ISSTH Chapter 326 ☯

How long is ISSTH? How many chapters are left? How long is it compared to epic western fantasy series? Check out some cool stats after the jump!

Chapter 326: I Haven’t Tried That Out Before!
Translator: Deathblade
Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers, anonpuffs – Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob – Memes: MemeBoo – Meme Archives: Yascob

This is the third guaranteed chapter of the week!…

So first of all, don’t panic, but ISSTH currently has nearly 1,500 chapters and is ongoing. We are currently at around chapter 300 in the translation, which means the novel (as it stands so far) is 1/5 translated and CLOSING on 1/4. Put in those terms, it’s not too bad, right? Based on this information I found, and assuming an average chapter length of 2100 words (English) and 1500 chapters, here are some interesting statistics:

Total Word Count Approximation Comparison:

Malazan, Book of the Fallen: 3,300,000
Wheel of Time: 3,300,000
I Shall Seal the Heavens (unfinished): 3,150,000
A Song of Fire and Ice: 1,300,00
The Dark Tower: 1,200,000
Harry Potter: 1,000,000
I Shall Seal the Heavens (current translated chapters): 680,000
King Killer Chronicles: 660,000
War and Peace: 580,000
Lord of the Rings: 470,000

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  1. That’s actually pretty interesting… I would’ve guessed way more words for ISSTH… Except for maybe Wheel of Time, GOD THAT SERIES IS LONG!!! Only on book 4. >_> Still a great book though.

    Thanks for the chapter!

          1. During the middle of the series I realized the author was just milking the readers for all it was worth by writing random stuff that had no relevance to the main story. And taking years to do it! He kept dragging it on and on for no good reason.

            Sort of like how A Song of Ice and Fire is still doing. God knows when that one will finish… A Game of Thrones was released in 1996. 1996!!! :-O

            That’s why I stopped reading both series. If the author can’t write the story in a (gigantic) trilogy, there’d better be a damned good reason for it.

  2. i hope that issth goes on for at least 2000 chapters because it is one of those series that deserve to go that long unlike the great ruler from what i have read about it on the spoiler forums

    thanks :]

  3. Can you imagine how me words in already in our lives that we have read just in books? Even a billion isn’t unrealistic. Sighs…. I wish I could be one of those olden scholars who just read books. It’s fine … before the decade is over I will have my own classroom! 🙂 Professor!

    P.S Is that all the harry potter books combined? Lord of rings seems too little too. Also isn’t the average chapter length in a Western book 2800?

    1. I started reading KKC when book 2 had just come out in 2013. I honestly wish i had never read those books before they were complete. It’s horrible having to wait so long just for that last book! Especially because the author had supposedly completed the series already and was supposed to release book 3 one year after book 2 was released.

  4. Malazan, Book of the Fallen: 3,300,000…

    honestly, love it, it’s slowish to start, and i won’t try and trick you, there are passages which appear overly convoluted, obtuse or plain dull… but the peaks, there are whole books of the series that keep you painfully hooked, unable and unwilling to put the book down, it’s one of my favourite series, get past the first half of the first book (which is interesting… in hindsight as you read the rest of the series) and then drop your trousers so you don’t have to wash them when you make a mess in your exitement… thanks

  5. That parrot is obsessed with anal.

    But that’s alright. There hasn’t been enough raunch in this and lord 5th will spice things up nicely. I like meng hao’s maturation plenty, but nobody can deny the old days of animals exploding blood out their ass were fun.

    1. Well I have a feeling that lord fifth is taking it to the next level. I also think that I’m starting to agree with the meat jelly on this one; the parrot is immoral.

  6. As for the malazan book of the fallen…
    I started reading that series years ago, but the second book was a bit too rapey for my tastes so I had to put it aside indefinitely.

  7. The only problem with the stats is I would say ISSTH chapters are more like 2300 words on average. The lowest I remember seeing is just under 2k words and the most being just above 3k generally I see them mostly about 2400 to 2500 words with quite a few 2300, 2200 and 2100 words mixed in. Of course there are outliers. I might have to check it out algorithmically for the chapters just to sate my own curiosity.

    1. Well I’ll be darned. Turns out the average chapter length for the chapters I have is 2033 words. That is with a 178 chapter sample size. The total word count for those 178 chapters is 361,892 words.

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