Infolinksgate (is that a word?)

Hey guys.  As some of you noticed (and gave voice to), yesterday, for a few hours, Infolinks text/banner ads popped up on the site.   I feel like I owe y’all an explanation and a mea culpa, because some people were distinctly grumpy yesterday xD.

Basically, the situation was like this; as y’all may have noticed, we have a few Google AdSense ads on the site in fairly unobtrusive places.  Honestly though, Adsense hasn’t been great for the site in terms of clicks/revenue, making me curious as to if there was anything I could replace them with.  Now, I wasn’t sure what to use, but I knew I definitely didn’t want popups!  So, yesterday, I spent a few minutes researching, and saw suggestions that text ads like Infolinks were a good fit for text heavy sites.  So, I installed a plugin and set up a test account as I was reading up on it.  I didn’t see a place to insert the code in the plugin, so after poking the plugin for a while, I figured, “eh, forget about it, I’ll test to see how it looks/works another time” and went to work.

What I didn’t realize was that unlike with Adsense, registering an account and installing the plugin automatically activated the ads!  So people immediately began to get hit with Infolinks ads on the site.  The reaction was pretty fast; whether politely, aggressively, or passive-aggressively (xD), y’all made it clear that you haaaaated it.  So as soon as I got home, I made sure the Infolinks was gone.  And yes, it will stay gone!  Regardless of whether or not it outperforms Adsense, y’all made your distaste for it loud and clear; I don’t need any more testing to know that.  I’m sorry for the annoyance, and particularly sorry to one poor friend who thought he had a virus on his computer and spent half an hour scanning it 囧.

It wasn’t intentional, and I promise, it won’t happen again!  I really value the quality of the user experience here (that’s the whole reason I set up a site instead of keeping the translation at, and I promise that I will not allow it to be degraded too much by advertisements, especially in a way that affects the reading experience (which is the whole point of us being here, right?).  So – mea culpa!

TLDR; sorry ’bout Infolinks, it was an accident, and y’all won’t see it again.  See you in a few hours with Book 8, Chapter 30 – The Five Year Agreement!

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  1. From all the sites I’ve seen info links on, it just clogged up the screen when I tried to read and the pop-up so I don’t really know why people actually use them to begin with :/

    Do you think it deserves a free bonus chapter? *wink wink nudge nudge*

    Anyway, why not do a donation drive where every two months on the second tuesday every donation % is doubled?
    Yes. Yes, I just want to see a number over 10000%

    Still, a five year agreement… HE JUST GOT OUT OF THE FOREST he needs more items or beasts, not shacking up with Zassler for 5 years.

      1. Perhaps a sneaky disclaimer which says exactly what you just said and then add “Only click the adds that interest you”. Who knows, the human brain is a strange contraption.

      2. Why not explain how it works in some news tho? I am not really clicking on those ad’s because i just keep forgetting. Also, when we dont realize if it helps at all, i guess most of us just dont bother with it. If said clearly – “if you want to support aside from donating, you can click this and that”, i think it will give results. >> Do we need to just click ad, or stay on the site it goes to? Does it reset in 24/h peroids, or 12h? How often 1 person can click? Just give clear explanation how it all works, and clicks will go up! I think! Hehe.

        PS: I am totally fine with pop-up ad’s that appear every time we go through site, as long as “X” is not hidden so well that it takes 10 sec to find it or it jumps away when you hover over it xD Having infolinks within text is not fun, but most of us would probably be fine with pop-up ad’s! Why not make some voting, or just ask about that? 🙂

        1. Hey Caladbolg, that’s specifically against the terms of service of Google AdSense; I’m not allowed to encourage clicking of ads, or else get the account shut down and all the funds locked. So that doesn’t work. Eventually, I’ll probably move to a ‘per impression’ model which doesn’t require clicking at all which is supposedly good for high volume, but for now, Adsense is what I got, hehe, since I don’t know about how the other things work, hehe.

          1. You can’t even explain to us how it works? Or give link to some other site that explains it? Sigh, strange…

            ~~ Just a question. You can not do it, but if user asked other users to remember to click, would that be fine, or is it still violation?

          2. Yeah, Google Adsense terms of service are pretty strict xD. They are super anal about ‘click fraud’. Don’t know about the answer to your second question, honestly!

  2. I did not find it that bad but then again it just a few hyperlinked words that while a bit annoying due to the colored words in the middle of the paragraphs that draw the eyes if it was better for the site I think many will over look that annoyance for the good of the site if we just got a heads up.

    1. I personally hate if reading experience gets disturbed by somthing of this kind, or the likes of moving-ad’s just on the side of text that i seen on some other sites… So most readers would just turn adblcok on. I guess… Mhm.

