ISSTH Chapter 271 + The Chronicles of Baby Deathblade

BD had a bit of a fussy night last night. At about three in the morning, Madam Deathblade suddenly said, “Turn the nightlight on!” I replied, “Who turned it off?” That can only mean one thing in China…. The rest of the story comes after the jump…

Chapter 271: Soul Emergence Sword, Slay the Lone Star!
Translator: Deathblade
Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers – Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob – Memes: MemeBoo – Meme Archives: joeljbright
Sponsor – Allan Tam

Many thanks to the Fellow Daoist Allan Tam for bringing the fourth sponsored chapter of the week! …


That can only mean one thing in China…. No power. In China, you pay your power on a power card which you swipe at the meter. When the money runs out, the power stops. Earlier in the day the power ran out, and I used the power card to swipe for some emergency power, which usually lasts about 24 hours. This time, it ran out in the middle of the night… That meant the next time Baby Deathblade woke up hungry, it would be pitch black. Furthermore, the electric heater I bought would not longer be heating the room.

Urgh. I would not stand for such loss of power! Therefore I jumped into my coat and shoes and headed out into the freezing, abandoned streets to go pay the power. Normally you can pay at the local convenience store, but the hour was too late, so I had to hike down the street to the power company to pay at the kiosk. Madam Deathblade was worried that I would get kidnapped or something, but thankfully, no incidents occurred. Baby Deathblade didn’t even know what happened!



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  1. Yea, that was dangerous. It’s a good thing none of us rabid readers of yours were there, or we probably would have kidnapped you to have you translate more and give us more tales of the legendary Baby Deathblade.

  2. BD doesn’t know what happened. It’s okay, heroes sometimes don’t learn the truth. He should be proud to have such a legend of a father XD

    But the way all the power is paid for is kinda weird in China… but also nice, cause you can’t over pay for something…

    That said… maybe you should get mini-solar panels to power your computers and charge your phone and get our young master a portable night light…

    1. It’s not broken down into months, you prepay for a certain amount, 5-10 bucks or whatever, then that grants you that amount of power. So you put $10 on a card, swipe it at a box in your house, and you have power until you consume $10 worth.

  3. love the bdb (baby deathblade) updates, sister lives with me since father of her child is a black lands cultivator so im helping allot and can therefor relate. also very interesting the paying for power with swiping of cards, new concept to me

    our power company (iceland) was owned by the people cheep and affordable, then Freemasons got into office and privatized our phone company and the power company, sold it to other “brothers” then spent the money on building a Money sink artistic house to use by the aristocrats :S

    then they jacked up price of electricity for public, sold 90% of the power for dirt cheap to there “brothers” aluminum company’s and other big industry polluting our beautiful nature, profits of course are funneled into making more money this cycle will eventually burn any economy, saddest part is this only the TIP of a very large iceberg.

    my grandfather served these bastards both a freemason and a templar on orders from government officials (templars of higher rank) imported drugs to create a problem to justify increased police spending and create a war on drugs, justifying the loss of personal freedom and surveillance.. these guys go on bilderberg meetings etc they get there agendas from the same puppet masters.

    money runs the world and us common cultivators even with winning the lottery can never see even 1% of the worlds wealth, as most of it is of the books, to keep value set, gold, diamonds, its easy to tank an economy when you control 99%

    sadly corruption runs rampant everywhere and only in the common cultivator can you find true righteousness…

    i hope for a better world for the baby’s

    I love the xianxia as it resonates with my beliefs although fantastical, i believe and understand from my research into science it is entirely possible,

    physicality is a perception we are all connected through space, we are only Energy Vibrating at Certain Frequency’s but so is everything Else,

    we hold infinity within infinite division, Double slit experiment also shows us that observation is what gives matter form,

    matter is a waveform when unobserved in other words all Potential possibility’s 😛 sorry for tangents i just felt like Balancing the negative with positive,

    while things might seem bleak some times, all possibility’s exist its up to us to WILL it, to believe it to shift it, action is necessary to do everything but who said the action has to be physical, universe responds more to energy and intent then Words and wants 😛

    that is what i have come to know, me and my sister can summon sun on a cloudy day, with belief and will, sister is pretty gifted with that, not uncommon for a single beam of light to open up on a cloudy day shining on her 😛 (after a while it will be clear blue sky’s)

    I am currently working on leaving my body, had some success and allot of failures lol but at least i can do anything meng hao can do in my dreams 😛 in fact im allot stronger but i have high hopes for That cultivator

    if you read this i <3 you

  4. Thanks for the chapter.
    I understand the feel.. Here we use almost same system for the electricity. But instead of power card and swipe it at the meter, we only got a printed 16 digit code everytime we bought for power and manually enter the code at the meter.

  5. Here in Arizona, USA our power company gives the option of monthly payments or power card option. Paying your power on a card like that is very popular in apartments where you can get multiple cards, so roommates can go out and put money towards the power too.

  6. here in someplace in the mortal world, a guy from the related company (electricity/gas/water) knocks on your door every month to take the monthly payment, you can even not pay for a whole year but it will come knocking on your head with a large amount

  7. soooo exotic 🙂

    I mean… different … enlightnening…

    It doesn’t work like that here… you take a yearly contract, paid every 2-3 months, and if you don’t pay 1-2 times, they may cut the power, but it takes time.

    however the power-card system could work well, even here, for people with “frequent paying issues”… or people that want more incentive for power saving 😀

    thanks for sharing all that with us.

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