ISSTH – Help wanted! (Wuxiaworld wiki released!)

We’re only just reached chapter 300 of ISSTH, but already, it’s been getting difficult for me to keep the glossary updated and relevant. Furthermore, it’s missing tons of old information. Therefore, I’m happy to announce that I’m switching from a glossary to a wiki! Thanks to RWX and the wuxiaworld team for setting up the wuxiaworld wiki, which we can use for ISSTH as well as any of the other translations here!

More about the wiki as well as another bit of good news, after the jump…

I would like to ask for help from any of you who are ISSTH fans to assist me in creating and updating the wiki. I’ve just barely started to transfer information, and will continue to do so in the coming days. There will be two rules.

1) NO SPOILERS!!! (Only add information to the wiki that has been released in official translated chapters)
2) NO MISINFORMATION!! (Please don’t forget that the characters in ISSTH can lie, mislead, be misinformed, etc. Only put information you know to be correct into the wiki. For example, I’ve seen a lot of comments talking about how Violet East has reached Immortal Ascension. Actually, that was presented as a rumor/legend in the Southern Domain, but has never been confirmed in the story. If you want to put that information into the wiki, the best would be to say something like “according to legend, Violet East blah blah blah.”)

Here are a few of the entries I already copied over from the existing glossary:

Meng Hao
Black Sieve Sect
Xu Qing
Five Great Sects (Southern Domain)

SPECIAL REQUEST – If you go back into old chapters to hunt for information for the wiki, please notify me of any mistakes you find, be they typos, grammar or even inconsistencies in terminology… anything. You can e-mail me directly at [email protected]

In other news, thanks to wuxiaworld user Epithetic for providing male recordings for the character name pronunciation guide. All of the recordings are available on this page. Later, I hope we can integrate them into the wiki.

Last bit of news is that I have some matters to attend to, and will be posting the next chapter of ISSTH a bit later than usual (by a few hours). Stay tuned for that!

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  1. Lol, I’ll make sure to help with the Wiki. I love Wiki’s or helping build wikis. The only series I’ve tried to extensively help doing so for unfortunately is a Wiki with 10,000 detailed wiki pages… so it’s hard to add much new content.

    But I’d love to help recommend edits in old chapters, and to find information, and ensure good grammar/speech/etc.

    Essentially, I suck at formulating sentences like this when I don’t try very hard, but if I spend time editing, then I can write very well so I’ll make sure to improve the quality of writing (as well as the info) when it seems necessary.

    Don’t you also think it’d be a good idea to try to cite which chapters certain important pieces of information come from? This could be very good practice if started early on… I feel like it would make it easy to settle debates over what is right, wrong, or conjecture.

    And since this Wiki is just starting it should be much easier to help a bit here and there in my spare time, so I’d love to do that.

      1. Yeah since you asked for inconsistencies and because I don’t want to contact you directly. The distance of the Immortal’s Corpse from the Rebirth Cave has been changing ever since it fell.

      2. May I also suggest a summary of arcs (AKA books) currently translated? This will help keep track of developments within the story and it will be good for future reference

  2. Um, what is a good way to say that the post is about issth instead of other novels? Since this wiki includes other novels as well.
    Should I just put ISSTH at the top?
    Sorry, not familiar with wiki but wanted to help out.

  3. I made some edits to the wiki and added a general index for all the Xianxia, if that’s all right.

    Ren, I think most pages for novel should have a prefix, like: ISSTH:Sects, so as to prevent overlap. It would best if those conventions were added to the main page. Just trying to help! 🙂

      1. Well…
        It would be handy if you could appoint some mods that could clean the wiki and perhaps move pages to correct their links, as doing that manually would be a pain. I’m looking into whether it’s worth the time to Create a bot, but I don’t know PHP, so likely not.

        For another, extensions allowing for the upload of some audio files would be handy.

        Lastly, I’m always confused about when I can use pictures, ie am I allowed to upload pictures from Google Images, or only certified sites like wikimedia? Currently I’ve only uploaded a few covers from the wuxiaworld site, so those shouldn’t break any rules 😉

  4. Ouch… if this was still the weekend, I would dive right in. Too busy to contribute much now, but maybe later in the week.

    One thing I’d like to suggest to the editors… please keep the entries relatively short/concise. I’ve seen other fan wikis that have pages that just go on forever. Like character pages that narrate every single thing they did throughout the entire story. Really unappealing (at least to me).

    And yeah, it would be helpful to leave sources when possible, even if its just the chapter number in parentheses after an important statement.

    1. Seconded this! Sometimes you just want a quick and dirty list of achievement/abilities a character gain, but instead you get a whole lore just in that character page.

    2. Not saying I’m going to be one of those editors, but…
      Isn’t the main description supposed, with the rest of the page expanding on that?
      The main entries have to be short, but the sections are kind of meant to be large(r), aren’t they?

    3. I would like to know what people think of how I did the TDG wiki? I was having the same issue. I wanted a balance between the two so I put the detailed summaries in collapsed sections that are separated into story arcs. That way the page does not get too cluttered. However, it is harder to edit, as you need to have an understanding if the wiki code. I only use this on major characters. What do you think of the format? Do you think something similar would work for the new wiki?

