332- Use you to gain fame

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Chapter 332 – Use you to gain fame


As the words came out, the expressions on the people’s faces around him changed.

“Zhou Guhan, what are you talking about now?” Han Shuanghu’s face was twisted with an embarrassed look. “Usually you are weird and say strange stuff, but when you heard that senior brother Ye would come visit the Academy, you said that you want to meet senior brother Ye. The arrangements for the welcome of senior brother Ye, I already told you before and you had no objection. Why are you causing trouble now?”

“The person with the surname Han, I have no such intention. I just spoke my mind. If I had objected to your plan before, if I had refuted your arrangement, then would I have had the opportunity to stand in front of senior brother Ye and say the words that I want to say?” Zhou Guhan continued with a smile, “I humoured you in order to, under the power and influence of the noble people, fight for a chance to speak. What is wrong with that?”

“You…” Han Shuanghu’s face changed colour, “That’s a bit too despicable.”

“Oh, despicable? Isn’t that what you noble students have been doing?” Zhou Guhan retorted.

Han Shuanghu suddenly changed to the colour of displeasure, about to say something.

Ye Qingyu waved his hand, motioning him not to say it, and then looked at Zhou Guhan. “Junior brother Guhan just say what is on your mind. I also want to know what kind of advice the president of the Poor Society has.”

Zhou Guhan’s face lit up with a positive look, saying, “Senior brother Ye, about the conflict between the noble families and the humble families in the empire, you are aware of it, right?”

“Slightly heard about it.” Ye Qingyu nodded.

“Ever since the Snow Empire dynasty began, the conflict between the nobles and the humble families had never stopped. Us descendants of humble families, generations after generations, have been loyal, shed blood for the empires Human Race, fought many hard battles and achieved notable merits, but those aristocratic families that neglect their duties, how do they treat the people of humble families? Within three years of the start of the Snow Empire, the left minister Jiang Min, who had worked hard and performed a valuable service, was framed and put into prison and the 13 men of the Secretariat that were from humble background were all demoted…”

Zhou Guhan shouted, enumerating the cases of conflict between the noble families and humble families in the history of the Empire.

All of a sudden, the look on everyone’s face did not look too good.

These huge cases had a very bad effect on the history of the Human Race of the Snow Empire, and were like its scars. Even though many years had past, only a few were willing to speak out.

“Shut up,” Han Shuanghu yelled. “Junior brother Zhao, what exactly do you mean? How much do you know about these murder cases? How dare you talk about the empire’s situation like that here? Back then, the empire already had a resolution, even if the humble families suffered hardship they were compensated, you…”

“Oh, compensation? A person’s life, what are the compensations that can recover a person’s life?” Zhoa Guhan smiled coldly. “You nobles, the blood debt you owe is too much, you will never make up for it, not to mention that have you never really repented?”

“Junior brother Zhou’s words are a little too extreme,” Bai Yuqing, who had remained quiet all along, suddenly opened her mouth. “As far as I know, what had happened back then was not entirely the fault of the nobles. The noble families and humble families both made mistakes. The Emperor of the Snow Empire back then demoted the 13 men of the Secretariat because these 13 people were involved in factional activities for personal interests, discussed official businesses with resentment, and disregarded the overall situation of the country. The high rank general Xie Jian died from the evil scheming of these 13 people…”

“Oh, well said, it was you nobles who made a big mistake first, but you do not allow us to counterattack?” Zhou Guhan said with a cold smile. “Killing the high ranking general Xie Jian was just to rid the emperor of evil ministers. Xie Jian deserved it…”

“Rid the emperor of evil ministers? You dare say that?” Bai Yuqing smiled lightly. “The humble families just want to acquire more power and the right to speak in the Empire, no need to splash dirty water on the nobles’ body. The number of despicable things that people of humble background have done is not few. Why must you fish for undeserved fame and compliments?”

“Hah, a woman’s words. Us humble families have worked hard and achieved notable merits for the Human Race and the Empire, what is the problem with acquiring more power?” Zhou Guhan’s face was the colour of contempt. “Compared to the people that neglect their duties yet still hold onto their post and rely on succession to dominate the official circle of the empire, they are much better.”

“You are talking about notable merits, right?” Bai Yuqing’s look also became fierce, evidently enraged by the ‘women’s words’. She said aggressively, “Before the establishment of the Empire, how many high ranking noble military officers had led and fought in battles north and south of the country? After the establishment of the empire, how many noble high-ranking military officer generals had been standing guard at the borders fighting the enemy? How many generals were from humble families? How many noble generals were killed? How many generals from poor families were killed? Nobility was not decided by the heavens, it also relied on them to work hard and fight with their sword and flesh. They performed deeds of valour in battle, then they naturally should gain status and reward. What is wrong with their children inheriting their nobility? Go take a look at the list of heroes issued by the empire over the years and carefully count the numbers. If the number of death of heroes of noble background is 10 times less than that of heroes from humble families, then I, Bai Yuqing, swear to heaven that I will leave my nobility status behind and become a commoner this life, and be a poor person in all my lives. Zhao Guahan, do you dare?”

