ISSTH Chapter 311 ☯

Hi Fellow Daoists. I’m actually extremely tired. Tomorrow is going to be my first day back to work since Baby Deathblade arrived in the world. For those of you who remember, my work weekends are extremely long, which means I need to translate the Saturday and Sunday chapters on Monday and Tuesday. Later, I will give some more info about the general state of the translation. For now, please enjoy:

Chapter 311: Now That is a Cultivator!
Translator: Deathblade
Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers – Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob – Memes: MemeBoo – Meme Archives: joeljbright
Sponsors: Jeremy Rosehart, Maverick Ly, and Suood K

Many thanks to the Fellow Daoists for bringing the first sponsored chapter of the week!

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  1. I recommend you take a break for a While to adjust both work and home life working taking care of BD and madam deathblade
    As a reader i want more chapter’s i won’t deny but not at cost of health of your family
    Take a break please not for reader’s not for novel itself but for BD and madam deathblade.
    We reader’s can wait ^_^

      1. Take a break patriarch
        A chill pill by meng hao preferably
        Dont be like ren who burn his longevity to translate

        I asked him too to take a chill pill too
        But he take a be*****ment pill instead

  2. Actually what is more interesting to know is what happened to that Roc or phoenix or whatever it is (’cause I don’t know what a Roc is, it seems like a phoenix from descriptions). Since the beginning of the Blood Immortal Legacy after our dying hero was blown into the temple since then there is no word of it. I wonder if it will show up again.

    1. he got 3 flags from blood imortal legacy, a powerful mastiff dog, a parrot, and that talkative old man or thing, i thought they will come out when he form his core foundation, what happen to those?.

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