IRAS: Chapter 624 – Question after question, the math questions that made everyone vomit blood!

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Chapter 624 Question after question, the math questions that made everyone vomit blood!

The were countless people waiting.

“Where are the questions?”

“Teacher Zhang, hurry up!”

“We’re all waiting for them!”

“I’m going to get Zhang Ye’s calligraphy for sure!”

“Haha, if all of us answer correctly, then with tens of thousands of us winning the calligraphy prize, Teacher Zhang might not be able to complete them even after his 30th birthday!”

“Hehehe, we can finally get something out of Zhang Ye!”

“Yeah, he has always been the one winning against others. Looks like the tables have finally turned. He will lose this for sure. The wisdom of the crowd is infinite. Everyone, let’s work together to finish off Teacher Zhang!”

“Let’s shake hands.”

“Let’s build an alliance!”

“Right, if one of us cannot win against him, then let’s stand together to deal with Teacher Zhang. Even if Teacher Zhang has superhuman powers, he can’t compete with the essence of everyone’s wisdom combined together. Besides, he has already stated that it will be a second or third grade type of math question, so this time, we must show Zhang Ye how good we are!”



“Let’s get ready, everyone!”

“We even have a Peking University Math Department teacher taking part, hahahaha. That means he’s Zhang Ye’s colleague, a fellow math teacher from the country’s best education institution. Zhang Ye must not have expected a fellow colleague would join in the fun, otherwise, how would he dare to boast and even put up prizes for the correct answer. Come on, let’s all follow the Peking University math teacher’s answer! Since the answers are all publicly shown and Zhang Ye’s rules don’t forbid copying either, shouldn’t it be alright?”

“Right, there’s also support from the Peking University students. These students are all the most straight-A students among the straight-A students. I don’t believe that, with so many of us, we can’t crack some elementary math questions!”

Everyone felt confident. Along with Zhang Ye’s teasing antics earlier to fan up interest, everyone was stoked and took up the challenge. If they could make Zhang Ye—who had an unblemished record in online battles—taste defeat this time, everyone would surely be delighted to see it. Even Zhang Ye’s hardcore fans did not mind this outcome. You could even say they couldn’t wish more for this outcome as they were the ones who were shouting and belittling Zhang Ye more than anyone else. Faced with such a scene, many people were overwhelmed. They wondered just how damn unlikeable Teacher Zhang could get!

However, Zhang Ye kept his calm and was tickled by all that was happening. He understood that this was actually how an entertainment star should be. Being belittled like this by the fans and people was actually not a reflection of them disliking you. Just like what was happening here right now, it meant that everyone actually really liked Zhang Ye.

It was time for the question!

Watched by tens of thousands of pairs of eyes, the first question was released!

The first problem of Zhang Ye’s Classroom: Little Zhang is the owner of a shoe shop. A pair of shoes cost ¥20 to buy and sell for ¥30. A customer pays with a ¥50 bill, but as Little Zhang did not have any spare change, he takes the ¥50 to a neighboring shop to change for five ¥10 notes. Finally, he gives ¥20 of change to the customer. Later, when the neighboring shop discovers that the ¥50 note is counterfeit, Little Zhang has no choice but to pay them ¥50. All in all, how much money did Little Zhang lose?

“It’s just this question?”

“It looks pretty simple!”

“Haha, come on, this looks like a very normal question.”

Many people had posted their comments immediately when they saw this question. After doing some calculations, they also posted their answers onto Weibo and felt that they had answered it correctly. However, after they had posted their answers online, they were in for a shock when they discovered that even in their group, people had different answers to the question!

Some answered 20 RMB.

Some said it was 30 RMB.

There were also those who answered with 50 RMB.

They all nearly got into an argument over this.

“It’s obviously 20 RMB!”

“No, it has to be 50 RMB, do you all know how to math at all?”

“It definitely has to be 30 RMB, if it’s not, I’ll run into a wall!”

“It’s 60!”

The first question had already stumped most of the people who participated. Only then did these people realize how that was not some damned normal question at all. There was surely some trick to it somewhere, otherwise, why would they all arrive at different answers?

However, what left them truly shocked were the next set of questions!

After reading the next few questions, everyone suddenly felt that the first question was indeed just a very normal and typical elementary math question!


The second problem was next.

From 1 to 10, these numbers have been divided into four groups:

1, 3, 7, 8;


5, 9;

2, 4, 6.

Please explain the pattern that was used to separate them into their groups.


“What is this?”

“Pattern? How is there any pattern in that ass fart of a sequence!”

“Permutations and combinations? It isn’t that either! Besides, this topic shouldn’t be covered in the syllabus for elementary school math, right? Aren’t these numbers just randomly arranged? There’s no pattern at all!”

“Your sister, what kind of questions are these!”

“I’m going crazy!”

The netizens began to be stunned by what they were looking at.


Followed by the third problem.

7111=0. 8809=6. 2172=0. 6666=4. 1111=0. 2222=0. 0000=4. 5555=0. 8193=3. 8096=5. 4398=3. 9475=1. 9038=4. 3148=2.

Derive the following:


“Holy f**k!”

“I’m gonna faint!”


“Is this an addition-subtraction equation? Using the above established answers to do addition and subtraction!”

“Let me check which two figures when subtracted would give 2889.”

“That’s not right, there’s no way to do add or subtract with those numbers to get 2889 at all!”



Question 4: 

This was a picture-based problem.

