I’m Really a Superstar (我真是大明星) – Index

Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Slice Of Life, Supernatural, Chinese

Original Synopsis:

Zhang Ye was originally a mundane college graduate, cursed with below average looks and height but with aspiring dreams of becoming famous. However one day, he woke up and suddenly found himself in a parallel world!

In this new world, most things were similar to his previous world but there existed subtle differences, be it: brands, celebrities or even famous works!

Armed with the knowledge of his previous world and a heaven-defying Game Ring that gives him magical items, stats and skills, Zhang Ye embarks on a journey to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a celebrity.

Follow Zhang Ye as he takes the new world by storm, one plagiarized piece at a time, to hilarious reactions!

Author:  尝谕 (Chang Yu)

Status: 1570 Chapters (Ongoing) Qidian RAWS

Translated by: Legge & CKtalon


Radio Station arc
Chapter 0 – I Want to Be a Star!
Chapter 1 – The World After Being Altered!
Chapter 2 – I Can Save?
Chapter 3 – Dumbfounded Interviewers!
Chapter 4 – A “The Song of the Stormy Petrel” to Shock the Masses!
Chapter 5 – Being Hired!
Chapter 6 – Laundry Day!
Chapter 7 – First Day of Work
Chapter 8 – Trying the “Unlucky Sticker”!
Chapter 9 – The extremely unlucky Tian Bin!
Chapter 10 – ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’ is Born!
Chapter 11 – Having His Own Program!
Chapter 12 – Tidal-like Good Comments from Listeners!
Chapter 13 – The Listenership Rating for the Program Explodes!
Chapter 14 – A late-night Segment has Actually Turned Popular!
Chapter 15 – Opening a Treasure Chest Again!
Chapter 16 – The Door Opened!
Chapter 17 – Little Zhang, Quickly Run!
Chapter 18 – The Channel’s Number One Girl Doesn’t Acknowledge Him!
Chapter 19 – Someone Wants to Commit Suicide During a Live Broadcast!
Chapter 20 – That “The Furthest Distance in the World” Poem
Chapter 21 – The Person Who can Cure a Cultured Youth is Another Cultured Youth
Chapter 22 – Appearing on the Newspapers!
Chapter 23 – Becoming Slightly Famous!
Chapter 24 – Giving You Another Poem!
Chapter 25 – There are Advertising Sponsors!
Chapter 26 – Encountering a tough problem!
Chapter 27 – Getting a Big Prize in the Lottery!
Chapter 28 – An Amazing Unscripted Performance!
Chapter 29 – What is Your Most Expensive Dish Here?
Chapter 30 – The War of Words on Weibo!
Chapter 31 – Every Cursing Sentence is Classic!
Chapter 32 – The Popularity Gained from Cursing!
Chapter 33 – I Guess I Should Write a Self-reflective Essay!
Chapter 34 – Rejecting the Leader!
Chapter 35 – Hosting a New Segment!
Chapter 36 – The Legendary Jinx!
Chapter 37 – My Segment Will Not Go Off-air!
Chapter 38 – Zhang Ye narrates “Snow White”!
Chapter 39 – Today it’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”!
Chapter 40 – Fairytale Essay Competition!
Chapter 41 – Zhang Ye’s Troll Fan Army!
Chapter 42 – Deserving of First Place!
Chapter 43 – An Insane Listenership Count!
Chapter 44 – Will it really not be axed?
Chapter 45 – The Serialization of “The Wizard of Oz”!
Chapter 46 – Another Crazy Surge in the Listenership Rating!
Chapter 47 – The Parents Are Revolting!
Chapter 48 – The Program Won’t Be Axed!
Chapter 49
Chapter 50 – The Heavenly Queen’s Personality Can’t Be That Bad!
Chapter 51 – Comrade Little Zhang has been Cursed At Again!
Chapter 52 – Who Dares Say ‘Teacher Zhang Can’t Write Poems’?
Chapter 53 – Obtaining the Heavenly Queen’s Cellphone Number!
Chapter 54 – Mid-Autumn Festival’s Poetry Meet!
Chapter 55 – You Don’t Meet Unless You Are Enemies!
Chapter 56 – One Poem After Another!
Chapter 57 – Zhang Ye’s Anger, “Shuidiao Getou“!
Chapter 58 – The Masterpiece that Shocked the Entire Hall!
Chapter 59 – A Shocking Vote Count!
Chapter 60 – Using Mo Yan’s Prize Acceptance Speech!
Chapter 61 – The Weibo Messages of the People from the Writers’ Association have been Deleted!
Chapter 62 – Family Dinner
Chapter 63 – Can You Get Zhang Yuanqi’s Signature?
Chapter 64 – New Feature of the Lottery – Additional Stakes!
Chapter 65 – The Amazing Effects of the Fruit of Charm!
Chapter 66 – The Olive Branch Held Out by the Television Station!
Chapter 67 – The Rookie that was about to Make History!
Chapter 68 – Refreshing a New Historical Record!
Chapter 69 – Little Zhang Reached the Top of the Literature Channel!
Chapter 70 – The Silver Microphone Awards Nomination
Chapter 71 – You Really Think I’m a Pushover!?
Chapter 72 – The Silver Microphone Awards’ Nomination List has been Released!
Chapter 73 – This Time it’s Smacking the Leader’s Face!
Chapter 74 – The Awardee’s Name has been Messed Up!
Chapter 75 – Zhang Ye’s Miraculous Win!
Chapter 76 – Does this Award Count?
Chapter 77 – A Poem to “Thank” the Unit and the Leaders!
Chapter 78 – One of the Station Leaders Fainted!
Chapter 79 – Zhang Ye — Synonymous with Notoriety!
Chapter 80 – This World’s Celebrity Rankings!
Chapter 81 – The Absolute Unsparing Duo!
Chapter 82 – Zhang Ye brings the Child to School!
Chapter 83 – Zhang Ye Writes an Elementary School Composition!
Chapter 84 – You are That Zhang Ye?
Chapter 85 – Could I Have an Autograph?

