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Chapter 500 of ISSTH is approaching! To go along with the release, I’m happy to announce that Wuxiaworld will be having another art contest with cash prizes! This time, there will be two categories. 1) Scenes from the story. 2) Characters from the story.

The best news of all is that you, the readers, will get to choose the specific scene or character to be depicted in each respective category. Please take just a moment to vote. You can vote for multiple scenes or characters, but can only do so one time! I would prefer for you to pick a maximum of 3 when you vote.

Vote on which scenes you would like to see!

Vote on which characters you would like to see!

44 thoughts on “ISSTH Art Contest Topic Voting” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. What about the scene outside the rebirth caves? White haired meng hao drenched in blood and laughing at the skies wearing a blood mask is too OP picture.

    I have always imagined the blood mask like the flesh mask in Pink Floyd Another brick in the wall.

    Please add this scene. I was mighty pissed that noone drew the scene of Bloodviolet Fiend standing over a mountain of corpses when linley used his divine sense into his bloodviolet sword for CD art contest

    1. Sorry just saw this scene in characters. But for addition in characters I request addition of the Gold crow and Tree spirits leaving hand in hand and also guyiding tri rain and old man in the boat. (My gore apetite is satisfied so now love scenes)

  2. There are some excellent scenes in the poll. The 2 that I voted for are actually in the lead. The selection of characters is great, too. ISSTH truly is full of epic moments. If I could add a memorable scene, it would be Chu Yuyan writing “Meng Hao” on the cave wall.

  3. Goddamn it people, vote for Han Shan vs Soul Bridge! It’s a really awesome scene! He fights MILLIONS of bridge souls, nearly maddened by the grief and guilt. Plus huge swords! Then he himself turns into a hundred thousand clones, absolutely wrecking shit. We’ve already seen art of Patriarch Reliance. And the Blood Mastiff. Do something new! The Gold Core tribulation was cool as hell, I’ll give you that, only, Han Shan’s scene outranks it on pure scale. Still not convinced? Reread the chapter [link]

    gah why can’t I draw -wouldn’t have to beg like this

    1. Agreed. Han Shan’s scene versus the Soul Bridge is by far the most epic moment in the story. Although Meng Hao had a lot of amazing moments, it was an epicness on the mortal level but Han Shan’s was an epicness on the immortal level. Totally different scales.

      I mean, even Meng Hao had to give it to Han Shan that he was amazing.

      1. yeah, han shan is so fkin awesome, a single man fought millions to get his wife back and in the end he get everything yet nothing, hope many people voted for him, his epicness was unforgettable.
        Meng Hao’s gold core tribulation was cool and gave me a good goosebumps, but not that memorable imho.

  4. This poll frustrated me because I really want to see all of them in art form ha ha.
    Still, I’m rooting for the outlander character and the han shan vs soul bridge scene.
    I’m really interested to see how the parrot, meat jelly and outlander beast combine especially since the outlander beast’s original form was vague. As for Han Shan… well 1 IMMORTAL vs 100000000000000000000000000 SOULS? I mean, come on fellow readers, this moment topped Meng Hao’s moments to the present translated chapter.

  5. can i ask something, this poll was intended to pin up the most wanted artist-depicted scene from ISSTH, and when the competition starts, the artwork that could be submitted should be the art which depicts the top-voted scenes? or, it’s a free for all as long as it’s one of those scenes/characters in the votes?

    just asking… there might be lost soul out there who was confused
    and i also wish that all of those scenes and characters got worked out by the competing artist, especially han shan (damn i hope this one got more vote so he can join the competition)

  6. Does that mean there are only 4 days to do the art (TT-TT) last time CD was exams this time its semester tests (TT~TT) Meng Hao because of your awesomeness I’ll take the parrots advice- screw calculus ((“) _ (“))

  7. I have this hilarious in my head. Meng Hao and Chu Yuyan are being spied on by that big mouth cultivator from the Golden Frost Sect(?), and the two appear to be in a compromising situation, while the guy spying looks on with a grin.

  8. lol i forgot both of them.. ‘Zhixiang controlling Zhao Youlan’?

    Started reading new novel ATG while keeping up with other novels so memory is messed up lol.

    For e.g TGD i mistook the little guy(baby chick) for PW’s little guy.
    or ISSTH’s Meat Jelly for Meat Bun from 1/2 Prince(too bad i cant ever edit this portion out of my memory, when ever ‘Meat Jelly’ speaks i imagine the form of ‘Meat Bun’ saying out those word.)

  9. i have just been quietly lurking here 😀 sadly i have not yet read ISSTH – id like to join only if i can picture it after reading, still im looking forward to see awesome artworks 😀

  10. I would really like to see an art of that lonely and heavily injured greatfather( or priest?) And his peers as they bid farewell to meng while MENG was leading the crow divinity tribe into salvation. Countless deaths, killing intents, and extremely lonely scenes. 🙂

  11. Gold core tribulation scene should look sick, just the description in the chapter caused chills.
    One scene that should also look awesome and is not there is Meng Hao’s Mother Beating the living hell out of the Ji Clan and her daughter behind finishing off the scraps.

  12. Can we still choose an option that doesn’t do well in the poll? Restricting the artwork to only popular situations sorta irks me. I do like the polls though, it’ll help artists find out what people want to see.

    Problem is that there’s always those artists that like to create an amazing artwork from situations people least expect to see.

    I’d rather not see the contest devolve into a hundred pieces of art of the same characters and situations in different styles. Like the gold core tribulation, I can easily see that devolving into whoever can make the lightning look prettier.

    1. Wow that would be good. Xu Qing pretending to be matriarch Phoenix in the black sieve sect. In the background there woul be thousands of souls. And most of the members are possesed. Thier faces would be warped like in the movie “The Ring”. It would look like a horror piece.

  13. Is possible to simply do all of my favorites? (I mean my case and all the other guys who wish to participate) And send them all to you Deathblade? I mean, in CD I recall the most voted art was after the release of the pics. Anyway… as much as I hate it, my abilities are not top notch among most nascent soul cultivators, hell, I bet I barely reach peak core formation. I hope some truly godly artists depict ISSTH mythically.

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