ISSTH – Book 1 – Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Sever the Dao, Change Heaven and Earth, Demonic Will!

The instant he saw Lord Revelation, Meng Hao’s body grew stiff. In his hands, the Nascent Soul of Lord Revelation’s clone burned in the demonic lamp.

Lord Revelation’s shout shook the earth for millions of kilometers in all directions. Mountains trembled and the sky filled with dark, roiling clouds.

Meng Hao’s heart quivered and blood seeped out of his mouth. His body was pushed backwards relentlessly. He coughed up an entire mouthful of blood.

Everyone in the region of the Reliance Sect, including the Pseudo Nascent Soul Patriarchs and the Foundation Establishment Cultivator from the Cold Wind Sect, were as frightened as cicadas in cold weather. They didn’t dare to make even the slightest sound. They stared up into the sky, astonished, their eyes filled with dread.

And yet, despite the quaking of the earth, the area around Patriarch Reliance’s secluded meditation zone was completely quiet. Not a sound could be heard from Patriarch Reliance.

Lord Revelation hovered in the air next to his bell. His eyes shone with the splendor of the sun and moon. The darkness and light seemed to interlock and then combine with the crimson bloody glow which emanated from the slit on his forehead. He lifted his right hand up, and then waved it downward.

As he did, the dark glow, the bright light and the bloody essence combined to form the image of a hand. It began to descend toward the earth.

It takes some time to describe, but happened in an instant. A roar filled the air as the hand fell downward toward the East Mountain of the Reliance Sect. As the hand descended onto the East Mountain, it began to crumble, layer after layer crashing down and disintegrating into dust. By the time the hand had finished its descent, the East Mountain… was gone!

The earth shook, and a fierce wind kicked up. After destroying the East Mountain, the hand didn’t stop. It continued to pierce down into the ground, as if Lord Revelation knew exactly where Patriarch Reliance’s secluded meditation chamber was located.

A boom resonated outward, filling nearly half of the State of Zhao. The earth rippled outwards. It seemed that the hand had pierced down and actually destroyed Patriarch Reliance’s secluded meditation zone!

After the hand finally disappeared, the onlookers saw a massive hole. Within it were numerous incomplete restrictive spells. The place… really was Patriarch Reliance’s secluded meditation zone. Stone steles and altars lay about in ruins. The massive image of Patriarch Reliance’s face was shattered into pieces, and the secluded meditation chamber had been knocked open.

But… Patriarch Reliance was nowhere to be seen!

“Patriarch Reliance, get the hell out here!” When Lord Revelation saw that Patriarch Reliance was not in the meditation chamber, he raised his head to the sky and let out a roar.

The roar vibrated the heavens, rippling outward until it filled the entire State of Zhao.

“You get the hell out here!”

“Get the hell out here!”

“Get the hell out…”

“Get the hell…” Innumerable echoes could be heard, swirling together to form a mighty sound of incomprehensible might.

Meng Hao’s body trembled as he looked out at the scene. In the place where the East Mountain had once stood, was a giant hole. Patriarch Reliance had been there just a few hours ago, but now he wasn’t.

“Where is he…” thought Meng Hao, his face growing pale. At the moment, he literally couldn’t move. The power of Lord Revelation’s voice suppressed everything. Anyone whose Cultivation base was lower than Lord Revelations could do nothing more that struggle to stand up against it.

The power seemed to contain elements of the Heavens, as if Lord Revelation’s will controlled everything.

“This is not Nascent Soul stage, this is Spirit Severing stage!!”

“It’s definitely Spirit Severing, otherwise this will could not be present!” The three Pseudo Nascent Core Patriarchs of the three great Sects appeared even more shocked.

“Patriarch Reliance, you won’t show your face? I’ll destroy your only Inner Sect disciple and wipe out the bloodline of your Sect forever! I’ll level all of these mountains and melt the entire State of Zhao until you appear!” He had already swept the State of Zhao with his Spiritual Sense, but no matter how he searched, he couldn’t find Patriarch Reliance.

And yet on his way here, he had clearly divined that Patriarch Reliance… was within the State of Zhao.

