416 – The turbulence after the storm

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“This is…” Ye Qingyu was slightly taken aback.

  Seven Kill Plaque!

  This was the legendary Seven Kill Plaque.

  The Divine Doctor and the Pill God had once mentioned there was a Seven kill Plaque within the [Light Palace].

  It was said that the existence that founded and created the [Light Palace], had once left a sword plaque here within the [Light Palace]. It had the power to suppress ghosts, deities and Fiendgods.

  It should be the sword plaque in front of him.

  It really had the ability to suppress ghosts, deities and Fiendgods?

  He could not sense anything.

  There was not any fluctuation of energy around this sword plaque whatsoever.

  Apart from the characters on it, it did not have any formation arrays or any sort of mystery upon it.

  Could it be something that outsiders had turned into a legend?

  Ye Qingyu lifted his head to look at the stone plaque, staring at it and suddenly felt a spell of faintness.

  A change had occurred.

  The characters were like they were chiseled by blades and axes, every character was like it was cut with a blade. After the sword plaque had experienced the passing of a hundred year of time, Ye Qingyu could still feel in these twenty-two words, a flickering blade will hidden, like the aura from the clash of millions of blades, metals and horses. Without knowing when, Ye Qingyu felt his vision had changed. He was no longer standing in front of the Seven Kill Plaque, but within a battlefield, amidst an ocean of blood and a mountain of corpses…

  ”Just what is this?”

  Ye Qingyu was shocked.

  He suddenly turned his head, activating his consciousness and firming his will. However, even using the nameless breathing technique, he had no way of breaking past the illusion in front of him.

  Formation array?

  Or was it an illusion?

  Ancient scene after ancient scene began appearing ——

  Within the air, there were battleships upon battleships, completely shrouding the skies. Fiendgod after Fiendgod fell to the ground from the air, like withered leaves. One could see mountains of corpses and seas of blood on the ground. There were countless strange and alien races brandishing their weapons and fighting. The fresh blood was like a river that gathered together and surged throughout. White bones were piled up so high that it was like a mountain. One could see broken walls and burning flames, one could see collapsed mountain peaks. One could see dried up oceans, one could see broken space, one could see magma swallowing the city walls and high buildings…

  The entire world madly swirled around Ye Qingyu.

  He saw the imagery of Fiendgods fighting within the skies, rending Heaven and Earth apart.

  He saw countess races that followed the Fiendgod also perishing in such a scene.

  The entire world, in such a brutal battlefield, was like an exquisite sand sculpture that collapsed bit by bit.

  Ye Qingyu had unknowingly clenched his fist at seeing such a scene.

  Seeing the death of countless lifeforms, seeing the battle between Fiendgods unending, seeing the entire world perishing of battle, an uncontrollable killing intent began building in his heart. A hard to describe rage, seemed to have been lit my something. He hated the fact that he was unable to transform into a destructive flame, and surged forwards and sweep up the Fiendgods fighting throughout the skies with vicious expressions. He wanted to make these lifeforms that were like tumours, completely disappear from this world…

  It was as if flames had enshrouded Ye Qingyu eyes.

  Then his entire person transformed into flames.

  In his ears, the roars of rage and howls of tragedies coming from countless lifeforms began to distance away.

  He did not know how long had passed before he awakened.

  Looking around his surroundings, the previous illusions had all disappeared. There was only the sword plaque raised high up in front of him.

  Looking at the twenty-two words now, he could only feel that the strokes of the characters were extremely sharp. There was no longer any dizziness or illusions by looking upon it anymore.

  ”Just what is happening?”

  Ye Qingyu looked again towards the Seven Kill Plaque.

  Why had that existence in the past left such a plaque behind?

  The things that he had witnessed, was this the true intention of this plaque?

  When that existence in the past left the sword plaque behind, his martial will and spirit had implanted the scenery he saw.

  But it was only that, in the legends, this existence was the Snow Empire War God, a legendary figure a hundred years ago. But from what he just saw, it seemed like he had experienced the God and Devil Age himself, that he would be so hateful and angry towards the Fiendgods?

  Ye Qingyu felt that the matter was not as simple as it seemed in the legends.

  Standing in front of the Seven Kill Plaque for a while longer, Ye Qingyu felt the hatred and killing intent in his body slowly dissipating. Only then did he turn and leave, heading further inside.

  What he had was time, he could slowly investigate this Seven Kill Plaque in the future.

  After passing the miniture city gate, there was an open and large yard.

  At the very center was a road for carriages that was approximately ten meters wide.

  On the side of the main road were two rows of light soldier statues. Every statue was ten meters tall, faintly silver. It was extremely lifelike. Everyone held their swords at the chest and let out an imposing aura.

  Outside the soldier statues, on the left side was the martial practice grounds. On the right side was the camp and military stores.

  There was a wooden fence that separated the main road.

  Ye Qingyu slowly walked through the main road.

  There was a clamour that sounded.

  On the right side of the camps, there were people playing and enjoying themselves.

  He saw a crowd of soldiers that wore casual clothing as well as two muscular men that were topless. Their foreheads were against the other’s forehead, staring angrily at each other, doing their utmost to wrestle the other to the ground, with hundreds of soldiers madly cheering for them. There was a large fatty that seemed like a flesh mountain from far away sitting on a stone chair. He was shouting and screaming, yelling at them to wager on just which of the muscular men would be the first to fall to the ground…

  ”Hahaha, wager, wager, wager everyone. I don’t have anymore money, and the monthly wages hasn’t yet been distributed. I’ll first owe you ten gold on the loan…” The fatty had a face filled with crazed fanatic light as he shouted.

