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Hey guys, bad news; the internet at work is down again (typing from phone). They are looking to fix it and have it back up later, but they’ll need a bit. I’ll post again when it’s up, but for now, no lunch chapter. Chapter’s essentially done, just literally a few hundred words left, but can’t finish it off until I get internet again. Should be done and up literally any moment once internet is up. Wanted to give you guys a heads up. Sorry gang!

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      1. I practice the heavy aspect of refreshing. Where you use brute force and many repeated F5’s to create a spatial rift then I use the soft aspect of refreshing to send an F5 into the created spatial rift which then crosses worlds and differnt dimensions and finds Ren in another dimension where he’s already completed this chapter and sends it back to you.

  1. I know this might be a bit too greedy of me, but no way for you to download the entire Coiling Dragon on your computer so you don’t need internet?

    Also am getting an error that I’m posting too quickly. I didn’t even post.

    1. Site with Original text prevents you from copying it in any way, so only way to have accurate text to translate is to be online there and do it step by step 😉

        1. You can not take screen using normal means, sure there are programs that will let you do it, but to get text into normal format you would need to use program to recognize words from screen, and it makes a lot of mistakes and even can skip full sentences, sooo, nope. Bad idea overall.

      1. As he once explained, Ren uses (pirated) OCR’s to do the translation, but then he needs another run to compare it with the original text behind the paywall and fix all the inconsistencies.

    2. I’m assuming he can’t just download stuff into his work computer all willy nilly. Plus, he can’t post it on here without internet either way. All we gotta do is just wait a lil while.

          1. Sure it’s not a big problem if you just post it online or use it yourself, but it does become a bigger problem if you start getting some profit out of it. 😉

  2. Oh! Now it’s clear that I’m not the only one who have internet difficulties. I’m currently using my phone to type and sadly, I really have to wait for my connection to work better and for the next chapter. LoL though, I’m still excited knowing that it’s almost done! Cheers! Let’s wait for the best.

  3. Ren, you’re not supposed to eat the internet for lunch. That’s not how it works.
    I know you’re frustrated with the fact that we keep asking for chapters even on your rest day off but seriously!

    Then again, no worries, we’ll wait. Just eat your meal in peace. That’ll be healthier than trying to work while eating.

    Thanks for thought of letting us know. And for the good work obviously.

  4. NOOOOOOO!!! Lol thanks for the head up. Also I don’t know if you thought of this already and have a good reason for not doing it, but would it be possible to use your phone to create a portable wifi hotspot to connect with the work computer? I know data isn’t cheap, but just once wouldn’t be bad, and text doesn’t take much data… LOL yes i’m greedy and impatient. Anyways, thank you so much for the translation, can’t wait.

  5. (if this is posted twice, the site said it was posted but I don’t see it anywhere…)

    Ren, you’re not supposed to eat the internet for lunch. That’s not how it works.
    I know you’re frustrated with the fact that we keep asking for chapters even on your rest day off but seriously!

    Then again, no worries, we’ll wait. Just eat your meal in peace. That’ll be healthier than trying to work while eating.

    Thanks for thought of letting us know. And for the good work obviously.

    And if it could console you, I’m currently on smallband because it is the end of the month and I’m a heavy internet user (and your video ads are partially to blame!)

  6. Hi everybody!

    I m new here and i have to say…. CD IS AWESOME. ( so awesome that i have read all the TL in…4 days … ( god my eyes are burning :P))

    Anyway i decided that i should say a BIG , Huge, thank you to Ren and anybody else who are working with him for that wonderfull translation ( and ofc THX to IET ofc 🙂 )

    I must say, i m in love with that story more than i have ever been in my life ( previously it was WOT 😉 )

    Keep up the good work Ren and thx again <3


      1. Omg srly Oo
        but but but… so fast release and it s a freaking good quality on top of that Oo

        Are you a robot Ren ? :p
        ( Oh i know … Ren is in fact the reincarnation of linley in our world… Freak hard worker :p)

          1. No no, he’s not doing it alone. We’re behind him and yelling at him to go faster. That counts for something doesn’t it?

            (actually we don’t, Our leechful selfs are very grateful)

          2. Yeah, i think if Ren does a dissapearing act, there will be many many many broken keyboards, computer and phone screens.

            Next, there will be a huge manhunt, starting from the greater new york area.

            Then people all over the world will start going through the 5 stages of very bad news…. Denial, anger, grief, depression, bla bla bla…

            Ren’s crazy, but in an awesome way for all of us.

