Important ATG Interlude Weekend ✿

Hey all, there is an important chapter between chapter 761 and 762 which the team totally missed out on translating due to it not being a numbered chapter (we have numerical sign ups). This interlude has quite the foreshadowing but doing without it is fine for now. I will try my best to push it out during the weekend and due to my mistake, it won’t be considered a regular or sponsored chapter on your end. Sorry about this guys, alyschu forgot ;-;..

ps. 763 is still going to come out later today!
pps. Thanks Amun!

23 thoughts on “Important ATG Interlude Weekend ✿” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

        1. ya considering men can be women and women can be men and old can be young and young can be old or human can be dog or cat….ya you get it, dude doesnt matter male or female lol

          1. no, i wanted to say, ‘dude’ is not just a word which refers to boys.
            ‘dude’ is a life style…

      1. Lol, you make a joke in correcting someone and while doing so even misspell the name of the person the issue is about.
        Alyschu is still written with an “s” between the “y” and the “c”.

  1. If we get more chapters for free within the week whenever you mess up the order of chapters then you are perfectly welcome to mess up the order of chapters far more often.

  2. Alyschu don’ty worry. For now you should already know that we all love u and we can forgive u something so trivial 😀 Thanks for your hard work 😉

  3. Please post when u release the chapter 763 to not read if there is a chapter between them so we don’t get spoiled.+If u rly want to amend to your mistake u can cosplay for me in a nya nya girl and post a picture on the next chapter:P.

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