ISSTH – Book 10 – Chapter 1575

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Chapter 1575: Battling the Devil Continent!

“It’s hard to say for sure,” Choumen Tai said softly, his eyes flickering with reminiscence. “There is an eighty percent chance that he’s from somewhere else in the Universe, from some world that even I have never heard of….

“Actually, my Master speculates that the will of our starry sky wasn’t originally that of Allheaven!

“My master, along with the God and the Ghost, are now unable to remain inside the starry sky of the Vast Expanse with their true forms. In fact, their connections to this place have been almost completely severed. Now they roam the eternally boundless Universe, where they walk the path of that which exists beyond Transcendence.

“As for you… you are also destined to walk that path. They… are waiting for you out in the Universe.”

Choumen Tai’s body gradually began to fade, transforming into a huge, rumbling vortex that sucked the Li Clan into it before vanishing.

The starry sky rumbled as a huge rift was torn open into it. Then the Devil Realm Continent went silent. The only things that remained behind were the faint echoes of Choumen Tai’s parting words.

In the silence that reigned after Choumen Tai’s departure, the forces from the Vast Expanse School looked around in shock at the decay around them. They had their various speculations about what exactly was happening, but they did nothing. One by one, they began to look over at Meng Hao.

Meng Hao closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them. They were profound and deep, to the extent that no one would ever be able to tell what he was thinking. He looked around at the ruins of the Devil Realm, then sighed.

“It’s over,” he said softly. “My hatred for the Immortal God and Devil Realm Continents has come to an end. The hatred which festered for countless years is now resolved.” As of this moment, Meng Hao realized that his hatred for the Immortal God Continent and the Devil Realm wasn’t even as intense as his hatred toward the 33 Heavens.

He had walked a path of slaughter and confusion, and as of this moment, despite having Transcended, his heart was exhausted.

“My enmity with the Immortal God and the Devil Realm has come to an end, but the true battle has yet to be fought!” His eyes flickered as he looked up at the starry sky. Within his divine sense, he had long since come to detect that out there in the starry sky, there were countless figures speeding in his direction.

Those were countless living beings of all sorts, heading in his direction under the control of the will of the Vast Expanse.

He knew full well that he and the will of the Vast Expanse had reached a point where only one would come out alive. The other would die.

Even as he looked out into the starry sky, the Devil Realm Continent began to shake. Just like the Immortal God Continent, it began to transform into a huge giant that radiated the aura of the will of the Vast Expanse.

Everything here had been defiled. This land mass was not the true Devil Realm; it was merely a doppelgänger made from the will of the Vast Expanse.

Intense rumbling shook Heaven and Earth as the Devil Realm Continent transformed into a giant. The mountain peaks became spikes that protruded from its skin. The mountain ranges became blood vessels, as did the rivers and the seas. Lands shook, and mountains were rocked.

Intense rumbling could be heard as a face appeared. Two of the land mass’s seas sank down into pitch black holes that were like eyes.

Then, those eyes opened.

A huge arm appeared, and its hand clenched into a fist which rumbled toward Meng Hao.

If that were all there were to it, it might not much to be concerned about, but it was at this point that, off in the distance, countless beams of light appeared. They came from all directions, seemingly endless, charging forward in a murderous attack.

The entities within those beams of light were all very bizarre. The only similarity between all of them was that they were life forms from the starry sky of the Vast Expanse. They had been born here, and thus, had no choice but to heed the commands of the will of the Vast Expanse.

If the starry sky of the Vast Expanse wanted them to attack and exterminate Meng Hao and everything around him, then they wouldn’t hesitate at all to accomplish that mission.

Rumbling could be heard as they got closer and closer. The old lizard roared as it went on the offensive. Behind the gigantic lizard was the head, then the cultivators of the Vast Expanse School. After all the fighting they had just gone through, their killing intent was no less, and they didn’t hesitate to charge towards the host of entities. Instantly, fierce battles broke out.

Meng Hao looked around at everything, at the host of living beings, and the giant’s fist, and he began to laugh.

“The Vast Expanse and I cannot exist together. Therefore, I will… topple the Vast Expanse!

“Without destruction, there cannot be creation. Allheaven, if you can become the will of the starry sky, then you can also be replaced. Neither the Ghost, the Devil nor the God succeeded in that. But this time… I will!” Meng Hao’s eyes were glowing as brightly as suns. The incoming horde of living creatures was completely shocked by the sight of it, and yet there was a voice in their minds urging them on, telling them to pay any price to unleash slaughter.

The entire starry sky was soon shaking. Meng Hao turned, clenching his hand into a fist to meet the incoming fist of the Devil Realm giant.

