413 – Lord of the Light Palace

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The scroll was about half a meter long and was completely yellow. It emitted a noble light and one could faintly see a strange yellow formation flickering. It emanated with a rare authoritative aura, letting out an aura that was like a lord. Instantly, all the formation lights of the training camp was submerged. In the entire training camp, an authoritative yellow-collored light surged, like an ocean causing an extremely sacred sensation.

  The battle technique instructor lifted the scroll high up respectfully, announcing in a loud voice—

  ”Ye Qingyu, receive the edict.”

  Ye Qingyu was taken aback, then instantly realized.

  The scroll within the battle technique instructors hands was lifted high up. So it was the Imperial Edict from the Emperor of Snow Empire.

  The Bao Shinu at the side was already kneeling respectfully on the ground.

  After hesitating slightly, Ye Qingyu knelt with one knee. In a clear voice, “Third class Marquis receives the Edict.”

  The sounds stopped.

  The yellow saintly scroll floated slowly up from the hands of the battle technique instructor, unravelling slowly.

  An energy that was clearer and more authoritative began to emit. The airflows within the entire training camp was aglow, as a humongous pressure that was hard to describe using words began to spread about. Even with Ye Qingyu’s current cultivation, he felt like he was a little raft amidst surging waves, as if he would capsize at any given moment.

  ”According to the words of the deities of Heaven Wasteland Domain, as well as the words of the Snow Empire: The third class military Marquis Ye Qingyu of the Vanguard in Youyan Pass has excellent achievements. His cultivation is profound, his temperament kind and he is loyal to his monarch and country. His rank is increased by one and he is now a second class military Marquis. He is bequeathed as the Lord of the Light Palace of Snow Capital, ruling over the [Light Palace]. He will assume this role tomorrow!”

  A voice like that of deities singing began sounding out within the training camp.

  On the unfurled saintly scroll, there was a vast energy surging. The golden characters on it were like soaring dragons, flying out character by character and flickering in the air, flitting across Ye Qingyu before once again returning to the scroll.

  The scroll closed.

  And slowly descended into Ye Qingyu’s palm.

  Ye Qingyu had once seen the edict of the Snow Emperor mentioned within the library of White Deer Academy. It was not something a normal person would be able to receive. Apart from representing a glorious bequeathing of title by the Imperial family, it was also an exquisitely designed martial weapon. Furthermore, this was an Imperial Edict used to confer a title, it was said that the scroll was instilled with one full power strike from the Snow Emperor. And the Snow Emperor was said to have become an existence at the Heaven Ascension tens of years ago, so the value of this Imperial edict was easily imagined.

  Ye Qingyu received the Imperial edict and faintly inserted a shred of yuan qi.

  The luxurious yellow gimmer on the Imperial edict flashed, then it retreated. The aura of authority and energy fluctuation within the entire training camp was like water being absorbed by a whale. It was all taken back in within the Imperial Edict.

  The training camp returned to normal.

  Ye Qingyu held the Imperial Edict in his right hand as he slowly stood up.

  Bao Shinu as well as the battle technique instructor had the same expression of shock. They stared at Ye Qingyu, forgetting to stand up.

  To think it was the Lord of the Light Palace!

  Controlling the [Light Palace].

  The two people were placed into utter shock by the contents of this Imperial Edict.

  Although the Imperial Edicts had long been delivered into their hands, but with their positions, they naturally could not open the Imperial Edict on their own and look at the contents. If not for the fact that the Crown Prince could not appear, this Imperial Edict should be something the Crown Prince personally gave to Ye Qingyu.

  Before this had happened, the two were clear that the Crown Prine regarded [War God] as more important than the other young experts. The mission given to [War God] must be the most important and significant. But they had never ever imagined that it would be significant to such an extent.

  The [Light Palace] of the Empire was said to have been established by that legendary person before the Empire was even founded. The main responsibility it had was surveilling and monitoring of all the Imperial officials, investigating corruption, punishing breakages of the law, dispersing darkness and shining light into all things. The power it had was far exceeding those of other normal military heads, this was a position that had true special power.

  Because of the heaven shrouding power of that day in the past, even the Snow Emperor had to be wary of him. As a result, the power possessed by the [Light Palace] was terrifying. In that period of time, everyone was shivering under its power. When the phrase [Light Palace] was mentioned, those nobles that had dirty dealings within the capital all trembled with fear. They feared for the day that the soldiers of the [Light Palace] would rush towards their own residence…

  When the [Light Palace] was at its peak, even the Right Minister, Left Minister, and the military department, as well as other offices could not do anything to it.

  It was only that some change occurred afterwards. That person disappeared, and the [Light Palace] slowly deteriorated.

  The current [Light Palace] already was not as massive a web of information as it had in the past. The number of experts it possessed was also numbered. The famous envoys of light had either died or retreated into seclusion. It’s true strength could not even be compared to a patrolling camp. From the laws of the Empire, the [Light Palace] still had an unshakeable authority that made people fear, but it did not have the power to back this up.

