I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World! (이V세계에 태어나서 죄송합니다!) – Index


Raw: http://novel.munpia.com/73399

translated by: ensj
edited by: st8_lupe


What got summoned was the world’s strongest sociopath.

His ability is one that allows him to buy anything, [Heart of Gold].

The Demon King is dead. Now, it’s time to kill the hero.

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Chapter 68. (The End)

Sci-fi Short Stories by Lee Yong Do
edited by: Adversary

1. About The Translation of Khaliafandën

2. About The Robot That Became a Messiah

3. About The Art of Stitching Stars

4. About The Mother of Revenge

71 thoughts on “I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World! (이V세계에 태어나서 죄송합니다!) – Index” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Lol the first thing that came to my mind after reading “buy anything” was, “why would I steel sombodys virginity when could but it”, and then, “slaves, lots and lots of slaves.”

    2. Ill give ya a advice brotha, before ya read this or any Xianxia take your hopes out and keep them aside.. you may find gold, if ya keep hoping everything is shit.

  1. Heart of Gold, buy anything? ANYTHING? If this really means anything then I see an insanely fun story progressing, buying permanent power ups, easy, purchasing enchantments for gear, 1-2-3 done, buying modern technology and getting OP weapons, already done. Looking forward to this novel, I hope it releases fast since I’ll be sidelining it till we get at least 50-100 chapters saved up.

      1. That is true, however when we factor in that there is at least 2 worlds in this story, and abilities/magic, then we can assume as long as he has a certain amount of gold, or whatever currency the [Heart of Gold] uses, the world itself could easily generate what he orders/purchases. I mean this ability is insanely OP in a way, imagine this “Buy Anything” and you go to a world where others have abilities, doesn’t this mean that as long as you can figure out a method of making money you can even “purchase” another persons ability? OR atleast purchase yourself a copy ability that is the same as the other person? Well I actually haven’t read it yet so it might be one of those worlds where he is the only special one meaning nobody has special abilities he could buy at all….

        I don’t know what his ability actually does, it might just be a shopping ability, like able to use google/amazon in another world, but that’d be lame for a supposedly serious story.

        WHAT I really want to know is if his ability is only to purchase stuff… I mean, imagine if he could use his abilities to kill others and sell that persons body, equipment, and etc. If you can sell stuff, especially other peoples dead bodies, or maybe even living bodies if he ‘owns’ them like slaves or something, that would be insanely interesting to see what he does with it. It would be a fast and easy way to make money, and destroying evidence of murders is also great.

          1. To buy ownership and control of a world, that simply has too many conflicts. Unless his power isn’t derived from the ancient laws of the world or something along those lines. Then again, if that’s true, then his power is busted since the world hasn’t created it, but some other entity did.

  2. I just can’t keep on reading. I tried, but my brain hurts every time author makes the characters have a conversations. It’s like he tries so hard to make this into gritty, sad, gory story and then makes all the characters have mentality of elementary school students (that includes our mc who for some reason after seeing first “cute” girl, goes out of his gritty/sociopath character by acting like a teenage boy who has a secret crush, but can’t admit it to himself). Honestly I feel like reading Japanese manga about high-school romance. Just one more step until the characters start pouting and calling each other “baka” and go for “tsundere” approach. Seriously, the setting is like bad anime and the characters are just as bad. I honestly think that translator is doing good work, but there is only so much you can translate from story with such a poor writing by author. Suggest choosing something else. As it is now as of chapter 12 it’s: 4/10. If you like the setting and want to read something similar, but with better writing you can try – “Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari”.

    1. I actually had to stop at chapter 6, I’m surprised you got that far, to be honest.
      The story cannot even decide if it wants to play itself seriously, with all of its gore and violence, or be a straightforward gag story with all of its 4th wall breaking jokes and constant pop-culture, video-game references, that weren’t even written all that well.

