336 – Looking for the thin old man

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Chapter 336 – Looking For The Thin Old Man

Zhou Yu and Song Qingluo also occupied two places.

As one of the representatives of the group of nobles, Zhou Yu was another surprising person after Qin Wushuang. Because, before this, he and Ye Qingyu had very little interaction, yet he also got a chance.

This scholarly student who reads books and poems intensively and was known as possessing a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses in his stomach, drank the Dragon’s wine in the white jade ice cup in one gulp. His whole body exuded a faint silver-like glow, sitting upright on the throne, and entering into a state of cultivation and enlightenment.

The fact that Song Qingluo succeeded on sitting on the throne once again confirmed the intimate relationship between the Song family and the Ye family, which was what many people expected.

Having experienced the most difficult test of her life, the formerly dainty Song Qingluo exuded an aura that seemed out of this world, like the female saint of war had seen through the world of mortals. There was a hint of solemnity within the delicateness, and she appeared more and more beautiful.

There were two seats remaining.

Many people were frantically vying for it.

Some fought until they were spurting out blood, constantly falling into the ice water, shivering in the cold, and their complexions were ashen pale. Some people were crying out in despair and looking in distress, especially Zhou Guhan and the two members of the Poor Society. The latter two were like drenched dogs, dripping wet and helpless, while Zhou Guhan seemed like he had been slapped in the face constantly.

The scheme that he worked hard on for today was to, with the help of Ye Qingyu, attract attention, elaborate his prestige, and build his reputation and image in such an occasion.

He had almost succeeded.

The first half of the whole plan was already enacted, and everything seemed to be in the palm of his hands.

Even though Ye Qingyu, a new noble well-known across Jianghu and the Empire, clearly expressed his dislike for him, Zhou Guhan was not the slightest disappointed or dispirited, because what he wanted was absolutely not Ye Qingyu’s appreciation— —On the contrary, if Ye Qingyu treated him and the Poor Society badly, Zhou Guhan’s gain would be more tremendous.

But in the second half of the plan, there was a sudden change in the situation.

Ye Qingyu, intentionally or unintentionally, took out the seven cups of ice dragon wine and the seven-star ice thrones, and completely attracted all eyes and attention. The entire White Deer Academy went into madness and no one paid attention to the previous incident he had caused.

Without a doubt, after this incident, the memory of today would always be the seven-star ice throne, the seven lucky people that eventually emerged, the opportunities that they have, and the powerful strength that Ye Qingyu displayed in the process.

Zhou Guhan’s efforts would be diluted, would be forgotten.

This was obviously unbearable for Zhou Guhan.

“Was it unintentional, or did he see through my thoughts, fought back with such a method, and deflected my attack?”

Zhou Guhan thought hard about this matter.

Among the crowd, there was a person as calm as ever.

Bai Yuqing quietly stood in her original place. No matter how the people around her frantically fought for the opportunity of the seven-star ice throne, she did not move in the slightest.

The most outstanding goddess of White Deer Academy since the establishment of the Academy was dressed in a white jade combat outfit, her long black hair reaching her ankle. Under the sunlight, she seemed like a pool of dark water, quiet and still, and full of a mysterious atmosphere.

Her delicate and almost invulnerable face was wearing an indifferent smile.

Standing aloof from the world and quietly watching the surrounding people scrambling to get the seven-star ice throne like they had lost their mind, Bai Yuqing’s figure was like the only motionless boulder, looking imposing as though everybody was drunk except her, there was a kind of steely determination that made the heart beat faster.

Then she turned around slowly, walking against the flow of people.

“Everyone should compete for this, except me.”

Bai Yuqing walked away slowly.

“If I accept his gift, won’t I be… forever his junior, and will always be behind him? I don’t want such a thing,” Bai Yuqing said to herself in her heart.

And then she really left.

At the very far side of the rockery.

Two shadows appeared quietly.

Like a faint mist drifting and floating across the air, completely isolated from the breath and light of the world, and although other people were by their side, they could not sense their existence.

It was Ye Qingyu and Blue Sky that had disappeared.

“Just what is your cultivation right now? To think that you would still play such a childish prank, I th?” Blue Sky shot a despising look at Ye Qingyu and said sarcastically.

In fact, he was also eager to give such a thing a try. This type of method seemed very amusing, and he wanted to try it himself in the future. Hahaha, a scene like that, from the distance, was like sugar being sprinkled in front of the ant’s nest, and then the entire nest of ants turned crazy.

Ye Qingyu smiled and did not speak.

If you want to create a disturbance, you might as well make it massive.

As one of the students of White Deer Academy, he should send a little gift to his junior brothers and sisters. If he was behaving arrogantly and had never visited White Deer Academy, then over time, he really would not leave any impression in White Deer Academy at all.

