⭐️I’m Really a Superstar – 573 (Supplement Media)⭐️

Hi everyone, this is the public service announcement that was referenced in this arc.
I saw that some of you have already guessed which one it was, and others who wanted to see it for themselves. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint you too much ^^

I had previously planned to link this a few chapters down, but since there are requests for it already, here it is
The most frightening ‘Quit Smoking’ advertisement in history?

Disclaimer: I was rather disturbed by it only after doing the translations for it, since I am not a smoker. Watch at your own risk.

***PSA about this PSA video***
Do not watch it if you do not wish to quit smoking./I can’t guarantee that you will be able to quit after watching either o_O

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– Legge

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  1. Hello, could you also cite the other works of Zhang Ye? An exhaustive list for all of it would help very much. I remembered searching for his first PSA but wasn’t able to find it. I wanted to show it to my friends. 🙁

      1. all ads zhang ye
        – light off – zhang ye sister blog tag line
        – public park one liner
        – brain gold

        thats all that i remembered well there is more in later chapter mostly just trailer

  2. Maybe my “Ten Rainbow Flame Colored Tobacco” DAO too High…
    Or it couldn’t destroy my “Burning World For Aspiration” Heart DOMAIN…

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