Interview with RWX on webnovels!

This was a fun little interview I did with ThePaper (澎湃), a Shanghai-based news organization. I thought I’d share it with you. Go ahead and check it out on Facebook! It’s subtitled by us, and you’ll get to see me in all my blotchy glory (hey, I was sweaty and oily after a long day + two hours of interviewing).

Make sure you click to get the subtitles!

43 thoughts on “Interview with RWX on webnovels!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Nice to finally see you in Person 😉 and somehow it seems like someone with a camera waited outside your door to “ambush” you into an interview xD

  2. “Biggest complaint of translators is the same phrase being used over and over. Such as jade-like skin. Every 5 chapters there’s always another peerless beauty that shows up.” – not exact quote. But yea, I agree. Stopped reading at least two novels on here because of that and the story gets stale.

  3. You are courting death. He is courting death. We are courting death. O and I like things with faces. People have to give face all the time. Should I try to rip out a face of a random person and give it to you or should I draw a smiley face for you. Your choice either can be done *sigh* Why am I still reading this xD

  4. That was cool to watch. But I gotta admit, right out the gate, part of me was disappointed to learn your real name wasn’t Ren. I don’t know why I thought it was, but I did, and now it feels weird to think of you any other way…

  5. Woah two translators are Caucasian? Which ones, if you don’t mind me asking?

    How did they manage to learn Chinese to such proficiency that they could translate webnovels–did they use machine translations? I feel like Chinese is such a difficult language so I would not know where to start if I wanted to translate.

      1. @Dwarkin How is it racism? LOL I was just surprised that someone not of Chinese descent learned the language to such an extent that they can translate (that requires some high level English and Chinese). Rather, I am really impressed in how they are able to translate today. Curious about whether they grew up learning it or decided to learn it later in life. I grew up learning English, but learned my parent’s native language growing up as well so I can see how Chinese translators would have it much easier.

        @TheDarkness, if he is American that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily Caucasian?

        1. My country shares a border with China, so there are a lot of Caucasian people, who are studying Chinese here or in China. I don’t know about popularity of Chinese language in other countries, but in China I often met people with fluent Chinese from all over the world

        2. I feel like it’s worth mentioning that as long as there’s time and motivation, people can definitely immerse themselves in Chinese to the point they can read web novels fluidly, and look up references and obscure slang as easily as a typical native Chinese reader would with the aid of the internet. Japanese isn’t quite as hard as Chinese, but it’s comparable, and there are quite a number of non-East Asian people who’ve read tens of thousands of pages’ worth of Japanese visual novels to the point their reading Japanese comprehension beats a native speaker’s and their sense for connotations is very close. I personally don’t know any Chinese but I’m always keeping an eye out for language learning tools and engaging subtitled/hookable audiovisual works that would help me build familiarity with it.

  6. RWX you have a good Chinese)) As a somebody often visiting China, even if I can hear a small accent in you speech, but it is easily understandable (in the parts I can understand :))
    Really enjoyed your interview, thank you for sharing a link 😉

  7. Ren is young! seeing him was like in novels when those old powerhouses who are always in seclusion were introduced and look younger than the mc.

  8. Btw, RWX, considering we (you?) now have Korean works on the site, you might want to consider changing the header from
    Chinese Fantasy Novels and Light Novels!”

    to something a little more inclusive. I don’t think ‘Asian’ sounds right, maybe ‘Oriental’? Or is that racist these days? Maybe ‘Eastern’? Though ‘Oriental’ still has that mystical connotation that attracted so many foreign readers in the first place. Your call. Or you can make a poll.

    1. I believe that at least Chinese people (may be except Chinese-American) doesn’t have a prejudice toward “Oriental” word. One Chinese businessman once opened a night club named “Oriental dragon” in my city, and none of Chinese residents here was against it

      1. Frankly I don’t see what’s potentially wrong with it myself, but in your example a Chinese dude using it is like a black dude saying ‘nigga’, though I will concede that your example is a commercial venture and therefor the comparison might not be fitting. Though Ren is of Chinese heritage, and WW /is/ a commercial venture, so we’re right back where we started. The word itself is some Latin derivative of Eastern anyway. I learned something interesting, apparently, negro used to be the more ‘polite’ term than black, some decades back. The way terminology shifts is interesting, reminds me of how medical terms for the mentally impaired shift. Oh and did you know that ‘Occidentals’ refers to people from the Occident, “the countries of the West, especially Europe and the Americas”? We have the Orient and the Occident. Kinda neat. Sorry, I get carried away sometimes.

  9. Um I need to do a research paper about wuxia bloom in the U.S. Um could anyone possibility give me links to all the announcements on wuxiaworld, so I could use it as data to implement the popularity of wuxia novels since its arrival. I remember it started with stellar transformation but I need more information.

  10. Have to be honest, great interview, *Love It* but, I read the thingy earlier…forgot to well remember to turn subtitles on…and I watched it…with my little to…actually no knowledge in chinese I was just watching in awe…yep…guess I need to watch it again…with subtitles…

    Thanks RWX 😁

  11. I enjoyed watching Rwx interview much more than I thought I would, and that view counter reminded me of Zang Ye from IRAS, now we need Etvo being interviewed as she gets hit by fluffy colorfull hammers

  12. I like that you mention Tales of Demon and God because it’s the reason I visit your website. I’ll definitely read Coiling Dragon. Thank you so much for your hard work.

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