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We are quickly approaching the final chapters of I Shall Seal the Heavens. I’ve made some calculations, and I can confidently say that very last chapter will be released on July 1st! Here’s the coolest news: the final 15 chapters from 1600-1614 will all be released on Saturday July 1st as part of the ISSTH Grand Finale Contest! A new chapter will be released every hour or so, so that’s a 15 hour marathon. Wow! Although I have yet to finalize every last detail, the plan is to start at 9:00 AM Eastern Time and end at midnight. There will be three prize categories, so for 15 chapters that’s a minimum of about 45 prizes, although I might add more, we’ll see. I will give more details about the contest as we get closer to the actual date. Mark your calendars!

Incidentally, I’m wondering if there are any ISSTH lore masters out there…. I need some input regarding one of the prizes for the contest, and would like the help of someone who is very familiar with all of the nitty gritty details of the story. If you are that type of person, send an e-mail to issth-deathblade @ and impress me with your knowledge of ISSTH trivia. If I don’t respond within 24 hours, it means I’ve picked someone else to help.

I’m sure some people will be wondering how this will affect my other projects, especially A Will Eternal. Well, here’s the “bad” news. A few weeks before the contest, I plan to go on temporary hiatus from my other projects to focus completely on ISSTH, meet the deadline, and get ready for the contest. Then, after the contest, I plan to take a much-needed vacation. Over the past couple years, I’ve taken almost no time off from posting chapters, not even when Baby Deathblade was born, and I’m definitely feeling the need for a breather. During that time I will extend the break from my other projects, including the translation of A Will Eternal. On the up side, during the vacation I will be doing some binge reading of AWE in Chinese, which I haven’t had the time for yet; that will greatly help my translation speed once I get back from vacation and focus solely on AWE as my translation project. At that time the chapter release rate will jump up to around the current ISSTH rate.

There are only a few more months until the finale, so catch up, convince your friends to read, or if you’re really crazy, binge read the entire story again… if you dare!

All dates and other info subject to change. In a recent survey, ten out of nine cultivators approved of this plan. Patent pending. 封天妖道博大精深!

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    1. Noooooooo! It’s ending!? How is that possible? Well, thank you for your hard work Deathblade you have been translating super fast for a long time now.

      1. That’s it, it’s his job and in the beginning he was doing it for “free”. Even though you were able to support him via sponsored chapters, I believe that the patreon system is better as it allows creators like Deathblade to fully devote themselves to their work and have a guaranteed paycheck at the end of the month. Too bad that currently I can only support one person otherwise I’d support a couple more.

  1. Would like to binge read again but i’m afraid that my clan head has other stuff in mind…

    We will go with what i have right now in my head 😛

  2. Mixed feelings 😮 going to be a really exciting couple of months in ISSTH ! But then it’s going to be over 🙁 no more bashful Meng Hao. And thanks for the hard work Deathblade!

  3. July 1st is my birthday. And its gonna probably end at that date. I don’t want this at all. I don’t want to cry at the night weeping that my favourite novel has ended. I already read the machine translated chapters after the recent ones and I’m already crying.


  4. I’ve heard Er Gen released specials after the story ended and one of them is about Chu Yuyan , will those things be covered as well?
    Another question if its possible to ask Er Gen what happened to Xiang’er(fatty’s first fiancee from the mortal world), this question has been a plague to my mind since my first reading of ISSTH?

    1. Yes there are some short stories that were included as like prologues to AWE. I’ll translate those for sure. Fatty already mentioned a while back that he went looking for his family and could never find them. They were mortal so after all this time….

  5. Thank you very much for your effort!!
    I do not know how to sincerely let you know how much your translations were appreciated especially with how perfectly you translated the parts that contained humor.
    I can only say that I will be following A Will Eternal and more

  6. Really find it hard to believe that our MC will really reach the Daosource and fight the two forces in these few remaining chapters unless the author just fast treks everything towards the end, Well thanks for your hard work Deathblade-sama

    1. that was my feeling since the windswept arc. i sense a big time skip or a super power up. im thinking about what was mentioned last chapter. i think he will go the essence route and skip the rest of the lamps. get the last hex, create his own, and then combine them, jumping to daosource. i just wonder if that will dramatically lessen his power since he will only be 10x as powerful, not 33x. then again, i wonder how that even became an option. i don’t think such a path has ever been mentioned. though it is probably because no one has ever had essence in the ancient realm.

      1. TBH i did not like the ending that much, i spoiled it on the grandaddy thread for those who want to check the ending before they decide to finish this novel.

  7. “or if you’re really crazy, binge read the entire story again… if you dare!”

    hahaha such a mortal way of thinking…
    I’ve read three times (the whole 8 books) in the last three months just out of boredom…

    Jokes aside (I did read it as said), thank you for your hard work!

  8. Thank you very much Patriarch Deathblade. We all appreciate the hard work you do on translating!!

    Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahaha. Amazing stuff is coming up. Can’t wait for the 15 hour marathon!

