⭐️I’m Really a Superstar – 583⭐️

IRAS Chapter 583

Normal Chapter for the day!

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Translated by: Legge & CKtalon
Edited by: weirdo

One thought on “⭐️I’m Really a Superstar – 583⭐️” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. 10/10.

    Been a silent member but i have to give the translator team a thumbs up.

    Translating im really am a superstar is not easy.

    With all the songs, poems 女人花 ,dream of red chamber. Good job translator team. I read chinese growing up some of the words are even difficult for me. (My mandarin is rusty having lived in a non chinese language world for the past 10 years) since i understand mandarin i can get the inside jokes. But doest mean u wont understand. The team did a great jobTranslator did a good job.

    Well commentors talk about racism. Its just a view of the majority of the chinese youth . But there was some truth in it. I enjoyed the scolding korean and japanese part it zoom in on the current sino relationship.

    Its a fresh change offf

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