A cold look glowed in Lord Revelation’s eyes. This was his true self, here to battle with Patriarch Reliance. And yet, Patriarch Reliance was hiding. Powerful killing intent emanated from Lord Revelation. There was a wealth of methods he could use to force Patriarch Reliance to show himself, including killing his Inner Sect disciple and levelling the mountains. If exterminating the State of Zhao didn’t draw him out, he could literally melt the entire nation.

Lord Revelation had long since caught sight of the oil lamp in Meng Hao’s hands. He looked down, his gaze sweeping the land once again. He lifted his hand, then waved it downward a second time.

This time light poured from his eyes, and the slit on his forehead opened up to the width of a finger. The blood red light poured out, and as his hand descended, the mountains for tens of thousands of miles in all directions began to rock and sway. In the sky above the quaking mountains, appeared… an enormous hand!

At first it didn’t seem very large, but amidst thunderous rumblings, it grew larger and larger, until it seemed as if it covered the mountains for tens of thousands of kilometres in all directions. The earth trembled, and the faces of the three Pseudo Nascent Soul Patriarchs were filled with shock. They fled at the fastest speed they could muster.

The Foundation Establishment Cultivator from the Cold Wind Sect looked pale. He bit the tip of his tongue, sacrificing some of his Cultivation base as he transforming into a prismatic beam of light and fled off into the distance.

As for Meng Hao, his Cultivation base was the weakest. He couldn’t even move. The oil lamp flew out of his hands, racing toward the giant palm. The cross-legged Nascent Soul inside opened its eyes, and then radiated a glow similar to that emitted by Lord Revelation.

Meng Hao could only watch wide-eyed as the hand in the sky grew bigger and bigger. It covered everything, until it was the only thing visible in the entire sky.

Everything for tens of thousands of kilometers grew black. The hand covered everything. And then, it began to descend. The earth began to quake. Mountains buckled and collapsed. As the hand fell toward him, Meng Hao felt as if doomsday had arrived.

A bitter look appeared on his face as he stood there silently. There was no fear or dread in his eyes. He let out a soft sigh.

“Is everything going to end? I just… I can’t accept it.” Stubbornness filled his eyes, a flicker which turned into a roaring flame.

“In the Cultivation world, the weak are the prey of the strong. The Cultivation base is everything. Only by becoming powerful can you continue on living. Only by increasing your strength can you prevent yourself from being crushed beneath the feet of others. Only then can you stand high in the sky.” Meng Hao suddenly smiled. His smile was filled with deep understanding. His will carried the deep desire to become powerful. Now, in the face of such imminent danger, he truly understood himself.

“The sages said, learning is the most important thing in the life. But in the Cultivation world, only the powerful can remain undefeated!” Meng Hao stared up at the descending hand. He would watch as it landed onto his body, crushing him into the ground. He would not close his eyes. He would watch everything. He would imprint this vision onto his spirit. When he was reincarnated, it would still be there. If there really was a next life… he would become powerful and invincible then!

As the hand continued to plummet, the mountains around him crumbled. Everything started to grow blurry, and blackness filled Meng Hao’s eyes. It was as if at this moment, heaven and earth viewed him as nothing more than a bug. He didn’t struggle in the least bit.

“If there is an afterlife, I will never allow something like this to happen again!”

Amidst the deafening roaring, Meng Hao stood there, trembling. Blood seeped out of his orifices, and his bones made cracking sounds. Within moments, he would be reduced to nothing more than a pool of blood.

It was at this moment that, all of a sudden, a dark red light appeared. Glowing brightly, it shot toward the hand at high speed, speeding out from a location far away from Meng Hao’s vision.

The blood-red glow seemed to be formed from the dregs of blood refined over innumerable years. A powerful Demonic aura poured out, filling the heavens.

The Demonic aura was so thick that it seemed to be able to change the color of heaven and earth. In the blink of an eye, everything turned the color of blood!

The bloody glow approached, speeding toward the massive hand that Lord Revelation had summoned. And then it severed it!

The severing sent a bloody glow high into the Heavens!

This severing was powerful enough to rend all creation.

This severing seemed strong enough to split heaven and earth into two. And even if it wasn’t actually that powerful, it had the will to attempt to!

Sever the Dao, change heaven and earth, Demonic will!

This person… was not Patriarch Reliance!


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