ISSTH – Book 3 – Chapter 292

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Chapter 292: Pill Cauldron Fang Mu

Over a thousand medicinal pills swirled together to form a cauldron. Medicinal aroma filled the area. In an instant, everyone began to breathe heavily, shocked by the sight of the giant cauldron. Everything was quiet.

Lin Hailong shot to his feet, staring at Meng Hao, eyes glowing with unprecedented brightness.

Next to him, An Zaihai, who already knew the true identity of Grandmaster Pill Cauldron, couldn’t help but be shocked by the sight of the cauldron formed from ninety percent consummate pills.

The other Violet Furnace Lords were gobsmacked. This many ninety percent consummate pills, all of them marked with a cauldron symbol, clearly indicated Meng Hao’s identity. As of now, no one would be stupid enough to deny that he was Pill Cauldron.

If he wasn’t Pill Cauldron, how could he possibly have so many ninety percent consummate pills?

If he wasn’t Pill Cauldron, then how could he have shockingly created something out of nothing within the third region?

Thinking of everything that had happened, and then being faced with the pill cauldron floating in mid-air, everyone could clearly see that the famous Grandmaster Pill Cauldron was none other than Fang Mu.

Ye Yuntian’s face was pale white as he staggered back a few paces, panting. His eyes overflowed with disbelief. He knew that Ye Feimu wasn’t Grandmaster Pill Cauldron, but no matter how he’d thought things through, he’d never anticipated that Fang Mu could possibly be the owner of that mysterious identity. In fact, he had harbored other speculations regarding the identity of Grandmaster Pill Cauldron, and was dogged in his conclusions. But now, everything had been turned around. Ye Yuntian’s mind spun!

The name of Grandmaster Pill Cauldron resounded throughout the entire Southern Domain, to such an extent that he was included among the other three Grandmasters. In fact, many people believed that Grandmaster Pill Cauldron really was the fourth Grandmaster of the Southern Domain.

Such an identity, such knowledge, were like a shocking, resounding slap across Ye Yuntian’s face, stinging, burning, causing his mind to buzz.

He thought about what he had just said, and the question Fang Mu had asked him regarding qualifications. Now, the words he had said… made his face burn even hotter. He was so ashamed he felt like finding a hole to crawl into.

If Grandmaster Pill Cauldron wasn’t qualified to be a Violet Furnace Lord, then who in the world was? Were the current eight Violet Furnace Lords even qualified…?

Ye Feimu’s body shook, and his face was devoid of any trace of blood. He looked as gray as death as he stared mutely at Meng Hao and the giant pill cauldron floating in the air. His mind was blank, as if he had completely lost the ability to even think.

He had known all along that he wasn’t the mysterious Pill Cauldron. As more and more people speculated that he was, he had always felt as if he should tell the truth, but instead maintained his silence.

He needed that identity to help propel him into being a Violet Furnace Lord. Therefore, when Chu Yuyan came asking about it, he said nothing, and thus, gave implicit approval.

In truth, he held deep admiration in his heart for Grandmaster Pill Cauldron. As such, he had always felt twisted inside about the matter.

Now, he was stunned to learn that Fang Mu was the mysterious Grandmaster Pill Cauldron, which made his mind go completely blank.

Chu Yuyan trembled and her mind spun. This development was just simply impossible for her to accept. Her mental image of Grandmaster Pill Cauldron, and Fang Mu’s appearance, had never once overlapped in her mind. In fact, she had believed Ye Feimu to be Grandmaster Pill Cauldron.

But now, facing the pill cauldron of medicinal pills, seeing Meng Hao’s tranquility and calmness, and hearing his words echo in her ears, her face filled with blankness and disbelief.

She couldn’t understand how the Fang Mu who had irritated her from the first day she saw him years ago, was actually Pill Cauldron, who she secretly esteemed so much. There was no way for Chu Yuyan to accept this; she could only stare awkwardly.

Now, the expressions of all of the Furnace Lords who had supported Ye Feimu changed, filling with disbelief. Grandmaster Pill Cauldron was much more important than their ordinary relationship with Ye Feimu.

Supporting Ye Feimu was nothing like supporting Grandmaster Pill Cauldron. In the hearts of the master alchemists of the East Pill Division, Grandmaster Pill Cauldron occupied a revered place similar to that of Pill Demon.

Therefore, though they had supported Ye Feimu, things had now changed in an instant. Now that Fang Mu’s identity was revealed, his words echoed in the air like a shocking clap of thunder, resonating into the minds of the Furnace Lords to the point of detonation.

All of the Furnace Lords stared mutely, breathing heavily, their faces filled with acute astonishment.

No one spoke, but their minds all buzzed with similar thoughts.

“So Furnace Lord Fang Mu is the real Grandmaster Pill Cauldron….”

“So many ninety percent consummate pills. Only Grandmaster Pill Cauldron could concoct so many. Fang Mu… really is Grandmaster Pill Cauldron!!”

In addition to the members of the East Pill Division, the Cultivators from the outside Sects all had expressions of incredulity on their faces.

Patriarch Violet Sieve from the Black Sieve Sect stared in shock. Suddenly, he thought back to when Fang Mu had concocted pills for them back in the Sect, and then he realized why they had been so effective. Fang Mu was no ordinary Furnace Lord, he was… Grandmaster Pill Cauldron!

Han Bei’s narrow mouth was opened wide, as if she couldn’t breathe. She stared dully at Meng Hao; Grandmaster Pill Cauldron’s reputation was just too great. It resounded like thunder in her ears! And now it turned out that all along, Fang Mu was Grandmaster Pill Cauldron!

Fatty was panting, and his expression was one of intense admiration.

As for Chen Fan, Li Daoyi and Li Shiqi, as well as all the other disciples from the visiting Sects, they simply stared, their minds shaking because of the revelation of Fang Mu’s identity.

Even the sub-Patriarchs were staring thoughtfully, their eyes shining with strange expressions. They could very well imagine how after this day, the name of Grandmaster Pill Cauldron would thoroughly fill the entire Southern Domain.

When that happened, Fang Mu… might not be like the sun in the sky above the Southern Domain, but he would certainly be nearly as illustrious!

“Violet Furnace Lord Ye,” said Meng Hao coolly, staring the pale-faced Ye Yuntian straight in the eye, “is my status high enough?”

Ye Yuntian wanted to say something, but considering that Fang Mu was Grandmaster Pill Cauldron, all the words became stuck in his throat. How could he have the face to say anything?

“I support Furnace Lord Fang Mu!” An Zaihai said suddenly. Next to him, Lin Hailong did not hesitate for a moment. He immediately repeated An Zaihai’s words. After that was the middle-aged woman. Next, all of the Violet Furnace Lords who had supported Ye Feimu sighed in their hearts, and then voiced their support for Fang Mu.

After that, were the Furnace Lords. Roughly ninety percent of the nearly one hundred Furnace Lords all echoed words of support.

“I support Grandmaster Pill Cauldron!”

“I support Furnace Lord Fang Mu!”

Their voices echoed out, layer upon layer, transforming into a cacophony that filled the air.


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