422 – The silver snake formation

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The residence of the Imperial Gongfeng group.

The white-haired white faced old man who was competing on who would move first by the side of the door with a stone lion statue, his expression twitched slightly. An invisible energy began emitting from his body, causing the intricate statue made of rare stone light to quiver, then it cracked and fractutred.

“Ai, you moved. You lose, wahaha…” The old man laughed shamelessly, pointing at the stone statue. “Look at you, you lost, you lost, and you were so embarassed you fractured… haha, I, Old Hu won again.”

As he finished, his figure flashed, disappearing from where he was.

The two old Eunuch’s looked on in distress at the stone lion lying shattered on the ground. One of them said, “Every time, he’s the one who can’t bear it anymore. Every time he uses a hidden force to shatter the stone lion, and say that the stone lion moved. Old master Hu is really a bit too shameless…”

“That’s right, he has already shattered sixty-five stone lions. Disregarding the monetary loss, there are nearly no more stone lions left in the Residence of the Imperial Gongfeng group.” The other eunuch sighed. “If old master Hu wants to play again in the future, where do we find the stone lion statue… If we knew it was like this, we should have returned to the Imperial Palace to serve those concubines.”

As the two eunuchs cursed at him, the white-haired old man had already arrived in the air.

High up in the Capital, normal experts would not dare appear so obviously to everyone. But the snow white old man did not seem to care at all. He stood tens of thousands of meters high, staring down, taking in everything in his sight.

“It really is the [Light Palace]. After a hundred years, it will rise again. Is it the descendant of that person, or is it someone tha has somehow managed to obtain the recognition of that monkey…” There was a will to do battle burning within the eyes of that old man as he itched to try something.

It was ony that he noticed something, turning his head to regard it.

He looked towards the shadowy figure of a person a thousand meters away.

The old man clasped his hands in a perfunctory paying of respects. Then his body transformed into flowing light, disappearing far off.

The shadowy figure thousands of meters away disappeared like a wisp of smoke within the air.

Within the Medicine Hut.

Dugu Quan and Ouyang Buping were running by side. They could not even put on shoes, as they rushed out from the chess pavilion.

The two turned to look up a the skies. The massive yuan qi vortex was still within the air, constantly intersecting, incomparably fearful. The two kept looking at the sacred and pure pillar of flight.

The two old men exchanged a glance. In their eyes, there was both shock and mad joy.

This was the direction of the [Light Palace].

They knew that today brother Ye had gone to the [Light Palace]. Could such a huge disturbance have been caused b brother Ye?

But this was the Divine Sword of Light from the legends. Last time the Divine Sword of Light appeared, just how many lifeforms had shed blood or died? Since it had appeared once again, would that horrifying scene of the past reappear?

If brother Ye was able to control the Divine Sword of Light…

As this thought occurred, their hearts could not help but began fiercely beating.

They had long stopped intervening in their family’s matters. But without question, in the eyes of the outside world, the words and actions of these two was enough to represent the Dugu and Ouyang families. Their actions and words recently, had unquestionably wagered all the treasures of their two great families onto Ye Qingyu.

If Ye Qingyu was really able to control the power of the Divine Sword of Light, then for these two great families, this was unquestionably a huge positive news.

At the same time.

At the residence of Princess Chang.

The princess Yu Xiaoheng wearing a dress of elegant white had wide eyes as she stared at the strange scene in the skies.

“What are you looking at. Don’t be distracted, focus on making tea. The face of the person wearing white scholar outfits was extremely pretty and delicate, as she scolded.

“Aunt, you must have long known, isn’t that right?” Xing’er asked. “You had guessed already, isn’t that right?”

The scholar dressed in white had a faint smile but did not reply to this question.

“At this time, sister Han should have already sensed it? The words left behind when he left has begun to be realized. The hundred year plan is about to begin. Little fellow, are you truly able to follow in the footsteps of that person?”

She thought in her heart.



Within the [Light Palace].

Ye Qingyu could clearly sense the strange energy that was like the vast galaxy emitting from the jade stone chair. It was as if his own body had become a channel. This energy, through his body, was able to be released to the outside. With a boom, it transformed into a pillar of light that shot through the large sky well above the palace, into the skies.

“What’s happening?”

Ye Qingyu struggled, but it was futile.

The energy emitting from the jade stone chair was too vast. Ye Qingyu felt that in front of this power, his current cultivaiton was like… There was absolutley no way of resisting. Even if he activated the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] and transformed into a dragon, there was no way of breaking free.

After a moment, Ye Qingyu finally calmed down.

Although the power emitting from below the jade chair was vast and terrifying, but apart from fixating him on that stone chair it did not harm his body in the least. It was even that when the silver light passd through his body, he could use cultivation techniques like the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] and the nameless breathing technique.