      He’s a coolu killer who wants to die, but the reason he goes on to adventure is because someone is threatening to kill him.
      It’s a fantasy game-world, yet the characters cannot stop cracking jokes about how “fantasy” it is, with modern-world technology popping in and out of the narrative.
      The OP-MC serial-killer genetically-engineered mutant of a superhuman psychopath is apparently an avid gamer and internet-culture consumer, considering he knows all about JRPG-games cliches. On that subject, the MC is so bland and nonexistent, that him being introduced as a terrifying serial killer is practically just there for the sake of having a convenient OP-MC and nothing else. Brilliant writing in the works.
      The chuuni-elements are also outrageous, and are practically a measure of power in this story, if not just a very blatant attempt at a joke to use childish nicknames as a source for humor.

      It’s a story with so many flaws, and what I find to be bad choices, that I cannot help but ask why is this even up on this website? I thought there was some measure of quality-control, and I also fail to see how this is “Wuxia”. I feel like Wuxiaworld is slowly transforming into Gravity Tales.

        1. On this website, I sure died for a long while. I came back to see if Terror Infinity’s current volume was up and ready, only to find so many new and odd stories up and running around this joint.

    2. I honestly cannot trust the review of someone that recommended Tate no Yuusha. Goddammit, to think i read that wall of text to the end…..
      Anyway, thank you for motivating me to read this novel

      1. ensj i’m sorry xD no offence intended. If anything i hold the author and my bias against korean LNs responsible.

        tom97ur i did say its terrible after reading a few chapters. I’ll admit the first chapter was ok but after that it was straight downhill. No sense of structure and flawed logic are some of the few things wrong with it. At least the way i see it. And i do prefer chinese ones so i said “preferably”. i didn’t demand they do it like i say. You can try saying what you’d like to read too. I’m not going to say anything about it. So the translator finds it good if he picks it up , that doesn’t mean i’d find it good as well. also i didn’t say the translation was terrible. Just the story is. So i don’t see why you bring the translator into my opinion of the story itself.
        Thank you for reading.

        Jredd3 I had to read it a bit otherwise i can’t make an opinion about it. and you’re right I’m not going to read them.

        And just to be clear the page is called Wuxiaworld. So its not unreasonable for me to expect only wuxia novels in here.

    1. Only chinese ones ? why so, are you the only one whoo has the right to chose ? what if others want more Korean novels? it’s just another type of story and another type of culture that you aren’t used to, and this culture may be even more different to the “western” one than chinese culture causing you to dislike it, but saying the novel is terrible in such a forthright way is needless and ridiculous
      It’s just like the other previous commentaries they seem just like the way of thinking of a teenager running straight where you want to go without caring of what’s around you
      At least say you dislike the novel, don’t say it’s terrible because honestly if the translator has chosen this story it means at least HE likes it or he appreciatess the author sufficently to start translating one of his pieces
      thank you for reading

      1. meh most korean ones involve gaming of sorts. Like something stuck halfway between ancient worlds and modern ones. If you haven’t noticed so is this particular novel. It starts out great and i read it until i saw stats and features like virtual gaming appear. Lost interest there and then.

        1. I like that a lot better than endless repetitive levels of power sectioning the story, class societies based around that limit the ways characters interact, and the devaluing of weak characters to the extent that massacres greater than any on earth are preformed (by the protag!) with zero emotional weight.

          Sometimes I seriously wonder if some of those Chinese authors have ever actually encountered human suffering, given the way they put causing it on a pedestal.

          1. What I like about Korean stories is that they do tend to be more leveled headed. An approach that usually makes you think people would actually behave in such a manner, and the world would actually work in such ways. Level headed.

            But this story? It’s practically Japanese with how much the MC is nonexistent, yet has enough shallow backstory to be played off as a monster. The numerous fifth-grader jokes doesn’t help either.

          2. Actually this one is the only Korean story on the site I haven’t read (though I stopped reading breakers when it crossed the harem line). All respect to the translator, but the work itself sounds like it has a lot of tropes and poor dialogue and all of what you said.

            I’ll try it if I’m bored but that’s just not something that interests me. Same with the idea of a sociopath character. I want to relate to the character, even if they aren’t always the good guys. Sociopaths just make me sad/grossed out. (WMW barely passes my line due to other reasons.)

