421 – The Divine sword of light

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They had no way of explaining the sight before their eyes.

  Yan Hengshui’s tragic situation spoke to the fact that the consciousness within the Spirit monkey statue had not yet left. But then why was the newly appointed Lord able to ascend on the floating stone steps without any restriction?

  According to the rumours, this newly appointed lord was also appointed by the Snow Emperor.

  How was it possible for someone chosen by the Imperial family of the Empire to pass the examination of the consciousness of the Spirit monkey statue?

  No one would believe that.

  ”Something big has happened…”

  Liu Jingyan muttered.

  There was a similar expression of stunned disbelief on Dai Youmeng’s face.

  The two exchanged a glance, both seeing the shock and amazement in the eye of the other. The [Light Palace] had been locked for so many years. They knew better than anyone what it represented when someone with the identiy as the Lord of the Light Palace was able to ascend those stone steps.

  Once news was spread out, the entire capital would be fiercely shaken by this.

  The reason why the [Light Palace] had fallen in these years, was because no one was able to enter into the heart of the [Light Palace]. Those formation arrays of the past, the core threat had disappeared. Once the [Light Palace] was reopened and the formations within the [Light Palace] began working once again, this would become the most terifying place within the entire capital. Even the Imperial family, even the miltiary, even the current Snow Emperor, would have no way of threatening anyone here.

  The power that had once been the most terrifying cornerstone of the power stucture of the Empire, was it about to descend onto Snow Capital once again?

  Yan Hengshui stood with his hand on the fire tree for support, his gaze firmly fixed like a nail on Ye Qingyu’s figure. Seeing this young man ascending the stone steps one by one, seeing his figure disappear at the end of the stone steps, there was an unprecedented hope and expectation towards the future rising in his heart.

  Without knowing when, Li Changheng appeared from far away with a similar expression of shock, a wine gourd held in his hand. His expression was like he had seen a ghost as he stood there staring at the stone steps, staring at the classical palace above the Earth Fire sword pit. His eyes were inexplicable, without showing signs of what he was thinking…

  There was only the Old Man Su who was both deaf and mute from far off, slowly and gradually gathering the scattered leaves on the grond, continuing to maintain the fire trees…


  After successfully ascending the stone steps one by one, Ye Qingyu came to the entrance of the stone palace.

  When he was below, the square shaped palace did not seem that vast. When he was in front of the door it looked rough and coarse, it was a completely massive stone door. The black stone was rough and textured, emitting an aura that it had withstood the ages. It did not have any patterns nor scars, and the massive entrance was similiar to the gates of a city appearing in front of him.

  The horrifying attack did not arrive as Liu Jingyan and the others had said.

  Ye Qingyu stood at the entrance, observing for a while before heading deeper into the stone palace.

  There was still no energy fluctuation inside, also no signs of life.

  It was like a wasteland that had been laid to waste for nearly a thousand years.

  After walking thorough the entrance passageway that was near ten meters long, Ye Qingyu finally came to the inside of the stone palace.

  The inside was extremely sparse, causing Ye Qingyu to feel something was wrong.

  ”Is this not the rumoured center of the [Light Palace]?”

  He could only see the interior of the stone palace that was as empty as an abandoned store room. Ye Qingyu had even begun to suspect he came to the wrong place. The light was dim and the floor below was made from rough black boulders like the walls of the stone palace. The interior of the stone palace was not large at about a hectare in size and was square shaped. There were gates from north east south and west, with wind coming in from these entrances…

  At the top of the stone palace, there was also a humongous sky well.

  Light shone in from the large sky well.

  But because of the angles of the lights, it could not truly shine onto the ground of the [Light Palace].

  Ye Qingyu was somewhat disappointed.

  He took step by step towards the most central part of the stone palace.

  ”What is this?”

  At the most central location of the stone palace, there was a stone chair, a stone bed, and a stone table.

  The three were like translucent jade, emitting a pale radiance.

  In this somewhat dim stone palace, these three items seemed to be the only light source. They were filled with a strange and unique splendour, constantly emitting a faint energy. It caused someone to not help but want to go closer and touch it…

  There was alarm in his heart.

  As the saying goes, there was a demon in an abnormal occurrence. There was only one explanation for there to be three of such items within the stone palace. These three objects were definitely not common.

  Slowly nearing.

  ”Chi Chi…” The little white rabbit began squeaking in his embrace.

  Ye Qingyu stroked and reassured it while he carefully inspected.

  The stone table, stone bed and stone chair seemed to have been sculpted by the best jade in the world. It did not look intricate; on the contrary it looked somewhat clumsy, as if it came from the hands of a not too skilled craftsman. The three items were laid out in a triangle, with less than a foot between these three objects.

  Ye Qingyu walked towards the side of the stone chair, carefully inspecting. Without knowing why, there was a strange thought occurring in his mind, then his body made an instincitve action, sitting on the stone chair.


  After sitting on the chair inexplicably and without any reason, Ye Qingyu suddenly realized something was wrong.

