Invincible Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Notify The Duke’s Mansion

Seeing that both Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou had ignored his loud warning and remained standing in the middle of the pathway, the captain of the guards stopped yelling and decided that he couldn’t be bothered. The lives of two penniless commoners didn’t matter even if they died. Things like this happened every other day in the Luo Tong Kingdom, it was nothing new.

A blood-thirsty light flickered in the eyes of the yellow-robed young man, Meng Xia, and he urged his mount to go even faster when he saw that two people were blocking his way.

While the guards looked on with frightened expressions on their faces, Meng Xia’s Horned Rhino had gotten to Huang Xiaolong, and in just a matter of seconds, Xiaolong would have been sent flying from the impact. At the last second, Fei Hou moved. A long sword had already appeared in his hand, and with a swing of his arm, many rays of sword light danced out.

“Roar!” the bloodcurdling screams from the Horned Rhinos were heard and then everyone noticed that the Horned Rhino was no longer charging forward; its legs could no longer support its weight and it tumbled forward. Blood spurted from its body like a geyser eruption and Meng Xia was thrown off its back.

The Horned Rhinos following behind were no exception; once they had reached within ten meters of Huang Xiaolong, they all tumbled with blood spurting from their wounds and their riders were thrown off.

The beasts wails lasted for a short while and as the tremors ceased, only the moans of the yellow-robed young man could be heard. The Guard Captain and the other guards were stunned at the sight of the fallen Horned Rhinos’ twitching in a pool of their own blood.

The Guard Captain felt his throat dry up as he stared at Fei Hou in horror.

Finally, Meng Xia, the yellow-robed young man, got up with difficulty and was extremely angered when he saw his beloved mount lying in a pool of blood.

Pointing at Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou in anger, he yelled, “Rebels! Rebels! You cheap lowly commoners dared to kill my mount, you deserve to die! Kill them for me! No, wait! First, cut off their hands, then their legs and feed them to the dogs!”

The yellow-robed young man’s guards crawled up, and when they heard their young master’s order, they quickly pulled out their swords and rushed up together. In Royal City, only they harassed the commoners and never the other way round; yet today, they didn’t know where these two crept out from that they actually dared to kill their mounts!

The attacks from the guards were ruthless; each slash was intended to maim. It seemed that they planned to first cut off Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou’s arms and then the legs.

Fei Hou’s eyes turned cold and snorted. He stood still as he raised up his sword and once again waved it sending out sharp rays of sword light which snaked through the group of incoming guards. An agonizing scream sounded every time a light flickered.

Before the very eyes of the city gate guards, a flurry of arms shot up to the sky and before falling to the ground.

“My hand, my hand!”

“My hand’s cut off!”

The guards cried out in pain.

Initially, the angered yellow-robed young man who ordered his guards to dismember Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou stiffened, followed by fear, and panic.

Fei Hou walked slowly walked over his direction.

Terrified, the yellow-robed Meng Xia retreated, saying “You fellows are just a bunch of dirty, worthless nobodies, what do you think you’re doing?! I am the young master of the Duke’s Mansion! If you dare hurt even a strand of my hair, you will die like dogs!” He wasn’t bluffing, someone once wounded him just slightly, and both the man and his entire family of more than a hundred people were killed.

“Hurt a strand of your hair?” Fei Hou expression remained unchanged.

Without warning, Fei Hou’s sword suddenly slashed out and a ray of sword light swirled around Meng Xia’s head.  Meng Xia shrieked in fright, his body quivering, as Fei Hou sheathed his long sword; then, Huang Xiaolong noticed an acrid smell. Looking at the yellow-robed young man, Huang Xiaolong saw the lower half of his body was wet.

Urine flowed down as he screamed.

Seeing a Duke Mansion disciple act so cowardly, he smirked saying, “Little brat, don’t worry, I won’t kill you. You aren’t dead yet!”

When the young man heard that, he opened his eyes and realized that his head was still attached and his was neck is fine too. Only his hair was shaved off by Fei Hou’s sword and he had become bald!

A breeze blew past, and his scalp felt cold.

Meng Xia’s heart seemed to shiver uncontrollably like it was going to burst out from his chest, his back dampened by cold sweat.

“The next time you insult my Young Master, calling him a dirty commoner, it won’t be just your hair. I will cut away your scalp layer by layer!” said Fei Hou as he stared coldly at the young man, letting the words sink in one by one.

Meng Xia stood there dazedly; he had been frightened senseless by Fei Hou using a sword to shave off his hair. Fei Hou went back to Huang Xiaolong, and asked, “Young Master, are you alright?”

“I’m okay.” Huang Xiaolong nodded and said, “Let’s go, we’re entering the city!” He turned and walked towards the city gates. When he passed by the Guard Captain, he stopped and with a cold expression, he asked, “Do you still want admission fees?”

The Guard Captain immediately knelt down, begging for mercy: “No no no no, don’t want! Little Ancestor, mercy, spare my life!”