            But again, all respect to the translator none of that is criticism towards them.

          3. Heck, wouldn’t have even commented if general Korean conversation hadn’t come up while reading the reviews.

          4. Few Korean novels are any good. Whether from a story perspective or technical writing perspective they often fall far short of quality. There are those that are good, but I find them to be rare. Plus, unfortunately for me, I don’t like stories that focus on gaming or virtual worlds because it feels like nothing done or accomplished matters since it is all fake (within the realm of the story) anyway; and of course most of the good Korean novels focus on that sort of thing.

            Also, pretty much everything you listed that you don’t like about other novels is included in many Korean ones.

            I’m not trying to be confrontational or offend, but your posts just kind of blew me away a bit by how biased they were towards Korean novels and I felt the need to pop in to say “hey” and make sure that a different side was presented.

            P.S: All that said, I have enjoyed breakers so far but am about 80 chs behind at the moment so we’ll see.

          5. Korean novels do often create eventual extreme power disparities as the stories progress. But you will almost never hear a character scream “Fool! You are only a Xixicaca beginner level expert while I am a Xixicaca intermediate expert!! I will kill you quickly if you cut off your testicles and kowtow to me 40 times! Otherwise I will massacre your entire family!!!” (Only to have the protag kill/torture him gruesomely afterwards, because the protag can of course jump levels and ignore the rules of the world with the help of his magic amulet).

            Also I like Chinese novels, it’s just that the tropes often get really old/repetitive quick. Pretending that Korean novels are any more trope-y is unfair. There is often a level system in both, and the fact that one sometimes gets a screen or the like while the other gets an internal golden palace riding on a turtle in an ocean of chi doesn’t change much for me after a few novels of both.

            Also the virtual world ones don’t bother me too much as it represents a possible future for the world and its values. Someday what happens virtually will be just as valuable as reality, and we are already approaching that comparative value here. Literally. How many pages of story are here, and how do these translators make money? So that vs. a secret world of super powers actually puts more realism towards the virtual future world for me (unless the protag is a reincarnator which is fun but bull****).
            But hey at that point it’s just personal preference.

            Also yeah I liked breakers too, right up till it became a harem.

    2. Mannnnn-O’h–Maannn. If you haven’t read any Korean LN’s. Then you’re missing out on some freaking amazing LN’s out there. I’m kind of jelly because I wish I would have started them now and could bing read to my hearts content all over again. *Sigh*.

      The Jelly Is Strong in this one. . .

  3. The story is interesting, the powers are interesting. It’s worth a read definitely.

    The main character is unbelievably overpowered, like so strong he shoots off a guys head by flicking your fingernail, but his power sucks. That is, until he gets money. The dialogue and character interactions so far are a little cringe. The characters are supposed to be insane, so they all act weirdly, but some of it is a little tropey. Like the flat chested girl is tsundere and the big muscley guy is quiet, it’s a little awkward to read. But it does have some logic, the guy doesn’t have any emotions, and he only pretends to have emotions to benefit himself later. So he builds these false relationships so that other people will do what he wants.

  4. @ensj I hope you bring King Shura to Wuxiaworld or concentrate more on it. It is the only interesting novel that I have seen that differs from other korean novels being translated.

    Most of the korean novels (being translated) focus on easy powerups and light story, but King Shura has a depth to its story with good development for the side characters too.

    IMO, among all the novels being translated, King Shura definitely comes out among the top in terms of story and character development. It is among the the few novels (less than 10 ) that I follow.

    So, I really, sincerely hope that you concentrate more on King Shura. It might even be better if you could set up a patreon account.

    1. I have mentioned this before, and I’ll mention it again. King Shura has nice development, and awesome characters, but the author had no idea on how to tie off loose ends in the novel. He buffed the main character to oblivion with all the abilities he gave, but the effects of these buffs were extremely underwhelming. He gave us so many side stories, and yet he never properly finished any of them. What happened to Peng Ga Ho, Cho Ryu Hyang’s childhood friend? Whatever happened to Cho Ryu Hyang’s father? There’s so much to cover, and the author just failed to cover any of them. I would absolutely love it if I could focus more on the story of King Shura, but given what the author showed to the readers right at the end of the story, I’m not sure if I’ll ever find the joy in translating it ever again.

