⭐️I’m Really a Superstar – 607⭐️

IRAS Chapter 607

Normal chapter!

Apologies for missing out on 3 sponsored chapters, so we will release that as soon as possible. Thank you 🙂

Some news update for everyone, I’ve started my Patreon, so you can check it out here

  1. There are plans for advanced chapters sometime this month, so watch out for the announcement on Patreon!

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Translated by: Legge & CKtalon
Edited by: weirdo

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  1. you missed the star on the title, its kinda silly but i almost didnt see the chapter was released lol

    thanks and can i ask a question about your patreon legge? supposing you read this of course

      1. first i need to say that im no way complaining or questioning you, your work is amazing, youre one of the most consistent translators i’ve ever seen and i bet IRAS is probably one of the hardest novels to translate, all the poetry and literature, to convey the meaning in another language in a proper way is a nightmare (i know, used to translate from english to portuguese)

        my question is that if we reach the 500 goal it means 4 extra chapters per month, since you’re very consistent on 7 regular channels, but with that same 500 if instead of patreon is used on the sponsored queue we get 7 extra chapters, almost double, doesn’t seem to make much sense to me, it kinda looks like a bad idea to use patreon and just donate straight from the site

        1. The Patreon was setup mainly in consideration that there are readers who want to read advanced chapters, so in a way, the additional chapters per week are a bonus (with bonuses) to that. I will be announcing the advanced chapters in a few days. Of course, sponsored chapter donations are still welcome.

          Thank you for reading and supporting IRAS btw, i’m really glad that readers appreciate the translation work and like the novel for what it is.

          1. ah ok, i understand now, and i love the novel and really appreciate your work on it, not only the poetry, i bet on the math arc you had to put a lot of effort to translate all those math terms and all, or the couplets, so hard to translate and keep the essence of the original while making sense, youre doing an almost impossible job in an amazing way, as a reader and a fellow translator i can’t help but respect the incredible work you do, i can only sincerely thank you for your effort

        2. Thank you so much! Much of the work on couplets were done by CKTalon and I and that was the part we identified to be one of hardest as there’s basically no resources for them on the Internet. The poetry were slightly easier to research though not by much. The math arc was mostly credited to CK as he’s a math whiz. Oh, if u want to know as well, The Dream of the Red Chamber arc was quite a hellhole too..even though it is one of the 4 great literary works in China, but it’s one of the least understood. we learned lots from there for sure.

          btw, if you haven’t yet, would you mind leaving a review for IRAS on the main TOC page as well as novelupdates? ^^

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