Television Station arc
Chapter 86 – Little Zhang Seeks Employment!
Chapter 87 – Selling the Copyright to the Novel and Fairy tales!
Chapter 88 – The Competition for the Rights to Ghost Blows Out the Light
Chapter 89 – Helping an Old Colleague!
Chapter 90 – The Chance for an Interview at the Television Station Has Come!
Chapter 91 – Television Station Interview – Literature Contest!
Chapter 92 – “This is also Everything”!
Chapter 93 – The Outcome of the Interview?
Chapter 94 – A Huge Discovery About the Lottery!
Chapter 95 – You are Changing Persons!
Chapter 96 – Face Smacking Specialist!
Chapter 97 – Night!
Chapter 98 – The Landlady’s Loss
Chapter 99 – The Five Million Copyright Fee has been Banked In!
Chapter 100 – Buying a Car!
Chapter 101 – One Day at the Television Station
Chapter 102 – Car Was Smashed by a Flower Pot!
Chapter 103 – Colleagues Realize Zhang Ye’s Glorious Deeds!
Chapter 104 – The Crisis for the Television Station’s Public Service Advertisement!
Chapter 105 – An Excellent Advertisement Exalted by the Masses!
Chapter 106 – The Heavenly Queen Comes Again!
Chapter 107 – The Commotion Caused by the Advertisement!
Chapter 108 – Where did this Zhang Ye appear from?
Chapter 109 – Calligraphy Skills Experience Book!
Chapter 110 – Beijing Couplet Competition Begins!
Chapter 111 – The Preliminaries Begin!
Chapter 112 – The Last Question that No One could Match!
Chapter 113 – Zhang Ye’s Second Half!
Chapter 114 – Miraculous Couplet Matching Miraculous Couplet!
Chapter 115 – The Buzz from the Live Webcast!
Chapter 116 – A Situation During the Finals!
Chapter 117 – Zhang Ye’s Reputation Crisis?
Chapter 118 – The Three Couplets of the Finals!
Chapter 119 – A God-Like Zhang Ye, Shocking Couplets!
Chapter 120 – Zhang Ye’s Millennial Impossibility!
Chapter 121 – This World has another Millennial Impossibility!
Chapter 122 – Face Smacking Specialist is Back!
Chapter 123 – This Time, His Reputation has Really Gone Bad!
Chapter 124 – “Facing the Sea with Spring Blossoms”!
Chapter 125 – Countless Lottery Draws!
Chapter 126 – The New Segment is Going on Air!
Chapter 127 – The Recording of the Segment’s First Episode!
Chapter 128 – Let Them Get Lost. I’ll Lecture!
Chapter 129 – Little Zhang Creates “Lecture Room”!
Chapter 130 – “Lecture Room – Zhang Ye’s Analysis of the Three Kingdoms”
Chapter 131 – A Professor was Dumbfounded by Zhang Ye’s Questions!
Chapter 132 – Unending Applause from the Audience!
Chapter 133 – Waiting for the Rating!
Chapter 134 – An Alarming Rating!
Chapter 135 – Extreme Validation from Beijing University’s Professor!
Chapter 136 – The Difficulty of Getting One Live Ticket!
Chapter 137 – Meeting Thieves in Crime!
Chapter 138 – Zhang Ye’s Shows His Prowess!
Chapter 139 – Teacher Zhang Shamelessly Refuses to Leave!
Chapter 140 – Taking Advantage again!
Chapter 141 – Introduce a girl to Zhang Ye?
Chapter 142 – Growing Success of “Lecture Room”!
Chapter 143 – Establishing Zhang Ye’s Official Fanclub!
Chapter 144 – A Fan is Diagnosed with a Terminal Illness!
Chapter 145 – ZhangYeNumber1Fan is Jumping off a Building!
Chapter 146 – Zhang Ye Takes Care of the Surgery Fees!
Chapter 147 – Gathering the Surgery Fees!
Chapter 148 – A Celebrity Goes Broke to Save a Fan!
Chapter 149 – If You Do Not Leave Me, I Will Always Be at Your Side Until the End of Life
Chapter 150 – The Amazing Fruit of Charm!
Chapter 151 – Not Giving the Leader Face!
Chapter 152 – Beating the sh*t out of Wang Shuixin’s Son
Chapter 153 – Zhang Ye has been Arrested!
Chapter 154 – Causing an Uproar!
Chapter 155 – Zhang Ye’s “My Confession”!
Chapter 156 – Fans Seek Justice for Zhang Ye!
Chapter 157 – Another “Prisoner’s Song”!
Chapter 158 – That Zhang Ye is Writing a Poem Again?
Chapter 159 – The Heavenly Queen gives Zhang Ye a “Like” on Weibo!
Chapter 160 – We Aren’t Issued with Bayonets!
Chapter 161 – The Heavenly Queen asks Zhang Ye for Help!
Chapter 162 – Does your House need to install Broadband?
Chapter 163 – The Fleeing Duo!
Chapter 164 – The Music Copyright to “When Will the Moon Be Clear and Bright”?
Chapter 165 – Zhang Ye sings “Wishing We Last Forever”!
Chapter 166 – The Heavenly Queen Behaves like a Scoundrel!
Chapter 167 – “Wishing We Last Forever” Turns Viral!
Chapter 168 – Everyone Asks for a Song from Zhang Ye!
Chapter 169 – Finishing the Recording of Every Episode of ‘Analysis of the Three Kingdoms’!
Chapter 170 – Zhang Ye’s Rage!
Chapter 171 – Receiving the Attention of Society!
Chapter 172 – Editor Wei’s Funeral Wake Begins!
Chapter 173 – Editor Wei’s Daughter’s Poem!
Chapter 174 – The Shocking Poem at the Funeral Wake!
Chapter 175 – Wang Shuixin gets Beaten Up!
Chapter 176 – The Police Station Does Not Dare Arrest Zhang Ye!
Chapter 177 – The News’ Evaluation of Zhang Ye!
Chapter 178 – Helping Zhang Ye Find a Job!
Chapter 179 – Why care at all – be it winter, summer, spring or fall!
Chapter 180 – Another Item Added to The Game’s Merchant Shop!
Chapter 181 – Zhang Ye’s Taiji Fist!
Chapter 182 – Zhang Ye is Publishing Another Book!
Chapter 183 – The Heavenly Queen is going to be Zhang Ye’s Wife?
Chapter 184 – The Misunderstanding of the Publishing House’s Employees!
Chapter 185
Chapter 186 – Heavenly Queen Zhang Meets Mystery Man Late Into The Night!
Chapter 187 – Curtains!
Chapter 188 – In the Same Bed!
Chapter 189 – Caught by a bunch of reporters?
Chapter 190 – Prophetic Escape!
Chapter 191 – Teacher Little Zhang joins the Film Crew!
Chapter 192 – Zhang Ye’s Real and Fake Kung Fu!
Chapter 193 – Fighting with Monks!
Chapter 194 – Zhang Ye’s Taiji Fist 1 vs 4!
Chapter 195 – Zhang Ye Discusses Buddhist Verses with Monks!
Chapter 196 – Zhang Ye’s one gatha after Another!
Chapter 197 – Conferring Words!
Chapter 198 – You dare to believe Zhang Ye’s words?
Chapter 199 – “Zhang Ye’s Compilation” Signing Event!
Chapter 200 – WebTV’s Invitation for Zhang Ye!
Chapter 201 – About to Leave Beijing!
Chapter 202 – Extreme Boldness!
Chapter 203

