Invincible (无敌天下) – Index

Invincible (无敌天下) 
by Shen Jian (神见)

Current Status: Ongoing
Genre Tags: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Xuanhuan

Translated by: Qumu
Edited by: edayo (C20-78)/lecourrielxiii
Proofread/Edited by: Wayfinder/Bumbum

Official Description

The strong are lonesome. Overcoming the loneliness pushes you to stand invincible at the top.

Pro-disciple of the Shaolin Temple on earth, Huang Xiaolong was reborn into a Martial Spirit world, carrying Hua Xia’s secret knowledge, the Body Metamorphose Scripture.

In a Martial Spirit world, only those with Martial Spirit are able to train in battle qi and become a warrior. Huang Xiaolong born with a heaven-defying rare Martial Spirit was mistakenly taken for common variant Martial Spirit during the awakening ceremony conducted by the tribe and thus sidelined.

However, Huang Xiaolong with his common “variant” Martial Spirit again, and again displayed unnatural talent, defeating geniuses, shocking the clan and the entire Martial Spirit World.


Table of Contents

Chapters 1–68

Chapter 01: Snow Wind Continent
Chapter 02: Grade Seven Martial Spirit?
Chapter 03: Only Xiaolong Did Not Get
Chapter 04: The Annual Clan Assembly
Chapter 05: Wants to Cripple Both of My Arms?
Chapter 06: It is Useless to Beg Me!
Chapter 07: An Odd Valley
Chapter 08: Fortuitous Adventure at the Bottom of the Lake
Chapter 09: Sabers/ Blades of Asura
Chapter 10: A Thousand Year Old Leirion Heart Grass
Chapter 11: How Did You Advanced to the First Order?
Chapter 12: The Annual Clan Assembly Begins
Chapter 13: Hit You Until Your Dad Can’t Recognize You
Chapter 14: Second Order Warrior!
Chapter 15: A Slip of Hand!
Chapter 16: Breakthrough to the Fourth Order
Chapter 17: Only Huang Wei is Going In
Chapter 18: Battle Skill Training
Chapter 19: The Body Metamorphose Scripture –Stage Four
Chapter 20: Li Mu’s Birthday Celebration
Chapter 21: Asura’s Gate Disciple
Chapter 22: Just a Lowly Slave, What Qualifications Does He Have?
Chapter 23: Making an Exhibition of Oneself
Chapter 24: To Guard Love Ones
Chapter 25: The Annual Clan Assembly is Here Again
Chapter 26: Fear?
Chapter 27: This is Call Fair?!
Chapter 28: The Peak of Late -Tenth Order
Chapter 29: Asura Sword Skill Second Move
Chapter 30: Leaving Huang Clan Manor
Chapter 31: The Silvermoon Forest
Chapter 32: Fei Hou’s Martial Spirit
Chapter 33: Asura Demon Claw
Chapter 34: Framed
Chapter 35: Martial Spirit Strengthening
Chapter 36: The Luo Tong Royal City
Chapter 37: Notify the Duke Mansion
Chapter 38: At the Delicious Restaurant
Chapter 39: Marshal’s Not In?
Chapter 40: Junior Brother’s in Trouble!
Chapter 41: Who Dares to Hurt My Junior Brother!
Chapter 42: Xiantian Warrior
Chapter 43: The Duanren Empire
Chapter 44: Stolen from Our Auction House
Chapter 45: Meeting Li Lu Again
Chapter 46: Imperial City Battle
Chapter 47: Sovereign Invincible Throughout!
Chapter 48: Revoked Qualifications!
Chapter 49: Ought to Be Beheaded!
Chapter 50: Dared to Harm Young Master!
Chapter 51: Something Big Happened!
Chapter 52: Invincible Throughout?
Chapter 53: Bet
Chapter 54: New Students Assessments
Chapter 55: Challenge All New Students
Chapter 56: Four Breaths?
Chapter 57: What Kind of Heaven-defying Talent is this?
Chapter 58: You Did Not Understand My Meaning
Chapter 59: Received Huang Xiaolong as Disciple
Chapter 60: Isn’t He Your Illegitimate Son?
Chapter 61: Eradicate the Marshal Mansion?
Chapter 62: Poison Blood Palm
Chapter 63: Giant Underground Tree
Chapter 64: Just One Sword Strike
Chapter 65: Return to the Royal City
Chapter 66: Should be A Tie
Chapter 67: The Academy’s Annual Competition Begins
Chapter 68: King Lu Zhe

