ISSTH – Book 4 – Chapter 410

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Chapter 410: Naive Earth Priest

The members of the Crow Scout Tribe, including the Greatfather, the High Priests and the Grand Elder, all watched the multicolored light approaching at rapid speed. It closed in on the Outlander Beast, radiating frenzy and determination.

“That neo-demon certainly is loyal to its master….” said the Earth Priest with a soft sigh. He had seen many neo-demons, but few that would show such care for a master, that would display such madness and ignore everything else in order to protect him.

The parrot’s excitement actually appeared to others as determination. Furthermore, its joy at being able to try out a new furred beast made it seem as if it were loyally protecting its master.

It wasn’t just the Earth Priest that was thinking in this way. Many of the other Crow Scout Tribe members saw the scene that was playing out, and the parrot within the multicolored light, and were filled with admiration.

They watched as the multicolored beam of light that was the parrot shot toward the Outlander Beast, which roared as it approached. The parrot ignored everything, seemingly ignoring any potential threats to its life, willing to die together with the Outlander Beast. It whistled through the air, circling around behind the Outlander Beast, whereupon it charged in to attack.

“That parrot neo-demon is extraordinary!” said the Earth Priest, flabbergasted. “It actually knows that the Outlander Beast’s only weak spot is not its front but its back!” The admiration in his eyes grew stronger.

The Grand Elder’s eyes grew wide as he watched what was happening. He too was astonished by everything that was happening. The Greatfather’s face flickered, and his eyes grew wide. He glanced at the Earth Priest, and then at the parrot. He suddenly started to look a bit suspicious.

Off to the side, Meng Hao heard the Earth Priest’s words and coughed lightly. He looked over and could see that the Earth Priest really did deeply admire the parrot. Meng Hao sighed inwardly at the man’s simplicity, realizing that he himself really had changed quite a bit over the years.

Meanwhile, the determined parrot looked like it was about to fulfill its dream. Looking like the member of a suicide squad, its eyes red, trembling with excitement, it shot toward the Outlander Beast. However, at the critical moment, the Outlander Beast suddenly flickered and then disappeared. A moment later, it reappeared in a different location.

Apparently, it could sense the parrot’s motives. It’s eyes filled with fury and it roared: “Outlander!”

The roar completely disoriented the parrot, and sent it tumbling backward through the air. It couldn’t even get close; it looked like this Outlander Beast really was causing it some problems. However, the parrot wouldn’t let some slight setbacks knock it out of the game. It let out a shrill squawk, and its eyes glowed with anticipation. Its appearance was that of both excitement and lechery fused together. The combination made it look quite vulgar and lewd. Once again, it shot toward the Outlander Beast in a colorful glow.

“What a loyal neo-demon!” cried the Earth Priest, clearly moved. “A truly rare neo-demon of utmost loyalty! Look everyone, despite being injured, it persists, bravely defying death!”

Many of the surrounding Crow Scout Tribe members felt the same way.

“Grandmaster Meng sure is lucky to have a neo-demon as loyal as that!”

“That’s right. It looks a little bit ugly, but its moral character is definitely worthy of praise!”

They looked at the parrot with envy in their pure, simple hearts. They wished that they, too, could have such a devoted and faithful neo-demon.

However, even as the Earth Priest and the various envious Tribe members were watching the parrot and sighing emotionally….

“Don’t run, darling!” cried the parrot, speeding up. “Lord Fifth is here to vanquish you!”

As his words echoed out and entered the ears of the Crow Scout Tribe members, strange expressions appeared on their faces. Their mouths dropped open as they realized what the parrot meant by its words. They could scarcely believe it.

The Earth Priest looked shocked for a moment, but then a look of realization and then admiration appeared. “So, it can even employ strategy!” he said, and then let out a long sigh. “What a noble display of character to use such a tactic to prevent its master from being injured by the Outlander Beast!”

Although the conclusion reached by the Earth Priest didn’t seem very plausible, there were still some of the Crow Scout Tribe members who seemed to agree. However, most had strange looks on their faces. The Sky Priest looked over at the Earth Priest and was about to say something, then hesitated and simply smiled wryly.

The Grand Elder was looking in shock at the Earth Priest as if he didn’t even know the man.

As for the Greatfather, the expression on his face grew even more strange, and he also could do nothing more than smile wryly.

Meng Hao coughed lightly once more. The naiveté of the Earth Priest was something one didn’t see very often.

Up in mid-air, the parrot squawked as it shot toward the Outlander Beast, which roared and sent out an attack which manifested as terrifying ripples. They slammed into the charging parrot, making it impossible for it to near the Outlander Beast. However, its determination and excitement only continued to grow in the face of these setbacks. It seemed even more determined to try out this Outlander Beast.