In the first row: The images below are aliens—followed by four pictures of organisms

In the second row: The images below are not aliens—followed by four pictures of organisms

The question came at the third row where five pictures of organisms were shown: Please circle which of the following are aliens.


“None of these pictures are the same!”

“How can we deduce anything like that?”

“In my opinion, these are all f**king aliens!”

Finally, Zhang Ye said: “Alright, it’s just these four questions for now, so everyone please give them a try. There are still 40 minutes left. If you can answer all of them correctly, there will be a prize. There are no rules; you may copy other peoples’ answers too. Just collate all of the answers and comment with a Weibo account and that is enough. Finally, I would like to assure everyone that these are really just elementary math problems for primary school students. I won’t set a question for everyone if it exceeds the level of fifth grade students.”

When everyone saw this, they went even crazier!

“I’m so shocked that I have pissed my pants!”

“Heavens! Is the world of a primary school student really so terrible and scary??”

“Primary school students! You guys win! I kneel to you!”

“Kneeling as well!”

“I’ve knelt!”

“Firmly kneeling down!”

“I’ll no longer look down on primary school students!”

Those Weibo users who were still confidently trying to show Zhang Ye earlier what they could do were now all either dumbfounded or vomiting blood!

Only at this moment did they realize just how much of a bastard Zhang Ye could be. How wondrous and terrifying could Zhang Ye’s math problems get? They were basically more wondrous and more terrifying than the most wondrous and most terrifying math questions!!

“No way, I need to give this some thought!”

“There has to be a way to answer these. Let’s put our heads together, everyone!”

“Who has the magical being known as a ‘primary school student’ in their homes? Quickly bring them out to help solve these questions!”

“Right, find a primary school student!”

“Pfft, you guys are too cute!”

“I give up! I’ve already fried my brains thinking!”

“I’ve finally realized that we’re not going to be able to enjoy ourselves seeing Zhang Ye lose. This person is a f**king psycho! He’s a psycho and so are his questions!”


“Zhang Ye, you cheat!”

“I’ve totally never seen such wondrous questions before!”

Chapter 624 Question after question, the math questions that made everyone vomit blood!

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  1. Woah bruh, what a war
    Look at those netizen
    It’s like when GM of my game sever get denounce cuz lack of response to the player complaint

    1. Not sure but…
      1. 50(paid for counterfeit) + 20(change) + 30(item sold) = 100
      2. How Chinese pronounce vowels (don’t know what they’re called)
      3. Based on holes on numbers so 5
      4. All the aliens under row one

      1. Oh that’s right, he gave him change too!
        I’d say 20 for the item since they cost 20 to buy but are worth 30 to sell, so arguably he lost 90?
        (haven’t looked at the answers yet :D)

    1. For the first one the answer is 40 RMB. He gave away 20 RMB as change and a pair of shoes that cost him 20 RMB and essentially got nothing for it.

      For the second one I have no clue.

      For the 3rd one the answer is 5 which is the sum of all the circles in the 4 digits (so zero for every 1,2,3,4,5,7 one for every 6,9,0 and two for every 8).

      For the 4th one I am not sure at all since I’m not good at visualizing stuff but my guess is that none of the organisms are aliens. The text at the second row said none of the organisms BELOW are aliens. Since the second set of pictures was in the second row, the organisms there weren’t below the statement, they were just next to it. So the set of pictures below that statement should be the 3rd set. With the same logic the aliens are the set of pictures at the second row and we have no clue about the organisms shown in the first row.

  2. first loses:20 shoe given with no profit(could be 30 if using the shelf price)
    second loses:20 fraud money which need to payback to neighbour=20 was given to customer but 30 was given back to neighbour with another debt 20
    third loses:20 changes given to customer
    total 60 or 70 -.- im not sure if this correct since one of the them also gives same answer as me

    1. Think you missed something when calculating what he got from the neighbour. Let’s take it step by step:

      1) He gave shoes that cost him 20 RMB for a piece of worthless paper. Total Balance = -20 RMB
      2) He got 50 RMB from his neighbour for a piece of worthless paper. Total Balance = 30 RMB
      3) He gave 20 RMB as change. Total Balance = 10 RMB
      4) He gave back 50 RMB to the neighbour. Total Balance = -40 RMB

  3. 1: 20 (for costumer) + 50 (for neighbour shop owner) + maybe 20 (to rebuy a new shoe…not sure that is included or adult thinking) so either 70 or 90 is the answer!
    2: guess i need to know chinese for that
    3: 5
    4: none (row 2 says no aliens BELOW… in row 3 are no aliens…only the 4 in row 2)

    1. saw pic for 4 in preview….still none but only first row of pics has aliens (from text you could not see that pics are below the first row so actualy in the 2nd row…….)

  4. 1. He gifted customer 50 RMB + 50 RMB for counterfeit = 100
    2. dunno, i think it’s essence was lost in english
    3. 2889 = 5 circles
    4. huh, is it question??? just bunch of alliens, all of them are ALIENS!!!!! Zhang Ye too is ALIEN!!! WHAT SORT OF QUESTION IS THAT!!!

  5. Usually with a sale he would make a profit of 10 Rs

    but this time he gave away that shoe losing (either 20 Rs cost price or 30Rs market price) and also he gave 20Rs white money to the cheater in exchange for a worthless fake Rs 50.

    So in all he made a clean loss of 20+20 = 40 or if you consider expected profit then 30+20 = 50 Loss.

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