I’m Really a Superstar (我真是大明星) – Index

Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Slice Of Life, Supernatural, Chinese

Original Synopsis:

Zhang Ye was originally a mundane college graduate, cursed with below average looks and height but with aspiring dreams of becoming famous. However one day, he woke up and suddenly found himself in a parallel world!

In this new world, most things were similar to his previous world but there existed subtle differences, be it: brands, celebrities or even famous works!

Armed with the knowledge of his previous world and a heaven-defying Game Ring that gives him magical items, stats and skills, Zhang Ye embarks on a journey to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a celebrity.

Follow Zhang Ye as he takes the new world by storm, one plagiarized piece at a time, to hilarious reactions!

Author:  尝谕 (Chang Yu)

Status: 1500 Chapters (Ongoing) Qidian RAWS

Translated by: Legge & CKtalon


Radio Station arc
Television Station arc
WebTV arc
Dream of the Red Chamber Arc
Peking University Arc
Wu Zeqing's Birthday Arc
Spring Festival Gala Arc
Cyber Police Arc
Crosstalk Competition Arc
Dale's Conjecture arc
??? arc


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    1. Sovereign of all the realms Grandfather of 9 Mountain and Seas Dao Protector ofAlchemy, Harem lord, Face smacking Zhang's bro, Paragon Warlock of the mothaf***in Magus world, Sovereign of all the realms Grandfather of 9 Mountain and Seas Dao Protector ofAlchemy, Harem lord, Face smacking Zhang's bro, Paragon Warlock of the mothaf***in Magus world, "Reverend Monkey butt"

      For me, it’s the best among the they take place in modern times.
      Pros :
      COMEDY! main selling point here. Totally new scenarios that generates comedy here. Very fresh and much different from typical models in this aspect.

      FACE SMACKING! Mc just smacks down all skeptics in an epic way,! And it happens too often. It makes you feel very satisfied and sometimes cheer up for the way he comes back.

      STORY! i like how the author executed the common vr game type story in a unique way. The writing is is unsual,yet typical,amateurish sometimes yet gripping. It’s different from other game type novels.Though it makes you anticipate what upgrades the mc gets and how op be becomes, the main story comes from the interaction of the characters and other day to day situations. You get to see the office politics, some friendly Co workers, ,and as mc switches many jobs we see Inside working of many fields and their interactions. There are a lot characters and although many seem to be shallow, some are well defined . it works well for this kind of story. It’s like they’re your next door people, co workers, you know what kind of people they are, how they behave and express themselves . You don’t need their back stories.

      The transaltors do an amazing job here. The story is basically in modern china. It has lots of Elements of modern chinese literature, chinese movies, tv shows, books, etc and lot of current stuff going on in China. I never heard of any of those. But the best thing is that CK and legge do such a job that i never had a problem understanding any of those things. Be it the poetry or the word play or inside Jokes, there are many things which can easily get lost in the translation but they have done their best to convey it and i got most of it.

      And there’s kinda small Harem and slow developing romance for those who like it. And some mature chapters

      REPETITIVE! after some acrs, though the events are different, it usually the same sequence of mc being supressed and then he makes an unbelievable come back.

      Some racism by the author. Pettiness of the mc, but that’s how he is.

      Simply put , it has all the good elements of typical chinese novels like a hardworking mc, the excitement , powerups, new skills,the satisfying feeling of overcoming enemies and turning the tides, comedy, but all this in a modern world and normal situations. I love it. I recommend people to read it.

  1. I don’t understand how this book could be here,As a chinese, i really don’t like the book.Let’s hope the author is cheering. it’s hard to translate this book.

  2. Interesting novel to take a break from the typical wuxia seen. There’s plenty of reaction chapters and you quickly get absorbed in reading this. I’m honestly impressed by the translation of this novel, it often references Chinese literature and poetry which I imagine would be hard to translate. I love reading this novel as it’s very light hearted, filled with constant “action,” and is updated daily. Warning though, it is repetitive in nature.

    My main complaint about this novel, which wasn’t very apparent to me until recently, is how head strong the MC is at times and how racist some arcs are such as the current arc (Whichever chapter 559 is on). There’s numerous occasions where the situation would have been resolved if MC just simply apologized, but he’s always headstrong. Sometimes I agree with his decision since he was treated unjustly, other times I feel as though he’s just being petty. As for the racism thing, I think the author portrays many ethnic groups in a bad light. (Spoiler: The current arc has Japanese students visiting China and they’re portrayed in a horrible light. From personal experience, I think most Japanese international students are so easy going and apologetic. I can’t imagine them acting as they appear in the novels. Especially with how timid Japanese people tend to be — then again, this is based off of personal experience)
    While MC’s racism is explained in him being a beijinger (I think?), I personally find that kind of stupid. Overall though, I just power through these tidbits and casually enjoy the novel. I highly suggest as a casual read purely for entertainment. Don’t read this series with any expectations whatsoever.