“Heyyy, you really can put up a fight. Struggle if you wish, my darling. That just makes Lord Fifth more excited!” With a roar, the parrot charged again.

It shot forward with incredible speed. As it neared, a popping sound could suddenly be heard as hundreds of parrots appeared, all of which shot toward the Outlander Beast.

“Struggle away, my darling! Struggle and beg for mercy under Lord Fifth’s pounding!” The parrot roared with excitement as it neared the Outlander Beast, which howled back. The illusory parrots all exploded, but there was one parrot left which managed to successfully penetrate the Outlander Beast.

The instant the penetration occurred, the Outlander Beast’s body trembled, and a look of confusion filled its face. The look quickly turned into one of humiliation and unprecedented madness. It let out a howl that shook everything, louder than anything that had been heard up to this point. The loudness was such that it kicked up a violent tempest!

A popping sound could be heard as the parrot suddenly appeared in mid-air off to the side. It was trembling excitedly, and its eyes were glowing. “Scream, scream your throat out! No one will come to save you!”

By this point, the surrounding Crow Scout Tribe members were watching on dumbstruck. Many of the ones who had previously thought the parrot to be loyal and brave, now had faces completely pale. It was as if their whole world had been overturned. They stared blankly up into the air at the indescribably vulgar parrot.

The Earth Priest gaped again. However, it took only a moment before a bright glow began to shine in his eyes. It was a glow of admiration, and understanding.

“In order to provoke a reaction from the Outlander Beast, the parrot neo-demon is taunting it! What wisdom! What praiseworthy courage!” The Earth Priest sighed. “Fellow Daoist Meng, you truly have incredible luck to possess a neo-demon like that!”

The Crow Scout Tribe Greatfather couldn’t take it any longer and was about to say something. However, he then noticed the intense admiration in the eyes of the Earth Priest. The Greatfather sighed and held his tongue.

As for the Grand Elder, he stood there with wide eyes, staring in shock at the Earth Priest. The Sky Priest also had a very strange expression on her face. The two of them then exchanged a wry smile.

At the same time that the Earth Priest spoke, the parrot let out another squawk. It shot again toward the Outlander Beast, which let out another howl. Subsequently, the beast and the parrot engaged in a back and forth battle. The parrot, of course, did the giving and the Outlander Beast did the taking.

Howls continued to ring out until finally the parrot let out a roar. It was unclear what technique it used specifically. Ignoring any potential injuries, it smashed through, once again penetrating into the Outlander Beast. The Outlander Beast let out a shocking howl, accompanied by a look of terror. It hovered in mid-air, trembling. As of this moment, it was no longer paying attention to Meng Hao’s Demonic Qi. Instead, it turned and began to flee.

The parrot once again materialized, trembling and looking excited. It looked proud at its subjugation of a beast that it had never tried out before. It let out a squawk as it shot in pursuit of the Outlander Beast.

“Don’t run away, darling!” it shouted. “Come come, there are a few positions Lord Fifth hasn’t tried. Don’t run!” With that it turned into a prismatic beam of light that raced after the Outlander Beast.

The Crow Scout Tribe members witnessed this whole scene, as did the powerful experts from the other Tribes, via Divine Sense. All of them were left with trembling hearts and indescribably bizarre feelings.

To see the mysterious Outlander Beast flee instead of fight… was thoroughly shocking. Even more astonishing was the parrot, who apparently didn’t even fear death. Its method of attack was of course unimaginably bizarre.

Seeing the parrot heading off into the distance, Meng Hao let out a sigh of relief. Having called the parrot over, he had prepared himself for the worst. Looking around at the strange expressions on the Crow Scout Tribe members, and the look of admiration in the eyes of the Earth Priest, Meng Hao made a firm decision to never again call the parrot unless it was absolutely necessary….

As the crowds of people dispersed, the Greatfather gave Meng Hao a wry smile, and then forced out some words of praise regarding his totem tattoo. Then, shaking his head, he made his way off.

The Grand Elder looked over Meng Hao with a serious expression, then gave him a rare bow. After that, he and the equally conflicted Sky Priest left the district behind the mountain.

As for the Earth Priest, it looked like he wanted to say a few words to Meng Hao. However, when he noticed that Meng Hao didn’t seem concerned at all regarding the safety of the parrot, he simply gave him a stern and disapproving glare and then turned into a prismatic beam of light that shot off in the direction the parrot had disappeared.

Meng Hao smiled wryly, not sure of what to say. He simply watched the Earth Priest disappear.