He was so frightened that he even used the honorific ‘Little Ancestor’ when addressing Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong asked yet another question, “Am I still a lowly, dirty commoner?”

The Guard Captain shook his head vigorously, shaking his hands: “No, no, no, Little Ancestor, you are the highest of nobility, a true noble!”

“If I’m a noble, then what about him?” asked Huang Xiaolong as he suddenly pointed at the yellow-robed young man whose robes were still dripping with piss.

The Guard Captain face reddened not knowing how to answer and Fei Hou glared at him.

The glare made the Guard Captain weak with fright, his butt muscles loosened and he let out a loud fart, before quickly saying, “He, he is the dirty, cheap commoner!” The moment the words left his mouth he almost wanted to die; as a Guard Captain he actually dared utter such blasphemy against a young master of the Duke household! If the matter spread to the Duke’s ears, he would definitely lose his job, but he wondered if his life could be kept.

“What about you?” asked Huang Xiaolong.

“I’m a dog; I’m just a dog!” With his face as a pale as a white sheet, the Guard Captain answered and kept repeating it, over and over again.

Huang Xiaolong expression turned indifferent as he turned around and walked away, continuing towards the city with Fei Hou following at his side.

The moment Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou’s silhouettes had gone far away, the Guard Captain’s legs gave out, he sat his arse on the ground with an ugly expression, as if he had just swallowed dog shit.

The other guards looked at him with concern; one them came to his side and whispered, “Captain, about Young Master Meng Xia… Should we inform the Duke’s Mansion?”

All this time, the yellow-robed young man still stood in a daze on the same spot and around him were all the guards who lost their arms still moaning in pain.

“Inform the Duke’s Mansion?” Hearing this, the Guard Captain jumped up: “Yes, yes, yes, inform the Duke’s Mansion!” At this time the Guard Captain’s eyes burned with hatred staring at Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou’s receding figure. “You dirty commoners actually dared to hurt the Duke Mansion’s Young Master; I will let you taste the consequences!”

At this moment, Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou had already stepped into the city.

“Young Master, don’t worry. A Duke’s Mansion? Nothing will happen.” Fei Hou assured Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head. He knew that since Fei Hou had acted like this, it meant that he had aces under his sleeves. Even though he didn’t intend to rely solely on Fei Hou’s strength, since Fei Hou said so, then he was sure nothing would happen.

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  1. Figured out from pretty early on I would have to consider Xiaolong as more of a villainous character to enjoy this story. Once again confirmed. It bothers me how he thinks he’s so great because he has Fei Hou with him. Would it have been that hard to get out of the way?

      1. Right but if i want to enjoy the story I can’t think of him as a retard, better if he’s just kind of a dick to people. That I can live with.

    1. does ur head work right or r u just unable to comprehend the meaning of the words that u read?
      he made the guard captain call young master meng a dirty commoner bc he was a annoying, condescending dic**ead and bc he tried to kill him
      he made the guard captain call himself a dog bc his authority was getting to his head and he was charging ten gold coins for entrance (hes prolly stealing money. no way just entrance into the city costs enough money for a whole commoner family to live a whole month. the entrance tax is prolly low ass shit and hes just trying to steal money from unsuspecting and inconvenienced commoners)
      Also Fei Hou clearly said that its ok for them not to worry
      we still don’t exactly know Fei Hou’s background which is probably quite extraordinary to become a peak late 10 order warrior in like ~25 years. moreover, his martial soul is stellar, as well, meaning he is most likely nobility from a powerful family: much more powerful than the duke of this dingy little kingdom.

      1. Does your head work right?

        This is the capital city. Of course they would charge an entrance fee. Not just anyone should be allowed to step foot into such a place. And even if it was overpriced, how would the MC know? He didn’t even try to pay the entrance fee. As for the discrimination between the ‘nobles’ and the ‘commoners’, I would like to think that it was moreso the difference between ‘natives’ and ‘foreigners’. Being local nobility meant that they were easily identified, so them being exempted from paying the fee made sense. There would be no reason why they would need to pay money just to return home.

        I don’t see why you’re trying to justify the MC’s actions when clearly he’s just being a dick for no reason. It’s not like he’s poor or anything, it’s been stated that he had managed to take some gold coins from the people he killed on the journey, and that was just one instance. I’m sure he could scramble together 20 gold coins. Not to mention he could have just moved to the side. Yes, it’d be a slight inconvenience to him, but if you compare it to any possible consequences to having randomly offended the locals, then it’d be the smarter decision.

        As for being called a dirty commoner, can you really blame the guard? I’m sure that their clothes were dirty and torn from their travels, so if they were mistaken for a dirty commoner, why would that be anything to get angry over?

        1. Being a dick for no reason? How gutless are you? The gatekeeper clearly tried to scam him, and has clearly been doing it to other commoners. And the arrogant shit dukes son literally tried to kill him and has probably done it to other people as well. Just on principle all of them deserve death, they should be grateful he went easy. You actually want him to step aside and pay the ****ing gate fee, wtf.

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