This remark was like administering an attack with a sword.

In the air, there was the atmosphere of a battlefield that was brewing.

“You…” There was no way Zhou Guhan could refute. The heroes list of the empire is as Bai Yuqing had said, the number of death of nobles was 10 times more than that of people from humble families——of course, this does not refer to ordinary soldiers. He said coldly, “All people are equal, if the ordinary people who sacrificed their life for the country could be on the Empire’s Heroes list, the number of people from humble families would be far greater than that of nobles by far.”

“Hah, can’t say anything, so you change your meaning?” Bai Yuqing disdainfully smiled. “Ordinary people are of humble background? It can only be said that your face is too big, you think that you’re speaking on behalf of others, but the ordinary civilians? They may not think so. They are not crazy people that fight each other for power and self gain, but they want to defend the dignity of the Empire and the Human Race…”

“I just said what’s on my mind.” Facing the beautiful senior sister, Zhou Guhan did not budge an inch. Today was the day that Marquis Ye came to visit White Deer Academy, and so many people have gathered from all sides. It was definitely a good opportunity for him to make his view public. Zhou Guhan had prepared for too long for this day, so he certainly would not miss this chance. Loudly, he said, “In the current Snow Empire, who does not know that the Right Minister, who is of noble birth, controls the affairs of the state and persecutes virtuous people…”

“Right Minister is the Right Minister, nobles are nobles. Junior brother Zhou has been pestering on this subject, are you not tired? The Right Minister does not represent all nobles, just like you can’t represent the whole population of humble background. As far as I know, the Left Minister Zhou Ru back then also did the same thing as the Right Minister?” Bai Yuqing asked.

Neither of them was prepared to budge an inch, fiercely refuting each other.

Han Shuanghu and the other people could not add any words in between their argument.

The crowd was amazed that Bai Yuqing was suddenly so fierce and sharp today. In the past, the goddess of the academy was always quiet and cold, and she was never involved in even the hottest topics of the Academy. Why was she like another person today, and her words were like blades, refuting Zhao Guhan, who was usually the most eloquent, to the point that he couldn’t open his mouth.

Ye Qingyu was watching calmly at the side.

The occurrence of this scene was beyond his expectation, but seemed to be reasonable at the same time.

The conflict between the nobles and poor families had a long history.

One of the best academies in the empire, White Deer Academy, was also involved in it despite the fact it was declining. Back then, when Ye Qingyu gained fame in White Deer Academy, he had also experienced the great waves from this conflict. At that time, because of Song Xiaojun’s matters, he was dispirited. At the same time, to avoid this pointless infighting, he went to Youyan Pass.

He didn’t expect that after one year, he was once again unavoidably involved in such a conflict.

“This little fellow seems to be looking for a chance to be famous. He wants to be a fanatic intellectual, he has wild ambition…” a familiar voice came from behind Ye Qingyu.

Startled, Ye Qingyu twisted around to take a look.

A handsome man with long sky-blue hair and a languid demeanour appeared behind him, chewing a grass stalk in his mouth. He displayed a playful attitude and was casually dressed with stubble around his mouth.

Blue Sky.

This guy finally showed up.

Seeing the expression on Ye Qingyu’s eyes, Blue Sky smiled, saying, “Junior brother Ye, long time no see.”

Ye Qingyu was overpowered by his demeanor. “Some days ago, didn’t we seen each other at the Formation Palace? It’s only been a few days.”

“Well, now that you said that, I do remember. The one chosen by the heavens, how remarkable. You ignored me and pretended not to know me, you really don’t have a conscience. Don’t forget that it was me who led you the first time you went out for training,” Blue Sky spat out the stalk in his mouth and said causally.

Ye Qingyu grumbled, “Who was it that kept winking, desperately signalling me to pretend that I don’t know you? If I had not misinterpreted the meaning, the expression of your face squeezing together should have meant that, right.”

“At that time, I just did not want to be remembered,” Blue Sky said cheerfully. “You, Marquis Ye, need the world to tremble at the mention of your name, while I, Blue Sky just want to live a life of ease and leisure in White Deer Academy, sitting around waiting to die. If someone remembered my name, there would most likely be trouble later.”

“Is it just that simple?” Ye Qingyu said in a sceptical tone, “Why do I feel that your expression at that time was like a weasel stealing a chicken, an expression of being afraid of being caught.”

“You must have got it wrong,” Blue Sky said in an upright tone.

These two people’s strength were far beyond the level of the people around them. The other people could not hear their dialogue at all. The people’s gaze were instead fixed on the battle of words between Bai Yuqing, who had a change in personality, and Zhou Guhan.

“The conflict between the nobles and the poor, when will it be over,” Ye Qingyu lamented.

“Knowing that there’s trouble, you still came to the academy. You deserve such a conundrum,” Blue Sky said in a tone as though he rejoices in other people’s misfortune. “This Zhao Guhan, his background is not simple. I underestimated him, six months ago, he suddenly came and very quickly gathered all the students of the Academy from humble families, and very soon they would form an united force. His mind went wild one day, and because you came here today, it has given him the opportunity to rise to fame.”

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