Chapters 69–123

Chapter 69: Not Necessarily
Chapter 70: Unwilling to Throw in the Towel without A Fight
Chapter 71: Call Out Your Martial Spirit
Chapter 72: Huang Xiaolong’s Martial Spirit
Chapter 73: The Academy’s Competition Comes to An End
Chapter 74: Cultivating in the Dragon Flame Valley
Chapter 75: Pagoda
Chapter 76: Asura’s Gate Headquarters
Chapter 77: Heavenly Treasures
Chapter 78: The Heavenly Treasures’ List Number One
Chapter 79: Huang Xiaolong Goes Home
Chapter 80: Mishap in the Eastern Garden
Chapter 81: Dad Was Wounded!
Chapter 82: Roll Out Here!
Chapter 83: What Thingy is Big Sword Sect
Chapter 84: Eldest Uncle is Wrong
Chapter 85: Gifted to Me
Chapter 86: Huang Ming and Sons, Killed
Chapter 87: Let Them Eat On the Floor Below
Chapter 88: Are There So Many Coincidences?
Chapter 89: Back to Tianxuan Mansion
Chapter 90: Wrath of the Nether King
Chapter 91: Breakthrough to the Ninth Order
Chapter 92: Opening the First Layer of Linglong Treasure Pagoda
Chapter 93: Class Advancement Test
Chapter 94: Strange Little Town
Chapter 95: The Martial Ning Family
Chapter 96: Arrest Him!
Chapter 97: Four Years Passed!
Chapter 98: Wings of Demon
Chapter 99: This Freak of a Man
Chapter 100: Yu Ming Missing
Chapter 101: Breakthrough to the Ninth Order
Chapter 102: The Yuwai Kingdom
Chapter 103: Running into Bandits
Chapter 104: Slander and Trust
Chapter 105: Running Into Each Other Again
Chapter 106: “I’m His Old Man!”
Chapter 107: Really is the Patriarch’s Old Man?
Chapter 108: What, Do You Dare to Do Something to Me?
Chapter 109: Yang An is Here!
Chapter 110: Kaiser Lion Transformation
Chapter 111: of Course We Won’t Let It Go Just Like This!
Chapter 112: The Yang Family Came!
Chapter 113: Leaving in Embarrassment
Chapter 114: The Vision Manifestation of Heavenly Treasure Appear!
Chapter 115: A Heavenly Treasure is About to Appear!
Chapter 116: Duanren Empire Intervention
Chapter 117: Duan Wuhen
Chapter 118: Crawl from Here
Chapter 119: Kill Them All!
Chapter 120: Spirit Beast!
Chapter 121: Hunt!
Chapter 122: Heavenly Treasure Found!
Chapter 123: Heavenly Treasure; God Binding Ring

Chapters 124–157

Chapters 158–183

Chapters 184–220

Chapters 221–244

Chapters 245–293

Chapter 245: Entering the Bedlam Lands
Chapter 246: Shall We Entertain This Kid?
Chapter 247: Not Willing?
Chapter 248: Black Demon City
Chapter 249: Ghost Shadow Sect
Chapter 250: Controlling Giant Puppets
Chapter 251: An Impetuous Death Seeking Slave
Chapter 252: Eye of Hell
Chapter 253: Geng Ken’s Doubt
Chapter 254: Who Allowed You To Leave?
Chapter 255: No Medicine For Regret
Chapter 256: Chen Xiaotian’s Suspicion
Chapter 257: Greeting Young Lord
Chapter 258: Battling Chen Xiaotian
Chapter 259: Taking Control of Sky Magi Sect
Chapter 260: Death God’s Chain
Chapter 261: Begin Swallowing the Blood Swallow Sect
Chapter 262: Join Hands with Sky Magi Sect?
Chapter 263: Chen Xiaotian Is Too Presumptuous
Chapter 264: Jiang Tianhua Comes Visit
Chapter 265: You Think This Is A Joke?
Chapter 266: Eye of the Yellow Springs
Chapter 267: Undying Devil Physique
Chapter 268: Taking Over Blood Swallow Sect
Chapter 269: Nosy
Chapter 270: Young Lord!
Chapter 271: Where’s the Young Sovereign?
Chapter 272: Annihilate Sky Magi Sect!
Chapter 273: Empty
Chapter 274: Killing Hu Han
Chapter 275: Unifying Black Demon City
Chapter 276: City of Myriad Gods
Chapter 277: Savage Sanguine Wasteland
Chapter 278: Don’t Dodge If You’ve Got Guts
Chapter 279: Remain from An Ancient God Tribe Master
Chapter 280: Ghost Shadow Sect Patriarch
Chapter 281: What Kind of Palm Power Is This?
Chapter 282: Four Seas Mountain
Chapter 283: Saber Imperial City
Chapter 284: Poison Saint Sect
Chapter 285: Great Demonic Yin Sound
Chapter 286: Summoning the Giant Puppets
Chapter 287: Godly Xumi Art
Chapter 288: Arriving In the City of Myriad Gods
Chapter 289: The Ancient Herculean King
Chapter 290: Meeting Yao Fei Again
Chapter 291: Life Soul Grass
Chapter 292: Our Young Lord Wants to See You!
Chapter 293: So, It Was Like This…

