334 – Seven cups of wine

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“It seems like you really don’t understand me.” Ye Qingyu looked towards Zhou Guhan, shaking his head faintly.

Zhou Guhan’s heart shivered for some unknown reason.

There was suddenly a feeling of misfortune that rose in his heart.

But he felt that he had done no wrong. Everyone’s personality had its weak points deep within. And these weak points were often linked. Fame was a trap no one could escape from. Especially for Ye Qingyu, a person that was already famed as an expert. He would be tied down by his fame, just like this.

No one would really not care about the cursing of the people of the world.

Therefore he straightened his body, trying to make it seem that he was as upright and as righteous as possible. In a loud voice, “I understand Marquis Ye. You have a heart that cares about the whole world, you are modest and open-minded, and you are a great hero that acts for the greater good of the Human Race. If you think I’ve understood wrongly, then I Zhou Guhan really have no words to say…”

Ye Qingyu shook his head. “I feel that you are wrong. I’m not any sort of great hero. Being a hero is so tiring. There are many people that refer to me as a butcher, as a crazed killing madman. You should find out for yourself what the Jianghu describes me, Ye Qingyu, as. If I am enraged, I kill. If I see something I don’t like, I kill. If I see something unusual, I kill. I kill demons, I kill devils, I kill beasts, I also kill humans… En, that’s right, it’s these seven words – kill kill kill kill kill kill kill. You haven’t been to Youyan Pass so you don’t know that my title of the third class military Marquis was gained through killing.”

Zhou Guhan was taken aback.

“Junior brother, in truth there’s something I feel opposed to. It’s that fact that you refer to the entire world in every word you speak. Haha, do you think that you can represent the people of the entire world with a pair of hands, a brain and two balls? There’s something senior sister Bai Yuqing said rightly; the Right Minister cannot represent the nobles of the entire world. By the same logic, you cannot represent the people of this entire world. The Poor Society of Deer City, furthermore cannot represent the poor of the entire world. Junior brother Zhou, you may have overestimated yourself.”

Ye Qingyu stated, word by word.

“But…” Zhou Guhan’s body suddenly shivered.

“There is no but. Any action that uses the excuse of morality and righteousness to disguise the private goals of a person is despicable. Like today, you said I cannot enter the Residence of Heaven’s Will. Alone, it does not signify anything, but you must accuse me of such a crime and create such a excuse. You would use such an insignificant matter to destroy something or perhaps some people, this is the method that a plotter would imagine. Junior brother Zhou, do you regard yourself as a plotter?”

Ye Qingyu conversely asked.

“Of course not, how would this be possible…” Zhou Guhan acted outraged as he argued back.

Ye Qingyu smiled. “Therefore, at sometimes, you have to have some self-confidence. Like you today, you regarded me entering into the Residence of Heaven’s Will as surrendering to the noble faction. In truth, I feel that is an interpretation that is pitiful and lacks self-confidence. If the poor is really so independent and moral, why would it not even dare to enter a tiny little Residence of Heaven’s Will, and fear it like a snake?”

“This is not the point of the matter. Marquis Ye doesn’t think it means anything, but this does not mean the people of the entire world will treat it as nothing…” Zhou Guhan had a red face as he argued.

“Haha, its the people of the entire world yet again. Just why do you think you can represent the people of the world?” Ye Qingyu countered.

“This… I… I… I stand on the side of morality and righteousness. I just judged from normal logic. From ancient times, the wise have said… I…” Zhou Guhan’s speech was somewhat stuttery.

Ye Qingyu chuckled. “Fine, junior brother Zhou, I understand what you mean. You want to become famed through stepping on me. In truth, I do not mind. However, the words you have said makes me feel too much displeasure. Haha, today it is not only you that has decided to grasp this opportunity and become famed. This is a really pitiful thought. However, as you wish, I shall imitate the ancients once, and use wine to debate with white deer. Just now, I spoke of seven killings, then I will pour seven cups of wine, and see whether fortune falls on you.”

Before he had finished.

Ye Qingyu took a step on the bridge.

The power of his palm lightly sucked in.

The waters of the lake below the bridge suddenly emitted a silver glimmer. Ice pillar after ice pillar made of crystal ice rose from below the water, constantly changing it’s form, constantly rising. Under the shine of the sunlight, it let out a resplendent light, emitting a dream-like colour. the ice platform and ice pillars rose twenty meters from the water.

Under everyone’s regard, an ice throne gradually floated and appeared.

A faint white mist spread about everywhere, causing the temperature of the lakes surroundings to drop rapidly.

Such ice was like it was living, or as if it was being carved by a divine hand. It constantly changed its form. In less than ten breaths’ time, a twenty-metertall ice sculpture of a huge throne appeared within the lake, seeming unreal.

Beside the main throne, there were also seven star seats that surrounded it.

It was as if there was a Fiendgod arena that suddenly descended from the sky, letting out a mysterious light.

Everyone had their mouths open in amazement, their eyes wide.

They could not believe in their own eyes.

This was… using ice inner yuan to create a vast and divine Fiendgod Palace?


Just how terrifying and deep must one’s inner yuan be?

The high stages of the Spirit springs?