“If that naive Earth Priest ever realizes what the parrot is really like, the man’s sky will no longer be blue, and he will no longer view life as beautiful….” Meng Hao thought about what that scene might look like, and then felt somewhat sorry for the Earth Priest. Finally, he turned and made his way back to his courtyard.

Two days passed. On evening of the second day, the Earth Priest returned. He looked somewhat distracted, and his face was pale as if he had been the subject of a vicious attack. After returning, he went directly into secluded meditation.

During the two days, Meng Hao found that whenever he went out, the Crow Scout Tribe members that caught sight of him looked at him with awe. Sometimes it even bordered on fear, as if they feared offending him, and didn’t dare to approach him. As soon as they saw him, sweat would break out on their foreheads and they would hurry off in the opposite direction.

At long last, the wickedness of the parrot was having an effect on Meng Hao. It didn’t take long before the entire Crow Scout Tribe knew about the events regarding Grandmaster Meng’s wicked neo-demon. The news rapidly began to spread to the other four Tribes.

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  1. Okay, so i have 2 questions…

    1) Why would Meng Hao want to “totem” the tattoo? Didn’t he already have the “GreenWood” power? (he was growing branches and stuff from his body…). Isn’t this “totem”-ing just “separating” the power from his body? (But he still have the life force, so i guess it’s still somehow connected to him)

    2) Upon branding the totem; what would happen if someone else took it? What I mean is that, when Meng Hao was studying other Western Cultivators he was able to “detach” the tattoo’s right? What if he put the tattoo’s on his own skin? Would he be able to use the totem power then?

    Upon reaching Nascant Soul stage, there is that Wan family 10th Patriarch (Spirit Severing stage) who would want to gain Weng Hao’s soul (soul right? not body… otherwise Meng Hao wouldn’t have to die… but he already got the “Perfect body”, and the patriarch is waiting for the “perfect soul” right?)…
    Anyway, when that happens; Meng Hao has 2 ways to deal with that: 1. Agarwood 1st Patriarch 3 life saving power ups… 2. The Mastif (if Meng Hao can manage to wake it)
    There’s actually also the Blood Mask, but I doubt that would help him beat the patriarch; as the Wan patriarch overwhelmed the “Spirit Severing” patriarch from the Li family? (obviously the Li family guy was of “early” Spirit Severing, and Wan later). Maybe if Meng Hao use Blood Flash… he can run away (i suppose it will be upgraded Blood Flash, as Meng Hao also powers up).

    Also what do you guys think of Meng Hao getting a 6 colored Nascant Soul? There was that “pill” (i forget the name), that would let you get an “additional” color on your Nascant Soul right? Meng Hao thought of it only “once”, that what would happen if he took it while already having 5 colored Nascant Soul. Meng Hao already is on his way to gain a “lightning soul”… So i wonder if it’s possible to get additional color on top of 5.

    I don’t think the “Painter” would help against the Wan 10th Patriarch (i dont think he even knows that danger..)
    Also I don’t think the “Karma” caused by the Wan Patriarch and the “Karma” caused by the “Ji clan” the same? There’s a “Karma” thread on Meng Hao (I assume he could be “fished” out by the Ji family people anytime and be eaten by them… Unless him being in the Black Lands is getting in the way)(obviously the Black Lands is also in “between” Western and East, so it would also be blocked in the Western Lands).

    Also I don’t think Deathblade noticed this, but the “fish skeleton” once mentioned in the “Rebirth Cave” that comes to life is the “Roc” that was dying… xD
    I saw that when the “Roc” was mentioned, Deathblade put 4 previous mentions of it, but not the “fish skeleton” in the Rebirth cave. The woman’s soul takes over the “fish” (right after it escapes from the coffin) then becomes the roc, then upon arriving at the Rebirth cave it dies (presumably). Then the fish-scale (it’s its physical body), starts having movement? (I just remember a fish skeleton in the rebirth cave…) (maybe the soul can’t leave the cave, cause it don’t have a physical body) (and also maybe it can “possess” bodies of incoming people; much similar to the Black Sieve Sect’s spirit possessing thing…)(maybe that’s why the few who emerged from the rebirth cave never mentioned anything… cause there were different souls in their body)…

    1. The karma thread allows them to track his location (I believe), it is impossible for them to just summon him at any time with the fishing rod. Unfortunately, the Western Desert / Black Lands seems to be in a blind spot, so the Ji Clan can’t find him..

