410 – Returning to the Jianghu

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Within the darkness, that person fell faintly silent then burst into laughter.

  ”Haha, good, very good. It was originally a situation where you end up dead or I die. If you want to kill me, then first survive. In truth, [War God], you’ve really made me too expectant. If I manage to capture you and turn you into a human flesh formation tool puppet, then do you think you will be able to challenge Heaven Ascension stage experts? Wahahaha…”

  The reason this person painstakingly planned so much was not just to solely kill Ye Qingyu.

  He wanted to transform him into a formation tool puppet after capturing Ye Qingyu.

  With Ye Qingyu’s cultivation, he could be absolutely regarded as the ideal material for a formation puppet. If he was turned into a formation puppet and used as a tool for war, his power would exceed imagination. Even if he was exchanged for tens of the bald formation puppets, this was absolutely worth it.

  It was no wonder that this person would be willing to invest so much.

  Ye Qingyu had nothing to say.

  He had always silently tried to discern the position of that person. It was a pity, however, that with the mysteriousness of the killing formation, with Ye Qingyu’s current cultivation, he could not detect the position of that person hidden in the darkness.

  ”The third battle… begins. Hahaha, [War God], enjoy it fully, kekekeke…”

  As these words were said, within the killing formation, the restriction light within the formation surged, emitting ripples. A faint figure suddenly began to form within the light screen, forming into a silhouette. Ultimately, it transformed into a person wearing green clothing with a blade clenched in his hand, his face wearing a golden ghost mask.

  Ye Qingyu’s eye’s raised, sensing the aura emitting from that person.

  ”It’s another person who was half a step into the Bitter Sea stream stage who has been transformed into a puppet tool. But this one seems to have different attributes to the previous one, who followed the power path…”


  The air flows grew chaotic.

  Without saying anymore, the green-clothed golden masked man charged forward with his blade. The speed of his figure was extreme and angled; like a poisonous viper he moved left and right, forming a z-shaped angle of attack. With the speed of lightning, he had already encircled behind Ye Qingyu.

  Extreme speed.


  As the blade chopped down, it struck towards Ye Qingyu’s waist.

  There was a mirage occurring from the shadow of the blade. From it’s speed and power, if this struck, Ye Qingyu would be split apart in two!

  ”So it was a formation puppet that specializes in speed…” Ye Qingyu was cool and calm.

  His gaze flitted left and right, sensing the acute wind attacking from behind him. Without even looking, his left leg suddenly shifted. At that moment, his body constricted and all the muscles in his whole body moved as one, as if a gigantic anaconda had formed.


  Ye Qingyu’s figure moved slighty, moving to the left just several inches, not any more.

  That blade seemed to have just passed by Ye Qingyu’s body, nearly touching it as it passed by. It could not even move a single strand of his hair.

  ”Such a speed is no different from [Flowing Light] at his peak state.”

  Ye Qingyu made such a judgement.

  The next instant, the green-clothed person attacked once again.

  HIs high speed movements caused mirage after mirage to apear in the air.

  The bladesmanship of that green-clothed person was extremely strange. The blade in his hands was like a viperas it struck viciously. Using high speed, he flickered throughout the formation, encircling around Ye Qingyu. Everywhere his blade passed by, it pressured Ye Qingyu’s vitals at acute angles, posing a troublesome threat.

  Ye Qingyu coldly sneered.

  He was not rushing to finish his opponent… Observing the changes in the killing formation, he used speed to fight against speed. HIs feet rapidly touched the ground, running about like lightning. Both his hands transformed into a sword, as he activated the [Human King Sword Mantra].

  The three great sword mantras of the Peerless War God were all related to each other. The mantra before was the step to the next mantra.

  To want to culivate in the [Divine Emperor Sword Mantra], one must first completely master the [Human King Sword Mantra].

  Ye Qingyu’s current achievement in the [Human King Sword Mantra] was currently belonging to just below mid waypoint. There was still a very long road before he could completely master it. Therefore he could use this opportunity to fight with the formation puppet tool to train his methods.

  The figures of the two were as fast as flowing dragons. It was like a shadow, like lightning. The mirages caused by the two’s movement caused one to feel faint just looking at it.


  There was constantly the sound of metallic clashes in the air.

  Ye Qingyu used his fingers as a sword. After activating the [Human King Sword Mantra], there was a golden-coloured glimmer that gradually formed in his fingers. He no longer avoided the blade of that green-clothed man, but instead used his fleshly body to strike the blade, emitting metallic noises. It was as if his hands were made from metal.

  ”Hand over [Avalanche], otherwise I will destroy your battle puppet.”

  Ye Qingyu diverted part of his attention to test the person hidden in the darkness.

  ”Keke, for such a gorilla-like young man, he is the best material for me to create into a flesh puppet. Although he is slightly worse than you, but he is still an absolute treasure. Why would I hand him over to you? Kekekeke… right now, I am creating him into a new flesh puppet…”

  The person in the darkness cackled sinisterly.

  He intentionally wanted to use his words to provoke Ye Qingyu, to disturb hs mentality.

  ”Really? It’s a pity that your fangs are not suited for the level of appetite you have.”

  Ye Qingyu wanted the mastermind to speak more and more.

  The sounds stopped.