Or… the Bitter Sea stage?

Previously, they had only heard of Ye Qingyu’s impressive battle records from rumours. But most people’s memories were still locked on to that young youth who was a first year at White Deer Academy a year or so ago. They did not imagine when Ye Qingyu’s true power exploded, it would be so terrifying. They saw with their own eyes, an ice crystal Fiendgod palace being constructed and created in a breath. Such a shock…

the surroundings were entirely silent.

It was especially so for the people that had interactions with Ye Qingyu in the past; Qin Wushuang, Jiang Xiaohan, Han Shuangfu, Bai Yuqing and the others. There were huge waves that crashed on their hearts, their minds completely blank. They nearly completely lost the ability to breathe or think.

This, just what sort of power was this?

There were some people who tentatively walked towards the ice throne, but instantly felt cold running throughout their whole body. Even their blood was about to be frozen.

Only until right now did people truly, truly realize, just what did the name Ye Qingyu represent. They had heard about him from the rumours of the Jianghu, from the mouths of their parents, from the words of their teachers. At this very moment, they finally realized just who this third class military Marquis was, this [Leaf of Youyan] that completely changed the situation in the martial alliance meeting. They finally comprehended just how heavy such a title was.

They finally understood that they had still not walked out of the academy, the students that had still not experienced the power of the mortal world, just how weak and feeble they were in front of this huge figure who shook the martial way of the entire world.

Such a feeling was like a speck of sand staring at a towering divine mountain.

Zhou Guhan’s heart was shocked.

The two other members of the Poor Society next to him were also stunned.

Even the [Sleeping Deity] Li Chenzhou did not have any trace of sleep in his eyes anymore. His eyes were open wide, and in his pupils that were as black as a deep lake, there was the first flicker of light that flashed through…

Ye Qingyu’s figure flashed, instantly reaching the peak of the ice crystal seven stars throne.

Seven ice snow dragons roared out from his body, roaring in the air.

The roar of the dragons shook the heavens.

A pressure that seemed as if it was real, spread about in all directions.

Within White Deer Academy, everyone shook with fear.

“Seven cups of dragon blood wine. Those who can drink it are the prodigies, are fated. Whether you believe it or not, decide for yourself.” As Ye Qingyu’s voice sounded, the seven snow dragon illusions split and shot towards the seven star seats surrounding the main throne. The shine of the ice shot towards everywhere, and transformed into a coiled dragon ice cup. Inside, alcohol was glimmering, and it sat above the ice table. A strange and bizarre smell began emitting from within the coiled dragon cup.

Seven cups of wine, seven dragons, seven rays of light.

In an instant, everyone’s gaze was attracted by this.

“Only true heroes of the Human Race can lift these seven cups of wine. Only they can drink it. The profoundness of these cups of wine will be known by the people who drink it. Everyone, the meeting of today will end now. I hope that these seven cups of wine will be able to create a legend in White Deer Academy. The seven heroes of White Deer will be able to become the pride of Deer City.”

As Ye Qingyu’s voice sounded, a light glimmered, and his entire person disappeared.

White Deer Academy was still and completely silent.

The gazes that regarded the seven cups of wine gradually grew fiery.

At this time, even an idiot would understand what Marquis Ye meant—there was fortune and opportunity held within these seven cups of wine. it should be something that was able to raise their cultivation or change their foundation, or perhaps it was some sort of divine liquid treasure. The benefits would be endless as long as they drank it.

From what everyone knew, one year ago when Marquis Ye left White Deer Academy, he was still at the second spring cultivation level.

But one year after, when he returned, he was already famed throughout the world, and his strength was unfathomable. He was able to kill Zhao Shanhe, who was most likely already an existence at the Bitter Sea stage.

The speed at which his cultivation increased had never been heard of even in history.

Without need to guess, he must have obtained some peerless fortuitous treasure.

Then would the material within these seven cups of wine have something to with this peerless fortuitous treasure?

If they drank a cup of wine, would they become the second Ye Qingyu?

“Let me try…” From far away in the crowd, someone’s figure shot towards the air, heading towards the seven star thrones. the person was in the air, his hand outstretched towards one of the cups of wine in one of the guest thrones.

As he acted, many people were jolted into action. They all shot out, figures in the air, every one of them like a large bird that shot towards the seven star guest thrones like lightning—



there was a series of grunts.

The figures that flew towards the seven star ice crystal thrones were all sent flying backwards. All of them were covered in frost. As they landed on the ground, they could not stand stably, shock on their faces.

“Why is it like this”

“It’s impossible… to even get near it.”

“Near the thrones, there is a vast power… this, it’s completely impossible for us to pass through.”

“Could it be that we must rely on strength to breakthrough?”

Everyone’s complexion changed.

There were people who were not willing to give up, that continued to shoot towards the thrones. However, they were still rebounded by this invincible frost power. They were impacted so much that their blood was surging inside their bodies, their faces pale.

“This shouldn’t be. If only powerful experts can enter, then how can it be called a fortuitous encounter?” someone screamed.

There were people that constantly tried, and there were people constantly being rebounded.

Some people even tried to use the power of Spirit weapons to attack the defence, but they were still not able to break through.

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