ISSTH contest winners

Greetings Fellow Daoists! Congratulations to all of the winners in the ISSTH grand finale contest! Without further ado, here they are…

Raffle Comment
1600 – matteow
1601 – emerald
1602 – sidhikoro
1603 – marinelite
1604 – qazicus
1605 – muffinsformen
1606 – gray
1607 – animigniti
1608 – sleepykooky
1609 – guilhos97
1610 – poopdeckpete
1611 – defensive-duckling
1612 – dniv
1613 – lorkol
1614 – prajit3

First Comment
1600 – Gray
1601 – pantarhei
1602 – Dibbadri
1603 – Belkar
1604 – SaceS
1605 – kozinc
1606 – ruoksir
1607 – Jokerx7
1608 – EssKay
1609 – Queck7
1610 – NoobDog
1611 – Etrama D Raizel
1612 – epicleg1on
1613 – Dimitri.A
1614 – Orkel

Best Comment
1600 – pylons709
1601 – stormFire
1602 – KofyLam
1603 – Palm Eric
1604 – DemonCards
1605 – O.R. Mark
1606 – Paragon Ethnic Jojostani
1607 – pimummy
1608 – Patriarch Li
1609 – Daoman42
1610 – Forlindon
1611 – StriderIT
1612 – Jokerx7
1613 – Queen Maya
1614 – snorcas

By this point, I’ve already sent an e-mail notification to all of the winners requesting an address to send the prizes to. If you see your name on the list but haven’t received that notification, please check your spam filter first, then send me a message at issth-deathblade at yahoo dot com.

Congratulations to all the winners! As I mentioned during the contest, picking a best comment on each chapter was very difficult, as there were many, many great comments. Thanks to everyone who participated, it was really fun. To reiterate, I will make the map and the painting of Meng Hao available online later, after all the prize winners have received their prints and have been able to revel in their coolness for a while.

On another note, I finally got confirmation from Er Gen about the confusing switcharoo with Lord Fifth and Lord Third in chapter 1610. That was indeed a mistake on his part, so I’ve gone back to fix that passage.

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  1. I expected best comment on 1614. 🙁 Can you post the best comments here? D:
    Since I cannot get two maps and all that. I will give my first comment prize, except for the merchandise to StarOfMisfortune. Since he said he wanted the map. So I get “Best Comment prize pack” + More Merchandise. And StarOfMisfortune gets the equivalent of a “Raffle Comment prize pack”

      1. Best Comment:

        1600 – pylons709

        1601 – stormFire

        1602 – KofyLam

        1603 – Palm Eric

        1604 – DemonCards

        1605 – O.R. Mark

        1606 – Paragon Ethnic Jojostani

        1607 – pimummy

        1608 – Patriarch Li

        1609 – Daoman42

        1610 – Forlindon

        1611 – StriderIT

        1612 – Jokerx7

        1613 – Queen Maya

        1614 – snorcas

      2. I second this motion. Going through thousands of comments to search for the best ones mentioned here would be a real pain. I do appreciate DB for finding them in the first place though.

      3. I made the list!
        I can’t guarantee they are all the chosen ones 100%, because some people multi-posted and I didn’t track all of their additional comments.

        1600 pylons709

        1601 stormFire

        1602 KofyLam

        1603 Palm Eric

        1604 DemonCards

        1605 O.R. Mark

        1606 Paragon Ethnic Jojostani

        1607 pimummy

        1608 Patriarch Li

        1609 Daoman42

        1610 Forlindon

        1611 StriderIT

        1612 Jokerx7

        1613 Queen Maya

        1614 snorcas

    1. Mine was this one: (I hope you’d enjoy it)

      封封封封封封…封封封封封封封封….封封……………封封…. 封封封封封封封封


  2. I am disappointed that the Eldross guy isn’t on the first comment.
    He had like the most first comments in the entire series.