      1. That’s simply… amazing. I salute you, well done 😀
        Though I like the wiki template, the wiki gives a good vibe and seems nice. I for one think that’s how it should be done, but I can’t speak for anyone here 😐

        1. Thank you. I appreciate it. It was a lot of work and I have spent a lot of time on it. I’m constantly tweaking it trying to get it just right and balancing the contributions from others.

  5. It would be interesting if ou could make the character information bookwise (like Information known at the end of book 1; informnation known at the end of book 2; etc…) so as to not spoil any new readers who just want to look for something in the wiki?

    1. It would be better/easier (waaay easier) I think to make all spoilers hidden (you would need to highlight text with the mouse to make visible or something), but next to where the spoilers would reference were the spoilers are from. But I am not sure there should be spoilers at all, because as far as I can tell the main/original purpose of the wiki is a glossary type resource rather than a summery type resource (if I’m mistaken about this, I would like to know).

  6. I’ve been throwing in some names to try and fill in some content and make it look less empty, if the name is red then it’s lacking a description, just click on it and give some basic info if you know it.

    1. I found that editing a name for a second, like adding a space, turns it back red and allows you to edit the summary. Which is useful since the names I put are starting to turn blue and their summaries are becoming locked as empty.

  7. Here I am. I’ve been editing the wiki, decided to make an account here.
    Here is the deal, we’re getting creations of the same pages multiple time, please look at the existing pages first, and then add to them. Make sure to add the correct category to every page you create, MediaWiki will create an index with each page in the category.
    The format for adding a category is [[Category:Name]]. Use the discussion page for discussion and make sure to sign your name. (– ~~~~)
    Also, make sure to add a summary of your edit – Although we have page history, it just makes it easier.

      1. Actually you can. Just click the page link before you change it, select everything and copy (Ctrl+C). Then go back, and edit the link. Once it’s done, click on the new edited link, then paste what was previously there. All the sub-categories should be there.

        1. When you’re logged in, you can just go to the “more” tab (upper right corner) and select “move”

          Thought it was just requesting at first, but it seems to happen instantaneously.

  8. I wanted to do this myself but i don’t have permission. Ren can you make it so that there is a copy of the main index on the sidebar? BTW I don’t just mean a link to the main index ( like the one referenced to on the main page (, I mean the actual complete index of all the novels, translations, etc. (you could just copy the links from the table of contents from the main index page if you want to be lazy). I’d be happy to do this myself, but I doubt you are willing to start giving out permissions to random people on the internet (but if you are my username on the wiki is ‘znaeb’ ) 😛 Anyway, I’m gonna stop typing now because I’m starting to ramble (which happens often enough, as you might guess after talking to me for like five minutes or so).

  9. Screw this, I’m done with the wiki. There’s been 2 idiots rampaging there. One is deleting stuff and changed it to a blank pages. Another is deleting info and replace it with the wrong novel.

    1. I have a feeling the wiki is going to go through a lot of growing pains. It is better if one or two people that know what they are doing set up the basic “structure” before letting it loose to everyone. At the moment, there are several people who all have their own idea on how it should be set up. None of their ideas are wrong, its just that their edits are going to effect each other. The result is going to be inconsistent with different sections set up in vastly different ways.

      With this type of wiki, that will have 10+ different worlds there will also be some confusion with categories and some common names and pages. For example someone has made a “Character” category. Is that for all characters or just the ones from a specific story? I don’t see a category for all characters in all the stories as very useful.

      It would be best to either have a prefix before all pages and categories that relate to a certain story, or make separate smaller wikis with the more detailed info that link back to a more general one that is more like a glossary.

      For example, instead of “Character” it should be “ATG:Characters.”

  10. I have a few questions regarding the translations you guys provide. I would really like to help out with the wiki, but sometimes i have problems regarding my language skill. Although it is more than enough to communicate in english, it is far from the skills you guys got.
    So here is my first question: Is it okay to Copy Paste certain stuff you guys wrote in the chapter?
    2nd: Is it okay for ppl like me, who are not as skilled in their language skills to put stuff on the wiki because im pretty sure there are some ppl who are willing to correct mistakes, made by the author
    and the last which is not really a question: I would suggest you guys to put on some “safety measures” im pretty sure the editing free for everyone will lure in some trolls 😐

    Anyways i love you guys, keep up the good work and stay healthy (:

    1. Well… in most cases, as long as you prevent the reader from becoming confused, the language mistakes can be ignored. If you are able to convey your message through speech, the written text should be legible.

      A wiki is meant to be edited by anyone, so it’d be weird if only ‘tested’ folks could edit, as that would reduce the speed and likely the overall amount of information available. When someone edits the wiki, either their IP-address or their username is logged, so the mods have the possibility to punish repeated trolling. Additionally, the wiki saves previous versions of pages, so the content can be ‘reset’ by anyone.

      Overall, I’d say not to worry too much about language and focus on content for now.
      The era of perfect language as a priority for the wiki has not yet arrived.

      This is what I think at least 🙂

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