ISSTH adjustment to previous chapter

Fellow Daoists, please read about a clarification to a previous chapter that (slightly) affects the current storyline:

First, here is the passage (the adjustment is in the last paragraph, with the first paragraph also containing a key element that doesn’t need adjusting). If you don’t notice anything different, then there’s no need to read my explanation. If you do notice the big difference, then keep reading for the details.

Meng Hao stood within the blood-red glow, looking excited. He looked at the spear, which emitted a white, silver and golden glow. Suddenly and inexplicably, the spear, completely of its own volition, shot forward, combining with the fog to transform into the image of an old man in a red robe. It was Patriarch Reliance.

Clasping his hands in salute, Meng Hao said, “Disciple Meng Hao pays respects to the Patriarch.” Without even thinking about it, he began a flood of eloquence: “You cast awe into the hearts of the people of the State of Zhao, and your name is even known in the Southern Domain. I have revered you ever since I joined the Sect. Every day I pay homage to your words from the beginning of the manual. I have constantly reaped rewards…”

“Very well, very well. You haven’t done well in your studies. Let me tell you, kid, when I was your age, my flattery sounded much more natural than yours. Don’t try to pull that stuff off on me.” Patriarch Reliant glared at him, yet inwardly was a bit moved.

Meng Hao looked at him with a sheepish smile.

“Even though it’s useless to flatter me, well I… never mind. Listen up. I was only able to use a sliver of my consciousness, so it wasn’t easy to scare off those damned Nascent Soul stage Cultivators. I don’t have much time at the moment before this form disappears.” As he spoke, he began to grow more and more indistinct. “I need to rest for a year. When that year is up, you must use any means possible to attract every expert of the Foundation Establishment stage or higher from the State of Zhao to come to my meditation zone. If you can accomplish this, then I will give you an incredible reward!” He raised his hand and pointed a finger at Meng Hao.

Instantly, information entered Meng Hao’s mind, and he now knew how to open the entrance to the meditation zone.

“Kid, you are the only heir to my Reliance Sect. Don’t get yourself killed. If you get killed, I will have to find a concubine to bury with you… I… I find it annoying to have to…” The sound of his voice continued to echo about, but his body had dissipated. Not a shadow remained.

Meng Hao stared blankly for some time before recovering. It was at this point that he realized that everything which had happened had been Patriarch Reliance’s attempt to scare away the outsiders.

“So he didn’t kill those three people… But, what happened to the spear he was going to give me?”

In my original translation, Meng Hao’s final line was something like, “why did he give me the spear?” This made it seem like he still had the spear. In actuality, Patriarch Reliance never gave it back to him. Perhaps this helps clarify why Meng Hao A) had Fatty’s dad forge the three fake spears and B) hasn’t used the real spear in any fights.

Sorry if this caused confusion. I know some of you were wondering why he hadn’t used the spear yet, or perhaps were speculating when it would come into play. Sometimes the Chinese text is not very clear in making a point, and usually I try to adjust things in English to make sure there aren’t any misunderstandings. In this case I missed the ball. My apologies!


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  1. thanks for the information m8, though i didnt need it xd since i was paying attention to the story line closely, still appreciate your efforts on bringing this wonderful novel to us non Chinese guys, since i might have to start learing Chinese just to be able to read those un-translated LN’s xd.

  2. Thanks for all the hard work, really appreciate it. This changes things for the MC.

    If someone could explain something for me, what happened to all the high-grade spirit stones the MC had? Didn’t he have like 2000 but a couple of chapters ago, he only had 3 left. What did he do with the stones? 1) I only know that he used some for the voporal blood. From my guess, he used about 4(every stone produced 15 copies of the blood, he needed 50 to reach enlightenment).
    2) there was a line a couple of chapters back that he used it on wooden swords. Is that what he used it for?

    Clarification can help.

    1. Yeah, he found a little more than 2000 in the bag left behind by a corpse in the mountain cave of the dragon/serpent. He used 2000 to replicate the wooden sword immediately after. He didn’t realize then that the big stones were actually very valuable (used some on the vorpal jade crystals of Patriarch Reliance with crazy effect).

    2. He originally started out with a bit more than 2,000. After duplicating the wooden sword, he had a handful left, some of which he used to duplicate the Vorpal Jade crystals. After that he had even fewer. So far it hasn’t specifically said how many he had left in any of these instances.

      It did say that one of the large stones produced 15 Vorpal Jades, and he used 50 Vorpal Jades in that chapter, so assumably he spent 4 large stones that time (and has some Vorpal Jade pieces left over…? it didn’t say clearly). Or maybe he spent 3 stones, and the final two kicked out more than 15 pieces each?

      1. Thanks for the clarification, YyAoMmIi, Beastybryan and Deathblade.

        According to chapter 58, MC still has 3 spirit stones left.
        ‘He had three more of the extraordinarily large Spirit Stones, but he didn’t dare to use them. ‘

  3. That explains things.

    Question: that spear in question was white, silver, and gold combine as one right? Then why did Meng make 3 spears iron, silver, and gold each, of which would not look like the original spear?

    I couldn’t call the Patriarch mean with that, as who knows if that spear was real in the first place and just not a show of force to scare everyone away, similar to what Meng is doing with the fake spear.

  4. I’ve gathered that the spear was some sort of illusion formed from the blood Patriarch Reliance made, he can’t possibly made it from the iron in his blood, there’s not enough iron in some cough of blood, and he only have enough power to scare the cultivators away, and even by the end the power wanes, anyway, so I don’t this is a mistake, but a confirmation.
    It was obvious Meng Hao took a page of Patriarch Reliance’s book by forging the fake spears to scare away his enemies because just like the Patriarch he don’t have enough power, so he needed to bluff to save his own hide.
    As for the “why did he give me the spear?” line, I take it as Meng Hao learning that very lesson.

  5. It was clear before that he never had the spear, at least it was for me. The way people were talking almost convinced me that he had it, I’m sad to say I started to believe as such. However, Patriarch reliance told him to gather people and bring them to his resting place and he will give him rewards I.e that spear was a sample of one of them.
    I mean he’s getting chased personally I would take them all there who were chasing me and see if that helps awaken the patriach all these people chasing him.

  6. Haha that makes it clearer. So he had the spears constructed after the fact.
    I can imagine him forlornly thinking while staring at the three spears “well this is better than nothing… goddamned Patriarch.”

  7. aw my head hurts,
    so the truth is the Patriarch Reliance never gave the spear to meng hao?
    there is 3 kind of spears witch Patriarch Reliance has… (where i can recall my memory Patriarch Reliance only show meng hao 1 spear with white, silver n gold aura)
    the last thing is why meng hao trying to dupe the spear if he not in possession on it? i dont get it..

    1. there is 3 kind of spears witch Patriarch Reliance has
      Nope, only 1 that is both white/silver/gold colored. and we are not even sure if that is a real spear.
      the last thing is why meng hao trying to dupe the spear if he not in possession on it?
      Everyone else think he has it though.

  8. the only other possibility would be that he couldn’t figure out how to use that spear even as a normal spear yet. this makes a bit more sense in several contexts.

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