    -Saint Thousand Nirvana Fruits

  9. If I dare? but… it would only take like 5 days if I didn’t sleep? or about a week if I did? Or maybe 2 weeks since I would be reading other things too…

  10. Sovereign of all the realms Grandfather of 9 Mountain and Seas Dao Protector ofAlchemy, Harem lord, Face smacking Zhang's bro, Paragon Warlock of the mothaf***in Magus world, Sovereign of all the realms Grandfather of 9 Mountain and Seas Dao Protector ofAlchemy, Harem lord, Face smacking Zhang's bro, Paragon Warlock of the mothaf***in Magus world, "Reverend Monkey butt"

    Thank u so much deathblade for all the hard work! Very excited for the future chapters. But I’m gonna miss this amazing series for sure.

  11. Binge read in a few months? You underestimate me! I’ll do it on the last week! 😛
    Also, congratulations. You almost completely translated ISSTH and it’s 1600+ chapter, and I think this is one of the longest novel translated up to date that will be ? % translated soon (there are other novels that are longer, but they aren’t as far in their translation or each chapter is like 2/3 of a ISSTH chapter in general). Cheers!

  12. Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication the entire team has put in. You all rock! Here’s to the last months of ISSTH, a novel that has made me laugh, cry, and contemplate spitting up a mouthful of blood at least once. I’m excited for the fast updates on AWE after your vacation as well! Keep up the fantastic work.

  13. Awesome news, especially the vacation part. Truly deserved, and by now I’ve gotten into so many cultivation novels that I’ll have no problem distracting myself for its duration. And it’ll be nice to see AWE come out at ISSTH speeds afterward. I wonder how big of a cliffhanger you’ll stop at when you put it on hold to finish off ISSTH…

  14. Many thanx for the hard work!
    It’s really wonderful to have such long and such great novel translated completely. I’m so looking forward to it.
    I’m also hoping for the AWE translation rapid progress after the hilatus.

  15. i cant believe this is coming to an end i had been reading issth since the very beginning and of grew on me i would always wake up and read the chapter before starting my day and then at night read the second chapters cant believe this is coming to an end

  16. I don’t know where I stand regarding my knowledge of ISSTH lore compared to other esteemed readers, but I started reading ISSTH around 1 month ago and am currently in the middle of chapter 1320 and should catch up tomorrow.

    So yeah, everything is very fresh in my mind.

    P.S.: THANK YOU, thank you. thank you for your hard work Patriarch Deathblade.

    1. Quote from chapter 1320:

      In this life, he had simply gone with the flow and found his own type of happiness. He loved conning people, and he loved collecting promissory notes…. To him, that was happiness. But when the 1st Heaven descended, all of those beautiful ideals were swept out of sight because of the Outsiders. When Meng Hao saw the cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Realm fighting and dying, his heart grew dark and quiet.

      That’s why I love Meng Hao!

  17. Man i just realized how close we are to the end of ISSTH it’s a shame really i started when there was still only a small 10 chapters nowhere near as some who picked up ISSTH’S on the first chapter but damn all i can say is thank you for all the hard work DB! And taking a vacation is much needed nothing to worry about it most people donate and read knowing translators are taking their own time to do this. Thus you taking a vacation shouldn’t be a big problem for anyone who has not helped with translating ISSTH.

  18. Hey Deathblade, would you mind pushing the ending until July 7th, that’s my birthday and it would be the best/ most bitter sweet present ever!!! Thanks!!! Nah I’m joking about pushing it back, so many fellow readers would blame me for stopping them from reading if you did that, but I do want to thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this. We’re all supporting you!!!!

    1. Aww, if only I’d known before. Actually, it looks like the plane tickets are booked for just a couple days after July 1, so I definitely have to meet that deadline!

  19. you know what deathblade? I dare! I accept to re-read all chapters challenge! mwahahaha
    and man! you’re awesome! you know that? you’re very consistent and headstrong! LOL. but seriously, I admire you very much, I wish I have half of your hard-working attitude. we all support you Deathblade dage!

  20. Thank you Doist Deathblade and thank you Sir Er gen…
    So, I will wait the AWE for 2 yrs. for it’s come back????
    My heart aches I think it’s too long…

  21. I feel happy and sad.

    To stay alive for this moment and read ISSTH, is like, i feel bad to see the end of the translation, and also happy for stay there and be a witness of this event. ;___;

    Deathblade you should be proud of this, thanks for the work ;_;

  22. xD I can’t binge reading it because I already did it and finished in two weeks q.q, now my plan is to binge read all the novels that are being translated :3

  23. I had stopped reading for some time when the mc bullied pretty hard that old turtle;)
    And next I stopped for good just before he go to his family planet..not liking at all the développements:(
    Did I miss something really good after that?
    I only read AWE,EsP and RT on this site now,most of the stories on this site lack developed plot or just interesting characters relationship/world building but I continue think a lot of BTTH(first xanxia and even if I find the plot crappy now,I’m still emotionally attached) and ISSTH(really really good except moments where the mc go overboard for no reasons or the relationship with his parents and sister I don’t like)

  24. it’s been a long road oh dear thank you master deathblade for your hardwork for madam deathblade and cutie patotie baby deathblade for cuteness. im glad i discovered wuxia, haowieee 😭

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