          3. @Dariel,

            sssjt, you can’t say that. That’s a taboo, too many people are still sore that they died on the monthly holiday this weekend.


            perhaps, at least there will certainly be a lot of disappointment. Well, ren created that a bit himself didn’t he, and it only shows that he’s doing good work.

          4. @honaidy
            [Kotomine mode on]
            Wouldn’t watching the suffering of all the addicts and their following descent into madness be as entertaining as reading CD?

            Who cares about pitiful low-level undeads? 😀

          5. I do, they are my minions! All those who die shall become my slaves. And thou shall beg for faster translations!

        1. he is a peak-staged god translator. only recently he got an insight into the “translating two projects without slowing translation speed”. he will breakthrough the next level pretty soon. but then again, im just a saint-level leecher. dont trust my analysis.

      1. Thank you Ren!
        It’s good to be here, i must admit that even the community is really good!

        No problem at all, i can wait as long as you need 😉

        ( Until finally i can see my beloved bebe happy again <3 ( yes bebe is my favourite character xD xD and then Delia <3 ))

          1. not sure that we should want to, he will clearly charm all the girls to the point where no human male will ever get a partner again.

          2. To be honest i think that will break my heart… Bebe must stay a mouuuuuse 🙁 🙁 🙁

            But well… maybe he will find a good looking human ( or diety xD) girl when he becomes human too … so that s half ok i guess :p

      1. The Wheel of time by Robert Jordan ( and after Brandon Sanderson … R.I.P. Robert , we will miss you)

        I started reading this 16 years ago aproximatly… And i finished the last book last year lol

        Great story , great characters ( and there A LOT lol) and … Well… the pinacle of the fantasy as far as i m concerned ^^

    1. sill a cliffhanger to me!!! Need my daily “bebe teary eyes/cuddle/ BOOOOSSSSS” reaction 😀
      And i really wonder what he will tell to the other saint ( and their reaction when he comes back … Priceless :D)

          1. Might give one to pacify them and maybe a bunch of the blades as well since he got so many and he can go back for them. I’m more curious if he’s going to go back to the floor with the Beholder to kill it and grab the divine artifacts there

  7. Ren, How DARE you make us wait due to things that you have no control over.

    I demand you gain the powers of internet!

    Seriously though, thank you for the heads up and all the hard work.

  8. No worries, Ren! I should be able to break through to the Deity level in the profound arts of reading soon!! (Seriously, I have like 30 tabs open; each with a different story I’m reading in my spare time) XD

    I’ll be waiting for more, but no rush! 🙂

      1. Not really, overload happens when Ren says something like “chapter will be out in 2 hours” 😛 He stopped doing that after few times that site actually broke because of intense F5’ing 😀

      1. Thx ren.. i cant help myself from loving it. Its so good.

        Now is 01:54AM and im still up wating for the new chapter..
        My head is going crazy for whats next

  9. i Wish i had understand the Profound Truth of Time so i could just fast forward to when RWX post the next Chapter rather than waiting and then freeze it until i post “First!”. there will be nobody to hinder me from claiming first Muahahaha..
    Now back to reality… *depresed* TIME why do you torture me so.. you even skip my morning alarm clock and made me miss my class.. 🙁 and you even purposely slowed when it comes to waiting for Ren’s Chapter Release..

    1. lucky for you guys. Im from malaysia and i really love Cd to the fact that im not having enough sleep.

      Keep waiting until midnight just to read the lunch time chapter

  10. Wow that change came rather abrupt….

    Until yesterday i was binge-reading CD, and now “this”

    It feels like riding a wonderfull rollercoster at max speed, and then suddenly its speed drops to 0. If this sudden break does not kill one, then it will only cause one agony for the rest of their puny life…

    OR untill the next chapter comes out ^^

    really…..looking…..forward….to it!

    1. Hehe, Chill up, the fact that in the end of the day you’ll still get 3 chapters should keep you up!Altho like you, I am also dying slowly inside by no updates :X 😀

      1. For the other ones i will still need to go sleep, because for me it is allready way after midnight when the second one comes out ^^ .

        Maybe it is actually a good thing that i have 2 chapters when i get up 🙂 .

        I knida feel like going to bed early for the purpose of having some time next morning to read all 3 of them before anything else…
        let’s see if that works out xD.

  11. To all of you that are spamming f5 on next chapter or think you can’t hold on, think of your favorite food shop/supermarket (or any that is preferably more than 30 minutes away on foot) and go take a walk to it. Taking a walk always helps with da patience or dem nerves!Or you can just try to make pizza and fail miserably like me 😀

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