  Every time he laughed, the flesh on his body beneath his loose clothing would shake.

  ”Fatty, why are you betting with nothing again? You’ve already owed us several hundred gold that you’ve delayed for several months, why are you tarrying?” There was someone that shouted in disagreement.

  ”Because I’m the commander of the soldier army, and my military rank is higher than you. Wahaha, what can you do?” The fatty began shouting arrogantly.

  ”We said at the very start, there is not father and son in a wager. What does your military rank matter…” Another large man began yelling in rebuttal.

  The fatty was somewhat angry. After being angry for a while, he suddenly turned back, “Duan Tiande, Duan Tiande, don’t sleep all day then, grab my military badge out for me…”

  From the great tent behind them, there was a large swathe of yawning young soldiers that walked out. This should be the Duan Tiande that was mentioned by Fatty. There was a silver item in his hands. With a throw, he threw it from far off…

  The items drew out a silver arc in the air.

  Ye Qingyu could see it clearly. This was a military badge that was extremely intricate.

  There was a significant aura emitting from this sword shaped military badge. It was evidently not common, and its rank was absolutely not low. It was at least the military badge of a second class military Marquis.

  However, the pig-like fatty did not even turn his head as he received it. Then he directly threw this military badge into the pile of scattered money, loudly shouting, “I wager my military badge. How about that then?”

  ”Che, you use this move every time, do you think we’re afraid of you.” The people beside him looked at him with disdain.

  From far away.

  Ye Qingyu looked on them for a while on the main road, then shook his head.

  Was these the current soldiers of the [Light Palace]?

  And that fatty seemed to be the commander of these soldiers.

  For military discipline to deteriorate to such a degree, it seemed that the [Light Palace] had really fallen into a sorry state.

  Ye Qingyu did not say anything and continued walking further inside with the little white rabbit in his embrace.

  The soldiers that were still engrossed in wagering and gambling perhaps noticed Ye Qingyu, or perhaps they did not notice. However, no one gave any attention to Ye Qingyu. When Ye Qingyu passed this area by and continued walking, no one blocked him.

  At the end of the main road was another inner city wall.

  The innter city wall was of similar hright to the outer city wall. There was another city gate inside, it’s scale even larger than the previous [Eastern Kill Gate]. This should be the [Front Kill Gate] of the Front, Middle and Back Kill gates.

  In the past, even experts of the sects that had hands covered with blood and had ran rampant throughout their times had been slaughtered in front of this gate.

  But right now, in this famous [Front Kill Gate], there was no longer anyone guarding it.

  Ye Qingyu entered through the [Front Kill Gate], going further in.

In front of him was the most central area of the [Light Palace]. This was the area where the true experts were stationed. According to the legends, when the [Light Palace] was at its pinnacle, there were hundreds of Bitter Sea stage experts stationed here, and tens of Heaven Ascension stage experts. They could be regarded as an extremely terrifying power, but right now…

  On the way here, Ye Qingyu could see several withered great trees as well as yellow soil.

  The camps that had once stationed top level experts had been broken apart by the wind and rain. The weapons that had once been sparkling and glittering with light were now rusted and broken. There was a platform that had fallen into disuse, as well as formation arrays that did not have any more energy to sustained it…

  The previous [Front Kill Gate] at least had those lazy soldiers existing. It at least gave off a feeling of life. But this area was a dead area. Decrepitated and decayed, there was not even a sparrow to be seen.

  Although he had already made his preparations, but Ye Qingyu had never thought that the [Light Palace] had decayed to such an extent.

  With such an atmosphere and battlepower, it could not even be compared to the soldiers under the command of the lowest Guerilla Warfare officer of Youyan Pass.

  ”The glory of the past has been blown away by the wind and rain. It seems to want to make the [Light Palace] rise again, everything has to start from the beginning again. As the Lord of the Light Palace, I am only an empty shell… it’s only that the Crown Prince spent such a great effort to push me into the position as the Lord of the Light Palace. Why did he do so? If he was supporting his trusted subordinates… But until now, I have never even seen the Crown Prince. How can he be sure that I would be willing to work under him with all my heart?”

  Ye Qingyu was thoughtful as he headed further inside.

  It was another inner wall.

  At the center of the inner wall is the [Middle Kill Gate].

  The fame of the [Middle Kill Gate] was even greater than the [Front Kill Gate].

  Those people slaughtered here in the past were all the monsters and tyrants at the Sect Leader class.

  But this [Middle Kill Gate] was not any different from the [Front Kill Gate]. It was decrepit, without anyone guarding it, withered leaves flying about…

  When Ye Qingyu walked past the [Middle Kill Gate] into the third area, he could suddenly sense a powerful energy fluctuation that came from a platform a thousand meters in front of him.

  He turned his head to look.

  There was a martial expert currently training.

  Ye Qingyu’s heart trembled.

  The man wielding the halberd as a weapon should be the first true martial expert he had encountered after entering the [Light Palace]. It was only that he did not use yuan qi as he practiced his blade techniques, but his powerful and simple blade cultivation made Ye Qingyu sense his powerful aura even a thousand meters away.

  This should be a top level existence at the Bitter Sea stage.

  There was still top level experts within the [Light Palace] after all?

  After having been made disappointed by the undisciplined and decrepit affairs, Ye Qingyu was finally interested after seeing this martial expert. Walking over, he came to twenty meters away from the arena, as he began closely observing…

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