Chapters 294–326

Chapters 327–XXX


74 thoughts on “Invincible (无敌天下) – Index” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. I swear, if this novel gets to 1-2 chaps a day, I’ll donate like a madman. Legit. I mean, as much as my budget will allow, it’s actually quite spacy tbh. THIS NOVEL IS SO GOOD.

          1. whoa i don’t see this in NU tho. is it still labelled as “Invincible” there?

            EDIT: oh nvm, apparently its labelled in NU as “Invincible Conqueror”. Made me miss it in my prior search since I was only looking for the title “Invincible”. Anyway…

            Welcome to the main Index Qumu 😀

  1. i guess its some good old trash becomes OP story
    Not too bad i can work with it as long as its not as bad as martial universe

  2. I lost interest when I caught the “Harem” tag.
    But I respect your dedication, welcome and congratulations for becoming an “official” translator.

    1. Very stupid decision if that is your only problem. Labels can be wrong. I also wouldn’t consider it a harem when the MC doesn’t show interest in them. Just because there are multiple girls who like the MC doesn’t make it a harem.

    2. I hate spineless mom and dad who beg MC to forgive his damn family members who basically treated them like crap for so many years a hell of a lot more than harem tag….

  3. This is a cool story. Now that its a main page story it should be coming out faster which is awesome =) Thanks for the effort and Congrats for the upgrade =)

  4. kinda reminds me of PMG. mc reborn, has OP spirit but its thought of as trash. hope he does’t lecture like lin feng though.

    1. Haha I do enjoy PMG as well but yeah it is beginning to get redundant with first off every single enemy assuming he died or is weak or will die from this attack and all of a sudden OMG Lin Feng is far more powerful than I thought and then Lin Feng proceeds to slowly lecture the enemy on his faults and how sucky he is before he then kills him.

      There are very few of these wuxia stories that are perfectly balanced though, you gain something and lose something else in each story lol. Probably the most balanced are the stories from either “I Eat Tomatoes” (desolate era and coiling dragon) or “Tang Jia” (Doulu Dalu, Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Heavenly Jewel Change) etc… It becomes really difficult to compare most wuxia stories to those authors though so I learn to just enjoy what I like from most of the others and pretend negative attributes of the story don’t exist lol.

  5. Don’t badmouth the story just because of the tags – read it first!

    The synopsis / intro is interesting.
    I hope it lives upto the standards established by the rest of wuxiaworld’s novels.

    It kinda reminds me of Doulou continent’s mc

    1. Sorry it is not doulou continent but doulou dalu.
      It is part of series of novels.
      I recomend it – the translation and story are pretty good. It is a prequel to the novel – unrivaled tang sect.

  6. Huang Xialong – MC
    Huang Min – little sister
    Huang Xiaohai – little brother, youngest,
    Huang Peng – Father
    Su Yan – Mother
    Huang Ming – MCs Fathers older brother, leader of Huang clans punishment hall
    Huang Wei – Huang Mings 2nd Son
    Huang Qide – MCs Grandfather and Founder of Huang Clan
    Chen Ying – Huang Clan Chief Steward

  7. I’ve read ten chapters so far and the story seems decent enough for me to read it all, BUT this is only after some major spell checking. There are too many flaws in the grammar, making it very uncomfortable to read, but I’m guessing this will be fixed soon enough.

