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Chapter 70: Unwilling to Throw in the Towel Without A Fight

Yang Mingwei stood below the stage for a long time, not moving. Not even the commotion amongst the crowd could attract his attention as he stared blankly at the Immoveable Bright King Golden Ring on his body.

The Golden Ring that he was extremely confident in was so useless before Huang Xiaolong.

Until this moment, he still couldn’t accept this fact.

Yang Mingwei’s expression was like the dark, cloudy sky.

“This round, Huang Xiaolong wins!” Yang Mingwei regained his senses when the presiding teacher announced the result. With a complicated face, he looked at Huang Xiaolong and said, “I admit I lost this time; next year’s competition, however, I definitely will defeat you!”

“Next year?” Huang Xiaolong repeated the words nonchalantly and shook his head.

Base on his cultivation speed, by the end of next year, he probably would have broken through to the Seventh Order. And at that point, he would be advancing to the Second Year Class. So, when next year’s competition is held, if Yang Mingwei remained in the First Year class, he would have no opportunity to battle against Huang Xiaolong.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong shake his head, Yang Mingwei misunderstood his meaning, thinking that Huang Xiaolong felt too much disdain to battle him again.

“Huang Xiaolong, what do you mean?” Yang Mingwei was angered.

Huang Xiaolong turned around and walked down from the stage, “We’ll talk if you manage to enter the Second Year class next year.”

Yang Mingwei was stunned by the reply as he stared at Huang Xiaolong’s back.

Advance to the Second Year class next year?!

Huang Xiaolong’s words meant…? Both of Yang Mingwei’s eyes widened in shock when he realized the meaning behind them.

On the guest platform, King Lu Zhe was watching Huang Xiaolong and laughing lightly, he said to Martial Haotian “Didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong to reach this level of strength! Truly out of my expectations.”

“Yes, this one feels the same,” Marshal Haotian smiled and agreed amiably. He knew Sovereign had broken through to the Sixth Order, but the strength Huang Xiaolong had displayed earlier still surprised him.


Initially, he had thought even if Sovereign manages to win, it would be after a difficult and intensive battle, but in reality, it was the opposite.

Honestly, the ease which Huang Xiaolong defeated Yang Mingwei also startled Fei Hou a little.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong defeated Yang Mingwei, the battle results from the other seven stages with the First Year battles also came in.

Since the next round had seven students, an odd number, one of the students was exempted and directly eligible for the next round’s competition. This spot, however, wasn’t determined by drawing sticks but was decided by the Vice-Principal, Xiong Chu.

And the one Xiong Chu picked was Lu Kai.

Lu Kai was widely recognized by the students and teachers as the Academy First Year’s number one person, so there was no objection from the crowd about Xiong Chu’s decision. And like that, Lu Kai proceeded to the next round’s competition smoothly.

For next round opponent, Huang Xiaolong drew a number six stick.

Number six was First Year Class Six’s Hu Dong, and his strength was weaker compared to the previous Yang Mingwei – a peak mid-Sixth Order. Thus, there was no suspense to the battle and the same scene repeated itself. Huang Xiaolong defeated Hu Dong effortlessly.

Standing below the stage, Lu Kai quietly watched Huang Xiaolong’s and Hu Dong’s battle, his face not showing any of his thoughts.

The truth was he was calm on the surface, but in his heart, waves of shock hit him, just like everyone else present.

At first, his thoughts were similar to his father’s; Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t have the opportunity to battle against him and would very likely be eliminated halfway through the process. In reality, not even Yang Mingwei is Huang Xiaolong’s opponent.

Deep in his heart, Lu Kai felt tangled. Between the many princes in the Luo Tong Kingdom, without a doubt, he possessed the highest talent of all of them; thus, he was most loved by his father. Despite that, the talent that he was so proud of crumbled to nothing when compared to Huang Xiaolong’s.

On the other hand, Zhong Yuan who was standing behind Lu Kai, his facial expressions became twisted watching Huang Xiaolong defeat Yang Mingwei and Hu Dong like it was nothing.

A short while later, the second round of the First Year’s competition had ended. Huang Xiaolong and two other students successfully entered into the third competition.

Don’t know whether it was done intentionally or not, but the stick Huang Xiaolong drew was number three: a Class Three student called Chen Qiang. Once again, Huang Xiaolong did not meet with Lu Kai.

However, Chen Qiang’s strength was recognized by the collective First Years, and he was the number two student after Lu Kai, a peak late-Sixth Order. Like Yang Mingwei, Chen Qiang also possessed a top grade ten beast type martial spirit, the Longarm Water Ape.

Although Chen Qiang was much stronger than Yang Mingwei, he ended up losing to Huang Xiaolong like the previous opponents, without releasing his martial spirit even once.

Seeing Chen Qiang lose to Huang Xiaolong, the people around the stage were stupefied.

In the end, it came down to the final round between Lu Kai and Huang Xiaolong battling for the first place spot amongst the First Year!

No one imagined that it would come to this; it would be Huang Xiaolong who would be competition for Lu Kai to grab the title. Prior to this day, the new and older students had talked about this, and everyone agreed at that time that it would be Chen Qiang up on that stage against Lu Kai.

