ISSTH Chapter 256 + The Chronicles of Baby Deathblade

I did an experiment today and found that it is possible to hold Baby Deathblade in my left arm and translate using only my right hand. I actually type extremely fast with two hands, but one handed typing… let’s just put it this way: I think it might be more effective to type with my tongue. I think BD and I are going to have to go back to the drawing board and come up with a new plan.

Chapter 256: Bottom Line
Translator: Deathblade – Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers – Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob

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  1. hmm, maybe if you sit cross legged, you can lay BD on your lap and type on the comp on a table in front of you…hmm sounds kinda stupid. Anyways, i love BD chronicles

    thanks for the chapter :]

  2. don’t worry Deathblade… Parents naturally develope the ability to do a large umber of thing with just one hand over the first few months of life of their child… I can garantee you that ^^’ it won’t be long before you taste the exicting feeling of coocking and housecleaning with just one hand… and once the little Baby DB reach one year of age and you will start to get your second hand back… you will find that 2 hands are actualy quite superflous… ^^’ … than when he reach 2 years and start running around the house… you will discover that 10 eyes are not enough ^^’

  3. I haven’t read ISSTH yet, and i don’t think i will read this series,
    afraid that i will get addicted.hehe anyway thanks!!
    I only read The Chronicles of Baby Deathblade, it’s really funny.haha
    Please continue and don’t drop the series.
    “The Chronicles of Baby Deathblade”

    1. There are some problems with this proposal:

      1. I don’t think a human baby is made to be carried around the neck
      2. If 1 is not true, Mr. Deathblade will get tired or muscle ache from doing that XD
      3. If 1 AND 2 is not true, i think Mrs. Deathblade might still kill Mr. Deathblade, when he does that to Baby Deathblade
      4. I think it is difficult to carry a baby with your mouth and see the screen 😀

      1. Okay here is my proposal:

        Carry him on your shoulders and he can place his legs around your neck to practice his meditation and if he is tired he can cry right in your ear or hit you on the head 😀
        A win-win situation 😀

  4. You know honestly I don’t always read these posts and just dive straight into the flesh of the chapter and ignore the shell but after seeing this one I went back and read the last 6 pages of wuxiaworld posts to read to the initial Mrs Deathblade’s water broke message and the rest of them such a sleeve flicking and violet robed doctors.

  5. Just to let u know DB, be careful to hold your kid in a way that his/her airways are open while you are distracted with translating: young infants don’t have the muscles to lift their heads once they get into a bad position. I think its called positional asphyxia if you want to search it up. Not to scare you or anything, just something you might want to know!

  6. Baby Deathblade is young cultivator so maybe he needs a flying swords to keep him distracted. Maybe two wooden swords that circle above his head. Good luck with the training of young master.

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