WebTV arc
Chapter 204
Chapter 205 – School Belle!
Chapter 206 – Game Difficulty Adjustment!
Chapter 207
Chapter 208 – Zhang Ye Appears
Chapter 209 – Teacher Zhang Ye, I love you to death!
Chapter 210 – You can’t open the lock? Let me do it!
Chapter 211 – Who Knows How to Fly a Plane?
Chapter 212 – Teacher Zhang, you really know how to fly a plane!
Chapter 213 – Bro, how do I get to Hong Qiao airport?
Chapter 214 – You China Airlines are too much a bully
Chapter 215 – Everyone’s attention on the plane that lost communications!
Chapter 216 – The Hair-raising Landing!
Chapter 217 – The Applause for Teacher Zhang!
Chapter 218 – The Kissing Bet with the School Belle!
Chapter 219 – On Central TV News!
Chapter 220 – Most Raffish Host in History!
Chapter 221 – The Airport Holds an Appreciation Ceremony!
Chapter 222 – New House has been decided on
Chapter 223 – This is the Legendary Zhang Ye?
Chapter 224 – The School Belle is also in the Same Company?
Chapter 225 – Using the Red String of Fate!
Chapter 226 – Stuck in the Ladies’!
Chapter 227 – The Pioneer of Talk Shows in this World!
Chapter 228 – Living with the School belle!
Chapter 229 – What is a Talk Show?
Chapter 230 – No One is Optimistic!
Chapter 231 – I am Zhang Ye, I speak for myself!
Chapter 232 – “I’ll Speak for Myself” Released on the Web!
Chapter 233 – Promotional Advertisement Published!
Chapter 234 – National Buzz!
Chapter 235 – Zhang Ye’s Fashionable Body!
Chapter 236 – Program Title Introduction, “I’ll Feed a Bag of Salt to Myself”!
Chapter 237 – Fusing all Talk Show programs!
Chapter 238 – Talk Show’s Recording Begins!
Chapter 239 – Talk Show’s Recording…Really Begins!
Chapter 240 – The Live Scene Filled with a Volley of Laughter!
Chapter 241 – The First Episode of a Talk Show Comes to a Successful Ending!
Chapter 242 – The Program that Shocks the World!
Chapter 243 – The Airing of Talk Show!
Chapter 244 – So a Program Can be Done this Way!
Chapter 245 – Zhang Ye—Please remember this name!
Chapter 246 – Zhang Ye’s Ratings Legend Continues!
Chapter 247 – A Program Staff Credit List that Shocks Everyone!
Chapter 248 – Live broadcast? Nothing I’m afraid of!
Chapter 249 – A war of words begins again!
Chapter 250 – WebTV’s First Historical Live Broadcast!
Chapter 251 – Zhang Ye’s Continuous Saving off the Situation!
Chapter 252 – Teacher Zhang begins Cursing!
Chapter 253 – Zhang Ye’s Cursing Time!
Chapter 254 – Scolding till the Skies Go Dark!
Chapter 255 – Great Victory!
Chapter 256 – A change in schedules for the Talk Show!
Chapter 257 – Numerous Television Stations Head-hunt Zhang Ye!
Chapter 258 – Which is the best in excavating technology?
Chapter 259
Chapter 260 – Sneak attack on the school belle!
Chapter 261
Chapter 262 – Talk Show Gets Taken Off Air?
Chapter 263 – If the tiger doesn’t roar, do you think I’m an ill cat?
Chapter 264 – The SARFT’s Press Conference!
Chapter 265 – During the Live Broadcast!
Chapter 266 – Zhang Ye’s “The Answer”!
Chapter 267 – That familiar Teacher Zhang is back again!
Chapter 268 – “The Last Speech” of Zhang Ye!
Chapter 269 – Solidarity from Everywhere!
Chapter 270 – A Carefree Soul!
Chapter 271 – A man answers for what he does!
Chapter 272 – That “Sunflower in the Sun”!
Chapter 273 – One Scolding a Day!
Chapter 274 – The Target of Scrutiny by the SARFT!
Chapter 275 – Another War of Words with ‘Working Together’!
Chapter 276
Chapter 277 – Li Tao’s Reputation Destroyed!
Chapter 278 – Hacker Zhang Ye!
Chapter 279 – Support Genuine Products!
Chapter 280 – Finally found Li Tao’s skeletons!
Chapter 281 – Revealed at roughly 8:20!
Chapter 282 – Offering a Limerick!
Chapter 283 – “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” Restored!
Chapter 284 – Top of the SARFT’s Blacklist—Zhang Ye!

Dream of the Red Chamber Arc
Chapter 285 – Peking University’s Invitation!
Chapter 286 – Going to Peking University’s Chinese Department as a Lecturer!
Chapter 287 – Joining 3rd Cousin’s New Year’s Party!
Chapter 288 – Zhang Ye can’t write Love Poems?
Chapter 289 – Third Cousin’s Poem Stolen!
Chapter 290 – “To The Oak” saves the day!
Chapter 291 – It’s Zhang Ye!
Chapter 292 – Focus of the Party!
Chapter 293 – Chinese department’s Leaders are Stumped!
Chapter 294 – Officially Joining Peking University!
Chapter 295 – The Excited Peking University Students!
Chapter 296 – Peking University’s Students’ Questions!
Chapter 297 – A Different Peking University Teacher!
Chapter 298 – The ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’ that No One Dares to Teach!
Chapter 299 – This World’s Misconception of Dream of the Red Chamber!
Chapter 300 – Breaking! Zhang Ye is to become a Peking University lecturer?
Chapter 301 – There’s no need to thank me, Just call me Red-scarf Scout!
Chapter 302 – Blasted!
Chapter 303 – An extremely packed public class!
Chapter 304 – Zhang Ye’s Dropping of Atomic Bombshells!
Chapter 305 – The Later Parts of ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’ were not written by Cao Xueqin?
Chapter 306 – A Lecture that Subverts All Understanding!
Chapter 307 – Speechlessness!
Chapter 308 – One bombshell after another!
Chapter 309 – This is the precursor of re-writing History!
Chapter 310 – The First lesson is over!
Chapter 311 – Poked a Hornet’s Nest!
Chapter 312 – Zhang Ye’s Response—Let the world laugh about me
Chapter 313 – Losing all decorum with the Literary world!
Chapter 314 – Curse Him Curse Him Curse Him Curse Him!
Chapter 315 – The Landlady Auntie on a Blind date?
Chapter 316 – Compete with Zhang Ye in couplets?
Chapter 317 – Senior Sis, You’re Hoodwinking Us Buddies!
Chapter 318 – The Anticipation-Filled Day!
Chapter 319 – The Second Public Lecture!
Chapter 320 – ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’ only has 108 Chapters!
Chapter 321 – Unprecedented!
Chapter 322 – I can explain it all!
Chapter 323 – Answering Every Logical Error!
Chapter 324 – The Students Refuse to End Class!
Chapter 325 – The Redologists Strike Back?
Chapter 326 – A Plot No One Dares to Touch in ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’!
Chapter 327 – Applause. Everyone Stands Up!
Chapter 328 – The hope of Peking University’s Chinese department!
Chapter 329 – How People Looked at Zhang Ye
Chapter 330 – The path of Peking University was the right one!
Chapter 331
Chapter 332
Chapter 333 – What to talk about for the third lecture?
Chapter 334 – Breaking New Ground Again!
Chapter 335 – This Semester’s Last Class!

Peking University Arc
Wu Zeqing's Birthday Arc
Spring Festival Gala Arc
Chapter 384 – The Brain Gold Advertisement that Gets Cursed Badly!
Chapter 385 – Completely Sold Out in the Supermarkets!
Chapter 386 – Brain Gold is Selling Like Hotcakes!
Chapter 387 – Receiving an A-list Celebrity’s Endorsement Fee!
Chapter 388 – An Advertising Proposal that Created History!
Chapter 389 – A situation at the Spring Festival Gala!
Chapter 390 – New Song? I’ll Write it For You!
Chapter 391 – The Song has been Written!
Chapter 392 – Going Onstage!
Chapter 393 – The never waning “Woman Flower”!
Chapter 394 – Who could have written this song?
Chapter 395 – Friend of Women!
Chapter 396 – A Stunning Scene in the Dressing Room!
Chapter 397 – The Heavenly Queen Rescues the Situation!
Chapter 398 – The Heavenly Queen’s Clothes!
Chapter 399 – New Year’s Goal!
Chapter 400 – Something Has Happened Again!
Chapter 401 – Zhang Ye’s One Kick!
Chapter 402 – Another Person Is Sent Flying!
Chapter 403 – Beating up Three People Consecutively!
Chapter 404 – Today, it will be useless no matter who comes!
Chapter 405 – Because “I love this land”!
Chapter 406 – Shouldering all Responsibility!
Chapter 407 – We can do it too!
Chapter 408 – An extremely packed police station!
Chapter 409 – How did I, Zhang Ye, deserve this?
Chapter 410 – Out!
Chapter 411 – A C-list Celebrity Ranking Obtained From Fighting!
Chapter 412 – Zhang Ye is Injured!
Chapter 413 – Zhang Ye’s “Personally Inscribed on a Small Picture”
Chapter 414 – I sacrifice my blood in the Yellow Emperor’s name!
Chapter 415 – Recuperating!
Chapter 416
Chapter 417 – This world’s missing Taiji Fist!
Chapter 418 – The privileges of being sick!
Chapter 419 – Lucky draw, X-ray vision eye drops!
Chapter 420 – A great harvest of Items!
Chapter 421 – Release of the single!
Chapter 422 – The power of the Lucky Halo!
Chapter 423 – Zhang Ye gains even more popularity!