        1. I thought to fish someone’s karma they had to die. I seem to recall one of the guys Meng Hao killed saying he wouldn’t be able to fish his karma after dying

          1. It’s unknown yet if you have to die first before the Ji Clan can fish you through their Karma thread. At least I don’t think so, and likely that they can just fish your soul with Karma threads, even when you’re still alive (speculation here).

            Also, that was different. That guy was the Spirit Severing Patriarch during the Holy Snow City battle when Meng destroyed his “first body” using the Agarwood legacy. But he stated that Meng can’t truly destroy him with that method, and that he’ll reincarnate b/c it always exist and due to his Second Severing having to do with reincarnation. He also implied that his reincarnation also can’t be stopped through Karma, and that he can’t be destroyed with this method either b/c the Deification Alter of Heaven of Ji has his name on it. Thus, the reasons he claimed his reincarnation can’t be stopped.

          2. Nah, if you’re fished out by the karma thread and eaten by the Ji’s… Then your soul is unable to go through reincarnation. Meaning eternal death. Otherwise, supposedly you can go through “reincarnation”…

        2. Nah, Shui Dongliu’s face just made an expression and said “I’m gona have to help you again…”… But he didn’t actually do anything.

          My guess is that maybe the eyeless larva takes away from his “Seal” on the Flower Poison… (the portrait of Meng Hao). or something… He helped him with the poison before, but now apparently the appearance of the eyeless larva is gona bring some kind of danger to Meng Hao, and he will have to help him out.

          Do you remember the guy who was holding the pearl on top of the “World Tree” (picture world) in the Song Clan bride trial by fire? Thats the same guy. Althougth, it was just his “will” in the picture, i assume he somehow “felt”/got the info about Meng Hao that way. So since he “likes” Meng Hao (and Meng Hao’s way of cultivation); i assume he’s just helping out for free, unlike the Wan Patriarch.

          1. Shui Dongliu flicked his paint brush and some paint flew out, and the next thing that happened (narrative wise) was Ji Fang’s (the Ji Clan Patriarch) Karma thread being broken. That’s why most think Shui Dongliu broke the Ji Clan Karma thread on Meng Hao.

            Not sure why the Eyeless Larva would loosen the seal. There’s no basis for this speculation that I could think of.

          2. @Obsession okay, i see why you would connect the 2 dots. But lots of other things happened. I mean every living thing lost a “breath”…
            Also after Shui Dongliu’s paint brush flicked, he “sighed” and said that he would need to help him once more. Last time he helped him, he “seal”-ed Meng Hao’s poison on a portrait he drew right? So that’s why i would connect it, so that the eyeless larva loosen the seal.

            As for Ji Fang’s karma thread being broken, that is, i assume also connected to the “eyeless larva”. Maybe the eyeless larva disconnected the Karma thread, maybe not.

            But as far as Shui Dongliu’s flicking brush and paint flying out, just means he was some what “perplexed” (surprised) right? Doesn’t really mean he did something at the “exact” moment the eyeless larva came out.

            Everything happened was connected to the eyeless larva. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense. Cause while we’re talking about the eyeless larva, why would we include a story of Dongliu cutting Ji Fang’s karma thread? It’s not connected to “whats going on” at the time. It could have been mentioned some other time. Thus, that’s the conclusion i can come up with.

            Also maybe the reason Meng Hao was safe from he Ji’s was because of the Black Land’s black soil; but after he got to Western Land, maybe its cause of the eyeless larva. Or cause the larva cut the karma thread. Well we dont know what happened to the karma thread on Meng Hao, or if it was even connected to Ji Fang’s fishing pole at the moment.

          3. @Commentator

            Well, the main reason why I think Shui Dongliu broke the thread was b/c he provided Meng Hao protection against Ji Clan by sowing Karma with him. Anyone of the Ji Clan can’t kill Meng Hao b/c of this Karma. So it seems like Shui Dongliu has influence over the Ji Clan’s Karma thread, can likely break it too. Also, he sighed and waved his paintbrush which caused some paint to fly out. I don’t think he was perplexed when doing that, and not sure why would he be. And “a moment later” after he did that, Ji Fang’s fishing line broke. The Eyeless Larva’s voice only last a moment, so the line broke after the fact. Everything is connected to the Eyeless Larva that moment, but it doesn’t mean others couldn’t do something, as Shui Dongliu certainly did. Besides, I think it’s bad writing to give such sequential narrative to show such events, and not have Shui Dongliu being the one to break the line. It certainly gave that impression, and the author even said he took a lot of time to write that chapter to make it sound right.