He was like a bug compared to the giant, completely insignificant. When their fists met, a massive boom echoed out. Meng Hao’s hair rose up a bit, and he shivered slightly. However, the Devil Realm Continent giant immediately began to shake, and then began to fall apart.

Before it could retreat, Meng Hao took a step forward, placing himself at the giant’s abdomen, where he stamped his foot down. Cracks spread out like a spiderweb, whereupon he took a second step, right above the giant’s dantian. Another massive boom echoed out. Then Meng Hao took a third step, a fourth step, and a fifth step….

With every step he took, he stamped his foot down onto the giant’s body. By the time he reached the giant’s chest, he was on his fifth step. The giant was shaking visibly, swaying back and forth, seemingly incapable of holding itself together. It was at that point that Meng Hao took his sixth step.

That step placed him onto the giant’s forehead!

Cracking sounds echoed out, and more rifts snaked out, spreading from the forehead out across the giant’s entire body. The giant roared as if it were about to fight back, but then Meng Hao snorted coldly and took his final step… the seventh step.

That step put him on the crown of the giant’s head!

One final step crushed anything and everything!


I would like to highly recommend a book for all of you to read. It’s not crazy long like a Chinese web novel. It’s Unsouled by Will Wight, and you could probably read the whole book in the time I’m taking off. I heard a while back that an established indie fantasy author had written a xianxia-style book, and had to check it out. I got in touch with the author, and he was kind enough to send me an e-book version, and I have to say, it’s definitely worth reading.

Instead of writing a full review of the book, I’ll mention quickly what I liked and didn’t like. What I liked was the excellent writing, as well as the intriguing universe he built. The action flows great, the descriptions are awesome, and he clearly put a lot of thought into the story.

One minor thing I didn’t like was that the main character was not particularly compelling to me. He seemed almost like a carbon copy of Qin Yu from Stellar Transformations, especially in the early chapters.

Another thing I didn’t like, and in fact the main thing that stuck out to me, was that despite the xianxia-esque setting and the names of everything being “Asian,” the characters and the society they live in were not Chinese at all. You could change their names to Western names, and the story could have taken place in your standard fantasy setting. I’ve seen this kind of thing before in which Western authors try to make kung fu, wuxia, or xianxia settings more “realistic” by “fixing” the things that seem odd to the Western audience. Unfortunately, that tends to make things not authentic at all, especially to someone who understands the culture. Believe it or not, many of the oddities you laugh at in Chinese web novels are actually founded in reality. I did this same thing back when I was an aspiring writer and had just started to get interested in Chinese culture.

However, that aspect is actually a positive in some ways. Do you have any friends or family who you’ve been trying to convince to read translations on wuxiaworld, but they just can’t “get into it”? This would be the perfect novel to read as an introduction, to hook them into some of the themes and concepts that readers of Chinese novel translations are already used to. I also have to point out that the universe of Unsouled is not supposed to be ancient China, so it all works out fine in the end as long as you aren’t expecting an authentic “Chinese experience.”

Check out Unsouled here!

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  1. Whoa, previous MCs have tall hope for Meng Hao, they didn’t just expect him to smash any remaining 2 fingers (Immortal and Demon), they hoping him to smash both fingers and kill off Allheaven for good!

  2. I’m burning with anticipation. Will the Devil succeed or will we have to wait for the Immortal in Er Gen’s new story?

    About Will Wight, I’ve sadly read other books of his and found I didn’t particularly like his style/stories. Authentic world building is very important for me, so I know Unsouled would not be enjoyable, especially since I tried reading it once already. I’d love more recommendations though.

      1. yea the last one
        i’m assuming bai xiaochun is the immortal but there’s no confirmation
        its also possible that that story is about the ghost who knows

        1. I assumed that in the novel “Against Heaven” which, Ergan has dropped, is all about ghost, so if “A Will Eternity” is indeed part of the same universe. I think it’s safe to assume that it’s about Immortal (I could be wrong).

    1. speculations arise!:)

      “There is an eighty percent chance that he’s from somewhere else in the Universe, from some world that even I have never heard of….

      “Actually, my Master speculates that the will of our starry sky wasn’t originally that of Allheaven!”


      The coffin was green, and inside of it was the corpse of a woman who almost appeared to be sleeping.

      Next to the coffin was a stone stele, upon which was a line of script that Paragon Sea Dream could just barely read.

      “The entire starry sky owes me a debt, and likewise… I owe you a debt. You could awaken from slumber if you wished, but you do not. Well then… I will use this starry sky, transformed into the Vast Expanse, to accompany you in death.”

      combining this two parts i may guess that this woman in the green coffin is somehow connected to Allheaven.
      never would’ve guessed of their connection if not for this chapter:)

  3. First, Thank you for this chapter and all the other ones. Second, Unsouled is a enjoyable book, so glad you mentioned it. And your right the MC is kinda bland in the first book but gets much better in the fallowing ones. Oh, and for thous who have it, it’s free on kindle unlimited, so are its sequels.

