333- Sleeping Deity

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Ye Qingyu understood what Blue Sky meant, lightly nodding his head.

In truth, Ye Qingyu did not have too much adverse or familiar feelings towards the poor or the nobles. What he felt averse to was such despicable and shameless internal struggles between the poor and the noble for power. The situation of the Human Race was precarious as it was, and it was currently in a downturn. Even if they united together, it would be difficult to struggle against all the other races. When it was splintered like so, it was most likely that sooner or later, the Human Race would turn into the slaves of the other races.

When Ye Qingyu was the White Deer Academy, he did not show the slightest of mercy towards the provocation of the nobility. As for the plots and schemes of the poor, he was also merciless. In the eyes of other people, he was a person who always acted alone. In the end, no matter whether it was the poor or the nobility, none of them took further action towards him to bring him to their sides.

If one was to discuss Ye Qingyu’s background, he possessed the heroic military badge, but his family had fallen. He had lived like a beggar in the cemetery for four years. Although he was not of the nobility, but to say that he was a commoner was also not quite right. After all, the Ye family could once be counted as a well-off family, and once possessed many properties within Deer City. Furthermore, Ye Qingyu’s mother had also secretly created a Two River Gang, so he could even more not be classified as part of the poor.

Just now, when Bai Yuqing and Zhou Guhan were exchanging words, there was a phrase they used that attracted Ye Qingyu’s attention.


Thats right, Ye Qingyu felt that he was a commoner.

A commoner of the Human Race.

Since everyone was a commoner, why must they distinguish between the poor and the nobility?

Ye Qingyu did not understand the reasoning behind the policies of the Snow Empire ever since it was founded.

But one could be sure, the Imperial family of Snow Empire played a huge part in causing the struggle between the poor and the nobility by their intentional incitement and division. As the ruling class, the Imperial family seemed delighted to see two forces struggling against each other like so.

In front of the bridge.

Every word of Bai Yuqing was like a blade humming, pressuring towards people. A powerful aura and atmosphere suffocated everyone, making everyone’s heart palpitate.

Zhou Guhan did not show weakness, arguing once again. He constantly changed the focal point of his argument, standing his ground against such a powerful aura.

Originally, this was a celebration that was meant to welcome Ye Qingyu to the academy. However, it turned into a battle of words. It was a result no one expected. Furthermore, the conflict between the two was exhilarating, it attracted the attention of the surrounding people.

Han Shuangfu was somewhat angry in his heart. He paid careful attention to Ye Qingyu’s expression.

One must know, this meeting of classmates was not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

Han Shuangfu had a mission

He was the representative of the group of nobles in White Deer Academy, and the Han family was one of the major families in Deer City. They had a certain influence in the entire Empire. Ever since arriving in Deer City, Ye Qingyu had absolutely not interacted with any noble families. Therefore, there were naturally people who wanted to use the connection between classmates, to obtain the good feeling of the newly promoted Military nobility from the younger generation. This was a devious strategy.

It was not only Han Shuangfu. Even Qin Wushuang, Han Xiaofei, Zhouyu had received the instructions of their parents, to make connections with Ye Qingyu.

A third class Marquis was not that important within the Empire.

But a sixteen-year-old military Marquis, a third class Marquis that was treated as a shining example in the entire army, a sixteen-year-old whose cultivation was enough to kill Zhao Shanhe and force Li Qiushui to die, was absolutely exceptional. His potential was limitless.

Such a character was someone both the nobles and the poor wanted to bring into their faction.

And because of Ye Qingyu’s background, both the poor and the nobles were able to see some hope of dragging him into their faction.

Han Shuangfu and the others had painstakingly arranged a meeting, but who would have thought that Zhou Guhan would use this opportunity for his own gain.

But seeing Ye Qingyu’s expression remaining calm throughout, Han Shuangfu and the others let out a relaxed breath.

Looking at the argument between Bai Yuqing and Zhou Guhan, Ye Qingyu sighed in his heart. Without question, the name of Zhou Guhan would quickly spread around after today. There were so many people present, there would definitely be people who would talk about the contents of this debate. Zhou Guhan would be treated as the representative of the poor in Deer City, and attract the attention of all parties.

Bai Yuqing was also somewhat rash.

Every word that she said was organized and logical, and was well-evidenced. Therefore in this debate, she pressured over Zhou Guhan, and exhibited the aura of the number one goddess of White Deer Academy. It made everyone impressed. But namely because of the fact that the words she said were too organized, they could not escape this debate.

Bai Yuqing was a noble. Of the Snow Empire of today, the noble faction was controlled by the Right Minister. They had significant power, and their status was stable. In such a debate, the noble Bai Yuqing raised issues that the Right Minister has failed in. There was a hint of opposition held within the Right Minister’s words. Such a position had already diverged from the beliefs of the Right Minster.

One could imagine that the contents of today’s debate would be spread about. For Bai Yuqing, this was not a good matter at all.

Bai Yuqing would win this debate.

But she would lose to matters outside of this debate.

Perhaps this was something that Zhou Guhan expected.

Ye Qingyu was somewhat curious. With Bai Yuqing’s intelligence, there was no way she would not realize. Her performance today was out of the ordinary.