  8. This is invincible conqueror right? Been eyeing this novel for awhile but relucant since i feel uncomfortable reading from a forum. Thankfully his dedication paid back.. Finally promoted !! Welcome Qumu!!

  9. This MC, unlike allot of the others, gives off a different vibe, more realistic, and instead of spouting bs and crushing his enemies with strength that shouldn’t exist at their cultivation, this MC actually has a limit, knows he has a limit, and its actually a tad funny to read how his current problems are being dealt with.
    Also, the sense of urgency you see from knowing the MC has someone he HAS to be wary of and knowing he has no chance of winning for a long time. rare to see that for mc’s on novels like this, usually the mc finds someone he cant beat, gains strength in a short time, then crushes them. gets slightly old.

    Anyways, Love this novel, Keep up the Great Work!!! 🙂

    1. I liked that as well. 150 chaps in and he has consistently tested his combat capabilities and made a point of sacrificing time that could have been spent on harem or friendship to continue cultivating, other novels seem to always have enough time for all of it.

      I especially like that he deals with situations as soon as he has the ability to do so. Here is a person that truly only endures as much as he must, not a whit more.

  10. i liked it when it was invincible conqueror…since just invincible is not much of a phrase to a novel(just my thought dont take this seriously)
    the story is good..cultivation..multiple realms…and stuff regarding body are different….

  11. Well, I do enjoy this kinds of novels but just saying but will it kill them to not treat everyone that is weaker than them not as trash but a human being with feelings?
    Just saying but after reading the same old story, it gets too repetitive. They always do the same mistake and the excuse is that strengh is everything is the Martial World. I get that only by being strong can you avoid being treated as a lower person than other but that doesn’t mean that they have to be dicks with others just bc they are weak (which is what they constantly do in this kind of novels when it’s starting).

    I keep waiting for the day, that the protagonist doesn’t misteriously attract all the bullying even thought there’s way more people that don’t even train in martial arts and thus are even weaker

    1. It isn’t that they believe he is weak that makes them act that way, it is that he doesn’t behave in the way they believe he should, because he is “weak,” that makes them feel like he needs to be “put in his place.” It’s still a character flaw for all of the early-stage antagonists, this need for validation of their potential strength from persons that were their rivals until the revelation of their “true ability.”

      MGA had a lot of that. MC had tremendous potential, but because his cultivation method had him stuck at a bottle neck early on, everybody thought he was trash and used that as justification for taking advantage of him. Doulou Dalu was the same, every time anybody saw the Blue-Silver Grass martial spirit they immediately thought MC would be a pushover. I pretty much expect this in wuxia now, the entertaining part is in how the MC deals with it. Invincible has done some things in that regard that others haven’t, so it is somewhat refreshing.

  12. I read 38 chapters so far, and the MC is a retarded maniac, he kills people for no motives, Random guy can’t even say anything and the MC gets mad or hold a grudge, the MC has a *** arrogance never saw, random guard can’t even call him a commoner he gets all mad, to this MC, even the act of moving aside to let a person pass is a motive to kill.

    I will try reading at least 50 more chapters, if this kind of autistic behavior continues i’m dropping.

  13. Qumu

    Uma vez que o livro se tornou livre, muitos voluntários se ocuparam em traduzí-lo para inúmeros idiomas, tais comos Árabe, Português Brasileiro, Alemão, Italiano, Espanhol, etc.
    Eu gostaria de agradecer a você .
    O seu trabalho é muito apreciado porque ele leva o Debian para milhões de pessoas que não poderão ler antes de ser traduzido .

    Muito Obrigado pelos capítulos !!! 🙂 🙂

  14. Start to read this novel out of boredom. Didn’t expect to find this kind of hidden jewel. Great story and different than the rest. I kinda like that kind of MC. Hopefully this series could be more popular and new chapters released faster. This novel is now in my big 5 to read list in ww.

  15. Definately one of the best novels on wuxiaworld. Mainly because this writer chose not to lose himself in the insanity of detail. So many other novels are filled with fights which take several chapters to cover, which in my view is extremely boring and pointless. Contrary to that this writer focused on the overal story, making it a more pleasant read. Thumbs Up !

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