414 – Visit less brothels

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 As he spoke to here, Dugu Quan drank another gulp of tea. After slowly savouring it, he continued, “That battle you had with the Du household, you guys were too eye catching. This was especially true for you… for a person who is only sixteen, that can defeat [Purple Eye] Du Heng, how is it possible to not attract the attention of all parties? Furthermore, this matter concerned the Whip of the Thunder Deity… you are not enwrapped within, so you have no way of knowing the current situation of the capital. It can be said that if you move one part of it, the capital as a whole is shaken. The role that you are playing… is the fuse.”

  Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

  There would definitely be repercussions. But the actions that he did in the capital was not entirely without meaning.

  It did not matter if everyone was noticing him. To be able to enter into the capital from a little city in the boundary, Ye Qingyu had grown extremely quickly. But every step he took was stable and firm, with no guilt in his heart. He was not afraid of the shadows within this turbulence at all.

  ”It’s only that I don’t know why Princess Chang would be enwrapped into this affair?” Ye Qingyu sipped his tea, asking.

  Ouyang Buping nodded his head. “This matter is really somewhat strange. In these years, the martial power of Princess Chang is famed throughout the capital. She rarely takes part in political affairs, remaining secluded from the crowd. She had a special status and authority. This time she spoke for you of her own initiative, which was against everyone’s expectations. The reason you are able to successfully ascend as the Lord of the Light Palace, was because Princess Chang spoke for you. The ultimate decision was something that the Right MInister Faction did not expect.

  Dugu Quan continued on, “Me and Dugu Quan’s guess is that the Crown Prince went to ask Princess Chang. Although Princess Chang does not interfere in political affairs, but she still cares very much about the children of the Imperial family.

  As Ye Qingyu heard this, a figure flashed by in his mind.

  Very likely, this matter had something to do with Yu Xiaoheng, that spoiled princess.

  ”Becoming the Lord of the Light Palace, is a massive opportunity for you. This is equal to you escaping from the constraints of the military department, and you will also be free from the constraints of any other factions. You can do things as you please regarding some matters —–and if you have enough power you can definitely support this abandoned divine palace that has such special authority,” Ouyang Buping said.

  Ye Qingyu smiled.

  This was one of the main reasons that he looked favourably on the position as the Lord of the Light Palace.

  As for strength… with his current strength, it would not be enough to fight against all the major factions within the empire. But he was someone with support. Apart from those old monsters that he had encountered such as the Turtle Shell Immortal, the Heavenly Cripple in the Formation Palace of the of the [Formation Sovereign] Luo So, there was also the ancient awakened consciousness, as well as Aunt Han from within the Imperial Ancestral Land

  The consciousness of the elder that had awakened from ancient times was perhaps fleeting and not reliable. But Aunt Han was described to be incredible by Yu Xiaoheng, and had planted a shred of her consciousness within his brain. Evidently she wanted to protect him, so why not use this opportunity fully?

  ”Little Ye, when are you preparing to assume the mantle?” Dugu Quan asked.

  Ye Qingyu thought it over. “Since you two have come over for tea today, then I’ll go tomorrow. However since the situation at the [Light Palace] is still unknown, is it still fine if I leave the people I brought still at the medicine hut?”

  Ouyang Buping nodded his head. “This is not a problem.”

  ”I also have something I need to rely you on. Can you help me gather infromation regarding the [Light Palace]. Because I had not expected this responsiblity, therefore I only have some surface knowledge regarding the [Light Palace]. I want to know every internal information regarding it.” Ye Qingyu smiled.

  ”Haha, don’t worry. I’ve already ordered people to do so.” Dugu Quan smiled. “This is something that me and old Ouyang long predicted.

  Ye Qingyu nodded his head in thanks.

  After the three conversed a bit, the topic once again reverted to the ancient characters.

  At this time, Ye Qingyu no longer kept any secrets. From start to finish, he spoke out the mysteries that he had comprehended from within [Sole Will of the Heaven and Earth Copper Cauldron], exchanging thoughts with these two old men.

  The one hundred and eight characters of the [Sole Will of the Heaven and Earth Cauldron] had a great background. It was not only used for smithing metals, creating pills and refining medicines, it was also related to divining and medial arts. Although it was scattered and diverse, in the eyes of a Pill God like Dugu Quan, he would gain something. And in the eyes of a Divine Doctor like Ouyang Buping, he would also gain something.

  In the blink of an eye, the skies had darkened.

  Mother Wu got ready to prepare the evening meal.

  This was the first time that Ye Qingyu could sit down and enjoy Mother Wu’s culinary skills.

  To be able to satisfy the appetite of a monster like Wen Wan, Mother Wu had hired five female servants that began cooking alternatively for Wen Wan to make noodles.

  After eating for a while, the silly dog Little Nine appeared. He had a bone pick in his mouth and began lazily wagging his tail. In an attitude that seemed as if he needed a beating, he lay on the shoulder of Ximen Yeshui as they walked in from the main entrance. As he entered, his nose moved, and shouted, “Fragrant, really fragrant… Mother Wu must have made stew. Hah, every time Mother Wu cooks, master must have returned.”