  There was a sword glimmer that emitted from his palms. This was not the rhythm that he had previously exhibited before. In front of such a sword, that green-clothed puppet hesitated faintly. Before he could react, a sword light had already cut off his head.

  A large head soared in the sky.

  At this time, the green patterns on his boy madly flickered. It madly fluctuated within the body of the formation puppet as a strange energy suged out. Ultimately, the head once again returned to the body as flesh regrew and the head became attached again. There was a faint line of blood, before any traces of wounds were removed.

  Xiu Xiu!

  The sword glimmers were like lightning.

  The green-clothed golden masked man once again charged forward like a gust of wind.



  In the little world of the Imperial Ancestral Land.

  A thundering waterfall fell down from a precipice in the mountain deep within the forest, like a white chain hanging down from a verdant sea of green.

  A peerless white figure with white hair sat above a boulder.

  The mist and water in the air could not even get within ten meters of his body.

  Her nimble fingers played her zither without direction. A series of disordered and chaotic sounds rang within the mountains, without any order whatsoever. It seemed to have the same chaotic emotion as their master. It would sometimes fell silent, sometimes grew berserk, sometimes a killing intent would emanate and sometimes it would grow as gentle as water…

  Aunt Heng sat in the little bamboo pavilion.

  ”Sister, are you really sure that youth is…” She seemed to have not yet digested the shock in her heart, her face filled with astonishment.

  The sounds of the Zither stopped.

  Aunt Han slowly rose up, then turned around.

  On her peerless face, there were clear tears flowing down without restraint.

  These were not tragic tears.

  It was tears of joy and delight.

  ”How could I make a mistake in such an important mater?” On the originally calm and emotional face, there was suddenly a grand heroicness. “After a hundred years, we’ve finally waited for the arrival of this day… Heng, my good sister, the day that we have dreamed about is about to arrive. From this day onwards, I Yu Lihan, will once again do battle with the mortal world and Jianghu. Everything that I lost a hundred years ago, I will take it back, item by item.”

  There was a complicated emotion that appeard in Aunt Heng’s face as she heard these words.

  These were two women that had once shocked the heavens and clouds within the Heaven Wasteland Domain. One had slumbered here for a hundred years, one had remained silent here for twenty years. The calmness and tranquility of the Ancestral Land, seemed to have cleansed them of the hatred and humiliation in their heart. The movements from the outside seemed to have no method of ever reaching to here. When everything seemed to have been drawn to an end…

  A change had finally appeared.

  ”The heroes slumbering in the darkness should also begin to awaken. Heng, let out the [Heavenly Mo Order]. The five divine warriors of the pentatonic scale should appear in the world once again. A storm is about to enwrap us, he is even more brilliant than we originally expected, hahaha…” As she said this, the complicated emotions within Yu Lihan’s heart seemed to have been completely swept away, recovering her previous temperament of masculinity. Both her hands were raised high above her head as she let out a mad, loud laugh, “I’m about to return. This time, I will not fight alone. Hahaha!”“

  The Aunt Heng that had a myriad of thoughts and emotions running through her could not help but feel speechless at this.

  Her sister excelled in all aspects. But when she went mad, she was too terrifying.

  Only the Guye of the past would be able to make such a woman yield? [TN Note; Guye basically is a term for the a servant to refer to her lady’s husband]

  After thinking, Heng said again, “You want to awaken the five divine attendants?”

   Yu Lihan opened her mouth in a wide smile. “Of course. Tell them not to enter into the capital first, to not to cause too great a disturbance but go to parts of Snow Empire. There are still countless embers remaining in this world from the [God Murdering Army] of the past, tell them to gather them together again… also, tell [Shade] to go protect little Yu’er. Only protect, not kill. If there is anyone that dares to target little Yu’er, I will make them regret ever coming out from their mother, hehe…”

  Heng was taken aback, then nodded her head in understanding.

  Although her mistress normally acted crazily, but when she did things, she did it like thunder or wind, decisively. In the past, she was the number two figure of the [God Murdering Army], and had experienced countless secret matters. Her way of doing things was planning then acting, and she had rarely failed in her plans. For her to make such a decision, she must have thought deeply about this and carefully considered the entire situation deeply.

  Since it was like this, then…

  Let everything begin once again.

  Heng turned to leave.



  ”The undying body of this human flesh puppet tool, ultimately has an upper limit.”

  Ye Qingyu felt the mysteries ofthe [Human King Sword Mantra] becoming clearer and clearer in his own heart. At this time, he no longer used his fingers as a sword. Every move he used was filled with a piercing sharp sword aura. This razor sharp killing aura fluctuated between his fists and legs. Every thought of his was filled with a tyrannical sword aura.

  His palms and hands could act as sword.

  His arms could act as a sword.

  HIs legs could act as a sword.

  The speed of the green-clothed golden masked puppet was fast, but it ultimately could not be compared to the Ye Qingyu who had activated te [Human King Sword Mantra] to its fullest. It was ultimately killed by the endless sword aura,, turning into scraps. The formation puppet array on his body was destroyed, and he could ultimately not be reborn again.

  Ye Qingyu felt an unprecedented comfortableness.

  His understanding towards the [Human King Sword Mantra], had grown to the next level…

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