Cyber Police Arc
Chapter 424 – How People Thought of Zhang Ye!
Chapter 425 – An eccentric short haired beauty!
Chapter 426 – Officer Fan!
Chapter 427 – You are Big Saber Bro?
Chapter 428 – Sino-Korean cyber warfare!
Chapter 429 – Display of Officer Fan’s Awesome Prowess!
Chapter 430 – Legendary hacker!
Chapter 431 – Another round of battles!
Chapter 432 – Zhang Ye Makes his move!
Chapter 433 – Whoever offends the mighty nation of China, however distant, shall be destroyed!
Chapter 434 – Famous virus — Panda Burning Incense!
Chapter 435 – Creation of the Virus Completed!
Chapter 436 – Attack of the Virus!
Chapter 437 – Red Alert at the Global Malware Protection Center!
Chapter 438 – I don’t care!
Chapter 439 – The virus rages on!
Chapter 440 – The world’s top 10 viruses!
Chapter 441 – The inexorable panda!
Chapter 442 – Panda Burning Incense’s multiple variants!
Chapter 443 – Extermination!
Chapter 444 – We do not accept your surrender!
Chapter 445 – The aftermath of the virus, a suffering of heavy losses!
Chapter 446 – The world’s most dangerous computer viruses rankings!
Chapter 447 – World Hacker Rankings!
Chapter 448 – Wanted Globally!
Chapter 449 – Aunt’s Family has a Problem
Chapter 450 – The despised comrade Little Zhang!
Chapter 451 – Septwolves’ Advertisement Tagline!
Chapter 452 – What does your brother do!?
Chapter 453 – A Stunning tiny Blogshop!
Chapter 454 – My goal is the Sea of Stars!
Chapter 455 – Babysitter Zhang Ye!

Crosstalk Competition Arc
Chapter 456: A terrifying amount of Reputation Points!
Chapter 457 – Leveling up in Taiji Fist again!
Chapter 458 – A big prize!
Chapter 459 – The most stringent ban in history!
Chapter 460 – Going to be dropped!
Chapter 461 – Notions of the People!
Chapter 462 – Only so much!
Chapter 463 – Where is the way out?
Chapter 464 – Zhang Ye does not dare show his face?
Chapter 465 – About to Drop out of the C-list Celebrity Rankings?
Chapter 466 – No matter where the winds blow!
Chapter 467 – Reputation actually grew!
Chapter 468 – Another masterpiece of Li Bai!
Chapter 469 – “If by life you were deceived”
Chapter 470 – Fellow sufferers!
Chapter 471 – Let’s go, off to sign up!
Chapter 472 – Time for a counteroffensive!
Chapter 473 – Zhang Ye’s Big Move!
Chapter 474 – Lowering Difficulty by Five Times!
Chapter 475 – Huge Blunder!
Chapter 476 – Got onto a live broadcast?
Chapter 477 – The madness of Central TV!
Chapter 478 – A crosstalk performance 7-8 years ahead of its time!
Chapter 479 – I am a Scholar!
Chapter 480 – Embodiment of Guo Degang!
Chapter 481 – The first preliminary round has ended!
Chapter 482 – First!
Chapter 483 – This is what a man of God is!
Chapter 484 – Second Work is Decided!
Chapter 485 – I will reject the Three Vulgarities!
Chapter 486 – Arrival of the Jinx!
Chapter 487 – Disparaging Begins!
Chapter 488 – This is what Crosstalk is about!
Chapter 489: Judges chased off by scoldings!
Chapter 490 – The Kings without a crown!
Chapter 491 – Whatever goes!
Chapter 492 – Voices of everyone!
Chapter 493 – Arrival of the 3rd Crosstalk performance!
Chapter 494 – A compilation of Guo Degang’s crosstalks!
Chapter 495 – Scolding and scolding. Scolding all the way!
Chapter 496 – Wave after wave of destruction!
Chapter 497 – I don’t know speed recital?
Chapter 498 – Champions!
Chapter 499 – The crosstalk and skit competition gets called off!

Dale's Conjecture arc
Chapter 500 – Wooing Sis Wu!
Chapter 501 – A traveler’s necessity novel “Legend of Wukong”!
Chapter 502 – A new work!
Chapter 503 – “I want for the sky to not cover my eyes!”
Chapter 504 – Well received reactions!
Chapter 505 – Zhang Ye’s wondrous way of cooking up publicity!
Chapter 506 – The year’s greatest scolding war!
Chapter 507 – Photographing again!
Chapter 508 – Confessing to Old Wu!
Chapter 509 – I’m willing to become the stone bridge for 500 years!
Chapter 510 – Holding hands!
Chapter 511 – Token of Love
Chapter 512 – The International Math Olympiad!
Chapter 513 – You must have calculated that with a calculator?
Chapter 514 – Zhang Ye’s nationalistic youth spirit!
Chapter 515 – One of the world’s Top 10 Mathematical Conjectures!
Chapter 516 – Fermat’s Last Theorem!
Chapter 517 – Declaring war on the Mathematics world with “On Horses”!
Chapter 518 – Never afraid of a big mess!
Chapter 519 – Zhang Ye Solving a Mathematical Conjecture!
Chapter 520 – A shocking hypothesis!
Chapter 521 – Zhang Ye the Mathematician!
Chapter 522 – All the mathematicians were constantly feeling stunned!
Chapter 523 – An Omni-directional shockwave!
Chapter 524 – The proof, completed!
Chapter 525 – A global mathematical conjecture has been proven!
Chapter 526 – I find that thumb ring to be quite attractive!
Chapter 527 – Chinese is what I’m good at!
Chapter 528 – A token of love!
Chapter 529
Chapter 530 – People across the country were stunned!
Chapter 531 – People across the country were stunned again!
Chapter 532 – People across the country continued to be stunned!
Chapter 533 – People across the country…are alright now!
Chapter 534
Chapter 535 – Unbanned?
Chapter 536 – Never, ever compromise!
Chapter 537 – Zhang Ye’s “The Road Not Taken”!
Chapter 538 – Zhang Ye’s retort!
Chapter 539 – The Difficulty Adjustment Die’s ultimate power!