“This energy seems to come from below the stone palace and form within the fearful Earth Fire sword pit.”

Ye Qingyu cooly observed.

He could faintly feel that not only the jade chair, but the entire stone palace was only a tool for this channel. It was used to contain and release the endless strange power emitting from the Earth Fire sword pit. The reason that these tools were previously silent before was because they were missing the last piece, the pupil in the dragon’s eye.

He had come, and he had acted as the role of the key, finally filling in the last pupil of the dragon’s eye.

The entire [Light Palace] had come alive.

After the initial panic, Ye Qingyu gradually got used to this strange state.

In that silver pillar, the thickness of two peope enwrapped around him, a silver flame light substance was madly spouting around his body. Ye Qingyu felt that from his perspective, this silver light was non-existent. It would not cause the slightest of harm or obstruction towards him, and he would also not cause any harm or obstruction towards it.

Lifting his head.

His gaze focused beyond the large sky well.

Within that swathe of light, he could see the massive clash of light and darkness of yuan qi vortex within the sky. He could see the silver pillar of light piercing through the yuan qi vortex like a divine sword, stabbing through the endless space of the universe.

Lowering his head.

He could see the bright resplendent light emitting from the jade chair beneath him. He could also see the stone table and stone chair also simliarly flickering with silver light. There was a silver light strand that appeared on the originally coarse and rough ground, like a thin silver snake slithering slowly through the ground. It’s body grew increasingly longer, longer and longer…

The path this silver snake followed was extremely strange. Everywhere i passed, it would leave behind a light trail that was piercingly bright.

It seemed extremely slow when it slithered, but in the blink of an eye, it had already completely gone around the stone palace. Then the silver little snake followed along the inside of the walls of the stone palace, constantly climbing as if it knew no fatigue. Everywhere it passed, there was still the bright silver traces of light.

“This is… a formation array?”

As Ye Qingyu looked at the messy and incomprehendible lights on the ground, there was suddenly a flash of light in his mind. He realized that the traces left beind by the little silver snake was not really disordered or messy. The already complete formation pattern on the ground was evidenlty on an extremely deep and profound level.

“It seems to be in the style of the Upper Ancient Age or the God and Devil Age… but not entirely so. I can’t tell what the effects of this formation array actually is…”

Ye Qingyu mumbled to himself.

When he carefully examined, the path the silver snake went was extremely tight and clustered. He wanted to find out the pattern or secret it followed, but what he saw was like looking at the endless galaxy. He felt his whole person falling deep within it, there was no way of delving into the mysteries within.

After a brief flash, the little silver snake had already completely finished traversing the walls of the stone palace. Following along the wall, it was about to climb onto the top of the ceiling of the stone palace…

The silver path it left behind on the walls was really similar to the ones left on the ground. It seemed chaotic and disordered, but it was still a formation array. As the silver light lines continued, there was a strange energy that slowly travelled within these paths…

Ye Qingyu’s gaze was tightly on the silver snake, his eyes following wherever it went.

After an unknown amount of time, the silver snake had already travelled all over the ceiling of the stone palace.

Then it travelled along the walls of the sky well, climibing out. Ye Qingyu’s gaze could not follow it anymore.

“That little silver snake, just what is it?”

Ye Qingyu did not sense where it had originated from. Right now, he could not tell what it was doing outside. But if his guess as not wrong, he should be ‘working hard’ on the outer walls of the stone palace. It was most likey that there would be an endless formation array also appearing on the outer walls.

Could it be that the reason that the [Light Palace] had slumbered for so long, and the reason the formations had lost its effect was due to this?

Right now, the little silver snake was slithering out a new formation array. Could it be used to supplement the formation array of the [Light Palace] that had already lost effect?

Ye Qingyu could not move, he could only think and theorize.

Without knowing how long, the silver snake once again appeared on the main entrance of the stone palace. It slowly slithered over, appearing in Ye Qingyu’s vision.

This time, it’s speed was slightly slower. It seemed to have gotten slightly fatigued after finishing the inside and outside of the stone palace.

It neared bit by bit, heading towards where Ye Qingyu was at the jade chair.

It neared bit by bit towards Ye Qingyu.

There was a strange thought that appeared in Ye Qingyu’s brain. With alarm, he suddenly thought: “This fellow is crawling towards me. Could it be that he wants to create a formation on my body… Heavens, I don’t want to become a monster covered with silver tattoos, don’t come over…”

But the silver snake did not pay attention to Ye Qingyu’s prayers at all. It still headed for him and was about to reach his feet.

All the hairs in Ye Qingyu’s body was raised.

At this time, Ye Qingyu could suddenly faintly feel something moving on his head, then suddenly dispersing. A little silver dragon that had acted as a silver hairpin flew out…

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