      1. Hmm, I guess I didn’t see your previous announcement then. I didn’t know about it. Right now, it is certainly fun to read and I don’t think there are novels like it being translated right now.
        I did realize the powerups the MC got was a bit exaggerated, I mean he has been interacting with people that are beyond humans. But it was still interesting.
        I don’t know about the future chaps, so I could only form my opinions from what I have read till the current translated chap.

        Well, I guess I will just start reading ISBBTW then 🙂 Hopefully, this novel will be as fun as King Shura was. BTw MC isn’t a masochist right? The title sure seems to lead that way.

      1. Honestly speaking it’s not that we think you shouldn’t enjoy the story. There is absolutely no reason to apologize. It’s more like seeing a professional football player only playing with teens as a hobby or a 5 star cook work at hot-dog stand. We just want you to reach your highest point by doing work that is worthy of you. I think you are great translator, and would like to see you shine by translating more complex and all together better story.

        1. What are you on jase_LV? This LN is a freakin hidden gem. The Anti-Hero plot is strong with this story. And these type of Anti-Hero stories are hard to find. Plus it’s orchestrated beautifully.

          So who are you to judge on what the translator decides to translate? This reminds me kinda-sorta like a really dark and evil, ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Hahaha.

      2. Keep up the great work. ‘I’, for one, actually enjoy this LN immensely. And I hope you don’t drop it. +1.

        For those who are familiar with, ‘Everyone else is A Returnee’ and how popular it became overnight. I think this LN has the potential to snowball effect in the same way. ‘As in it’s popularity snowballing really quick’.

        It took Everyone else is a Returnee until chapter 144 until people started throwing thousands of dollars at the translator within a month or two. (aka the translator is probably going to have a mental break soon)

        Basically going from chapter 144 to 250+ in a month because the donations wouldn’t stop. (At $50 a chapter).

  5. Great Story. Would totally recommend this to anyone who’s into Anti-Hero Light novels (Such as Warlock of the Magus World).

    For people who are not into Anti-Hero Stories because it conflicts with your emotions to much. Then, please go read a ‘Unicorn Farting Rainbows’ story some place else.

    1. Also, I remember critiquing someone hard core who was bashing WMW all the way up until the Finally of the Twighlight Arc because he couldn’t understand Anti-Hero arcs.

      This LN is in the same category as WMW (in Regards to Anti-Hero Plot), so it’s hilarious to see people freak out over Dark Plots.

      I, for one, love these types of stories. So thank you for translating this Hidden Gem!!

    2. Please don’t compare this to WMW. The future readers will have a different idea from what this is. Leylin is an all-around villain, true cold-blooded scientist mofo.

      This guy is a typical Japanese cringe otaku MC conveniently inside an OP serial killer’s body for the sake of being OP. He is somewhat of an anti-hero yes. But not Leylin-kind of anti-hero. I was seriously surprised what in the bloody hell happened to his dialogue when it went full-cringe. It was okay at first (the dialogue) before he got out of the castle. Then it just turned into cringe-central when he met the cliche cringe otaku talk girl. The synopsis is superb, hooks you in. The idea is great. But the characters and dialogue are just nope.

  6. Also, how many chapters has the Author written so far? Anyone know? (I’m not talking about how many chapters the translator has done because we can easily see that on this sight).

  7. Well this novel starts off cool, becomes kind of a weird thing, eventually enters the time in which a character that loves to be in the story might get annoying (which it does for some of us), goes epic fighting, throws some dark themes at you and well it somehow makes it ok in the end, I say ok since from another point of view it would be amazing and heartfelt , a beautiful story that moves hearts and gives meaning to life and whatnot but yeah while it didn’t follow my wishes it is still pretty solid if you read it well enough you will find it good, I’d still recommend it for people who can endure the initial chapters so you can enjoy the last part of the novel.

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