  4. I completely disagree with his note at the end. This was so stooped in Chinese culture that it could not just be used with western names and be different. Kowtowing, Face, and the whole tone of this novel (and every xanxia, wuxia, etc…) is chinese and honestly I think it’s the dumbest things about these novels. It’s stupid and is the reason I stopped reading almost all of the translations I was reading. All these novels are exactly the same and are honestly sub par writing at best. I only stuck with this one cause it’s close to the end. But I went from reading almost all the translations on this site to just this one cause I realized all the stories just kinda suck and follow the same pattern. I’ll officially be done with translations when this ends.

    1. The first half of this comment I misunderstood DB, but the back half of it is all true for me. I’m done with translations because they just aren’t anywhere near the level of “good” that the majority of Fantasy writing in general is.

    2. So the reason you stopped reading the translations of Chinese novels, is because you didn’t like the Chinese aspects of them? I mean I understand the criticism of the writing quality, but at the same time these aren’t the heavily revised and edited products that authors spend sometimes years creating before having them published. It’s just a person on a computer putting out (in many cases) a chapter a day on a website so people can read their imagination put into words. And many stories having the same tropes isn’t exclusive to Chinese novels, it’s most novels. I realize that the way I’ve framed this makes it look like I’m attacking what you said, but rest assured, I just suck at framing things.

      1. Probably the most consistently annoying thing about these novels is the insistence on “face” as a motivation for taking very stupid, reckless, tyrannical actions. That’s Chinese only in the use of the term “face”. There’s nothing that says that a Chinese novel must be driven by face, that the MCs must become tyrannical, or that strength must rule. That’s a choice to adhere to particular tropes, made by the authors. Some people don’t like that choice, and it’s unfair to claim that equates to not liking the “Chinese” aspects of the novels. You may as well claim that if you don’t like harems then you don’t like the “Chinese” aspects of translated novels.

        1. Yeah, but he didn’t say that he hates when MC’s are written to use the concept of face to make stupid decisions or become tyrannical. What he said was ” Kowtowing, Face, and the whole tone of this novel (and every xanxia, wuxia, etc…) is chinese and honestly I think it’s the dumbest things about these novels. It’s stupid and is the reason I stopped reading almost all of the translations I was reading.” he literally said that he disliked it because of it’s Chinese attributes. You also didn’t mention Kowtowing in your reply, I look forward to you enlightening me about it’s reprehensibility as a common trope. You saying that one might as well accuse someone of not liking Chinese translated novels because they don’t like Harems isn’t a good analogy at all simply because Harems aren’t in all Chinese novels. For example, Coiling Dragon, Stellar Transformations, ISSTH(funnily enough), but the concept of face, or reputation, even if it isn’t a large visible part, is in if not all, then all of the ones that I’ve read.Now, while the abstract meaning of face isn’t unique to Chinese culture (prestige, honor, respect, status), their “Concept of Face” is. So I think it’s perfectly okay to ASK (which is what I did, notice the Question Mark at the end of my sentence?) him whether or not this is actually the case.

        2. The things you are claiming to be “tropes” are actually very common parts of Chinese society. That’s my whole point. You think it’s silly and unrealistic that characters will do stupid and ridiculous things because of face, or that they think being the most powerful/strongest is the best, but that’s exactly how many people in China actually are. I’ve seen it with my own eyes on many, many occasions. Western authors make their “Chinese” stories less “silly” by making the characters act more like Western people. Unfortunately that’s not realistic at all. All it is is pandering to people who don’t like those Chinese aspects of the story.

          1. Although I knew that they were a part of Chinese society, I wasn’t aware of the extent it’s expressed. I stand corrected.
            EDIT: Oops, thought this comment was directed at me for some silly reason.

      1. Hey now, how am I supposed to talk to him if he shuts up? That’s not a very nice thing to say to someone just because you don’t like what they’re saying.

    3. I actually agree with the second point, I haven’t read this book, but I do understand where you are coming from. I have discontinued a lot novels here and other places for this same reason, I started of with CD, and then read ST, which i found boring because of the similarities to CD. I love ISSTH because of the character building and the fun part. But my favourite novel so far is TDG, because it is different.