But now, it was the new student, Huang Xiaolong, standing there instead.

Two people stood on the stage, sizing each other up. Both were quiet and neither spoke.

Below the stage, silhouettes tensed up as silence filled the place.

Li Lu fixed her stare on Huang Xiaolong and Lu Kai on the stage and her small hands clenched nervously, a layer of thin sweat on her palm.

“You surprised me.” At long last, Lu Kai spoke and cut through the thick silence. “But, you should realize, you can not win over me! Just give up and throw in the towel!”

Hearing Lu Kai’s words, Huang Xiaolong calmly retorted, “Just now, Yang Mingwei said the same thing to me.”

In the end, Yang Mingwei lost miserably!

Lu Kai heard the hidden meaning of Huang Xiaolong’s words and did not get angry; instead, he smiled faintly saying, “However, I’m not Yang Mingwei!” And his battle qi broke out in full force, not holding back. An energy stronger than both Yang Mingwei’s and Chen Qiang’s swept out from Lu Kai’s body.

“Seventh Order! Prince Lu Kai really did break through to the Seventh Order!”

“Based on Prince Lu Kai’s strength, the First Year competition’s first place is already in his hands. How can Huang Xiaolong win against Prince Lu Kai in this situation?!”

“If it was me seeing Prince Lu Kai’s Seventh Order strength, I would have already raised my hands in surrender! This Huang Xiaolong actually dares to stand on the stage– too overconfident. Stubborn persistence to save face!”


Below the stage, a flurry of discussions was taking place.

Of course, those jealous of Huang Xiaolong couldn’t resist ridiculing Huang Xiaolong, their voices full of sarcasm.

Huang Xiaolong’s expression remained the same as those ugly words entered his ears, looking at Lu Kai on the opposite side: Seventh Order? This was within Huang Xiaolong’s expectations so Lu Kai revealing his Seventh Order strength came as no surprise.

“How is it? Do you still want to fight?” Lu Kai looked at Huang Xiaolong.

“Make your move.” Huang Xiaolong’s calm voice sounded, unhurried.

Lu Kai didn’t expect to get such an answer and was taken aback; knowing that he was a Seventh Order, Huang Xiaolong still dared to fight him? He knew Huang Xiaolong was indeed strong, but he and everyone present can see that he’s just a peak late-Sixth Order.

The Seventh Order was a dividing line.  No matter how strong a Sixth Order warrior is, it’s impossible for them to win against a Seventh Order. This was a well-established fact.

Could this Huang Xiaolong want to use his Sixth Order strength to smash this fact?

Lu Kai stared at Huang Xiaolong and nodded his head seconds later, “Since you’re unwilling to give up, then I will personally make you.” After he said that, Lu Kai released the martial spirit from his body.



Cliffy end??? Continuing next week Wed 🙂


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  1. I have tried to give this a chance, but I can’t get around all the problems so far.

    MC pretends to be weak, everyone thinks he’s weak, he then ridicules everyone for believing he’s weak.
    Everyone’s a hater when they meet the MC.

    If you have a recommendation letter, then you’re a ‘waste’? Like really, some backwater teacher just disrespects people she has no idea who they are. Just the fact that you can only get it from the principal or something should already deter people.

    Random monkey just starts following him, randomly finds the biggest treasure in the whole world, then super strong people(considering MC’s cultivation level), start prostrating before him left and right.

    “It takes 10 years to learn a skill” – normal people, “I spent the afternoon looking at the sword, now I’m at major completion” – MC. Same thing with cultivation.

    Also, every person he comes into contact with and fights randomly gets powerups, but still loses, even though it doesn’t make sense that random cultivator A needs 2 years to advance from cultivation level X to cultivation level Y, but just so happened to do the impossible.

    All the characters have 0 depth to them, they are just like actors emotionlessly throwing their lines at the MC to try and advance the story, appearing only when MC needs to do something or other.

    Spends 6 months in some forest, gets back to the school and just so happens to bump into every single person he’s met at the Cosmagus school and they’ve all been waiting for him at the square because apparently they knew he was back? Like wtf, seriously?

    I have tried to give this a chance, but I just can’t get around these problems and more, but at least there’s one thing I like about this novel, it has a fast pace, so it doesn’t get too unbearable since there’s a lot of new stuff all the time. But still, gonna give this up.

    1. Is it that he is pretending to be weak or is it that he does not want to be in the spotlight? Not trying to be first doesn’t automatically mean he’s trying to be last. Plus, it’s one thing for someone to call someone else weak; it’s an entirely different thing altogether to ridicule and humiliate someone for not being as strong or stronger than they themselves are.

      As far as depth goes, at this point which is ridiculously early in the novel, most of these characters will not be around for the entirety of the novel. Would you give depth to a housefly that will die within days?

      Was stated earlier he has a very amazing comprehension ability. Learns / remembers much faster / easier than others.

