Introducing Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society and Myself

Hello everyone, I’m FudgeNouget. You may have heard of me from various places. I’m the previous translator of Emperor of Solo Play among other webtoons and manhwas.

Today, I’m excited to announce a new project, Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society (무한경쟁던전사회), by Toika, the author of Everyone Else is a Returnee. This is his previous work, completed at around 355 chapters. You can start with the prologue here!

I have been a WuxiaWorld reader since Book 10 of Coiling Dragon, and I am very honored to have the chance to translate here. I would also like to give a shoutout to my awesome editor, Jay.

The release schedule is 6 regular chapters per week (Monday ~ Saturday) plus any sponsored chapters at $50 a chapter. Any support would be appreciated.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or notice any mistakes, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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    1. The bot Belkar lives and reigns and conquers the world!
      How many firsts will you get till you get satisfied, you BOT!
      Though i would like to ask you what is your reading list, cause I find you everywhere i go…

      1. And still it’s only a fraction of those I want to read.
        There are too many great writers or too few of me.

        As for the firsts, you’ll see at the contest next Saturday!

        1. In a sense you are amazing…
          i remember you most vividly in God and Devil World you were always the first (that novel went through so many different sites lol).
          actually in every novel i read I would see your name as first 99.9% of the time…
          teach me!

  1. Massive Welcome!! Really looking forward to read the new novel, loved the other projects, (City of the Dead Sorcerer, Breaker II: New Waves, The Gamer, Black Haze) cant wait for another novel to be added!

  2. So I’ve read the synopsis and it sounds interesting! Welcome FudgeNouget 🙂 though you’ve been here way before me, so.. Welcome! as a translator now 🙂

  3. Hey guys! Thanks for reading.

    If you notice any mistakes, do tell me. There may be formatting errors or broken links (new to WuxiaWorld hehe).

    1. I’m really enjoying the story. However, the link URLs are all missing: icds-index/
      I’ve been reading by manually editing the URLs. Good stuff 🙂

    2. can you tell us about the situation with breaker part 3 ?
      is it ever going to come out or is the breaker series going to stay incomplete forever?

        1. The authors ran off to do some other series after New Waves. There are rumors of season 3 starting, but nothing’s confirmed as far as I know

  4. I’ve read and liked a lot of the things you’ve translated in the past, especially Black Haze, so I’m most definitely going to check this out.

  5. Welcome Fudge! been following The Gamer since it started on webtoons and is my weekly crack for 2 minutes before i burn through the new releases :/ Can’t wait to dive into this book 🙂

  6. Definitively reading this novel, the MC is likable and funny, and it’s just personally, I like when the MC is handsome, at the start there is that gag of him with his 2,10m tall mass of muscle, but it isn’t used that much like some japanese novels where one only gag is used infinitely, also, he being stupid was also an funny gag that didn’t become tiring as he increased his intelligence stats, and he also found an way to become stronger and change his figure at the same time, becoming stronger even though he still has his limitation of not being able to use mana, it’s an story with amazing potential, the author could explore only the thematic of dungeon and it would also be an amazing story, but from what we can see, the ‘earth’ world will appear dungeons and monsters, and as he already is sort of op he will start ahead of most people.

    Welcome to WuxiaWorld fudge, I had read some of your other projects, and even if I hadn’t I would still read this, it’s an amazing novel and I didn’t found any grammatical error in it, well, it could also be because English isn’t my main language…

  7. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome… So welcoming am I that I said it three….. or rather… four times… truly a rare occurrence.

    Also I’m sorry…. I know the correct pronunciation… but… to me….you will henceforth be named…. FudgeNugget….. I’m sorry…. that name is too good *thumbs up*

  8. Welcome! I’m a big fan of The Gamer, City of Dead Sorcerer and the translation for The Breaker II was beyond awesome! I’m looking forward to reading your work here on Wuxiaworld.

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