ISSTH Grand Finale is almost here!

Greetings Fellow Daoists!

We are only about one hour away from the ISSTH finale. If you haven’t already, please familiarize yourself with the rules of the contest if you wish to participate, and make sure that the e-mail associated with your account is up to date. That is how I will contact the winners to get shipping information!

I will be releasing a new chapter every hour on the hour, exactly, starting at 9:00 a.m. EST! Try to save some wear and tear on the server by starting your F5 battles at the appropriate time. I WILL NOT release any chapters early, and in the case that one will come late, I’ll mention something on twitter. The release post will come a few minutes after the chapter is up, as I like to double check that all the links work before going live with the announcement post. For those of you on twitter, make sure to use #ISSTH on all your posts about the finale.

I’ve taken a bit of time to create a “soundtrack” for the final chapters. At the top of each chapter you will find a link that will open up a song on Youtube (no ads, don’t worry). I picked each song to match the chapter, so I hope it lends to the reading experience and makes things a bit more exciting.

Alright, I’m going to grab some dinner. I’ll be back in exactly one hour with chapter 1600!

41 thoughts on “ISSTH Grand Finale is almost here!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. as different hidden chosen erupt for the final battle the most shining of them all awaits at the top of the line!!!

      thanks Db for translating this, this was a pretty slow week for me but now that its finally here I’m I wait it pushes by another week lol. thanks for translating this once more

  1. Yay for me who stopped reading at chapter 1352 so i can binge read. I just can’t believe it’s going to end, the second novel i read here.

  2. It looks like it’s gonna be amazing! But sadly i stopped reading ISSTH at around 1200th chapter when someone commented about spoilers for Renegade Immortal in this!
    But I still want to thank DB for all the hard work and stuff, these 1200 chapters were amazing and hopefully i will be able to appreciate rest of the chapters asap when Renegade Immortal will be fully translated xD

  3. So exciting! Reading this got me curious about ISSTH merchandise. Is there a store that sells this to the public or are these for the purpose of contests and Er Gen’s fans?

  4. I just registered now, Oh no
    I’ve been reading in wuxiaworld and I have been a patron of 3 novels here, but I found it unnecessary to register an account in ww until this contest.
    Please reconsider thank you

    Who can participate

    Anyone who registered an account to comment on wuxiaworld before June 25 can participate.

  5. Man, time flies. I still remember when I read this, the translation is only at that time where menghao didnt have his perfect foundation establishment yet.

  6. One chapter released every hour? I was expecting all 15 chapters to be released at once so I was ready to fight to the death. I guess it’s gonna be a long 15-hour war… lol

  7. Today will be an awesome day. Hmm, I was planning to take a long walk and binge read the rest of ISSTH on my phone, but if it’s an hourly release and there’s accompanying music (video streaming is the bane of my phone’s battery) I’ll have to figure out some other way to make the experience special.

  8. So this is why wuxiaworld is kinda lagging. It seems like every disciple are fighting for the 3 prizes but sadly i’m still far from the ending and might took me 3days to catch up(4-5hrs sleep a day) so i’ll just Cheer everybody up and good luck to the 3 winners 😀

    Kinda like how intense the battle between F5 Sect disciples. Good luck everyone!

  9. it’s sad in one sense because it’s the end of a novel i found interesting but great since I will be able to know out it end 😉

    It’s annoying to wait for next chapters when you like the novel and now i no longer have to wait… So tonight after coming back home i know what i will read and since i have about 300 chapters to catch up, i have my weekend filled up…

  10. I love seeing the taijitu so frequently under recent posts. Makes my heart warm, yet at the same time, sad, because I know I will never see it again after today 🙁

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