    1. You the right the Author is racist and portrays other ethnic groups in a really bad light …….but i read it improves later on as a result of backlash from readers ……….

  3. I’m Really a SuperStar is really nice novel also a comedy based novel. (Explains some history of china itself)
    **MC……. Zhang Ye
    **See how an author writes about a young man struggling to the to and also some time forgets he his writing a non-fantasy based novel
    **Watch the meteoric rise of a low end piped ass young man through a (sort of) lottery Game
    **See is Face slapping Prowess
    **His Inability to live a simple life…… Without Stirring up Trouble or Trouble coming his way
    **His ability to perform everything possible except properly get a girl for himself
    **And see PLAGIARISM AT ITS UTMOST PEAK!!!!!!!!!
    **(P.S: No matter how it looks the MC is a leecher and a Racist so be prepared…………)

    Overall the novel is very unique and different from the norm apparently this isn’t the only type of chinese novel like this only this is one of the first being translated..

  4. actualy idk how to review a book beside my english was bad, but when you ask me why you must read this novel ?? at first i, my self to tell you the truth already saw this novel on another site for a very long long ago, back then i did not pay attention to this novel cz i think what is good about this novel ?(b4 i read)
    and then when this novel apear here… out of curiousity(actualy i hv nothing to read on that day) i give it a try, my first reaction was…
    ….until chapter 558(it take me a few day)
    what a unique and a good novel (out of it racistm etc etc)

    so guys u must “TRY THIS ONE !!”

  5. I’m Really a Superstar (IRAS) is a unique novel out of all the translated novels here in Wuxiaworld or previously hosted in Gravity Tales. It’s a novel about LITERATURE. I was not able to imagine that literature could be promoted using comedy, fantasy, and martial arts. The concept of a “game world” is even integrated in the story, The Main Character (MC), Zhang Ye, can buy consumable items, skill books, and enhancements from a shop and even an inventory to store those things. To add, his way of getting all these perks is connected to his reputation that he earns whenever someone approves or admires his actions.

    The story is all about him struggling to become famous at the cost of almost ANYTHING. From that, he would learn and do A LOT of things you can’t possible imagine someone doing. However, his talents are still within the realm of human understanding and capability; only that all of it cannot be done by a single person in real life. He will show you how to fight for your country and especially fight for yourself. He will smack your face so hard that you would wake you up from the constant stupor of your life. If you want to have an awakening, read this novel at your own risk!

  6. What can i say?

    My large Saber is again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again unable to endure the thirst!!!

  7. i love/hate this story (much more love than hate though)!!
    its comedy is top notch and has plenty of satisfying moments (all that face-smacking LOL)
    the downside is that often the setups for the face-smacking are absurd and forced and when it comes to romance, well, it’s both bad and censored (this last bit made me rage quit a few times, but after a while i came back)
    all in all i’d consider it good to very good, not great because of some very hard to swallow bits (ie 14yo mentality when it comes to s3x and the incomplete chapters because of censorship)

  8. IRAS is a very different novel from a lot of the stories that I’ve read on WW and GT. A lot of the reviews already on here already sum up a lot of this novel. I will however say that as a reader in the “audience”, I do find the main character’s lack of situational and self awareness is quite unpleasant. As potatoesxd put it, I find that there are quite a few situations that could have been resolved if the MC took a step back, and exercised diplomacy, instead of his bull headed stubborness. In this area, Zhang Ye, the MC as of chapter 560, has not shown any growth or development.

    Misogyny / rape culture:
    Without spoiling it, the author puts the MC in situations where he ends up fondling / touching a woman, without her permission. He keeps “taking advantage of her shamelessly”, only to be briefly admonished for it. This goes on for quite a bit, and the author chalks it up to business as usual. It’s quite unbelievable to me that anyone would think such behavior is okay when a woman explicitly tells you to stop touching them, and I find it even more unbelievable that the MC gets away with it and not being punished for it.

    That being said, there’s some very entertaining elements to the story as well. It’s a casual read for sure. I often catch myself wondering why the MC doesn’t take advantage of his “abilities” more, but it’s clear the author doesn’t share that sentiment.

