Invincible Glossary

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  • Martial Spirit Grades
  • Cultivation levels
  • Cultivation Technique & Battle Skills
  • Heavenly Treasure List


Martial Spirit Grades

No martial spirit
Grade One to Three – low
Grade Four to Six – medium
Grade Seven to Nine – high
Grade Ten – infinitely close to superb talent martial spirits
Grade Eleven to Thirteen – Superb talent martial spirit


Cultivation Levels

Realm          Order

Houtian        First to Tenth Order
Xiantian        First to Tenth Order
Saint              First to Ninth Order
God Realm


Previous Life Martial Cultivation Technique/Skill
i) The Body Metamorphosis Scripture
Stage One & Two:  Unknown
Stage Three        : Palm Propping the Sky Gate
Stage Four          : Convert Power of the Stars
Stage Five          : Power to Pull Nine Bulls as One
Stage Six            : Claws Slashing Out Like Wings
Stage Seven       : Nine Ghosts Drawing Sabers
Stage Eight       : Three Diagrams on the Terrain
Stage Nine        : The Azure Dragon Flexing Its Claws
Stage Ten         : Crouching Tiger
Stage Eleven:
Stage Twelve:

ii) Ethereal Palm -highest level of mastery, condensing without dissipating, endless internal power.
iii) Sword Skill


Cultivation/Battle Skill of Martial Spirit World
-Cultivation Technique & Battle Skill divided into four ranks, Yellow, Mysterious, Earth, and Heaven.

Asura Tactics Cultivation Technique
#When Asura appears, invincible throughout!

Asura Body/Physique

-Wings of Demon
-Eye of Hell

Asura Sword Skills Sword battle skill that can only be used with Asura Tactics (13 moves)
First Move      :  Tempest of Hell
Second Move : Tears of Asura
Third Move    : Wrath of the Nether King
Fourth Move : State of Abundant Lightning
Fifth Move    :
Sixth Move    :
Seventh Move:
Eighth Move  :
Ninth Move   :
Tenth Move   :
Eleventh Move:
Twelveth Move:
Thirteenth Move:

Asura Demon Claw– takes in blood soul qi to practice
First Move     : Lament of Thousands of Demons
Second Move :
Third Move    :
Fourth Move  :
Fifth Move     :

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