            So yes, Meng and the Eyeless Larva are bound by Karma, but I don’t see why it would break the Ji Clan’s Karma threads, and not Shui Dongliu, who seems powerful and seems to have methods to influence Ji Clan’s Karma, did something and a moment later, the fishing line broke. The main point of the Larva is its indestructibility, not its ability to sow Karma (at least we don’t know yet). Besides, Pill Demon sensed that the seal on the Lily was loosening already; I don’t think the Eyeless Larva has any influence on the seal; it’s not even a living creature (at least I don’t think so) which it can steal a breath from.

      1. The Karma thread hasn’t really been “explained” in detail; other than that it got attached to Meng Hao when he killed the Ji clan chosen. So it’s like “an eye for an eye” thing, but its kind of mysterious.

        Also if you pay attention to when the Ji chosen dies, and the Ji clan Spirit Severing (i think thats his rank) guy in the East is sitting on some rock “fishing” into a pool (with his “fishing rod”) then pulls out a soul and eats it. I assume that those so called “souls” in the pool are all those souls in the South Heaven… And when the Ji clan eats their “soul”, it probably makes it so they can never go through “reincarnation” and they will cease to exist. So it’s like the “ultimate” damnation. I thought it was just random, but the “souls” in the pool might be those who have “karma thread” attached to them.

        The only reason the Western/Black Lands are kind of a “blind spot” is cause of the “black soil”, i think. It’s kind of special… in that even after it was supposedly “destroyed”, the ash still exists…

    2. 1 – It sounds like Totem branding is a method used to refine and concentrate the power of the neo-demon, turning it into a weapon connected to the cultivator’s soul. This allows people to use it more effectively than if it were just raw power.
      2 – If Meng Hao could do Totem transplants he would have done it long ago. In fact, he’d probably have gotten a full set while he was still in the Black Lands. Totems are sort of like extra limbs; you might be able to rip one off, but you’ll never be able to attach it to your own body, you need to grow one for yourself.

      I thought the Wang family Patriarch was at the Dao Seeking stage. He needed Meng Hao’s cultivation in order to break through to Immortal Ascension, right?

      The Painter Immortal (Shui Dongliu) seems to need Meng Hao for something, so he’ll probably help out no matter how many times he needs to be saved.

      The karma sown by the Wang Patriarch when he helped Meng Hao escape and the Karma Thread the Ji clan attached to him are two completely different things. One is just a normal chain of events caused by the Wan Patriarch’s actions, the other was a magical fishing line meant to snare Meng Hao’s soul and cultivation base once the Ji clan decides he’s ripened enough to eat. Besides, that Karma Thread doesn’t exist anymore. Shui Dongliu snapped it when the Eyeless Larva was born in chapter 383.

      I don’t remember the fish skeleton, which chapter was it?

      1. I thought about the totem tattoo’s ability to be “transplanted” too. And assume Meng Hao would’ve done it, if it was possible. But maybe it was only “not possible” cause of the difference in “Qi”… As Meng Hao mentioned before, the West Landers have some kind of “different” Qi.
        But now for example, that Nie Li has learned (got..) “Wood type of Qi”, maybe he can steal “Wood” type of monster totems… Not really sure though…

        The Wang Patriarch might have been the Dao Seeking stage.. I only remember him suppressing the Spirit Severing stage guy from Li family? (or it wasn’t Ji i think…).

        The Painter (Shui Dongliu) (is he an immortal though?) never said he needs Meng Hao for something, i think… He just “helped” out Meng Hao, didn’t he? Also, even if it was just a “will” of him in the painting of the “World Tree” in the Song Clan bride trial by fire; he did meet Meng Hao there. And if his “information, somehow connected to him; he might have helped out Meng Hao, just cause he liked Meng Hao’s “way” of doing things. Remember how he made his “10th way”… and all..

        You would think the “karma”‘s are different… and they might as well be… But just think of the “immortal” in the Rebirth Cave. Karma was harvested by Meng Hao, for releasing her from the coffin. So maybe that “invisible” karma doesn’t seem like an “actual” thing, but maybe it is, later when they get close or above that “Immortal stage”. Then maybe karma can be used as “tools”… So if you helped an “immortal” way back when he was mortal… like lets say saved his life; maybe later on even if it’s an “immortal”, you would have the “right” and the “power” to take his life… It’s just a guess, but you know…

        The roc/ the immortal woman (in the rebirth cave)’s body is actually a fish skeleton.

    3. 1. That is a method to brand the Greenwood totem to him. It was the method he got from Wu Chen.