Peking University Incident arc
Return to the Television Station? arc
The Voice arc
Chapter 598 The Upgraded Effects of the Lucky Halo!
Chapter 599 Invitation from the crew of Grandmasters!
Chapter 600 Acting audition?
Chapter 601 Are you, like, a professional actor?
Chapter 602 Zhang Ye’s Eight Trigrams Palm!
Chapter 603 Landing the Role!
Chapter 604 The consciousness of a teacher of the people is higher
Chapter 605 Authentic Taiji Fist!
Chapter 606 Now this is Taiji Fist!
Chapter 607 You guys win!
Chapter 608 Countdown to the movie’s release!
Chapter 609 Day of the Premiere!
Chapter 610 Grandmasters’ box office earnings!
Chapter 611 Premiere episode of Do You Remember!
Chapter 612 Crossing Half of China to Sleep with You!
Chapter 613 Becoming a B-list celebrity!
Chapter 614 Reporters from nationwide clog the gates!
Chapter 615 A short poem from Bingxin!
Chapter 616 Chenchen’s guardian called to school for a meeting!
Chapter 617 Wondrous math problem from the Previous World!
Chapter 618 Philosophy behind the math problem!
Chapter 619 Genuflecting!
Chapter 620 Witnessing a celebrity’s appearance!
Chapter 621 Heated discussions about the wondrous math problem on the Internet!
Chapter 622: Ticked off by the elementary school teachers!
Chapter 623 Zhang Ye’s wondrous math lecture!
Chapter 624 Question after question, the math questions that made everyone vomit blood!
Chapter 625 The Peking University math teacher also genuflects!
Chapter 626 Playing the Lottery Draw again!
Chapter 627 The olive branch held out by Central TV!
Chapter 628 Signing the contract with Central TV!
Chapter 629 Return of the Jinx!
Chapter 630 Executive Director Zhang Ye!
Chapter 631 The troublesome Little Chenchen!
Chapter 632 Entirely new program birthed!
Chapter 633 The Speed of Zhang Ye’s Writeup of the Program Proposal!
Chapter 634 No Optimism for The Voice?
Chapter 635 The show is approved!
Chapter 636 Public outcry!
Chapter 637 Pulling for Advertising Sponsorships!
Chapter 638 Would you believe it?
Chapter 639 The Voice’s Astronomical Title Sponsorship Fee!
Chapter 640 Coaches invited to join!
Chapter 641 Guest Coaches List!
Chapter 642 Dissolving the program team?
Chapter 643 Zhang Ye’s name is worth 100 million!
Chapter 644 The most prestigious lineup of coaches in history!
Chapter 645: On fire even before the broadcast!
Chapter 646 These are the contestants you guys picked?
Chapter 647 Confirmation of the first-seeded contestant!
Chapter 648 Open calls for The Voice begin!
Chapter 649 An absurd voice!
Chapter 650 Why’d you get an old man here for?
Chapter 651 I teach physical education!
Chapter 652 The four “wonders”!
Chapter 653 Countdown to the recording!
Chapter 654: Arrival of The Voice‘s Theme Song!
Chapter 655 The speed of Zhang Ye’s songwriting!
Chapter 656 The “Little Leader” of the program team!
Chapter 657 The unsellable advertisements
Chapter 658: The broadcast of the program moved up ahead of time!
Chapter 659 A bold decision!
Chapter 660 Blue-collar worker Zhang Ye!
Chapter 661 What do you do when you catch a cold?
Chapter 662 The Voice starts recording!
Chapter 663 A shoddy program?
Chapter 664: Zhang Ye’s Rebuttal: Admiring the Mountains!1
Chapter 665 Fighting with his peers again!
Chapter 666 Setting the whole studio ablaze!
Chapter 667 What sort of a tongue do you have!
Chapter 668 The irreplaceable host!
Chapter 669 A Four-chair Turn!
Chapter 670 The tears of Luo Yu’s parents!
Chapter 671 A tug of war between the coaches!
Chapter 672 The second contestant comes on stage!
Chapter 673 Starring Qian Pingfan in the finale!
Chapter 674 A laborer contestant?
Chapter 675 Astounding the entire venue!
Chapter 676 The selection battle!
Chapter 677 The first episode’s recording has ended!
Chapter 678 I know someone in senior management!
Chapter 679: Shocking the world with speed reading!
Chapter 680 Into the ranks of the top hosts!
Chapter 681 Creating a sensation!
Chapter 682 Yet another record breaking high!
Chapter 683 The night that belonged to The Voice!
Chapter 684 The End!
Chapter 685 The viewership ratings that shocked the whole country!
Chapter 686 Number 1 in the nation!
Chapter 687 Highly sought after!
Chapter 688 The country’s citizens imitate!
Chapter 689 The show’s second episode!
Chapter 690 Controversy over the second episode’s viewership!
Chapter 691 Broadcast!
Chapter 692 Grandpa, could you cut it out!?

??? arc


70 thoughts on “I’m Really a Superstar (我真是大明星) – Index” - NO SPOILERS

    1. Sovereign of all the realms Grandfather of 9 Mountain and Seas Dao Protector ofAlchemy, Harem lord, Face smacking Zhang's bro, Paragon Warlock of the mothaf***in Magus world, "Reverend Monkey butt"

      For me, it’s the best among the they take place in modern times.
      Pros :
      COMEDY! main selling point here. Totally new scenarios that generates comedy here. Very fresh and much different from typical models in this aspect.

      FACE SMACKING! Mc just smacks down all skeptics in an epic way,! And it happens too often. It makes you feel very satisfied and sometimes cheer up for the way he comes back.

      STORY! i like how the author executed the common vr game type story in a unique way. The writing is is unsual,yet typical,amateurish sometimes yet gripping. It’s different from other game type novels.Though it makes you anticipate what upgrades the mc gets and how op be becomes, the main story comes from the interaction of the characters and other day to day situations. You get to see the office politics, some friendly Co workers, ,and as mc switches many jobs we see Inside working of many fields and their interactions. There are a lot characters and although many seem to be shallow, some are well defined . it works well for this kind of story. It’s like they’re your next door people, co workers, you know what kind of people they are, how they behave and express themselves . You don’t need their back stories.

      The transaltors do an amazing job here. The story is basically in modern china. It has lots of Elements of modern chinese literature, chinese movies, tv shows, books, etc and lot of current stuff going on in China. I never heard of any of those. But the best thing is that CK and legge do such a job that i never had a problem understanding any of those things. Be it the poetry or the word play or inside Jokes, there are many things which can easily get lost in the translation but they have done their best to convey it and i got most of it.

      And there’s kinda small Harem and slow developing romance for those who like it. And some mature chapters

      REPETITIVE! after some acrs, though the events are different, it usually the same sequence of mc being supressed and then he makes an unbelievable come back.

      Some racism by the author. Pettiness of the mc, but that’s how he is.

      Simply put , it has all the good elements of typical chinese novels like a hardworking mc, the excitement , powerups, new skills,the satisfying feeling of overcoming enemies and turning the tides, comedy, but all this in a modern world and normal situations. I love it. I recommend people to read it.

      1. Famous broadcaster, famous writer, famous musician, famous host, famous advertiser, airplane hijacking hero, taiji fist master, professional korean insulter, famous crosstalker, most wanted hacker, I am Face Smacking Zhang!!!

        What a good name you have there.

    2. A fantastically built up tale that doesn’t forget to bring even minor antagonists or family members back into the story. While it can be a little heavy on Zhang Ye’s “nationalistic youth” side the story certainly doesn’t shy away from scolding seemingly every aspect of Chinese society as well. Doesn’t seem anti- West as of the currently translated chapters and the sheer absurdity of the story as a whole makes it easy to gloss over some of the weak points if you binge it!

      GREAT READ!!!!