      1. There is no reply link to reply for the above post so I will put it here. For the whole Ad sense rules, Caladbolg, there is Google. It is called a search engine with a database that you can search using keywords. And since Adsense is owned by a company called Google, I guarantee you will get a quick answer on the first page.

        This link>>>

  3. those are called PPI or pay per impresion sites where you get paid for every visit on the site where you place their ads.
    You can register here: (Use the ad tags but say no to layer ads, they are little popups)

    explore it, there are more sites like this, but i just started researching them.

    Then again, thank you for your translations
    and sorry for the refferral links (just trying to become a full fledged lecher 🙂 )

  4. Hey RWX. I thought here might a good place to mention a few things I’ve noticed.

    1. I can’t seem to stay logged in, making me log in manually for each session. Is this only me?
    2. I read mostly at night, so I like dark backgrounds. But whenever I switch to dark, it gets reset back to light when I load another page. Again, only me? Or is it set to be that way, since most prefer white background and black text?
    3. This one is really weird. Sometimes when I load a page, background image disappears, text layout of the page changes completely. IDK how to explain it but everything changes to a completely different look. Reloading a few times fixes this. I’ll get a screenshot next time it happens.

    1. 1) This sounds like a cookie setting. I’ve never been logged out a single time, so it must be a browser setting on your side, I think?
      2) If you stay logged in, it should ‘stick’ with the setting that you chose. Let me ask MiPo about this.
      3) Yeah, it’s a problem with the Jetpack mobile theme, which is what we’re using for now. I’ll try to keep clearing the cache, which seems to help. Basically, it’s trying to force you to use the mobile theme on the desktop sometimes 🙁

      1. Yup, I’m dealing with #3 a lot. It’s always a coin flip whether the site will be desktop or mobile when I load it both my computer and on my phone. It’s nothing big, just a bit annoying.

        1. Out of curiosity, are you using Chrome on both? It might be because Chrome ‘syncs’ your settings across installations, so the website might be ‘remembering’ that you are on mobile, when actually you are on desktop now.

  5. Infolinks was kinda annoying, though I didn’t say anything.

    Also, normally I don’t comment on announcements but I had to tell you that I got a good laugh from the poor person that scanned their computer over and over again 😀 It’s terrible humor but on a serious note, I am glad that you removed Infolinks. I even briefly considered enabling my adblock but I love the translations and all the hard work and donations put into the site, so I was going to just deal with anyway. But as usual, no reader shall suffer if you can help it. Thx, Ren!

  6. Chapter 30 – The Five Year Agreement!

    Any guesses on what this 5year deal is?

    Also What is magicite core used for? What do the people who buy them use it for?

    1. Hi Adderz666, that’s really weird! I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work. I guess you could send directly through Paypal? A credit card should definitely work as well!

          1. Credit card which uses an anonymous system that shows no personal info. will have to contact the company to see what the problem is most likely!

          2. If it’s too much of a hassle, don’t worry about it and just enjoy the ride! 🙂 Thanks for being here, that’s what really matters!

  7. you should expect that you would earn less using adsense because this type of niche have low competitions thus low cost per click.

    To have more income in adsense, i recommend big banners and text ads.

    To avoid getting ban from adsense, you should have a CTR of 3% 😀

    1. Yeah, without giving numbers, I don’t have a tenth of that :D. Of course, part of that is because of this army of F5 maniacs ‘boost’ the pageviews higher than they ‘normally’ would be, hahaha. Oh, and thanks for registering and joining our little community, gregmac037!

      1. put ads on place where they always click..

        Like close to Next…

        Also you can add content locker on pdf downloads…

        also choose a theme that is good for adsense 😀

        1. Ehh, I’d really rather not use any sort of content locker; I want as many people to have access to these novels as possible :). Thanks so much for your suggestions though! 🙂

          1. or you can try those ads found on manga sites and anime sites…

            as long as there are no pop ups.. that would be fine…

            😀 😀 😀

            I am DM by the way from Philippines 😀

          2. Oh! I didn’t recognize you because you are using a different email now! Haha, thank you for your donation, gregmac! 🙂

  8. I guess not enough of us are contributing. hmmm, well, I already try and click on each of the ads once per check in. If everyone did that, it’d add up, but I can only contribute my own little part.

      1. That sucks, Google probably earns more with the clicking ads compared to the ones that work with views… *sighs* such an hassle (will click a few times a day on unique ones) Though sometimes only 2/3 ads work and the others are not clickable or do not get redirected to an website.

        1. Haha, most likely. I’m trying to get into the CPM ones, but the good seems seem to be pretty hard to get into, especially with a fairly new site. I’ll just keep workin’ at it XD

          1. I am sure in Time even more people will Visit this Site with the advertisement some of your followers are doing on other websites/forums!

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