ISSTH Chapter 600 Fan Fiction Contest

Greetings Fellow Daoists! The ancestors and elders of RoyalRoadL and Wuxiaworld have come out of secluded meditation to join together and bring about a tournament to test the might of their disciples. Put your Dao to the test by writing your own take on ISSTH. Take a look into its secrets, then use your own ingredients to make something similar. Or use the same ingredients and simply use other methods to create something completely different. Sever your reservations and seek for written enlightenment!

In other words, in celebration of the release of ISSTH chapter 600, RRL is working together with Wuxiaworld to have a fanfiction contest. There’s even a cash prize for the winners of the contest – with a cash pool of a whooping/whopping $700. Use the settings and/or characters to create a story of your own or take the plot and bring it down a different direction that you think would be better (or worse). For all the details about the contest, head on over to RRL as soon as possible!

41 thoughts on “ISSTH Chapter 600 Fan Fiction Contest” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Is there gonna be some extra releases like SOTR did for its 100th chapter? That would be dope!

    And thanks for all the hard work translating guys! <3 you all!

  2. Time permitting, I think I’d like to take a crack at this… I should think for a bit, and figure out what sort of story I want to tell. It’d be neat to tell the story of how I got stuck in the blood immortal legacy, though I’m not sure I want to go down that route just yet…

    …a story about Lord Fifth and Ultimate Vexation’s fabulous adventures in the world of demon spirits would be good… I’d have a blast writing some high fantasy exploration/adventure about those two.

    Or perhaps some introspective fiction about a medicinal pill that was imbued with the lost emotion of a dead creator and then slowly drifted toward self-awareness… The formation of a nascent ego in something fundamentally non-human would be a thrilling exercise!

    I’m going to have to think about this for a while before I write anything… Canadian English is fine, right?

  3. This is great. xD Last contest was about art, and I don’t know how to draw. :'(

    Can I enter on both categories? 1 entry per category? The rules don’t specify. xD

    What exactly are the categories? A story with Meng Hao as the protagonist and a story in ISSTH’s world (but not with Meng Hao)? It didn’t make it too clear. I thought it was just giving ideas. xD

  4. This is pretty much a partnership of my two favorite sites to read from! I’m actually really looking forward to the stories that come out of this.
    Also, “cash pool of a whooping $700” this made me laugh way to hard. All I could imagine is a pool full of 700 $1 bills whooping XD. the proper term is whopping
    whooping=literally yelling while making a “whoop” noise

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have like 50 chapters of ISSTH to catch up on since I just finished my last final exam today!!

  5. I’m definitely getting involved, but by no crossovers do they mean no crossovers with other Chinese light novels, or no crossovers in general – meaning that other characters from any other established works of fiction cannot be in the novel?

  6. Help!!! I’m in the midst of writing ISSTH entry… and have struck a problem. Can anyone remember, what level the ability to fly is afforded? Any theories, guidance or references would be much appreciated.

    1. I found out its the Foundation stage. And yes! I just met the minimum 5000 words 🙂 As long as my grammar passes, I should be in the competition.

  7. It’s funny because when the fanart contest was being done, I was wishing there was a fanfic one. (I love writing but can’t draw at all) I got my wish!

  8. Ah, I could write something, but I don’t like using other people’s works as a base. It would’ve been better to write something from scratch.
    Also since I have a novel I’ve been writing in my free time, could’ve used that then, since it’s not on the internet(yet).

    Bu~~~t, I shall not join this. Don’t feel like it.

  9. I finally submitted my entry. It was really a lot of fun and Im glad I started writing again. Most of the story I wrote during my breaks at work, the strange looks I would get when I sat and scrawled in my little black book were priceless! Anyways I hope you all enjoy it, be gentle please! It’s my first ever submission of written work to the public, but It most assuredly will not be the last.

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