    3. I’m already in chapter 500 or something. i still can tolerate all this racism and all this talks about china being the most supreme country in the world but what i cannot tolerate is this thing called “chinese censorshit”. Come on people we are already in the 21st century, even an 11 year old kid knows what sex is and tjen there is this china……. 👎👎👎NOT WORTH THE READ

  1. I don’t understand how this book could be here,As a chinese, i really don’t like the book.Let’s hope the author is cheering. it’s hard to translate this book.

  2. Interesting novel to take a break from the typical wuxia seen. There’s plenty of reaction chapters and you quickly get absorbed in reading this. I’m honestly impressed by the translation of this novel, it often references Chinese literature and poetry which I imagine would be hard to translate. I love reading this novel as it’s very light hearted, filled with constant “action,” and is updated daily. Warning though, it is repetitive in nature.

    My main complaint about this novel, which wasn’t very apparent to me until recently, is how head strong the MC is at times and how racist some arcs are such as the current arc (Whichever chapter 559 is on). There’s numerous occasions where the situation would have been resolved if MC just simply apologized, but he’s always headstrong. Sometimes I agree with his decision since he was treated unjustly, other times I feel as though he’s just being petty. As for the racism thing, I think the author portrays many ethnic groups in a bad light. (Spoiler: The current arc has Japanese students visiting China and they’re portrayed in a horrible light. From personal experience, I think most Japanese international students are so easy going and apologetic. I can’t imagine them acting as they appear in the novels. Especially with how timid Japanese people tend to be — then again, this is based off of personal experience)
    While MC’s racism is explained in him being a beijinger (I think?), I personally find that kind of stupid. Overall though, I just power through these tidbits and casually enjoy the novel. I highly suggest as a casual read purely for entertainment. Don’t read this series with any expectations whatsoever.

    1. You the right the Author is racist and portrays other ethnic groups in a really bad light …….but i read it improves later on as a result of backlash from readers ……….

    2. The author is not racist (superiority of a race) but nationalist (superiority of the country and nation).

      I don’t excuse anything but the MC is representative of the young Chinese generation, that’s why I find this novel interesting.

      China has a lot of bad beef with Japan and has a complex of inferiority with the west (most of all with the US) and you can feel it in this novel.

      By reading this novel you can have a glimpse of the mindset of young chinese and that’s really valuable.

  3. I’m Really a SuperStar is really nice novel also a comedy based novel. (Explains some history of china itself)
    **MC……. Zhang Ye
    **See how an author writes about a young man struggling to the to and also some time forgets he his writing a non-fantasy based novel
    **Watch the meteoric rise of a low end piped ass young man through a (sort of) lottery Game
    **See is Face slapping Prowess
    **His Inability to live a simple life…… Without Stirring up Trouble or Trouble coming his way
    **His ability to perform everything possible except properly get a girl for himself
    **And see PLAGIARISM AT ITS UTMOST PEAK!!!!!!!!!
    **(P.S: No matter how it looks the MC is a leecher and a Racist so be prepared…………)

    Overall the novel is very unique and different from the norm apparently this isn’t the only type of chinese novel like this only this is one of the first being translated..

  4. actualy idk how to review a book beside my english was bad, but when you ask me why you must read this novel ?? at first i, my self to tell you the truth already saw this novel on another site for a very long long ago, back then i did not pay attention to this novel cz i think what is good about this novel ?(b4 i read)
    and then when this novel apear here… out of curiousity(actualy i hv nothing to read on that day) i give it a try, my first reaction was…
    ….until chapter 558(it take me a few day)
    what a unique and a good novel (out of it racistm etc etc)

    so guys u must “TRY THIS ONE !!”

  5. I’m Really a Superstar (IRAS) is a unique novel out of all the translated novels here in Wuxiaworld or previously hosted in Gravity Tales. It’s a novel about LITERATURE. I was not able to imagine that literature could be promoted using comedy, fantasy, and martial arts. The concept of a “game world” is even integrated in the story, The Main Character (MC), Zhang Ye, can buy consumable items, skill books, and enhancements from a shop and even an inventory to store those things. To add, his way of getting all these perks is connected to his reputation that he earns whenever someone approves or admires his actions.

    The story is all about him struggling to become famous at the cost of almost ANYTHING. From that, he would learn and do A LOT of things you can’t possible imagine someone doing. However, his talents are still within the realm of human understanding and capability; only that all of it cannot be done by a single person in real life. He will show you how to fight for your country and especially fight for yourself. He will smack your face so hard that you would wake you up from the constant stupor of your life. If you want to have an awakening, read this novel at your own risk!

  6. What can i say?

    My large Saber is again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again unable to endure the thirst!!!

  7. i love/hate this story (much more love than hate though)!!
    its comedy is top notch and has plenty of satisfying moments (all that face-smacking LOL)
    the downside is that often the setups for the face-smacking are absurd and forced and when it comes to romance, well, it’s both bad and censored (this last bit made me rage quit a few times, but after a while i came back)
    all in all i’d consider it good to very good, not great because of some very hard to swallow bits (ie 14yo mentality when it comes to s3x and the incomplete chapters because of censorship)

  8. IRAS is a very different novel from a lot of the stories that I’ve read on WW and GT. A lot of the reviews already on here already sum up a lot of this novel. I will however say that as a reader in the “audience”, I do find the main character’s lack of situational and self awareness is quite unpleasant. As potatoesxd put it, I find that there are quite a few situations that could have been resolved if the MC took a step back, and exercised diplomacy, instead of his bull headed stubborness. In this area, Zhang Ye, the MC as of chapter 560, has not shown any growth or development.

    Misogyny / rape culture:
    Without spoiling it, the author puts the MC in situations where he ends up fondling / touching a woman, without her permission. He keeps “taking advantage of her shamelessly”, only to be briefly admonished for it. This goes on for quite a bit, and the author chalks it up to business as usual. It’s quite unbelievable to me that anyone would think such behavior is okay when a woman explicitly tells you to stop touching them, and I find it even more unbelievable that the MC gets away with it and not being punished for it.

    That being said, there’s some very entertaining elements to the story as well. It’s a casual read for sure. I often catch myself wondering why the MC doesn’t take advantage of his “abilities” more, but it’s clear the author doesn’t share that sentiment.

  9. Its a good casual read but has really bad racism. I read the normal arc and skip all the racist arc like the current one. Gonna wait till it end and continue after that. Romance in here is total garbage so don’t read into this expecting any good romance. MC is a total d*ck so you either love him or hate him. I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

  10. This novels is good mingled with extremely bad. The protagonist is a piece of shit. But at times you feel like giving him a second chance. And each time you become more and more disappointed. You can ignore everything I said and give it a chance, I’m just writing this to put a small break on the hype of this novel. Expect an extremely biased protagonist, that is capable of showing the biggest hypocrisy since Judas, gaining fame for things done by others, molesting women like there is no tomorrow, insulting people like an emperor. The worst thing is sadly not any of these points. If it was only one of this, you could just leave it alone. But no, the worst thing about this novel is a trait of our protagonist, or more exactly his nationalistic pride, which also created an exemplary role model for Hitler, as his racism went through the roof.

  11. Well what is to be said is said by the all comments above, personally I loved this novel, specially the face smacking, the DRIVING of aeroplane, comedy (even though some have slightly high literary standatrds) and now I have a slight hate for it due to authors love towards Racism (I hope no Koreans, Americans and Japanese are not reading this novel + more countries to come).
    While the author uses many historical facts for plagiarism I wonder whether the author learned anything from history that Just a spark is enough to instigate a war (WW3).
    I think he likes to erect a wall around his house and make the enemy out of his neighbours.
    Translator and the editor great work thank you for the regular releases and keep it up.