  9. Its a good casual read but has really bad racism. I read the normal arc and skip all the racist arc like the current one. Gonna wait till it end and continue after that. Romance in here is total garbage so don’t read into this expecting any good romance. MC is a total d*ck so you either love him or hate him. I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

  10. This novels is good mingled with extremely bad. The protagonist is a piece of shit. But at times you feel like giving him a second chance. And each time you become more and more disappointed. You can ignore everything I said and give it a chance, I’m just writing this to put a small break on the hype of this novel. Expect an extremely biased protagonist, that is capable of showing the biggest hypocrisy since Judas, gaining fame for things done by others, molesting women like there is no tomorrow, insulting people like an emperor. The worst thing is sadly not any of these points. If it was only one of this, you could just leave it alone. But no, the worst thing about this novel is a trait of our protagonist, or more exactly his nationalistic pride, which also created an exemplary role model for Hitler, as his racism went through the roof.

  11. Well what is to be said is said by the all comments above, personally I loved this novel, specially the face smacking, the DRIVING of aeroplane, comedy (even though some have slightly high literary standatrds) and now I have a slight hate for it due to authors love towards Racism (I hope no Koreans, Americans and Japanese are not reading this novel + more countries to come).
    While the author uses many historical facts for plagiarism I wonder whether the author learned anything from history that Just a spark is enough to instigate a war (WW3).
    I think he likes to erect a wall around his house and make the enemy out of his neighbours.
    Translator and the editor great work thank you for the regular releases and keep it up.

  12. What can i say that doesn’t have already being said?
    It is a interesting novel, the plot is just pure comedy and the author doesn’t attempt to explain the share silliness of the world, BUT!!! you came here for the fun and guess what, it delivers.
    The MC is a petty nationalistic youth who has PLENTY of shortcomings and you cannot help but cheer him on his journey to stardom, one plagiary at every step to it.
    So come read this NOW and enjoy the sheer awesomeness of Zhang Ye and his quest to celebrity kingdom where is plenty of bitch-slapping saber inducing manliness.
    Warning!: This may incite some people to scold everything and everyone just because. 🙂

  13. I will try to be as objective and concise as possible.

    I’m Really a Superstar written by 尝谕 (Chang Yu) and translated by Legge & CKtalon is a novel depicting our protagonist(Zhang Ye) activate a game-like interface resetting the culture of our world as we know it back to a theoretical zero resulting in a similar but different sets of events and views on all levels of culture. From literature to music to even mathematics, Zhang Ye uses his knowledge of our world’s culture to truly create his own path to Stardom.

    The storyline spans common day China as situations involving extra helpings of face smacking and crazy shenanigans occurring on a daily basis. Zhang Ye is a red hot fiery individual ready to take on the world and anyone in his way to stop him from becoming the greatest superstar ever.

    The story uses common tropes to set up nigh impossible situations to help progress the plotline beyond many figurative points of no return. Only for Zhang Ye to swoop in with Deus ex machina often in forms of poems, game like abilities, and luck to narrowly save the day and often his own skin. Oddly enough, the injustices appropriated by a multitude of antagonists are only satisfied when Zhang Ye rides in on his magical pony with a heavy hand ready for face smacking.

    While the story provides heavy levels of entertainment from injustices being righted and Zhang Ye proofing his worth, the shallow depth of the novel is easily found. The author,尝谕 (Chang Yu), wrote Zhang Ye with no true motive for actually wanting to become a Superstar. He seems to skirt around the ‘why’ as much a mother skirts around how babies are made to their young children.

    Zhang Ye often described as ugly and unattractive has a very awkward way with the women, even to go so far to say a perverse way of acting and thinking while in their company. Romance is a sore spot for readers of this novel and for good reason. Women in the novel are often forgotten, used, and tossed to the side when the plotline has no room for them. Large amounts of chapters were rewritten and redacted purely because of their perverse nature. Completely differing when compared to the face smacking hero we come to love in the majority of the novel.

    A certain level of propaganda could be said to enjoy the company of Zhang Ye. As a nationalist, Zhang Ye seems to have a raging desire to show his pride for his homeland even in situations where he is in the wrong. Some of his actions at times almost seem like blatant racism. It could be said the author never expected his novel to be translated into English and as such did not write with other nations in mind.

    Overall, I’m Really a Superstar is a novel that despite its various issues when considered by a foreign audience, is a dangerously addicting novel using wit, justice, and a heavy hand of face smacking to enrapture those willing to start at chapter one. I recommend this novel for those who would dare to see how the pen can be stronger than the sword.

    Thank You Legge & CKtalon for being amazing translators without you both we would not know the face smacking king, Zhang Ye.

  14. I like the story. It has some well thought out parts. One of the things I like is that the character gets things and feels they’re useless and it can take quite awhile for them to show value. This is so much better than, situation occurs > gets required thing to resolve problem immediately. Even in a scenario where there this does happen, the character uses things (lucky bead) to semi explain it so the suspension of disbelief isn’t completely destroyed.

    I read MGA, LLS, and ATG mostly so this is a nice change of pace.

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