      1. TDG is shit .-.
        Well, the later half of it that’s it.
        The first half is pretty good.
        But it’s author is without commitment hence the novel isn’t going to end anytime soon
        I rank it slightly better than MGA cause MGA is just too repeatitive for me. It’s normal for xianxia to be repeatitive, but MGA is just a whole new level.
        But hey, at least the author is trying to pump out chapters 🌚 So that’s a plus for MGA

      2. the story if tdg was good until the author started releasing chapters too slowly..i mean there must be like 40 chapters released in a year time..i mean you won’t even remember the characters name and role when another chapter is in my case just dropped it

      3. That’s pretty interesting. I read CD first, then found ST to be superior. ISSTH is my favorite, but I’m also reading Douluo Dalu and Tales of Demons and Gods… different types of stories. The I ly real criticism I have with these novels are the similar trials (they all have some sort of heavenly stairway, for example) and the repetitive descriptions and phrases.

        Nothing holds a candle to Jin Yong’s wuxia novels, though, some of which were serialization in weekly newspapers, if I remember correctly. I don’t know if because he’s had a chance to go back, collect them and revise them that they are that much better written.

    4. I didnt understand why are you whining ini this novel, every person has a different interest in anything, thats what you need to understand. When you dont like it, leave it dont whine. As for me, I thought issth was boring for the first 50 chapter, but its starting to get interesting after, its actually different from other xianxia. I read CD, WDQK, LDK, TDG, ST, MGA. Neither of it has a same pattern?? What did you read my son? But it has to be same ending bcs its xianxia, Tales of Heroes. Just why the f did you whine?

    5. People can complain about this comment but hey- its true. These novels are either carbon copies, highly stereotypical of the genre, etc. … or even all of these things. Its not that they always have bad writing but a lot of the time they do, and some of the worse of them appeal to just what the readers want, mindless harems (useless female characters), very basic development, heck even in AWE er gen has screwed up completely with a repetitive story that focuses only on bad humour and the mc has very weak motivation. Especially MGA, i tried reading it and i just kept reading to see if it would get better, it got worse, and worse, i just couldnt keep going. The only thing keeping this genre going is 1. The readers who are :/ 2. The writers that make the best they can of these stereotypes.
      In other words, novels like ISSTH show the best of the genre but in the end they are confined to making bland copies of what has been written in the past, its stale, boring at times, and when some novel shows at least some mild originality its hailed as the best of the genre. Honestly, its just turned to crap and this comment is completely right.

  5. Thanks for the chapter Deathblade, anonpuffs, Madam Deathblade, GNE, CC, Tsukihime, Logan, JerryDaBaws, and Baby Deathblade! Wonder what he plans on doing by becoming the new will of the starry sky.

    1. He’ll probably just have it manage stuff and not wipe out multitudes of realms (essentially solar systems in our universe) to stop transcendence, while maybe even helping some people (like the Vast Expanse Society people) while he leaves to explore the universe and supercede the almighty laws of the universe, only to discover that it’s turtles all the way down.

  6. ghost is the first, devil is the second, god is the third, demon is the fourth..

    vast expanse school’s inherited national treasure is that turtle shell… is that the same turtle shell from AWE?😅

    If it is, means the novel for immortal isnt written yet

    the strange old man who guided menghao during the destruction of M&S was probably the Devil

    1. Well yeah, iirc the raws for ISSTH finished during this translation, then there was a lull before Er Gen unveiled AWE. If that takes place in this universe, that mc would either be the Ghost or the Immortal, unless the end of this novel somehow destroys the Immortal Pillar with Allheaven’s death(?). Everything I’ve said is based just on what I’ve learned from footnotes on ISSTH since I’m going to start AWE once ISSTH is done, or I might wait a little while to let chapters build up.

    2. hmm i just got a strong feeling AWE is about the Pattriach Vast expanse, that turtle shell is the first magical wok AWE MC used when he first joined the Cookhouse haha,
      ive only read till that part because i havent had time as i’m chasing too many other novel like DE, MGA, WDQK, TGR and TDG LOL.

      can someone who’s still reading AWE enlighten me if Bai xiao chun is still using/keeping that turtle shell?

    1. Oh… It’s paid… hm… It’s cheap tho… hmmmmm…

      Also, the message on the green coffin must be from the guy that became the original will of the Vast Expanse, right?

  7. Curious to see if we’ll see Meng Hao traveling the universe and meeting the other Transcendors. And wether or not we get to know the realm after the Ancestor Realm.

  8. I really hope this doesn’t end with Meng Hao only able to destroy one finger and going to explore because that means we’ll have to wait for another novel to be completely translated to finally see Allheaven destroyed.

    A Will Eternal is supposedly part of this shared universe, so the MC either becomes Allheaven or finally destroys him.

    DAMMIT! I do not want to wait if that is the situation.

  9. What if everyone in the Vast Expanse is but a manifestation of memories made by All Heaven and Meng Hao was one of it?? Or maybe everything that is happening is but a dream of Night??

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