and pronunciation… still, she holds the same Meng as Meng Hao, and if I recall properly the Fang was also the same as Fang Mu (this doesn’t mean much, but still, it might be some kinda clue (or maybe even more deception to misdirect people that read too much into it like me))

          3. Here is my guess work on the whole situation. I think they are the same person. It has been said in the past that the resurrection lily can be used to reach Immortal Ascension, so what if he was given it to help him in the future, not just from the nature talent but also to help him ascend at a later period? this is all just my guess

    1. Rather than just his death alone it was probably the fact that it was by a random Karmic Annihilation, meaning that not only would it be an unfair death but she would have also totally forgotten she even had a son.

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    The reason why I think it’s like this, is because the mother was mistaken for a resurrection lily, as well as Fang Yu’s reaction to the green mark. I believe the green mark is left on the body of whoever is an incubator for a resurrection lily of the Fang clan, so when Fang Yu met Meng Hao and saw the green mark, it wasn’t a reunion of family, to which she would have reacted differently, instead she found a mortal whose life was bound to the life of her brother (which disabled her from killing the hated mortal(Meng Hao)), which made her angry (and that totally fits with the way she acted)

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    1. 1) Why is the woman surnamed “Meng”? Does that not hint that she is somehow related to Meng Hao? Based on the fact that she also called him “son”, then that means she is Meng Hao’s mother. If not, and it was just a coincidence that another guy surnamed Meng was hurt/attacked by someone, then why do I not see any other character surnamed Meng besides MC?

      2) Incubator for the Fang clan member? Seriously? The Resurrection Lily is something that you have to CONSUME, if I am not mistaken. So why would it produce a man/woman after it blooms?

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      4) From the way Fang Yu acted back at their face off at Choumen Tai’s place, she was pissed off (I think) when she saw the mark because she can’t harm him, thus she can’t retrieve the Scripture she wanted.

      These are also my speculations. Feel free to rebut. No offense intended.

      Thanks for the chap btw Patriach Deathblade!

      1. 1) Meng is not an uncommon name. The Author might’ve chosen it for just that purpose: to confuse us.

        2) The lily doesn’t produce a man/woman after it blooms, instead, after becoming immortal through the cultivation of it’s host, it can take human form

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        In addition to that, the supposed mother knows of the resurrection lily, which at all times attempts to kill Meng Hao, yet when she appeared before Meng Hao, she didn’t remove it for concern of his life.

          1. I assume she stopped them from checking his past to keep him alive. If the Song clan at that time knew who he was and what he did, he’d be killed immediatly. Even more so when he carries a child of the Fang clan.

    2. I’m also not totally convinced yet that Meng Li is Meng Hao’s real mother, and also Fang Yu’s reaction when seeing the green mark was not like she found her long lost brother.
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      Whatever the situation seems to be now, I trust in Ergen to completely turn it around with a few short sentences and have a totally unexpected outcome.

          1. i thought the sovereign of the heavens of the ninth mountain was called immortal li and he had two subordinates also surnamed li, but when the former died on of the latter changed his name from li to ji (there weresome kind of lines added in the character li) and took over the heaven. thus heavens of ji was created…
            the mentioned immortal li seems to be one of these two, i guess?

            i’m not sure where i read this, but i think it was when mc was in the black lands and was talking to the being within the field of pebbles…

      1. Mèng Lì and Immortal Lí are different names. Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are not the same person, but its not an indicator that they are.

        In Chinese, her name is 孟丽 mèng lì – Meng is a surname, the same as Meng Hao’s. Li means “beautiful.” Please note that this Li is NOT the same Li as Immortal Li 黎, which is pronounced diferently, lí

        1. In the chapter it is said that she is the women who showed up at the song clan meeting and the women who showed up at the song clan was immortal Li so……Meng Li and immortal Li are one and the same!!!

          1. Reread that chapter again. That was the Song Clan Elder merely speculating on the woman’s identity. Because clearly he found it impossible that a nobody like Meng Hao would have such a background.
            Keyword: SPECULATION.
            Pretty much you’re taking a minor side character’s speculation as fact.

    3. Nope. Nope. Just nope. How did you even come up with this?
      The Fang Clan has no relationship whatsoever with the Resurrection Lily, dude. You’re waaay off the mark. Meng Li is NOT Immortal Li. Please go back & read Deathblade ‘s note at the end of the chapter.

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    1. ‘She watching and addressing the Resurrection Lily flower ‘, I believe this part is an observation of that old man from the Song clan.
      ‘She is known as the mother of the Resurrection lily flower’, and this one is a fan theory.
      We don’t know for sure yet. Let’s just wait for the revelation. 🙂

  8. On chapter 425 “Immortal Murdering Swords”

    On chapter 426 “Immortal Sundering Sword”

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  9. Man people get a clue… All of you saying that Immortal Li & Mama Meng being one & the same are way off the mark. The “Li” in Immortal Li is obviously a last name where as the “Li” in Meng Li is her first name & “Meng” being her last name which I’m thinking is what she had Meng Hao use while living as a mortal back in the State of Zhao. Fang is clearly her husband’s last name which in turn should be Bro Meng’s real last name. Thus I don’t find it at all odd that he’d subconsciously name himself Fang Mu lol.
    As for why Fang Yu didn’t recognize him back at the rebirth cave, I think for one it was due to him still having his “Fang Mu” face on. Two, she probably knew of a brother but never met him at all so how could she recognize him. It wasn’t until she saw the mark on his hand that got a reaction from her.

  10. Fun fact: 3,927 is the 8th number of the 3-Fibonacci Sequence. Which follows:

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    3,927 golden nail, Fibonacci Sequence, Golden ratio… I think the author might be up to something

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    It’s 2 am in the morning and I’m leaving this comment if I ever forget..

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