  Ximen Yeshui had swapped to find a luxurious robe with an accompanying jade from somewhere, all dressed up. He seemed much more energetic, but his skin was still too black, like coal. Compared to the silly dog Little Nine by his side, whos fur was as white as pure snow, this contrast was incomparably strange.

  ”Eh? The little brat has returned.” Ximen Yeshui, seeing Ye Qingyu, immediately grew excited. “Hey, this capital is really fun. Wahaha, do you know, the girls in the Hidden Jade Pavillion are really immortals. You’ve gone to cultivate everyday, you don’t know how to enjoy life. Are you busy tomorrow? I’ll bring you to the HIdden Jade Pavillion to have fun, wahaha…”

  After Ye Qingyu heard this, a misfortunate feeling was invoked in his heart. Turning his head to Lin Baiyi to the side, “What does the HIdden Jade Pavillion do?”

  Lin Baiyi smiled. “Reporting to little Shishu, this is a brothel.”

  Hearing this, Ye Qingyu could smell the alcohol coming from the Ximen Yeshui who was still reminiscing about this from far away. “You went to such a place? And you also brought Little Nine… with you?”

  Bringing a dog to a brothel?

  Was this really a successor of an ancient set?

  Was he really an expert with unfathomable strength?

  Ye Qingyu felt that he had somewhat misjudged this person.

  ”Woof?” Sensing Ye Qingyu’s strange gaze, Little Nine instantly leapt up. “Why are you looking at me with such eyes? I only went to drink and eat, the steamed ribs over there are delicious…”

  Before he had finished, Ximen Yeshui instantly looked at him with disdain as he pierced through his story. “You only went to eat and drink? I remember you saying the female dog raised by the Song Xuanji of the Hidden Jade Pavilion is charming and pretty…”

  ”Woof woof woof!” The silly dog instantly let out an embarrassed and enraged roar. “Shut your mouth, do you want to die? Did we not say this is our little secret, why did you betray me?”

  Ximen Yeshui replied nonlanchantly. “Haha, your master is not an outsider, why is this betrayal…”

  ”Woof… this is really too embarrassing, this is too embarrassing… our friendship has shattered.” The enraged and embarrassed Little Nine seemed to have lost his reason. Transforming into a bolt of lightning, he bit onto Ximen Yeshui’s leg, and would not release it for anything.

  Ximen Yeshui began squawking loudly, “He’s doing it again…”

  Seeing this speech, everyone was speechless.

  ”Two idiots!” Wen Wan who was sitting on the steps eating noodles gave them a disdainful insult. Then he turned his head to shout, “Mother Wu, Mother Wu, is there still garlic? Give me a clove of garlic…”

  Next to him were some garlic skin as well as tens of empty bowls.

  Next to the banquet, there were five female servants sweating as they made and cooked the noodles.

  Ye Qingyu nearly could not lift his head anymore.

  Heavens, just what kind of people were beside him, why were all of them so weird?

  Only the dragon Little Silver was reliable. Although his personality was somewhat introverted and he often just sat in his head without moving. But at least he was stable and would not cause trouble?

  Ye Qingyu thought this in his heart.

  At this time, Little Silver began slowly sliding from his hair and dropped into a jar of wine, delightfully swimming about.

  Bastard, he forgot this fellow was an alcoholic.

  Ye Qingyu nearly collapsed.

  After a while–

  ”What? You’ve been promoted?” Hearing Ye Qingyu’s newest responsibility, Ximen Yeshui came over excitedly. Saying with a laugh, “Lord of the Light Palace? It sounds quite glorious. Brother, do you think we are good brothers that have gone through life and death together?”

  Ye Qingyu could see through him in one glance. Expressionlessly, he said, “Speak, just what do you want me to help you with?”

  ”Hehe, no wonder you are my brother. You can see that I have a request.” Ximen Yeshui came over with a smile as he neared. Lowering his noise, “How about this, why don’t you give me a position within the [Light Palace]? If I can get a position, I can at least say I’m doing something, and my master will no longer urge me to rush and return…”

  Seeing Ximen Yeshui’s begging expression, Ye Qingyu hiddenly laughed.

  It was unknown just what sort of demonic hell the sect this fellow came from, but it was this fellow’s biggest nightmare ever since the two had met. He had always been forcefully summoned back to his sect by his master, and he did his utmost to try and remain in the bright and glorious mortal world.

  But this request met with Ye Qingyu’s plans.

  Ximen Yeshui was an expert, an expert of experts. From this perspective, he was reliable.

  Ye Qingyu wanted to stabilize his position within the [Light Palace] completely. Apart from his strength, he also needed the aid of such experts. Previously, Ye Qingyu had planned what to say to get Ximen Yeshui to join under him, but thankfully, he had requested of his own initiative

  ”Good, this will be fine.” Ye Qingyu accepted, but after thinking it over, “But after entering the [Light Palace], it’s best if you go less to the Hidden Jade Pavilion. It’s not a good influence.”

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