ISSTH Chapter 357 ☯

Something a bit special today. I recently hosted a little contest for some young Chinese language learners. The challenge was to write a very short xianxia story. Keep in mind, these were young kids (8-10 years old) who have only been learning English for a few years. Please read the winning story after the jump (I edited it only a bit). And if you have a moment, please leave an encouraging comment for the author, David. I’ll show him all the comments! If you want him to continue the story, say so and maybe I can convince him to write part 2. Haha.

P.S. Check out my drawing of Meng Hao’s new Wild Giant!

Chapter 357: Proud Mr. Zhou
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The Element Fight
By David Dai

During the Tang Dynasty, Li and Xu were training to be Cultivators. Their master, Wang, was an Immortal and a great Cultivator known throughout China.

Li and Xu both had the element of fire, as did their master. Wang had an enemy, Guo Ming, the master of metal.

One day at the temple, Li and Xu were learning to use the fireball technique. Suddenly, the temple wall broke into rubble and ash. Their master recognized this move. It was the ‘Metal Dart.’

“You aren’t getting any better, Guo Ming!”

“Neither are you, Wang!”

Wang’s eyes glittered and he jumped into the air. Two metal darts flew past him. He waved his hand, causing fireballs to fly toward Guo Ming. Guo Ming waved his hand and a metal shield appeared, which then melted.

“You know metal can’t beat fire!” shouted Wang. He touched the ground and then pulled out a flame sword, which then turned into millions of fire darts.

Guo Ming waved his arm, causing metal darts to shoot out from the ground. Unfortunately, the fire darts had already reached him. He tried to jump away, but it was too late. He fell back down, coughed up a mouthful of blood, and died.

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  1. Cant believe that someone can summarize the escence of xianxia in just a short story. He has all the key word: Glittering eyes, wave hands, immortal, cultivator, mouthful of blood, technique. Just amazing

  2. Incredible this story is far better than many novels on RR… Clap*Clap*Clap*Clap* When I was 8 years old the only thing I could do was picking up my nose 24/7…

    Btw, something in this sentence, considering the age of the writer went horribly wrong… “He fell back down, coughed up a mouthful of blood, and died.” shouldn’t it be: “He fell back down, yelped, and soon after started to laugh, living happily ever after.”??

    1. But then it wouldnt be xianxia or wuxia now would it? Plus, its nice and fun the way it is.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

      Keep at it young master David. The Dao is deep with this one????

  3. “Coughed up a mouthful of blood, and died.” lol. I love it.
    That’s pretty impressive for a younger kid to write all that in their second language though. Keep it up! If you keep writing and practicing, you’ll get much better and eventually maybe even be more successful than the authors of the Wuxia/Xianxia that we’re reading today.

  4. Hahah awesome David. It definitely kept my interest to the very end. But Guo Ming certainly was courting death, daring to fight fire with metal 😀 Is this to be continued?

  5. Keep up the good work David ☺
    Perhaps Guo Ming’s soul won’t lose his memory and he swears to have revenge on Wang?

    Thank you for the chapter Patriarch Deathblade

    1. probably not, the one that got shutdown was a site that is hosting japanese light novel that is already officially translated to chinese. And that site hosting the officially translated novel, so the reason was copyright infringement.

  6. If he’s the enemy of the immortal shouldn’t he also be at his level?
    I don’t think its reasonable for the disciples to defeat him just because fire trumps metal?
    However, that’s a plot related critique, I think your creativity and skill deserves great credit!
    Nice work David, keep it up ?

  7. Hehe good one. If the master had died there, the Lu and Xu could have gone for revenge in chapter 2 🙂 Now I’m interested what you will come up with for the next chapter(s) if you will. I hope to read a sequel!

  8. Its a good short story how ever i want to read more about his students development…as for the ending,i hope for a more struggle but it was ok….but this to come from 8 to 10 years old,i cant imagen what would he write in the future…im getting excited thinking about it…hope he continue on writing…

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