      2.Very likely your Cultivation base will be lowered when you use it. During the fight with Duo Lan and co., Meng destroyed all three totems of 2 CF Western Desert Cultivator, and they aged considerably. So losing totems likely tremendously affect your life force. Also, Meng couldn’t use the totem tattoos he extracted b/c (1) they dissipate quickly once extracted, and (2) he didn’t know the method to brand them, even if the totem tattoos could be stolen like this. In fact, in the Black Lands, they thought the way to brand totem tatoos was to tattoo yourself with neo-demon blood. Apparently, as we see in the Western Desert, that’s a wrong or inefficient method, and Meng was cautious to use such unverified and suspicious method.

      3. The 10th Wang Clan Patriarch wants Meng’s Perfect Foundation, not his soul. And he’s at peak of Dao Seeking, not Spirit Severing. It’s unknown why he’s waiting for Meng to get to NS before taking his Perfect Foundation; likely it’s b/c Meng’s too weak atm, and that it’s more beneficial to him somehow.

      It’s likely that the painter, Shui Dongliu, destroyed the Ji Clan’s Karma thread that latched onto Meng. And yea, each Karma threads and Karma are probably different, and Ji Clan Patriarch likely can only fish those who has Ji Clan’s Karma thread. Next, the Black Lands is between the Southern Domain and Western Desert, not Eastern Lands and Western Desert. It’s likely that the Ji Clan’s Karma thread was only suppressed in the Black Lands due to the burned talismanic totem. If Shiu Dongliu didn’t break the thread, Ji Clan probably could track Meng once he’s outside the Black Lands.

      Lastly, I think you’re confused about the “fish skeleton” and other things…. I think you’re mistaken on quite a bit of details, and hence the confusions you’re having here and your comment below.

      1. 1) I know he got it from Wu Chan, but how is it beneficial… was my question.
        2) Yeah, kind of agree with you there. Also Meng Hao’s Qi was different than the Wester ners, so maybe thats why he couldn’t use the totems even if he put it on his skin. I dont remember the totems dissipating once detached from the body. Meng Hao was “detaching” lots of times lol from those Westerners at the Snow place…
        3) Okay, so he was Dao Seeking stage. I just remember him suppressing the Spirit Severing Stage. I think he wants a “perfect soul”… No matter how you look at it. Maybe his soul is somehow damaged (like Meng Hao’s) and he cant fix it, other than to transplant and steal it from someone else. That would explain why he cant become an immortal.
        The difference between the “karma”‘s haven’t been explained… but Karma should be important and not just being said as rhetorical.
        The fish skeleton is the roc and the immortal woman (in the rebirth cave)’s physical form. Sure, she can change forms, but her true form is the fish. This is different than the Immortal woman who appeared in the Song clan. Obviously the roc (immortal woman in the rebirth cave) can’t get out of there, and kind of trapped.

        1. 1. It was stated that the general concept to brand totems is melting, separating, then branding. Different Tribes have different methods to accomplish the same concept. The benefit of Wu Chen’s bloodline branding tech is that it’s a reliable, and good method to use, especially for Greenwood totems.

          2. from ch345, “The totem tattoo slowly separated from his skin, pulling up until Meng Hao held what looked almost like a patch of skin in his hand. After separating, it rapidly faded away until it was completely gone.”

          3. I think the 10th Wang Clan Patriarch wants the Perfect Foundation, not the Perfect Soul b/c that’s exactly what the 1st Wang Clan Patriarch did: took someone’s Foundation. Besides, he likely doesn’t even know that Meng has a Gold Core, or even plan to get a Perfect Nascent Soul. Maybe he’s damaged in someway and that’s why he can’t obtain Immortal Ascension, but it’s incredibly difficult to do so anyway, so it’s possible he’s healthy and just couldn’t do it. Also, you can’t, or it’s highly difficult, for one to take over another’s soul, otherwise, the discarnate spirits would’ve done that already without much trouble. IMO, he’s after the Perfection Foundation.

          Lastly, at first, the demon inside the coffin leaked out some black ooze that killed a school of fish and likely took over one of them, which then transformed into a Roc and flew into the Rebirth Cave. It’s uncertain if the demon is a Roc or a fish. IMO, it’s a Roc, or possibly a mutated Roc b/c it gave Meng power to fly like one (or a while) and the Flying Rain-Dragon core showed an image of the dragon battling a Roc when Meng first saw the Roc.