Towards White Deer Academy, Ye Qingyu still had some feelings.

That place was the beginning of the changes of his fate.

His martial arts path started from there.

Whether it was Wang Yan, Wen Wan, Hon Kong, the mysterious thin old man of the Grievance Hall, the former old Dean that had left White Deer Academy, or even Blue sky, they were all Ye Qingyu’s benefactors. It was their help again and again, whether intentionally or unintentionally, that brought about the Ye Qingyu today.

These seven cups of Dragon’s wine contained elements of the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet], but most importantly its mysterious effect was because Little Silver had bathed in it.

At first, Ye Qingyu didn’t know why that when the silly dog drank alcohol, he liked to let Little Silver soak in it first. After careful observation, Ye Qingyu noticed that the wine liquor that Little Silver had soaked in unexpectedly contained a pure and incomparable power, and especially for cultivators of the Ordinary martial stage and the low levels of the Spirit spring stage, like the froth of liquid jade, it has the effect of washing the marrow of the bones, and helps cultivators develop to their full potential…

No wonder that many people like to use snakes, insects and other things to infuse in wine.

These things really do have miraculous effects.

After discovering this mystery, Ye Qingyu and the old doctor Li Shizhen discussed and developed a formulation for Dragon’s wine with the pot of dragon wine that Little Silver had bathed in several times before. A part of it could be used to improve the body condition of Bai Yuanxing, and help Little Grass, Qing Qing, Li Ying and Li Qi these little fellows. The other part could be kept as reserve.

His visit to White Deer Academy was the right time to use the Drago’s wine.

Of course, in addition to the effects of the Dragon’s wine itself, the seven cups of Dragon’s wine on the seven-stars ice throne also contained a trace of Ye Qingyu’s martial spirit, which would help martial artists understand and cultivate. Even the entire seven-stars ice throne contained Ye Qingyu’s martial thoughts, which could contribute to a cultivator’s training and breakthrough.

When Ye Qingyu just reached the Bitter Sea stage, he vaguely became aware of the laws between the heaven and earth, and came to understand these mysteries.

Of course, in addition to this, Ye Qingyu also had other considerations.

In the letter that Ye Qingyu obtained from Lang Zhong, he was urged repeatedly to come often to White Deer Academy. There must be a very deep meaning within such a request. Although Ye Qingyu was temporarily unable to grasp his mother’s meaning, but to do something for White Deer Academy was absolutely a right choice.

Seven cups of Dragon’s wine should allow seven little geniuses to emerge in White Deer Academy.

In the future, the White Deer Academy could possibly be able to slowly redeem its reputation and status in the Snow Empire.

“Come on, let’s go to Grievance Hall to have a look.” The second that Ye Qingyu turned around, he saw the goddess of White Deer Academy Bai Yuqing walking against the flow of people. He did not expect that this beautiful woman would not fight for a cup of Dragon’s wine.

In fact, in Ye Qingyu’s original plan, there was a cup of Dragon’s wine that belonged to Bai Yuqing.

Who knew that…

“What? What are you going to the Grievance Hall for? You’ve been confined there for three months, and I am there every few days. It’s chillingly cold there, what is there to see?” Blue Sky disagreed.

Ye Qingyu ignored him and headed directly in the direction of Grievance Hall.

He remembered the mysterious thin old man in the Grievance Hall.

Back when Ye Qingyu was in Grievance Hall, this mysterious thin old man gave him a beating every day that caused blisters and pain to appear all over his body, but his inner yuan grew with each passing day, and the internal injuries that were left on his body from forced cultivation also disappeared with the beating of the mysterious thin old man.

Even until now, Ye Qingyu had not figured out this mysterious thin old man’s identity and background.

After several meetings, Ye Qingyu even more felt that the thin old man was hiding a great secret. He was not that simple.

Could it be that the reason his mother wanted him to come often to White Deer Academy was because of this mysterious thin old man?

Unfortunately, this thin old man was too mysterious. He came without a shadow and left without a footprint, and even Dean Kong did not know about the existence of such a person. Ever since Ye Qingyu had reached the Bitter Sea stage, his sensing capability had grown incredibly strong, yet he was still unable to find the thin old man.

Thinking over and over again, Ye Qingyu still decided to go to the Grievance Hall.

He thought that perhaps, at the place he first met the thin old man, he could see him again?

As the time of departure approached, Ye Qingyu felt a faint feeling of reluctant to part. He realized that he still had a deep attachment towards White Deer Academy.

A moment later.

The two people’s figures, appeared in Grievance Hall.

It was still the quiet, serious and cold place, and the black courtyard walls were surging with rune formation. Several small halls were isolated from each other, most of them were empty and only a few had students inside reflecting on their mistakes.

With Ye Qingyu’s good memory, he found the hall that had once confined him.

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