331- Zhou Guhan

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Chapter 331 – Zhou Guhan

Because entering here signified that one has already entered the core student social class of the Academy.

A year ago, Ye Qingyu surprised everyone, defeating the students of the same year, but he did not receive the eligibility to enter the Residence of Heaven’s Will.

And now, all the noble students of the Academy, and a number of students from humble families were standing in front of the arch bridge of Residence of Heaven’s Will, waiting for the arrival of Marquis Ye.

Qin Wushuang, Han Shuanghu, Han Xiaofei, Bai Yuqing…

The famous geniuses of the White Deer Academy had a tense and complicated expression on their faces as they waited quietly.

Originally, this place was where only noble students could appear.

However, considering the fact that Ye Qingyu was also of a humble background, so this time Residence of Heaven’s Will made an exception and opened the doors to students from humble families. The four most outstanding students that are from a humble background were also among the crowd.

Dressed in a fiery red and delicate combat outfit, Jiang Xiaohan stood at the very back of the crowd.

At a further distance, there was a dense mass of students of White Deer Academy gathering like the tide——even many of the Academy’s teachers were present, squeezing in between the students, eager to catch a glimpse of the graceful appearance of [The Leaf of Youyan] Marquis Ye, whose name was now well-known all over Youyan Pass. Towards this genius from White Deer Academy, many of its students had a complex sense of pride. On the one hand, Ye Qingyu is the most outstanding genius in the history of White Deer Academy, but on the other hand, Ye Qingyu had only been studying in White Deer Academy for one year and many teachers had not even seen him before.

When the white-robed youngster as beautiful as jade, appeared in the distant pavement, stepping on the thin grass, countless eyes shifted towards him.

At first, there were low voices of speculation and discussion.

But then when someone shouted out that ‘it’s Marquis Ye, I’ve seen him before’, the quiet crowd suddenly stirred and voices rose from all sides.

A ripple of excitement passed through the crowd.

There was no cheering, screaming, or yelling, but within every pair of eyes there was glistening reverence, adoration, and yearning… and even an awe-inspiring expression.

Han Shuanghu was the first to come up to greet him, “I pay my respects to Marquis Ye.”

The other students at the entrance of Residence of Heaven’s Will also hurried over to greet him.

Because this event was decided by the students, there were no academy teachers present, and Dean Kong was familiar with Ye Qingyu’s personality, so had not arranged any official activities in the academy.

“I pay my respects to Marquis Ye.”

“I pay my respects to Marquis Ye.”

The students, one after another, bowed their heads.

Ye Qingyu smiled, saying, “Senior brothers and sisters no need to be so polite, this is just a private catch up. There is no Marquis of the empire here. I came to meet everyone with the identity of a student of White Deer Academy. Don’t regard me as an outsider.”

In the crowd, Ye Qingyu could also see Song Qingluo.

After the talk that day in the Ye residence, Song Qingluo eventually returned to the academy to continue her studies.

And because there was news that the relationship between the Qingluo Merchant Company and the Ye residence was very good, and there was a person that saw Ye Qingyu personally walking Song Jiannan and Song Qingluo, father and daughter, to the door as they left Ye Mansion, so now no one dared to bully or make things difficult for this beautiful girl in White Deer Academy. Song Qingluo’s status in the academy was much higher than before.

And today, Song Qinglo was faintly seen in the core of the crowd in the people that came to greet Ye Qingyu, besides Han Shuanghu, Bai Yuqing and the others.

Ye Qingyu and the former acquaintances greeted each other one after another.

“I pay my respects to Marquis Ye.” A young man wearing a robe made from coarse materials stood out, looking in great spirits and exhibiting a strong aura. One glance and it was obvious that he was a powerful character. He said very confidently, “I am Zhou Guhan, the president of the Poor Society of the academy, the members of the poor society come from a similar background to Brother Ye.” As he spoke, he pointed over to the two students who were also similarly wearing ordinary clothing. “These two are junior brother Song and junior brother Li, both members of the Poor Society.”

Poor Society?

Ye Qingyu nodded. He had heard about this society before.

It is said that the Poor Society is an organization consisting of students of the White Deer Academy from humble backgrounds. There have been several outstanding members that are now famous. In White Deer Academy, the number of students from humble families was far less than those from noble families. Their status was also very low, so they have no choice but to gather together to fight for their own interests. The genius of the first year Yan Hangtian, was also the seedling that the Poor Society focused on cultivating, but later went missing during training, and now his whereabouts were unknown.

But when Ye Qingyu was at White Deer Academy, he was always alone and independent. At that time, he was considered to be from a humble background, but he did not have too many interactions with the Poor Society. The few contacts he had with the society were not friendly, and they were not considered as on good terms. For example, he had reprimanded a student of humble background Quan Yalin.

At that time, Ye Qingyu had always thought that the students from humble families, perhaps because of their inferiority complex, or the fact they were too self-confident, would always go astray on the path they walk.