  2. Oh my god… I almost forgot the most important question… How is Meng Hao going to fix his “Soul”?…. Wasn’t his Soul damaged some time ago? When he was fighting the Azure masked guy from Black Lands Palace, way back when he was still Fang Mu? (the first time).
    If I’m not mistaken, he needs to fix his soul; before cultivating his Nascant Soul; for more “quality”… And as we know Meng Hao does everything in “perfection”… so, how is he gona do that… He just put it off… And I don’t think all this “life force”, “physical appearance” thing has anything to do with the “soul”; does it?…

    One of the only few errors in ISSTH is how some of the other cultivators “rise” in power so fast. Meng Hao had special means, but the others are rising so quickly. It was okay until Foundation Establishment stage, but now lots of them are Core Formation… It was supposed to take like hundred years to reach that… But i guess “Dao children” and the “Chosen” are special cause they rise in power faster than others… (I am especially talking about Wan Tenfei…) It will be ridiculous if these guys reach Nascant Soul stage with Meng Hao…

    Xu Qing had a delay, cause of Black Sieve’s mistreatment… But now a little acceleration until Nascant Soul stage, which is good… Most of them are okay. But like Chu Yu Yan reaching Core Formation is also kind of… silly… She’s not that special and she’s alchemist… I guess maybe pills help her…

    On the other hand Fatty’s a little on the slow side… He’s eating Spirit Stones for god’s sake… He should be rising quickly.. (even if he don’t practice). Eating (Spiritual Stone) should be almost same as practice with him… Also, just recently found out that he is in the same Clan as Grandmaster Eternal Mountain… Why’d they say, they had to “buy”/”purchase” great deal amount of “Foundation Establishment Pill” for him, to get to that stage?… Couldn’t he have gotten free pills… from the clan, considering his status… There are just a few errors here and there… but nothing major…

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      I will say that I don’t understand why you think Chu Yuyan isn’t special. She’s the direct apprentice of Pill Demon and her father is the leader of the whole Violet Fate Sect.

      1. Well… Considering that Meng Hao is now trying to get his Nascant Soul, it should be “appropriate” to talk about his “damage in soul”.
        How can you talk about this chapter, without talking about the previous chapters? Are all chapters independent to each other? If so, is it like readint 400 different novels?
        To understand whats going on in this chapter, should only bring questions from previous chapters…

        Chu Yu Yan really isn’t that special. Okay, she’s Pill Demon’s disciple. But she’s been disciple for what 15 years? or 20 tops? Pill Demon’s existing 8 disciples (the 8 Violate Furnace Souls) are at most Nascant Soul cultivators. Also, they’ve been Pill Demon’s disciple for hundreds of years, some even more than 1000. So obviously their cultivation is not that connected to their alchimests talent.

        Also Chu Yu Yan was Wan Teng Fei’s fiancee (who’s only a chosen). Just shows how much “not special” she is. Even if her “background” and “status” can help the husband; her cultivation isn’t connected to that.

        She maybe special in the Violet Fate sect. But Violet Fate sect isn’t really popular because of their cultivation base. The whole of Southern Domain, has many more talented individuals.

        What I mean is, just before Meng Hao’s group; they only reached Foundation Establishment at the earliest in their 20s or 30’s, lots of them later on (this is the talented group by the way). There’s only a handful of them. Then Core formation “decades” after that. Nascant Soul cultivators would be at least in their 70’s, some hundreds years old. This was supposed to come with “luck”.
        But ever since Meng Hao, they just all reach Core Formation like nothing…

        I mean Foundation Establishment took 2 years for Meng Hao, while it would only take a few months for others. And I understand that… cause he reached stage 13, and needed much more Spiritual energy, and more time to reach there… But Core Formation… I mean… They all reached it like nothing.
        From Foundation Establishment to -> Core Formation was too short for the others…
        But it’s okay, as long as they dont suddenly reach Nascant Soul now… which would be kind of ridiculous.

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      The Dao Children keeping up with Meng Hao seems to be illogical currently it’s still not that big of a problem, but if it keeps up to and after spirit severing stage without large time-skips on Meng Hao side then it will somewhat damage Meng Hao’s achievements.
      I’m not sure what kind of spirit stones Fatty is eating. If it’s a normal one then it might not affect his cultivation much.
      When Meng Hao was in the Violet Fate sect he also didn’t work for free to make pills for other sect members. Also it might be that within that sect there is a similar separation between alchemy and normal cultivators like in the Violet Fate sect.

      1. Meng Hao was worried though… He just decided not to worry about it, cause he was only at Foundation Establishment. He had Core Formation (Perfect Core) to think about before his soul.

        And it seemed like an injury thats not really “physical”. But almost like “Karma” ish thingish… It wasn’t really connected to his life force either..

