ISSTH Chapter 287 ☯

After I moved to China, I’ve had a weird recurring fever. I haven’t had it for quite a while, but yesterday it hit me, and I’ve been feeling messed up ever since. The fever is gone, but I’m left with aching legs and hips, as well as a slight headache. Anywho, please enjoy this chapter, and stay tuned for a special release in roughly 12 hours (depending on how well I sleep tonight and whether or not the fever comes back….)

Chapter 287: Creating Something out of Nothing
Translator: Deathblade
Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers – Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob – Memes: MemeBoo – Meme Archives: joeljbright
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  1. Sounds like some weak form of malaria. Sometimes, recurrent malaria relapses happen at 8-20 weeks intervals. Suggest to do a proper malaria test, mate. You DO NOT want complications to happen.

  2. I register just to post. . . Mr. Deathblade, based on what you posted about your recurring headache and fever. . . . it might be a sign of dengue fever. . . thus, I strongly suggest that you should see a doctor and have your blood tested. . . I hope that what you have experienced was only due to over-fatigue. . . get well soon and take good care of your health, not for us readers, but for madam DB and Baby DB. . . That’s all.

    -Buy and drink lots of Pocari sweat drink or Gatorade (white) as precautionary measures.

  3. Shame to hear about how unwell you’ve been, it would indeed be great if you go get seen by a doctor etc. Thank you for popping another chapter out despite your troubles.

  4. Get well soon, Papa! Your family needs you! Hopefully the baby will let you get some rest so you can recover. We can do without chapters (what am I saying?), they need you more.

  5. Hey Deathblade, there are some strains of bacteria or viruses that might only be prevalent in China so you better have yourself checked- ie blood exam, and ask for some vaccines. So you better make sure that the water you are drinking is clean and not directly from the faucet. Perhaps your body is battling those germs causing you to have fever. Natural immunization takes awhile. If not, I just hope you are not bitten by any bugs or insects, especially mosquitoes.

    BTW, congratulations on your baby, baby deathblade is adorable :p


  6. When you go to a different country it is recommended to consult with a doctor beforehand to prepare your body to adapt to a different environment and afterwards to make sure you have adjusted properly.
    In the first year in a different location it is recommended to go for regular check-ups to ensure there are no unwanted side effects or illnesses affecting you due to an unaccustomed immune system.

    Care for yourself dude, there are people who need you healthy now.

  7. Dont worry about the release of issth..first you need to recover your health also stay away temporarily from BD. If its contagious it may affect BD and also madam DB. Also as a precautionary measure you wear mask even if you dont have a cough..most importantly see a doctor..take care of yourself. Be sellfish sometimes, nothing more precious than your health.

  8. Hey DeathBlade, you should go and make a throughtly check in the hospital, for the sake of that lovely and cute Baby, and your awesome wife, take good care of your health!
    Thank you very much Deathblade, Madam Deathblade, John Rogers, Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob!

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