  Furthermore, the Snow Emperor had paid little attention to the [Light Palace] in these current years, so it had very little support. The authority of the [Light Palace] had no way of being used at all.

  Therefore the current [Light Palace] was no longer as feared or as terrifying as in the past.

  The last Lord of the Light Palace had died of sickness half a year go. After that, the position of the Lord of the Light Palace had always remained empty. Although the position as Lord was not low, but for those nobles with true position, no one wished to control such a department that had been placed in the sidelines. Going to the [Light Palace] represented that you would not have any opportunities to progress.

  For those low class nobles, there were people that did want to go to the [Light Palace], but their classification and nobility class did not meet the most basic requirements to be Lord of the Light Palace.

  The [Light Palace] was an office that could not be counted as powerful, but neither can it be said to be insignificant. It was only that it was about to be buried within the dust of time.

  But no matter what, according to the laws of the Empire, this [Light Palace] was a department with true special power. To want to become the Lord of the Light Palace, one must be at least a first class military marquis. Their strength and cultivation must also meet the requirements. Ye Qingyu’s current status should not have been able to meet such a requirement. However, with the Imperial Edict, he was able to become the Lord of the Light Palace in one leap.

  For Ye Qingyu, this was something leaps and bounds above what he could usually obtain.

  That was the reason why Bao Shinu and the battle technique instructor were so shocked.

  Ye Qingyu stowed away the scroll, his heart thoughtful.

  He had once heard a little bit about the rumours regarding the [Light Palace].

  To some extent, the position of the Lord of the Light Palace, was similar to his own position as Patrolling sword envoy within Youyan Pass. It was both positions with special authority. But in reality, it did not have the power to back up this authority and was just a joke.

  ”I did not think the Crown Prince had arranged for such a role for me. Just what are his thoughts? Does he want me to charge in unthinkingly and tyranicaly like I did in Youyan Pass, causing huge waves in the stagnating capital?”

  Ye Qingyu slowly considered.

  ”From Deer City to Youyan Pass, to Youyan Pass to the Snow Capital, I’ve seen all sorts of civilians before and understand deeply just what sort of danger is hidden under the blossoming surface of the current Empire. I hate the fact that there is not a true saint that has been born who can eliminate all the dirt and evilness within the Empire… Although I am not a saint and I cannot reverse the ides from a desperate situation, but my feelings and thoughts coincide with this. No matter what the original thoughts the Crown Prince and those important people have, but since matters had progressed like this, then I will have a go at these muddy waters! “

  Ye Qingyu’s thoughts gradually became clear.

  It was only that he suddenly felt that the Imperial Edict in his hands weighed tens of thousands of pounds.

  Through the window on the outer walls of the training camp, one could see the night sky covered with dark clouds. It was as if dark beasts had enveloped the entire capital. The light from the tiny specks of stars all around had no way of causing the entire sky to become bright, creating a suffocating atmosphere.

  There was a determined faint smile that was exposed on Ye Qingyu’s lips.

  His heart, at this time, became unprecedentedly firm.

  He will use his own method to tear apart this gloomy darkness.

  Even if his body burned into flames, he did not care.


  The next day.

  After Ye Qingyu had finished some procedures, he left the great building of the military department.

  After returning to the Medicine Hut, both Ouyang Buping and Dugu Quan had returned from the Imperial palace.

  ”How is it, has little Ye received the Imperial Edict?” Dugu Quan said with a laugh.

  Ye Qingyu saw his expression and immediately knew that this old man had received news of this beforehand. Thinking to his previous action of rushing to the Imperial palace earlier, a thought occurred to Ye Qingyu, “Could it be that the reason you went to the Imperial palace has to do with my mission?”

  ”Haha, a clever person does not need much clues,” Ouyang Buping stood by the side and laughingly said, “Speaking of this, you are really bizarre. Did you know that your assigned mission has become the point at which several important figures argued over. The Crown Prince, the Apex Prince, the Left and Right Minister all participated in this discussion. Us and also Gongfengs that we are close with were all asked. Lastly, even Princess Chang who rarely participates in political affairs opened her mouth. Only with this was the matter finally settled.”

  Ye Qingyu was shocked at hearing this, “How could this be? I’m only a minor character, how can I cause so many great figures of the empire to discuss so heatedly over such a matter?”

  Dugu Quan poured Ye Qingyu a cup of tea, and a cup of tea for himself. Sipping a mouthful, “Perhaps it’s as you say, your mission will not be able to cause such a great turbulence at all. But within the capital, all the major factions are planning and scheming, they are competing with each other. This is especially true right now where rumours had emerged that the Snow Emperor has entered into a state of demonic fire due to cultivation and is weakened. The competition over the position of Imperial Monarch has begun once again. At this time, as the future monarch, the actions of the Crown Prince, and how he has recruited eighteen young experts, has triggered many people’s nerves. Before investigating what the true aim of the Crown Prince actually is, all you eighteen people are points of notice. Especially you…”

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