Looking at the Zhou Guhan who had a smile curling at the corner of his mouth, Ye Qingyu was somewhat annoyed.

His gaze suddenly fell on the youth called Li Chenzhou

He was also a youth that came from the poor, but he was not like his comrades of the Poor Society, tensely following the debate and would intercept with a phrase or two to demonstrate they still existed. In fact, he was yawning tiredly, his eyes closing, an appearance of someone about to fall asleep.

From the outside, Li Chenzhou had no interest towards the debate that attracted countless people’s attention.

This Li Chenzhou was different from Zhou Guhan.

A thought occurred to Ye Qingyu. With a smile, “What’s this, doesn’t junior brother Li want to add anything to this debate?”

Since Marquis Ye spoke, the debate between Bai Yuqing and Zhou Guhan abruptly stopped.

At this time, everyone’s gaze focused on Ye Qingyu and Li Chenzhou.

“Eh? What?” Li Chenzhou shook himself and opened his eyes in confusion. He subconsciously wiped away some drool from the corner of his mouth, his face completely lost. After stuttering for a few seconds, “What? You’re speaking to me? What’s happening…”

He really had fallen asleep while standing right now.

Ye Qingyu instantly added the word ‘eccentric’ in his evaluation of Li Chenzhou

The other people nearly had a speechless expression.

Those who were familiar with Li Chenzhou’s actions quickly began laughing.

Ever since Ye Qingyu left White Deer Academy, there had been several geniuses and weird people that had arrived in White Deer Academy in these past days. Li Chenzhou, was namely one of them. There were even many people who referred to him as the second Ye Qingyu.

Because he was the same as Ye Qingyu. Not only was his talent and strength exceptional, his personality was also strange.

But Li Chenzhou’s strangeness was different from the loner-like attitude of Ye Qingyu.

This strangeness of this fellow, in summary, was that he fell asleep far too easily. In a day, he spent two thirds of it sleeping. He slept while he was in class, he slept while he was cultivating, and he would also sleep when they were outside training and practicing. it was even that he would be able to sleep when he was fighting in the arena.

Therefore people called him the [Sleeping Deity] Li Chenzhou.

It was only that they did not imagine that this fellow would even be able to sleep in front of the Marquis, Ye Qingyu.

Zhou Guhan’s lips twitched at seeing this scene.

If not for the fact that Li Chenzhou came from a poor background, and had huge potential and influence amongst the students, Zhou Guhan would not have wanted to add him to his faction. Therefore, he had brought him to participate in the matters today. It was only that they did not imagine… why was he so unreliable.

Ye Qingyu felt amused. He repeated what he had just said.

Li Chenzhou pretended he was incomparably alert, but could not help but let out another yawn. Then he said, “I don’t even know what’s being said. Arguing is so tiring, and there’s no point in arguing back and forth. Why don’t everyone lie down and take a nap. When everyone has slept, everyone’s mood will definitely improve, and they won’t argue anymore… Life is meant to be enjoyed…”

Ye Qingyu had lines running through his face.

Why were there so many weird people around him?

“Senior brother Ye, such a debate will never end. If this continues on, no conclusion will be reached. Why don’t you first enter into the Residence of Heaven’s Will and have a seat and converse there,” Han Shuangfu said tentatively.

Zhou Guhan contradicted him, “These words are wrong. Senior brother Ye also came from the poor. According to what I know, the Residence of Heaven’s Will does not allow students of the poor to enter. I think that senior brother Ye will definitely not lower himself to enter such a place.” As he said this, he looked towards Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu smiled, “It seems like junior brother Zhao will definitely not allow me to enter into the Residence of Heaven’s Will today?”

Zhou Guhan shivered, then quickly lowered his head. “I don’t dare. I am only using my identity as a student of the poor, to plead with senior brother Ye to protect the dignity and pride of the poor. As someone of the poor, we are upright people with pride and we will never lower our heads to the noble or the rich. Senior brother Ye’s success today was something you fought for with your blade. Why must you lower your head towards the nobles after climbing by yourself to such a height? If such a matter was spread out, it would most likely invite the laughter of the entire world.”

“You… Zhou Guhan, just what do you mean?” Han Shuangfu was enraged.

Zhou Guhan did not even pay him a glance

Ye Qingyu’s gaze was as sharp as lightning, as it fell on Zhou Guhan’s face.

Zhou Guhan had fear on his face, but he bit his teeth. Cold sweat dripped down his forehead. He was not willing to retreat in the slightest.

“Junior brother Zhou, your heart may be too narrow. This time, it is only a simple meeting between students, how could it invite the laughter of the entire world? According to what junior brother Zhou previously said, the people of the entire world are in a precarious situation that needs to be saved by you. Just where would they have the energy to pay attention and laugh at such a small matter?”Ye Qingyu said calmly.

Zhou Guhan bit his teeth. “Senior brother Ye, you mispoke. Although the people of the entire world are engrossed in their own problems, but they will still pay attention to justice and righteousness. right now, this is the righteousness of the entire world, how could it be a small matter. Please rethink Senior brother Ye.”

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