“Nice to meet you.” Ye Qingyu smiled and responded, when his gaze fell on the last student of the Poor Society.

He was a handsome young man with fair jade-like skin and elegant brows and eyes, exhibiting a natural noble air. He was dressed in a shabby linen robe with several patches, more than that of Zhou Guhan and the other three, but he was very clean. His slender body was giving off elegance, and the feeling his whole person gave was very comfortable.

“Junior brother, you are?” Ye Qingyu asked.

Zhou Guhan’s eyes flashed a glint of belittling intent. “This is junior brother Li Chenzhou, a freshman of White Deer Academy.”

So he’s a freshman. He must have entered the academy after Ye Qingyu left, because such a handsome person would have left an impression on him. Ye Qingyu suddenly realized something. He felt some sort of familiar feeling with the youngster called Li Chenzhou, but he did not display a reaction, instead smiled and nodded at the youngster.

Li Chenzhou also nodded with a smile spread across his face, his expression very calm.

“Brother Ye, there is a feast organized in the Residence of Heaven’s Will. Please go ahead.” Han Shuanghu smiled.

This person was once the number one of White Deer Academy and looked down upon the entire White Deer Academy. Even when Ye Qingyu was in White Deer Academy, he also could not compete with this senior genius, but now, standing in front of Ye Qingyu, he appeared very respectful and hid away his air of arrogance.

The rest of the noble students were the same.

Only Bai Yuqing, who was known as the most beautiful goddessin White Deer Academy, looked at Ye Qingyu from beginning to end with a complex expression on her face, without saying anything and also without the initiative to greet him. Dressed in a long white dress, she was quietly standing in the crowd, like a forgotten snow lotus flower. For the first time, she experienced the feeling of her own light being shrouded by others.

And the similarly silent people were Qin Wushuang and Jiang Xiaohan.

Once known as the double wall of the first years, Ye Qingyu’s name was now known throughout the Snow Empire, while Qin Wushuang was still an academy student. The gap between them was huge and difficult to calculate. The more there was this sort of occasion, the more Qin Wushuang’s expression was dim. The thought that had been buried in his heart in these days, was like a vine finally breaking the layer of soil to begin to germinate, and to grow wildly.

In Qin Wushuang’s heart, weeds were spreading.

But Jiang Xiaohan’s heart was like pieces of ashes.

She had coldly stood at the door of the Ye Mansion for half a night, but was still as before, unable to receive the eligibility to enter through the door. She was already very clear of Ye Qingyu’s view towards her. All kinds of remorse and anger could not describe his feelings towards her. He was one of the best cards, but was personally smashed by her. Who could she blame but herself?

These days, Jiang Xiaohan also suffered a lot of slander and mockery.

She had no idea which busybody that had vividly spread the relationship between her and Ye Qingyu, including their childhood stories, and also the fact that she later abandoned Ye Qingyu and criticized Ye Qingyu at the entrance examination…

In the past few days, countless people looked at her with a pitying and sympathetic gaze.

The male students that were usually glued to Jiang Xiaohan’s side like her tail, those that treated her like a goddess, one after another disappeared from her side. Even Han Xiaofei had more than once publicly claimed that there was nothing between himself and Jiang Xiaohan, but just that he was a little more familiar with her…

In the past, the so-called achievements and glories that made her proud and conceited, and the sense of superiority like stars surrounding the moon, had all vanished in the twinkling of an eye.

Everyone avoided her like they were fleeing from a snake or a scorpion.

The fame and status that she had worked painstakingly hard to build all these years were wafted away at once like smoke.

And all of this was what she deserved.

Looking at the countless classmates pleasing and surrounding around Song Qingluo to win her favour, what the daughter of the merchant company had originally belonged to her. If she had not abandoned Ye Qingyu, repeatedly belittled him, embarrassed and even framed Ye Qingyu, then perhaps, the entire White Deer Academy——No, the goddess of the whole Deer City would be her, Jiang Xiaohan, right?

Standing at the rear of the crowd, Jiang Xiaohan kept silent.

“Brother Ye, please go in,” Han Shuanghu made an inviting gesture.

On the martial arts path, the first to enter would become the more senior person. Although he entered the school earlier than Ye Qingyu, but now Ye Qingyu’s name had spread across the Snow Empire and his strength was a profound mystery. Han Shuanghu obviously could not call Ye Qingyu a junior brother, so senior brother sounded right.

Ye Qingyu smiled, nodded, and was about to step onto the arch bridge to Residence of Heaven’s Will, when——


Zhou Guhan, who knitted his brows in a frown all this time, suddenly opened his mouth.
All eyes were cast upon him.

The quiet but proud member of the Poor Society looked up at Ye Qingyu, his eyes flashing with the colour of the sharp point of a sword, as he said in a very serious tone, “Senior brother Ye, forgive Guhan for saying this, but with your identity today, you should not step on this arch bridge into the Residence of Heaven’s Will.”

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