ISSTH Art Competition

Sharpen your pencils, Fellow Daoists! I’m happy to announce that in celebration of the release of chapter 500 of ISSTH, Wuxiaworld is hosting another art contest! You, the audience, got to vote about what you want to see in the contest, and I for one am excited to see the results. All the rules and details can be found here on the forums! Let the contest begin!

13 thoughts on “ISSTH Art Competition” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. noooo Han Shan’s wicked awesome scene! Why didn’t you guys voteee for that?! At least the Outlander-parrot-meatjelly amalgamation is there!

  2. Is the contest actually going to end on time. As the last art contest didn’t until a week after the deadline. Which wasn’t fair to contestants who entered in time. What I am asking can this contest be trusted?

  3. guys how do i post in forum sorry newbs here
    i want to post my art but i don’t know how to
    all it says when i’m trying to register or login is missing token

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