⭐️I’m Really a Superstar – 578⭐️

IRAS Chapter 578

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Translated by: Legge & CKtalon
Edited by: weirdo

2 thoughts on “⭐️I’m Really a Superstar – 578⭐️” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. That ad was actually really terrible compared to what I was expecting.

    The music wasn’t very sad at all.

    The ad ended when the cigarettes barely started burning, they should have had it burn way more, and sped it up in a time-lapse.

    The breathing was too smooth, it didn’t sound like the raspy gasping a long-time heavy smoker might make. Same with the coughing, it sounds like it could just be a perfectly healthy person clearing their throat.

    They could have made this ad so much better. The story hyped it up so much and made it sound terrifying, but it’s really mediocre at best. This ad wouldn’t scare people, people watching this while smoking would probably be thinking “wow, what a waste of all those cigarettes.” lol

    I think it also could have been really good if they had the beeping of a heart monitor along with the raspy breathing, and then had the sound of a flatline at the end. That would make it even better.

    I think the concept was a good idea, but it was really poorly executed. I’m pretty sure you could give a camera to a group of random kids, explain the idea, and have them come up with something better. The “professionals” who made this should be embarrassed.

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