  12. What can i say that doesn’t have already being said?
    It is a interesting novel, the plot is just pure comedy and the author doesn’t attempt to explain the share silliness of the world, BUT!!! you came here for the fun and guess what, it delivers.
    The MC is a petty nationalistic youth who has PLENTY of shortcomings and you cannot help but cheer him on his journey to stardom, one plagiary at every step to it.
    So come read this NOW and enjoy the sheer awesomeness of Zhang Ye and his quest to celebrity kingdom where is plenty of bitch-slapping saber inducing manliness.
    Warning!: This may incite some people to scold everything and everyone just because. 🙂

  13. I will try to be as objective and concise as possible.

    I’m Really a Superstar written by 尝谕 (Chang Yu) and translated by Legge & CKtalon is a novel depicting our protagonist(Zhang Ye) activate a game-like interface resetting the culture of our world as we know it back to a theoretical zero resulting in a similar but different sets of events and views on all levels of culture. From literature to music to even mathematics, Zhang Ye uses his knowledge of our world’s culture to truly create his own path to Stardom.

    The storyline spans common day China as situations involving extra helpings of face smacking and crazy shenanigans occurring on a daily basis. Zhang Ye is a red hot fiery individual ready to take on the world and anyone in his way to stop him from becoming the greatest superstar ever.

    The story uses common tropes to set up nigh impossible situations to help progress the plotline beyond many figurative points of no return. Only for Zhang Ye to swoop in with Deus ex machina often in forms of poems, game like abilities, and luck to narrowly save the day and often his own skin. Oddly enough, the injustices appropriated by a multitude of antagonists are only satisfied when Zhang Ye rides in on his magical pony with a heavy hand ready for face smacking.

    While the story provides heavy levels of entertainment from injustices being righted and Zhang Ye proofing his worth, the shallow depth of the novel is easily found. The author,尝谕 (Chang Yu), wrote Zhang Ye with no true motive for actually wanting to become a Superstar. He seems to skirt around the ‘why’ as much a mother skirts around how babies are made to their young children.

    Zhang Ye often described as ugly and unattractive has a very awkward way with the women, even to go so far to say a perverse way of acting and thinking while in their company. Romance is a sore spot for readers of this novel and for good reason. Women in the novel are often forgotten, used, and tossed to the side when the plotline has no room for them. Large amounts of chapters were rewritten and redacted purely because of their perverse nature. Completely differing when compared to the face smacking hero we come to love in the majority of the novel.

    A certain level of propaganda could be said to enjoy the company of Zhang Ye. As a nationalist, Zhang Ye seems to have a raging desire to show his pride for his homeland even in situations where he is in the wrong. Some of his actions at times almost seem like blatant racism. It could be said the author never expected his novel to be translated into English and as such did not write with other nations in mind.

    Overall, I’m Really a Superstar is a novel that despite its various issues when considered by a foreign audience, is a dangerously addicting novel using wit, justice, and a heavy hand of face smacking to enrapture those willing to start at chapter one. I recommend this novel for those who would dare to see how the pen can be stronger than the sword.

    Thank You Legge & CKtalon for being amazing translators without you both we would not know the face smacking king, Zhang Ye.

  14. I like the story. It has some well thought out parts. One of the things I like is that the character gets things and feels they’re useless and it can take quite awhile for them to show value. This is so much better than, situation occurs > gets required thing to resolve problem immediately. Even in a scenario where there this does happen, the character uses things (lucky bead) to semi explain it so the suspension of disbelief isn’t completely destroyed.

    I read MGA, LLS, and ATG mostly so this is a nice change of pace.

  15. If you want to read a story where the MC always loves troubles, hates peaces, has scolding others as hobby, is an *sshole, pervert, but kindhearted, then you’ve found the right novel, IRAS. hahaha
    my rate: 9.0/10 because I like this novel so much. not 10 because nothing is perfect in the world.
    Of course, this novel also has many good points you can learn like never underestimate or look down other people, respect others if you want to be respected, etc.
    Note: when you read this novel, you have to remember that it’s created by Chinese author and targeted for Chinese readers before it is translated to English by CKTalon and Legge, so no need to be *sshole just because the author describes China is better than other countries especially when the MC scolds other countries (which maybe sounds racist). Besides, actually there is always strong reason when the MC decide to use his wicked mouth to scold or make troubles with his “enemies”.
    My advice: just read, enjoy, laugh and you will be happy. (maybe)
    ok, that’s my review till latest chapter: 563.

  16. At first when you read the novel it hooks you in cause it’s a change of pace from the usual cave dwelling martial artist who goes around beating up and killing people then going back to pop some pills and sit in an empty cave while he levels up his power. In IRAS you could say it has a similar feel, instead of cave dwelling he is in his apartment on the computer to ponder how to raise his status on chinese celebrity rankings. Instead of popping pills or unique weapons he is using his special power/ability to gain unique items to help him raise up in the rankings. Instead of killing people he just abuses them with his words to make them submit.

    But after you get so far in the novel its all the same song and dance and wash, rinse, repeat cycle and it then starts to get bland with a few moments that keep you reading but makes you slightly lose interest. But since you invest the time to read it you still go back to it and skim though it to see if anything develops.

    The MC at times you want to cheer for him and then at times you feel he needs to just shut up, stop or move on. He is at times perverted like a teenage boy and as lecherous as a really old man. The scenes in the novel that involve i guess adult type themes are rather stupid and boring and all you want to do to skim though the stuff to get to the actual story cause it makes the MC in that grey area of being a border line rapist, all he is missing are some roofies.

    The author uses mainly poetry to try and push the MC into being a world renowned celebrity. When you first read the novel you think poetry would mainly just be a catalyst to get the MC on his feet but as you start reading more and more chapters you find that this is going to be the main heavy focus. Out of all the things the MC could be using to propel himself into being a top celeb or renowned person they choose poetry.

    In my opinion i think poetry is just a way for the author to find a easy way out to make his character count shoot up without having to actually put story line in. So basically fluff material he does not have to put much thought or effort into. Also his favorite word count character is probably saber bro cause if you notice the Thirst word count becomes more and more every time you see this character pop up in the chapters.

    All and all the novel I think it is a OK read specially the first 200 to 300 chapters that suck you in, but after that you will slowly start to not care when the next chapter come out and just read it when you want to read it. i stopped reading about 120 chapters ago and figure i would just skim though the chapters when i am bored in hopes for something interesting to pop up. But if your into poetry then this is the novel for you.

  17. The concept is quite different from the rest of the novels.
    The story takes place in a contemporary but parallel China, we follow an MC who wants to be a superstar. Thanks to a tool that gives him power up and boost he makes a name for himself.
    The MC is arrogant, shameless, nationalist but most of all hilarious and we take a lot of pleasure to follow his deeds.

    This novel is a divertissement but also a way to better understand the young Chinese generation: – individualist, thirsty for achievement and glory (comparable with the west)
    – but much more nationalist, very competitive with the west, Korea and Japan
    – the importance of seniority and hierarchy.
    – a family system a little different
    – a little touch of communism but not much
    – the censure

    If you know little about China you will learn a lot (literature, poetry ect…)

    Not my favorite novel but still one of the best.

