ISSTH Chapter 351 ☯

Chronicles of Baby Deathblade – BD had a checkup at the hospital today, and something happened that annoyed me to death. Read the story after the jump…

Chapter 351: Peacock Screwing City
Translator: Deathblade
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Many thanks to Elder Brother Haugeberg for bringing the first sponsored chapter of the week!…

Chinese people have certain beliefs regarding temperature that are different from those in western cultures. When it comes to babies, the level they go to wrap them up in clothes and blankets is sometimes a bit overboard (in my opinion.) That having been said, I’m very sensitive to making sure BD is neither too hot nor too cold. Actually, he tends to get hot easily and start sweating, which I try to avoid.

So there I was sitting in the doctor’s office. Of course, the arrival of the “half-Foreigner” baby caused a bit of stir and lots of nurses and other doctors came over to see him. At one point, I was left alone in the room with some strange doctor I had never met before.

At this point I was holding sleeping BD in one arm and reading ISSTH with the other. He was perfectly toasty in his onesie, which covered even his hands and feet. Nonetheless, this random doctor suggested that I cover him with a thick blanket. This was the conversation in Chinese:

Doctor: “He’s asleep? Why don’t you cover him up?”

Me: “Oh, he’s not cold. Don’t worry.”

Doctor: “But it’s easy to catch a cold. Why don’t you cover him?”

Me: “No thank you.”

Doctor: “Your Chinese is pretty good, how long have you been in China?”

Me: “Thanks. About 5 years.”

Doctor: “Wow five years. You know, it’s easy to catch a cold, why don’t you cover him?”

Me: “…….”

Doctor: “Here, you can use this.”

At this point she dug through our stroller to pull out a thick blanket, then walked over and handed it to me. Annoyed, I took it and tossed it down onto the chair next to me.

Doctor: “You’re not going to cover him?!”

Me (coldly): “If I say don’t cover him, then don’t cover him!”

Doctor (laughing nervously): “You say don’t cover him, then don’t cover him….” At this point she left.

In other news, BD is growing and healthy. I don’t want to spam everyone with too many pictures of him, but I think it’s been a while since I posted any, so I’ll do that in the next few days.

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  1. haha meng hao is rubbing on ya? dont let your demonic qi control you and be an obedient citizen and do whatever your elders and authority figures tell you to do.

    1. Actually you can get cold from being cold; prolong exposure to cold causes body immune system to drop which make viruses easily take host hence cold..

      But, i agree with DB; as long as the baby is comfortable then its OK..

  2. Damn doctor needs to learn engl…er Chinese? No means no and the parents’ wishes (if not causing the baby harm,which they weren’t) come first and should have stopped insisting the first time you said no. Not sure if it’s just cuz it’s a different country but I THINK that’s how it’s done (or should be done) in the U.S.

    1. The way things are done in the China are definitely different than the U.S., that’s for sure. I feel like here there is a general preconception that parents are clueless. This is the result of a lot of things, including the one-child policy and the fact that babies are rarely actually taken care of by the parents early on.

      Actually, most of the hospital staff was shocked that I was even willing to hold Baby Deathblade. Many dads won’t even hold the babies until they are older.

      Anyway…. I could write a book on this probably……

  3. She’s a doctor and says crap like he’ll catch a cold if he doesn’t stay warm?

    /giant facepalm

    As a microbiologist it annoys me to no end when people mistakenly attribute cold weather to illness. The issue isn’t being cold, it’s the fact that cold weather causes people to congregate indoors. With an increase in density illness spreads faster.

    Another contributing factor to this myth is an old wallpaper paint called “paris green” which contained arsenic in the pigment. During cold and wet weather mold would grow on the wallpaper, turning the arsenic in the pigment into a poison gas.

    Anyways, the point is that you’re right. Anyone who tells you your child is going to catch a cold from not being warm is an idiot that doesn’t understand the causative agents of communicable diseases. But to hear that from a doctor?

    /giant facepalm

    1. I know a pretty elite doctor here in my city. He’s a relatively famous surgeon who travels around the world to give lectures and stuff. He described the Chinese medical system as horrible. It’s unavoidable, but most doctors here mix western medicine with TCM, which is not based at all on scientific fact.

      Once I went to see a doctor here about my recurring fever and leg pain. He took no blood test, no x-rays, didn’t ask me any questions at all. He just said that I should wear warmer clothes, and that my body was “too cold.”

      Anyway, I could go on and on about this subject…..

  4. Urgh, I know this feeling…. I’ve been taught this belief (and a bunch of others) since I was a kid until I wised up about it in college. Unfortunately, ingrained habits don’t go away easily or at all…. Now, every time, my parents tell me I’ll catch a cold, I’ll unconsciously put on extra shirts, pants, and a pair of socks… even if I don’t feel cold.

  5. OMG, i have the same experience, except that its with my chinese wife. The strangest thing is that when in china, she’s ok with the baby sleeping during the cold winter with onsies, but back in the tropics, she’s adamant about not settingthe AC below 20 degrees C, when it’s really hot here.

    In fact, she keeps complaining when the baby kicks the blanket (cuz its too hot and he’s sweating) while she likes to keep the blanket herself :/

    1. I have an absolutely non-scientific theory about body temperature. I’ve noticed that Chinese people’s sensitivity to temperature is totally different than mine. They often say “foreigners don’t fear cold” ….. I wonder about this….

  6. Lol when I was a baby I used to live in the hills and it was very cold. (Im Jamaican btw) but for the life of me…would I keep a blanket on me!? I’d just kick it off and my mom would stare at me in wonder. As a matter of fact…which may be attributed to our warm climate is that most of us prefer the fan DIRECTLY on our bodies, which old people will say makes us catch colds or washing our hair too late. I’m a pharamacologist so I have my fair share of medical knowledge but even before then, as a child growing up, I look at people who say thing like this like they are crazy. It’s exposure to pathogens that makes you sick, hot or cold. Being cold naturally reduces your defenses but it’s not the prerequisite. Anyway, though I must say that old folk remedies and such have thier own truth or they wouldn’t do it for god knows how long. However, people need to understand that they should respect other’s wishes. As a doctor, though seemingly concerned, should have backed off the first time. Forcing someone to conform to tradition like that was rude.

  7. His eyes flashed brightly, and he spat out some blood onto the blanket he was handed, making it go up in flames.
    The nurse felt her cultivation base tremble, and shocked, bowed her head and scurried away as quickly as possible. This father was too unfathomable!

  8. Thanks DB. My parents were the same way with me whenever I got sick and they are from Vietnam. However, they aren’t like that on a regular basis with babies.

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