ISSTH Chapter 341 ☯

All languages have confusing aspects. But as a Chinese language learner, the confusing aspects of Chinese are often at the least amusing, and the most confusing. For an interesting anecdote, as well as some info about Chinese, see the stuff after the jump.

Chapter 341: Chase Big-Head to the Death!
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Many thanks to the Fellow Daoists for bringing the third sponsored chapter of the week!…

In Chinese there are a lot of words for “week.” The most common are:

周 – zhōu
礼拜 – lǐbài
星期 – xīngqí

Where I’m at in China, there is little distinction between the three. I hear all of them frequently. However a confusing situation can arise when you are talking about age. In Chinese culture, there are two ways to track age. One is according to the actual birth date of the child. That is referred to as 周岁 zhōu suì. The other method is 虚岁 xū suì, which is based on the lunar new year. The confusion can arise because when you talk about a child’s age, it’s common to say the number, and then add 周岁 zhōu suì after it, or sometimes just “zhou,” to indicate that you are referring to the age of the child based on their birthdate. And yet “zhou” can also mean “weeks.” This led to a confusing conversation this morning when someone asked about Baby Deathblade’s age. Here is how the conversation went:

Random Dude: “How old is your baby?”
Madam Deathblade: “Six weeks” (six zhou, which could also mean six years)
Random Dude: “What? You mean six months?”
Madam Deathblade: “Six…”
Random Dude: “Six days? Oh, you mean six weeks?” (six xingqi)
Madam Deathblade: “Six weeks, six weeks.” (six libai, six xingqi)
Random Dude: “Oh, six weeks, six weeks.” (six xingqi, six zhou)

I almost couldn’t believe I heard all three common usages of the word for “week” in less time than it takes an incense stick to burn!!

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  1. I’m trying to learn to read Chinese do you recommend to do it online or with a professor ?? 😀
    *I’m becoming a xianxia addict .. Give me your suggestion that will be cool.. 😀

    1. Do it yourself to save money! A tutor or teacher can help by answering questions, that’s about it. The hard work will have to be done by yourself.

    1. The person thought he meant 6 years witch wouldn’t fix the baby’s apearance so they figured 6 months would be more apropriate.

      The person thought he meant the lunar one because it has a similarity with the weeks one.

  2. what i realised that Er Gen likes chase scenes and he drags them as much as possible…. i hated the first Meng Hao chase the most tbh, that was just too stupid.. and now this one, never gonna end… what’s the point of introducing non-relevant characters? we get it, big-head uses blood to speed up (btw, when will he get exhausted or run out of blood anyway???) and more un-important characters trying to block his way…
    i guess all authors have their special meaningless moments…. some likes to spam stalling, some like to spam drama mushy moments, some spam endless chasing…
    i just hope the chase ends next chapter…

    1. Well, meaningless or meaningful filler sometimes is all about perspective, and this chase scene is not even a filler in any way, when it could’ve been, like what you implied. If you haven’t noticed already, this book seems to be about Meng establishing his might (there’s even a chapter named “Establishing Strength”), which is a whole 180 difference from book3. This chase scene’s purpose is:

      1) show off the incomplete Legacy of Hellfire, that some legacies are quite strong; first time something broke the 8th Demon Sealing Hex. In fact, it also implies that legacies can be changed or sullied, since the rice summons evil spirits, not soldiers.
      2) show off Meng’s ability to create Etheric Incarnations, which is supposed to be a divine ability only for Nascent Souls (foreshadowing future fighting scenarios)
      3) give a sense of his current power and speed with the Gold Core, and power of this Etheric Incarnations.
      4) (and this is the most important one) establish his might and spread it across the Black Lands because Meng is killing all those who tries to obstruct him while chasing Big-head. You say that Big-head is “irrelevant” but he might have important infos regarding the legacies, and maybe even secrets about the Eyeless Larva, as he’s sort of a top dog around.

      Honestly, I don’t think Er Gen put up a “useless” chapter so far. And not sure how chase scene is being spammed since the last one is Black Lands kidnapping alchemists incident (~80 chapters back), and it served to introduce Core Formation infos, and Meng’s ability to utilize poison in his fights. Even the chase scenes back in book1 was to establish Meng’s slowly changing mentality and give character growth (along with many many other things: the corpse for ex.). This current chase scenes is only 2 chapters in so far, and probably last one or two more… I really think other wn’s fast pace is twisting people’s sense of a good pace. And even chase scenes make sense since anyone would want to live, and try to flee if they can’t win.

      1. Also, I think chase scenes fit into the tone of Black Lands, where everyone is ruthless and lives in an environment of constant danger. They’re experienced veteran Cultivators who know how to survive at all cost. So chase scenes fit, even far-out flattering like what Huang Daxian did to Meng also fit. And Big-head lasted an entire day due to his arsenal of medicinal pills that helped him recover a little and let him keep running. He ran out of those now, so he’ll run out of steam soon. (if you remember, Meng ran for a month or more when Shangguan Xiu was chasing him. Meng lasted that long because he’d a lot of medicinal pills and demonic cores to help him recover a little, and so did Shangguan Xiu, so chase scenes lasting longer than a day are nothing).

          1. dude, I don’t mean to disrespect at all, but I cant read all your comments.
            I love this novel and I love Er Gen’s style, but I also have to point out things that repeat themselves sometimes and are just plain stupid.. thank god the chase is over now, so this one was not dragged as the first looong one..

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