  He was about to stand up, when there was a vast and irresistable power emitting from the classical jade stone chair. It restricted him firmly within the jade chair, causing him not to be able to stand up at all.


  A large sound like the rumble of thunder, sounded out from all sides of the stone palace.

  A power that had disappeared for the last hundred years was slowly beginning to be released.




  LIke the roar of thunder, heaven and earth was shaking.

  ”What’s happening?”

  ”There is a change occurring… within the palace!”“

  ”The [Light Palace]… is about to reappear?”

  Liu Jingyan and the other three Envoys of Light stood shoulder to shoulder twenty meters away from the floating stone steps. After a short moment, when Ye Qingyu disappeared into the stone palace, it was as if something was actvated. A huge and dull sound like rumbling thunder began emitting from within the stone palace.

  There was confusion on the faces of he four.

  A pillar of silver light shot out form the most central part of the stone palace. Like a sharp sword, it pierced the heavens.

  The originally clear and bright sky, suddenly dimmed and darknened. They could see clouds forming around the skies, then more and more layers appearing. In less than ten breaths, it had already covered the skies and sun completely, clouds everywhere. The word was dim and dark, as if time had turned to the long night.

  The entire capital was enshrouded into this deep darkness.

  That silver pillar of light became the only source of light within this world.

  The silver light was both sacred and authoratitative.

  Then they saw the clouds everywhere beginning to fluctuate with the light pillar at their center. It was like a gigantic massive funnel. The closer it got to the light pillar the more the light clashed. It was like the nebule in the pitch black darkness of the universe, deep and mysterious, as if it was about to create a passageway to another world…

  Countless lifeforms looking at such an apocolyptic scene would tremble under such a strange sight.

  It was as if the entire capital was about to be swallowed up by that gigantic cloud qi.

  A chatoic power of Heaven and Earth began fluctuating. Every martial expert could feel the inner yuan becoming agitated within their own body.


  Liu Jingyan quaked.

  The Dai Youmeng, Yan Hengshui and Li Changheng were also simliarly shaking next to him.

  Within the capital, the closer they were to the [Light Palace], the better they could sense the horrifying energy contained within that silver power of light. It was not the power of the Bitter Sea stage, it was not the power of the Heaven Ascension stage… it was unknown just what realm this power was in.

  This was… the power of deities.

  Was this the power of the absolute experts in the legends?

  Was this the power of the pinnacle experts in the legends?

  They could not be sure.

  But what they could be sure of was that the energy contained within that silver ray of light, even if it was a little strand, a little minute strand, would be enough to instantly destroy and turn them into ashes.

  Just what was the backgorund of the new Lord?

  Just what sort of secret was hidden on his body?

  Just what had he done within the [Light Palace]?

  The four Envoys of Light were completely rendered dumbfounded by this utterly terrifying scene, the fear in their hearts submerging them.

  At the same time.

  At the outer area of the Imperial Ancestral Land.

  Below the eighteen layered Buddihist tower.

  A white-haired white bearded old monk woke up from a fifty-year-long mediatation. He opened his eyes.

  ”The Divine Sword of Light has appeared… is that day finally about to arrive?”

  The expression of the old monk was both joyful and sorrowful, without any turmoil. Looking at the silver pillar shooting to the heavens, he let out a sigh, then slowly closed his eyes.

  But he could not fall back into meditation.

  After a while, he rose, leaving the Buddhist tower.

  Deep within the Imperial palace.

  He was sitting on the Imperial throne where had not left where he had sat for tens of years on the Imperial throne, suddenly stood up. A conscoiusness shot toward the skies, isntantly coming tens of thousands of meters to the air above. It stood at the heart of the vortex. It looked towards the silver pillar of light and wanted to near it, but ultimately he supressed such a mad thought.

  The residence of the Right Minister.

  A thin old man suddenly opened his eyes.

  A strange scene like the stars and clouds fluctuating began flickering urgently within his eyes.

  There was a look of absolute shock that appeared for the first time on the face of the old man that normally made countless nobles fear and admire him. This caused several of his confidants to lose their composure, standing up instantly. They instantly turned towards the window, looking towards that silver pillar of light…

  ”Divine Sword of Light? It… has appeared?”

  The voice of the thin old man was quaking.

  This old man that was as stable as Mount Tai no matter how the situation within Heaven Wasteland Domain, this old man that controlled the winds and clouds of the Empire, this old man whose name caused countless tyrants of the Heaven Wasteland Domain to pale when they heard his name, had a face of fearful respect on his face.

  The other people could not help but be utterly stunned.

  The residence of the Apex Prince.

  The Apex Prince, Yu Feiyan who was currently playing with his beloved macaw, suddenly paled. The chinese cedar chair below turned to pieces, as a powerful aura exploded from him. It instantly turned all furtniture tens of meters around him into powder, including his beloved golden macaw…

  ”Divine Sword of Light!”

  He let out a cry, his composure changing greatly—

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