    1. Ikr, then again the competition was fierce. It took me like 4 chapter to learn that with my internet speed it would be impossible to get first comment since I was always like half a second late from first

  3. Congratulation to the winners!!!! But since we all had the opportunity to read this marvelous work i can see that as a participation prize for everyone on WXW 🙂

  4. What do we do if we dont see our name , but we want prizes too 😀 ? That Dimitri A scared me out of my mind, that would have been my name and family name initial if i were a russian/ukrainian.

    1. That’s for first comment only. You can win a first comment and a best comment. (Like I did) I got 4 first, yet only the first one counted. Like Belkar (he got 3) and Etrama. (who also got 3) You could also win many best comments. (No one did though)
      And if you won first comment, you cannot win the raffle for that chapter, but you can win it for other chapters. (I’m not sure if Gray is the same Gray as gray)

          1. Eldoss, of all the times you’ve been first on any important chapter on every famous and splendid works…

            Your internet only became slow on that one particular important chapter on that one particular important time…

            Such irony.

  5. I’m still shocked to have won. Thank you Deathblade and Er Gen!

    If people want to read my “best comment” it is definitely one of the first 20 comments on chapter 1613.

  6. Just one question, from the rules it was not clear? winning 2 prizes for the same user is ok? (not on the same chapter or on the same prize list)
    Raffle Comment First Comment
    1606 – gray 1600 – Gray
    May not be the same person…

    First Comment Best Comment
    1607 – Jokerx7 1612 – Jokerx7

    I’m asking because from the rules i could not figure it out.

    1. Yes, you can. I asked Deathblade before the contest. You can win First and Best comment on the same and/or different chapters. Best comment multiple times. And raffle and first, just not on the same chapter. First is the one that you could win only once.

  7. Paragon Ethnic Jojostani has emerged victorious from the brutal, bloodstained battlefield that was the ISSTH Finale Contest comment section. I lost many mouthfuls of blood, and my sleeves a worn down from all the swishing they went through, but it was all worth it. For I have earned my rightful place on the list of Best Comment winners

  8. Everyone is a winner in my book. Lol. They all won a pat in the back for sticking with ISSTH till the end. Well done everyone! I’ll see you all next time commenting on the other novels.

    ☆♡☆♡Congrats to the winners!!!☆♡☆♡

  9. It’s a shame that I could not participate on the path of achieving the Dao, alas, we are all fellow Daoists seeing Mt. Tai in its majestic grandeur. The Daoists whom in their meditation sat and fought for the painting with eyes oozing out of blood with the pressure from the competition radiating upon their being as they poured out their Dao to a single mantra (comment).

    The journey has ended, but a new path has revealed itself. As Daoist Meng Hao has shown us, nights of cultivation and seeking our own Dao, severing our emotions when we encounter cliffs, it has been a pleasure reading the novel down to the comments.

    I shed a tear as it dropped to an ocean, I reminiscence in the long winding path, I look down, from a normal scholar who knew nothing of the Dao to joining a sect finding all of you fellow Daoists. I continue to search for mortals who would like to cultivate, let them know the profoundness of Wuxiaworld’s Dao. Reading a post of your chapter as you mentioned Baby Deathblade being born, seeing his picture today, I believe what I waited throughout the aloft years learning the culture of China through this, the different meanings and phrases, caring for your health as madame Deathblade posts the chapter for you has been not just worthwhile, but It would have been my biggest regret to not read this. I wish your family an unending longevity of happiness and good luck.

    Clasping my hands as I bow, I send my heartfelt thanks for the years of pleasure to Daoist Deathblade, Baby Deathblade, and Madame Deathblade. May your start of a journey with “A Will Eternal” as Baby Deathblade grows up, giving you inspiration as he reads these novels bring us, unforgettable memories once again. The Heavens Have Been Sealed, A page flipped, ending what seemed impossible.

  10. Wow, I was looking for this post, I thought it would have been posted on the Home page for WW so I was waiting and only now did I think to check DB’s twitter for the postings of the winners list. I am so glad I won, now I know which books I am going to read next XD. Also does anyone know the time in which the prizes will be mailed?

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