      The violet monkey.. I got nothing. Creative author I guess lol

      Finally, as for spending 6 months away and just so happening to bump into every remotely significant character.. I only really remember Jiang Teng and Li Lu really making an appearance. The principle, vice principle and the bear-lady whats-her-face only had any appearance due to the conflict.. Blasting off powers can’t exactly be quiet, they have to feel something if you consider all the reactions in previous chapters. If not to save Jiang Teng AGAIN the pres and vp probably wouldn’t even make an appearance, and bear-lady wouldn’t have been monitoring the conflict + mc.

      Give up the novel if you wish, that is your right. But it’s very easy to just use deductive reasoning to explain why certain things do and do not happen.. I don’t think deductive reasoning is a science yet, is it?

    2. I agree with you, it’s a very shallow story so far. Very low effort by the author, he just throws cliches out like they’re candy and doesn’t even try to justify them. The entire Asura thing is just nonsense and the level of servitude these high power people show him, despite the fact that he just looted a cave, and anyone could have done it, is really baffling. Despite all that I think I can still give it a chance just because it’s so fast paced. It would be nice if things could advance beyond a teaspoons depth though.

      1. guys, this novel just started and although some of the stuff you say are right, in the end, how many chapters have you read?

        also, some cliche staff are alright if they make the story interesting since if the MC was only a genius without luck, he would soon be surpassed by the others, that are way above him, who is in this unknown city, also I believe that you have judged this too quickly.

        what if the place the MC is, is just too useless? would it be better to be just the biggest fish in the pool or in the ocean?

        If we go by your reasoning, when he gets in the bigger cities he should be just mediocre
        is that why you read a novel? to have an ordinary MC with average achievements?
        or an MC that will shake the world?

        luck is also a form of power, since no matter how good of a genius you are, if you don’t have luck you will die in some small run down place, or you will be stuck in the same place forever watching as others pass you.

        I am also in favor of those who have both talents and luck, in fact, I am more in favor in luck instead of talents, just like Martial World or True Martial World, so I can ignore luck, since without luck there would be no real geniuses, if they didn’t have the luck to push them to the limits, they would be mediocre, at least I believe.

        You don’t want that? then what about all those treasures a king has, he can make a genius out of everyone. So the MC who has fast comprehension powers is different, he has something unique, and in all the novels you have read, always there will be a lucky chance every now and then, not only in the form of treasures but life threatening scenes and stuff like that, if that wasn’t so, they could never pass their limits and show their true worth.

        although it’s a bit fast paced, that’s for now, in the future, there are endless possibilities

        btw, how many geniuses there must be in that world? fate is also a something, if he is fated for something why try to say otherwise? otherwise, the author could write the story being about a normal genius with no luck and exceptional achievements, would that be to your liking?

        1. The problem is suspension of disbelief only goes so far. IIRC, the legacy he discovered is a stones throw away from his hometown. He discovered it whilst not even paying attention, and it accepted him without any real test or requirement. In other words, almost anyone could have done the same thing. That makes all of the loyalty and dependence of his subordinates just ridiculous. They are practically worshiping a random stranger who did absolutely nothing remarkable or impressive. It would have made more sense if they just killed him.

          There’s nothing unique about the way he discovered it. It wasn’t something only he could do, and there’s no explanation offered for why this thing has gone unnoticed by the doubtless many people who have been in that area before. You can call it fate but I call it lazy writing, and that this occurred right on the back of an event that is already unbelievably lucky (a monkey who needs a human to climb a tree…..), it’s just stabbing deeper into an open wound.

          Also I read more of this later and it just continues on the same way. The author has a very contrived lazy way of justifying things; or rather, he really doesn’t ever bother to justify things. For the record, I read ATG and MW/TMW. I’m familiar with lucky protagonists and I don’t mind them. The difference with those stories is that the authors actually try to justify how it happened, and why not every nobody could have stumbled along and done the same thing. Here, there’s no attempt made to explain why anything happens.

          1. nowadays, I am kinda trying to force my self and see if it will get any better, I know that I am trying to justify the unjustifiable, it’s kinda stupid…. you are right. this novel has so much wasted potential, shame cause it could become a great novel, the author is indeed writing whatever comes down to his head, not giving much thought them and thus the plot holes that are ruining his novel are being ignored, I am convinced now that he just wants some convenient BS to cover up his lazy writing and good imaginations. such a shame, just cause it was in the beginning, I was trying to convince myself to ignore many plot holes, but the author has disappointed me.

            But still, I don’t understand why they go through the trouble to translate this? I thought that it was because it was going to get better later, but I have decided that the beginning is too awful to worth the trouble, this needs a re-write!

          2. something I forgot to mention: someone must have a high level spirit beast in order to survive after inheriting the legacy, that could cover some plot holes but I guess that’s a minor attempt from the author to partially cover some holes in the plot, but indeed, it doesn’t do much, cause the holes are too big for something this minor to cover it and I know it, it probably covers about 1/50 of the hole. the things you mention are indeed correct and you have omitted many uncountable plot holes so I won’t try to justify the novel with this. so annoyinggg~~

            edit: in fact, I just hoped that a novel a translator would pick, couldn’t be a waste of time and effort or maybe wouldn’t. So I hoped that it would be something like gold hidden in the sand 😛

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