    1. I hope that young chinese generation is not that way, people say that racism and nationalism is different but for me is just the same, i cant stand people that believe are more important than other just because nation, hierarchy or seniority, that competition that u read in the novel is a example of why there still war and conflict, the people have a lot of division: continent (comments like asian all look the same) > country (i hate koreans) > city (Beijin is better than…) > College> sex (woman or man) > hobbies (i like that team ur like other team). We have enough problem with division, and this novel justify these divisions and make seen as positive, justifying it as pride. Chinese, Japonese, korean… talk about pride as something good but in all novel i read so far and in real life is just a problem, is something that is 99% harmful and 1% benefical.

  18. A very different story.
    Positives: You get to learn a lot & come across plenty of good poems.
    Negatives: Face smacking everywhere, communism.

    Go into this for the culture, of course, there will be things we don’t like but its good enough to overlook them.

  19. PRO: A very interesting story read 550ish chapters in one swoop, very fluent and exciting. I learned many things about chinese literature and other cultural things which I wasnt interested in, but endedup searching for them without noticing. There are times where author messes up stuff which is also funny.

    CON: After some point the whole story becomes sooooo repetitive, and over patriotic. OK I can understand it at some point, but too much political stuff for my taste. I ended up skipping most of the “comments” parts in the story and I dont think I missed anything, most of the comments are the same anyways, as the MC does the same pattern all the time.
    The story just repeats the same pattern:
    1-Goes to place X
    2-Does Y which no one can
    3-Gets exposure
    4-Becomes forced to do something that scolds someone
    5-Gets banned/kicked/arrested
    6-Public opinion
    8-Chummy times (no sex) with ladies (after some point reader thinks is this a rom-com/harem? then that part gets cencored aswell!)
    9-Publish something

    Well, I think its actually really interesting and worth to be casually read. Dont read all of them at once it gets really boring.

  20. IRS seems like a sci-fi novel with augmented reality concept turned real, which has a MC who make people love/hate him. IRS has a very interesting and fresh concept compared to other light/web novels I have read. It develops slowly, but it gets more interesting later on. I would definitely recommend IRS to those who enjoy reading about a despicable yet moral MC striving towards success.

  21. As a new reader,my second WN in wuxiaworld is IRAS..I enjoyed it at the start and startled as the story progressed,in the sense it’s a bit biased and so skewed towards Chinese (I am from India)..But I thought what the hell and started treating it just as a story from another world(same as MC)and started enjoying the literature and poems of Chinese and actually got to know a bit about entertainment circle,its rules and regulations so on and so forth…All in all I started enjoying it

  22. review…review….so
    -This novel got the game elements.
    -It shows various cultures of Chinese that are REALLY interesting to learn about(like couplet,cross-talk,T.V talk shows,radio-host,a teacher that told one of the China’s Four Great Classical Novels,AND~THE~POEMS(man the poems…I really had no idea that poem could be so interesting.I think if they are used in the correct situation(?) then even poem can be note-worthy for entertainment instead of learning it from textbook or in school where we’re obliged to study it),and many more~~~~
    -The mc’s character is damn funny and sometimes there are 4th-wall break like joke too.
    -There are some mature and +18(?) part too that keeps us hook up (・ω<) .
    -There are some gaming elements.
    -There is no need to mention about the translations since it is already top-notch.
    And……just read it damn it!!(I am getting late for reading the latest released chapter.)

  23. Well, I quite like this book. There’s definitely quite a bit prejudiced and racist ideas in this book but it’s a really good casual read. And face smacking Zhang is super funny and really op. It’s kinda a typical epic effortless rise to power but is always twisted in a fresher way.

    Quite a few people have criticised this book for the MC’s bad character in the sense of his nationalist ideals. But his behaviour is sorta excusable. I wouldn’t say to not expect anything from this book because it’s really enjoyable.

    I highly recommend this for a relaxing read and encourage everyone to support the translator and the author. Like most wuxia novels, it’s selling point and failing point is opness of the MC. But it’s definitely a fun read. Please support it!!!! \(^W^)/

  24. Read it,and you will crazy about it !!!!

    There are some excellent poems、 songs on it.

    Enjoy and have fun.

    Ps : Its a long journey……….

  25. The story of a Chinese superstar hooligan. A hooligan that is great at plagiarism from another world and is entertaining while doing so.

    Read it, because it’s entertaining and fun to read it!

  26. Some say it’s racist. well it is. because the author write this novel by using the perspective of nationalist Zhang Ye. despite these problem…and the repeating useless remarks that is only used as filler, the story is really good and enjoyable.
    Just enjoy the ride guys 🙂

  27. I used the translation mode they have on google Crome to see the raws, but now I see the translator is ove 600 chapters behind, and it is a good story, but after seeing the trouble and many cliffhangers coming I will wait until the chapters reach to 680 so I can binge this arc.

  28. Great novel, great comedic moments, great writing.

    Also the novel is not racist. To the dumb shits who keep saying the author is racist. Do you realise Japan, China Korea are the same “race”? There’s not even a concept of “race” in Chinese, only people of different countries. Saying the criticism of other countries as “racism” is just whiting washing all the hundred years of slavery and ACTUAL racism that goes on in the west.

  29. I’ve read a lot of wuxia from wuxiaworld (though i just registered) and i think that this wuxia is really refreshing and well done:

    -MC who evolve with the story
    -Others characters are interesting too
    -Touch a lot of area (mainly artistic one)
    -The MC is nationalist (Not Racist) it can be hard to read those part for some people but i think that it’s a part of the identity of the MC and everyone is a little bit nationalist too (If the MC insult your country of course you won’t be happy; little thought for the Japanese and American fellow) But he is REALLY nationalist (Chinese Comunist) so i can understand your discomfort with it.

    I advice to read the first chapter (5 at least) to judge by yourself and hang on during the 500+ chapters (Nationalist part) because after it will get really better.

  30. The end of I’m Really a Superstar(How Chinese thought of this novel -Reprinted from Chinese BBS:BaiduTieba)
    This day, the old classmate Dong Shanshan to visit the mental hospital Zhang Ye.
    Zhang Ye at the moment with a towel blindfolded that he is a clown, humming chirp seems to sing.The doctor said: “The child is real poor, after the university did not find a job, it was crazy. At first, he went to the street and shouted. If you asked him why he was saying, he said he was using the Russian poems. Then he did not sleep but talked about the ghost story at the middle of the nightand sat on the bed, and his house hastened to send him here. They did not expect the condition to get worse, sometimes speak with a pile of paper, and sometimes throwing it. Sometimes nonsense that he is saying crosstalk. Sometimes writing something and sometimes writing poetries. Sometimes he play tai chi, but also often holding a sanitation aunt and shouting: “I love you”. Also said that he is a mathematician …… really poor, young. ”
    Dong Shanshan asked: “If he can still be cured? ”
    The doctor said, “Yes, according to my diagnosis, he is living in his own spiritual world, and he has made up a story himself, and when he is at the end of the story, he will be able to come out of his spiritual world.”
    Dong Shanshan said: “how long will it?”
    Doctor said: “It depends on he flood or not……”

  31. I have known about this novel for quite a while but could never really bring myself to read it, as it didn’t seem to suit my tastes and didn’t seem all that interesting. Boy was I wrong, it is a really fun read and the main charachter is pretty adorable, most of the time. The setting is certainly different from most other chinese novel I’ve read till.

  32. I’m here to comment that IRAS is my top favorite CN novel.
    Among many novel, this is the only novel that I can read again and again without
    being bored.
    Thank you translator for translating this.

  33. most people say it’s a CON he’s a nationalist… but then I thought of america and how a lot of great books also have such nationalism in it.. so I can’t take it seriously anymore 😛

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