        Yeah the space between Foundation Establishment and Core Formation was a little too fast for some… but its okay so far. Just shouldn’t reach Nascant Soul with Meng Hao…

    3. Meng’s soul was only displaced after using the flag of three streamers. He believes it can be fixed by forming his Nascent Soul. As for Chu Yuyan, it was said that her latent talent is third best in the entire Violet Fate Sect, so she’s definitely special. Not to mention she’s an alchemist, so her access to pills is even better than most Chosen. As for fatty, we don’t know yet how Spirit Teeth cultivation works, beside him having abnormally large teeth by cultivating it, and that it’s a method to acquire the 19th legacy of the Golden Frost. And yes, we saw some took hundreds of years for to get to FE or CF, but they had low latent talent. I think it was stated that most Chosen, if they don’t die, will get to CF and if they’re lucky to NS.

      So far, I think the story is pretty solid, and there are only few minor mistakes that I know of, but not what you wrote here; the plot is pretty solid so far.

        1. Yes. I think the idea is that Meng’s soul is not damaged. It’s injured by it just being pulled out of place. It’s not like those in the Black Sieve Sect where their souls were damaged and were leaking out.

          And here, from ch276, Meng Hao said, “Injuring the soul is like sowing Karma. If the day comes in which I can break into the Nascent Soul stage, then the Karma will be reaped.” So, if I interpret that right, it means Meng thinks forming a Nascent Soul will fix his displaced soul, or possibly even improve it somehow.

      1. He needs to fix his Soul before Nascant Soul stage.
        Chapter 276: “Karma will be reaped”. What it means is that now it may seem like the “damage in his soul” is not a big deal and won’t affect him; later when he gets to Nascant Soul stage, it would damage his soul; thus “reaping Karma. You do one good thing, later in life something good happens. But if you do a bad thing, later in life something bad happens. So the damage to his soul, would be like “reaping Karma”.

        Chapter 276 also says: ““I injured my soul….” and “An injury of the flesh would naturally recover through rest and recuperation, or through the use of medicinal pills. However, an injury of the soul could not be healed in such a way.” and “As for the injury to my soul, that will just have to wait until later.”

        I think you misunderstood the meaning of “Reaping Karma” after having his “Soul damaged”…

        The story’s fine, just before Meng Hao, everyone took hundreds years to raise in cultivation; then suddenly everyone keeps up with Meng Hao… (even if they are slightly weaker than him)…
        Thought reaching Foundation Establishment was fine, cause it took Meng Hao 2 extra years (cause of his 10-13th Qi Condensation stage)… but Core Formation was reached just too fast…
        And if they reach Nascant Soul now, with Meng hao that would be kind of ridiculous.

        Xu Qi is fine though, she has the justification. but like Chu Yu Yan, who practices alchemy to be already Core Formation is just a little… Maybe she got an update after spending 6 months with Meng Hao xD Maybe she was “enlight”-ened, as her “spirit” grew and she was more mature now xD

        1. Ohh that’s actually a very good point…. I keep forgetting that there’s “bad Karma.” Thanks. But in hindsight, with new info after ch276, it seems that if the reaping is done correctly, which is likely highly difficult to do for most “bad Karma,” then it’ll turn out good for you. The best example is the Resurrection Lily poison. Karma was sown when Meng consumed it. So, assuming that Meng doesn’t die, reaping it includes either, it taking over Meng, or Meng taking over it. Of course, the latter being beneficial to him even though it was “bad Karma.”

          Not everyone kept up with Meng Hao. If you remember, as far as we know from narrative, only some Dao Children obtained Core Formation stage roughly the same time as Meng Hao, and they had been in the great circle of Foundation Establishment for quite a while already. Li Daoyi, Zhou Jie, and Li Shiqi obtained their Core Formation from enlightenment at the Dao Geyser event.

          Meng Hao formed his Core with the help of Immortal Qi. That’s why it went so fast for him. Literally, it didn’t even take a day, or even 30 minutes (hard to remember the time) for him to form his Core with its help.

          As for Chu Yuyan, she had 4 Dao Pillars when she was chasing Meng Hao for the Spring and Autumn tree. From that time to when Meng Hao left the Violet Fate, ~10 years had passed. So with her latent talent, and her ability as an alchemist, I don’t find it strange for her to be in Core Formation.

          So at most, I expect mostly Dao Children to keep up with Meng Hao, b/c they benefit the most investment from their Sects, from pills to cultivation methods to older generation’s enlightenment and legacies.

          Basically, latent talent matters a lot. It’s just hard to see it since Meng Hao has bad latent talent for Cultivation. And maybe it’s a red herring, or comparing apples to oranges, but we also see that beasts and neo-demons with high latent talent cultivate so much faster than most human cultivators. Granted though, their methods of cultivation is different from human cultivators.

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